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House and flat
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Tom Brown Speaks about his Flat
Our flat is on the sixth floor of a big twelve-storey building. In our flat we have three rooms, a kitchen, a hall, a bathroom and a toilet.
The first place you get to when you enter our flat is the hall. It is rather large. To the left of the entrance door there is a hall-stand, where we hang our overcoats and put our hats when we take them off. To the right of the entrance door there is a large mirror with a little table under it.
Our living-room is large. The floor of our living-room is yellow, the ceiling is white, the walls are blue. The curtains on the windows are brown.
There is a large brown sideboard in our living-room. It is at the wall to the right of the door. In the sideboard there are many plates, cups and glasses. There are some fine vases in the sideboard, too.
There is a cosy red sofa in our living-room. It is 8 at the wall to the left of the door. There are some cushions on the sofa. There is a little black coffee-table in front of the sofa. There are some newspapers and magazines on the coffee-table.
We have a large colour TV-set in the living-room. It is in the corner of the room on a little table. There is a big vase on the TV-set. There are usually some beautiful flowers in the vase. There are two cosy armchairs in our living-room. They are in front of the TV-set.
There are some fine pictures on the waifs of our living-room.
We usually spend our free time in the living-room, reading, talking or watching TV. We receive our guests in the living-room, too.
Our bedroom is not very large. The walls of our bedroom are pink, the curtains on the window are yellow. In our bedroom we have two beds. There is a little bedside table between the beds.
There is a large yellow wardrobe in our bedroom. It is at the wall to the right of the door. There are some clothes in the wardrobe.
In the corner of the bedroom there is a small dressing table with a mirror over it.
Our study is small. The walls of our study are brown, the curtains on the window are green.
In our study we have a little writing-desk. It is in front of the window. There are some pens, pencils and exercise-books on the writing-desk. There is a large brown bookcase in our study. It is at the wall to the left of the writing-desk. There are many books in it.
Our kitchen is small. There is a refrigerator in the kitchen. The refrigerator is white. There is a gas-cooker in the kitchen. The gas-cooker is black.
There is a cupboard at the wall and a little table in the middle of the kitchen. There are some stools round the table.
In the kitchen we cook, have our meals and wash the dishes.

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