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Part 1
For questions
, read the text below and decide which answer
(A, B, C
best fits each gap.
There is an example at the beginning
Mark your answers
..... that a perfectly preserved 5,500-year-old shoe has been discovered in a
cave in Armenia in south-west Asia. It is
..... to be the oldest leather shoe ever found.
The shoe was made of a single piece of leather, stitched at the front and back, and was shaped to fit
the wearers foot. It had been
..... with grasses, either for warmth or to make sure it kept its
shape. The shoe is relatively small but we cant say for
Part 2
For questions
, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only
word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning
In the 15
century, Europeans knew nothing of the chilli pepper, but they held black pepper in high
regard and had used it in cooking
.. Greek and Roman times. Ships travelling east brought
the black pepper from the Spice Islands in South East Asia but this
..... a long time. In 1492,
Christopher Columbus was asked to find a shorter route to the Spice Islands, going westwards
Part 3
For questions
, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the
lines to form a word that fits in the gap
. There is an example at the beginning
Family bike fun
National Bike Week was celebrated last week in a
.... way with a
Family Fun Day in Larkside Park. The event
.... to be highly
successful with over five hundred people attending.
Larkside Cycling Club brought along a
.... of different bikes to
.... that family members of all ages can get from
group cycling. Basic cycling
.... was taught using conventional bikes.
There were also some rather
.... bikes on display. One-wheelers, five-
wheelers and even one which could carry up to six
.... , were used for
The club also gave information on
how cycling can help to reduce
damage. They also provided
.... as to how people could substitute the
bike for the car for daily journeys. The overall message was that cycling is
great family fun and an excellent alternat
ive to driving. By the end of the day
over a hundred people had signed up for membership.
Part 4
For questions
the missing words
Its a shame Im not able to come to your party on Saturday.
I to your party on Saturday.
s size anywhere on the website.
trainers in Denzels size.
Part 5
You are going to read an article about a woman who trains actors in fighting skills. For questions
, choose the answer (
) which you think fits best according to the text.
Mark your answers
utt someone
actors, facing up to stage fighting director Kate Wa
ters. Ive already dragged her around the room and
slapped her on the arm. Now she wants me to head-bu
tt her. But fear not, this is all strictly pretend!
Imagine theres a tin can on my shoulder, she says. Now
try to knock it off. I lower my head as instructed,
then lift it sharply, aiming for the imaginary can, hopi
ng desperately that I dont miscalculate the angle and
end up doing damage to her face. To my amazem
against the wall. I obey, making sure I let go of her qu
ickly, so she can control her own movement. Push you
opponent too hard, and they will hit the wall for real.
I watch her hit the wall before falling to the ground.
Shes fine, of course. Thats my party trick,
she says with a grin. Works every time.
Once the lesson is over Kate tells me how she became one
of only two women on the official register of stage
fight directors. Already a keen martial arts expe
rt from childhood, Kate did drama at university, and one
module of her course introduced her to stage combat
. When she made enquiries about the possibility o
teaching it as a career, she was told about the register
and the qualifications shed need to be accepted onto it.
It was no small order: as well as a certificate in advan
ced stage combat, she would need a black belt in karate
and proficiency in fencing, a
sport shed never tried before.
But she rose to the challenge and taught the subject
for several years at a drama college before going
freelance and becoming a fight advisor for the theatrical
world. The play shes wo
rking on is Shakespeares
Richard III. This involves a famous sword fight. With no in
structions left by the great playwright other than
Enter Richard and Richmond: they fight, Richard dies the style and sequence of the fight is down to Kate
In the first paragraph, the writer is aware of
a critical attitude from Kate.
the concern of the other actors.
the need to reassure his readers.
having been in a similar situation before.
How does the writer feel when Kate mentions the tin can?
Part 6
You are going to read a newspaper article about t
he man who designed the recycling symbol. Six
sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences
the one which fits
37 42
). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.
Mark your answers
Gary Anderson designe
d a symbol which we
see everywhere nowadays.
I studied engineering at the University of
Southern California at a time when there was a
lot of emphasis in the United States on training
young people to be engineers. That said, I
eventually switched to architecture. I just
couldnt get a grasp on electronics and
with my design: only a day or two.
I already had arrows and angles in my mind
because on my course Id done a presentation
on recycling waste water. Id come up with a
graphic that described this process very simply.
The problem with the design Id done earlier
was that it seemed flat, two-dimensional. So
The three arrows in it look like strips
of folded-over paper. I drew them in pencil, and
then traced over everything in black ink. These
days, with computer graphics packages, its rare
that designs are quite so plain.
not that excited.
So it just seemed
like, of course I would win! There was a
which had been produced on recycled paper,
but then it disappeared.
A while after graduating, I flew to Amsterdam for
a holiday. Ill never forget: when I walked off the
plane, I saw my symbol. It was on a big
recycling bin. And it was bigger than a beach
xx x
I was really taken aback. That
was quite a long time ago though. Since then,
Ive got more qualifications and worked for quite
a few different firms, some more
environmentally aware than others.
I feel much prouder of the recycling symbol now
than I used to, probably because its so widely
seen. Maybe this design has been more
important to me than Id thought.
Theres more to me than the recycling symbol.

Still, Id hate to think that my lifes work is

I used what Id seen to create the image.
Also, nothing much happened to the symbol
for a while.

Im no expert on recycling but I can certainly
see its value.
I guess at that point in my life I had an
exaggerated sense of my own importance.

I hadnt thought about it for years and there it
was right in my face.

Part 7
You are going to read part of the autobiography of a surfing instructor. For questions
, choose
). The sections may be chosen more than once.
Mark your answers
the problem of having to wait for conditions to be favourable for surfing?
a change which helped her to pursue her hobby?
continuing to surf even when the conditions were unfavourable?
being aware that it would take time for her abilities to be recognised?
her enthusiasm for the sea being recognised by someone else?
an admission that she doesnt think about what she is doing when surfing?
not being concerned that she stood out from others?
people appreciating her serious attitude towards her surfing?
My journey to the sea began when I was tiny.
My mum, who used to surf then, would sit me
on one of her old boards and push me into the
brother who was exceptionally good at sports.
So there I was, a tiny little thing, itching to
times a day in the summer holidays, before and
after school right through the winter months as
the temperatures dropped and the sea was
yourself again. Everything youve been doing
instinctively without really noticing for the last
fifteen years has now got to be passed on, and
and stronger. I was tackling more challenging
waves: faster, more powerful and more
dangerous, but I was gaining confidence and
building up my experience, and it was really
rewarding to see myself improving. And thats
when the boys started to notice me, and they
werent too sure how to cope with it. They
seemed to think along the lines of Shes only a
and Use of English
1 hour 15
Do not open this question paper until you are told to do so.
not already there.
Read the instructions for each part of the paper carefully.
r all the questions.
At the end of the test, hand in both this question paper and your an
re are 52 questions in this pape
carry one mark.
up to

carry two marks.
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