Семинар Анкор26-09-2016

September, 26 2:30 PM
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Компания Language 360 приглашает Вас посетить методические семинары
«Error Correction»Working with mistakes has always been a serious issue in language teaching. Error correction can be either helpful and supportive or harmful and humiliating. At this practical workshop we will look into different ways and tools in error correction, watch some educative videos and discuss all the dangers and "must haves" in working with errors.
«The Concept of Visual Literacy»Teaching modern teenagers is a real challenge first of all because they are very different from teenagers we used to be.The way they receive, process and produce information is an essential point to keep in mind when approaching kids and teenagers.Visual literacy is one of the most relevant skills for language teachers, because pictures are everywhere and there should be way more than just "What do you see in this picture?" and "Do you like it?"
Громова Светлана Петровна,
методист и академический директор образовательного центра «Анкор»,
г. Чебоксары
Мы будем рады видеть Вас по адресу: г. Нижний Новгород, пер. Холодный, дом 15А, МБОУ «Школа№14»
Предварительная регистрация: [email protected] или (831)435-56-33

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