Unit 3
He applied for the job of a lawyer and was invited for an interview.
Last month the plant closed down, and more than 1500 people lost their jobs.
In his third year at university he began to combine studies with a part- time job.
Many students want to find a temporary job for summer.
After 10 years' work as a freelance he got a regular job in the local newspaper.
He has been jobless for the last few months.
Bill earns his living doing small repair jobs for his friends and neighbours.
She does most of the work about the house.
Jane decided to give up her well-paid job in advertising and start some charity work.
To complete the project on time, he had to work overtime for a whole week.
When her maternity leave was over, she was allowed to work flexible hours / flexitime.It's quite common for top executives to work irregular hours.
He decided on the career of a policeman.
This financial scandal greatly affected his career as a politician.
She is totally career-minded and is not thinking about starting a family and having children.
She has worked most of her career abroad.
Our school has been employing a careers advisor for three years.
He took up this job because he found his career prospects here much better.
The prospects of finding a job in this little town are rather poor.
The name of the prospective winner is still kept secret.
Rigid army discipline frightened him.
We need a resourceful person for this job.
All new shop assistants do a month's training course.
Their younger son is training to be a lawyer.
After graduating from the institute he worked as a trainee in a research centre for several months.
He doesn't like his job, but on the other hand he's afraid to be made redundant.
He bought a new car with redundancy money.
In the first five years of his work for this company he shared the laboratory with two other colleagues.
This area has the highest unemployment rate.
Many local inhabitants are employed in tourist business.
I want to hire a man to have the children's room decorated.
I did a good job on the interview and they promised to take me on.
To offer you a particular job, we need references from your previous employer.
In the previous ten years the number of employees in the company has doubled.
Self-employed people have no paid holiday or sick leave.
Have you got a certificate to confirm your teaching qualifications?
She has all necessary qualifications to make a good manager.
Without qualifications you will never get a good job.
Next week he is taking his last exam to qualify as an accountant.
With the reform of the education system under way the need for highly-qualified teachers has increased greatly.
He makes a living by selling flowers from his garden.
His new job involves a lot of travelling.
When a teenager is choosing his future job, his parents' advice can go a long way.
Though his monthly salary is not very high, he's got perks. They are free lunches and a travel card.
When deciding on a career, promotion prospects are most important to me.
I wouldn't say this job is rewarding, but at least it's well-paid.
The job of a flight attendant / air hostess seems repetitive to me: on every flight she has to do the same things.
A taxi-driver needs to / should be careful and alert to any change in the traffic situation.
The lawyer sounded so convincing that all those present were impressed by his speech.
Ben has hardly ever been punctual and often left without a bonus for being late.
Have you got a credit card? – No, I’m used to paying in cash.
This bank offers the highest interest on the money invested.
Staying jobless for a long time will eat into my savings.
The company has got a large personnel department t o deal with problems concerning its employees.
He had been with this bank as a trainee for three months before he was given a permanent job.
Only a few people applied for this vacancy. – Not surprisingly, the job’s very demanding but poorly-paid.
Will he have enough money to live on when he retires from his job? He won’t have a large pension, will he? – I think he’ll get a part-time job.
I was asked to fill in an application form and leave it with the secretary.
George is very experienced in working on a computer.
When she gets a degree, she will specialize in marketing.
This cook is skilled at making seafood dishes.
The hotel staff were exceptionally considerate and caring to their guests.
I think you are suitable for this job. If you are taken on, you will be responsible for arranging presentations.
He bought a car with the money he had saved over several years.
I wonder what they are living on if neither the husband nor the wife works.
I think applying to a doctor with these complaints is a waste of time and money.
Do you like my new fur coat? – Yes, very much. But it must cost an absolute fortune.
The only way to buy a flat is to take out a loan in a bank but you’ll have to paythe money back for several years.
I’m afraid going to a ski resort in the Alps will eat up all my savings.
By the end of the holiday I had run out of money and I couldn’t afford to go on the excursion.
Both students and teachers have to spend a lot of money on books.
If you don’t want to be overcharged for the taxi fare, ask the driver to switch the meter as soon as you have started.
He has found an extra pat-time job and is putting money by to go studying abroad.
I don’t think it’s worth investing money in this business. You can easily get ruined.
You’re spending too much money on beer and cigarettes. You should cut down on these expences.
Unit 4
They filled the pot with earth and planted a rose in it.
The realization of how little work I'd done for the exams brought me back to earth. 
She was elderly and needed help in the home.
He spent his early years in a home.
I live in London but my home is in Yorkshire.
Accommodation needs to be found for thousands of homeless families. 
We need to address the problem of the homeless. 
That big table takes up too much space in my small kitchen.
Thanks for your help- it saved me a lot of work. 
He spent all his savings on an expensive car.
Until going to University she had led a very sheltered life.
The trees gave some shelter from the rain.
It was only when we started living together that we found out how incompatible we were. 
Welcome to my humble dwelling. 
For many parents two salaries are essential to cover the cost of school fees.
Selling your house can be a costly and time- consuming business . I'm afraid I'm rather conventional in my tastes.
Convention dictates that it is the man who asks the woman to marry him and not the reverse.
The next minute the teacher's strict voice brought him hack down to earth and he heard: "Come up to the blackboard".
Morocco is his home, but he's living in France just now.
They tried to save their marriage, but in the end they decided they could no longer stay together.
Although she had a very sheltered childhood, she learned to cope with life hardships.
His lifestyle did not seem compatible with marriage, but to everyone's surprise he made a caring and reliable husband.
The new laws are absolutely incompatible with the government's whole policy on education.
It is just a convention that men do not wear skirts. / That men do not wear skirts is just a convention.
The huge living-room on the first floor looks out over a well-kept garden.
We've had a sliding door fitted in the bathroom to save some space in our narrow corridor.
The president of the company was provided a luxurious suite in the city's best hotel.
The young couple could only rent a bedsit.
When I didn't have a washing machine I used to wash the bed linen at a launderette.
House prices in this fashionable district are not affordable to most of the citizens.
There's a carpet on the floor of the nursery room that lasted a good ten years.
I cannot but agree that living underground you can save a lot of money on heating andelectricity bills.
On the ground floor of our block there's a good shop where we do all the shopping. - It's very convenient, but we haven't got a big shop in our neighbourhood.
Several bright cushions on the sofa and a few photos of the children on the mantelpiece give their sitting-room a cosy lived-in look.
I can't stand bare walls and empty windowsills. There're a lot of pictures, ornaments and potted plants in my home.
In the evening many Brits put their empty milk bottles out for the milkman to collect them early in the morning.
I finished reading the newspaper, folded it and put it away on the bedside table.
The grandson gave his grandmother his own drawing as a birthday present and she proudly hung it up on the living-room wall.
My boss's got a good habit of clearing out his desk at the end of the workweek.
Unless the weather improves, I won't be able to hang the bed linen out, and I like it when it smells fresh.
In our family it's my younger brother's duty to put the rubbish bin out, but sometimes he forgets to do it and the rubbish piles up under the sink.
Although I'm just a first-year student, I feel at home at (the) university. I like everything here.
It's always so pleasant to come back home after a long journey. As an old proverb says, "There's no place like home".
When I saw on TV the terrifying scenes of this violent crime the horror of it came home to me.
He decided it was time she were told the home truth about herself.
My sister doesn't have a very active social life. She's an awful homebird and she likes it when her friends come round.
His words hit home: no one dared to talk to him like that any more.

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