Introductory words and phrases for rendering

Cliches for rendering
The text is devoted to.. – Текст посвящен..
Much attention is paid to.. – Значительное внимание уделяется
The author dwells upon.. – Автор подробно останавливается на
Then he goes on to say.. (Remember the difference with goes on saying’!)
The stress (emphasis) is made on.. – Акцент делается на.. (акцентировать – to stress, to emphasize)
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that.. – Не будет преувеличением сказать, что..
In conclusion the author draws the reader's attention to – В заключении автор привлекает внимание читателя к..
I'd like to draw your attention to.. – Я хотел бы привлечь ваше внимание к..
The article is of great interest for wide range of readers – Статья представляет большой интерес для широкого круга читателей
The article is entitled.. /The title of the article is.. – Статья называется..
The essense/gist/plot of the article is the following/ boils down (сводится) to the following – Суть статьи сводится к следующему
The author touches upon the problem of.. – Автор затрагивает проблему..

1. Данная статья – the present paper, article
2. Тема – the theme (subject-matter)
3. Основная проблема – the main (major) problem
4. Цель – the purpose
5. Основной принцип – the basic principle
6. Проблемы, связанные с – problems related to; problems of
7. Аналогично – similarly; likewise
8. Поэтому, следовательно, в результате этого – hence, therefore, consequently
9. Наоборот – on the contrary
10. Тем не менее – nevertheless; still; yet
11. Кроме того – besides; also; in addition
12. Более того - furthermore, moreover
12. Сначала – at first
13. Далее, затем -next; further; then
14. Наконец, итак -finally
15. Вкратце – in short; in brief
16. Несмотря на – inspite of/ despite

Цель написания статьи:
1. The object (purpose) of this paper is to preset (to discuss, to describe, to show, to develop, to give)...
2. The paper (article) puts forward the idea (attempts to determine)...

Вопросы, обсуждаемые в статье:
1. The paper (article) discusses some problems relating to (deals with some aspects of, considers the problem of, presents the basic theory, provides information on, reviews the basic principles of)...
2. The paper (article) is concerned with (is devoted to)...

Начало статьи:
1. The paper (article) begins with a short discussion on (deals firstly with the problem of)...
2. The first paragraph deals with...
3. First (at first, at the beginning) the author points out that (notes that, describes)...

Переход к изложению следующей части статьи:
1. Then follows
·a discussion on...
2. Then the author goes on to the problem of...
3. The next (following) paragraph deals with (presents, discusses, describes)...
4. After discussing... the author turns to...
5. Next (further, then) the author tries to (indicates that, explains that)...
6. It must be emphasized that (should be noted that, is evident that, is clear that, is interesting to note that)...

Конец изложения статьи:
1. The final paragraph states (describes, ends with)...
2. The conclusion is that the problem is...
3. The author concludes that (summarizes the)...
4. To sum up (to summarize, to conclude) the author emphasizes (points out, admits that...)
5. Finally (In the end) the author admits (emphasizes) that...

Оценка статьи:
1. In my opinion (To my mind, From my (personal) point of view, I think/believe/suppose/guess)...
2. The paper (article) is interesting, of importance (of little importance), valuable (invaluable), up-to-date (out-of-date, obsolete), useful (useless)... (not interesting).
It goes without saying/ Needless to say that.. - Нет нужды говорить, что..
No doubt/undoubtedly – Без сомнения
On the one hand, on the other hand.. – C одной стороны, с другой стороны
To tell the truth – честно говоря
Frankly speaking – откровенно говоря
As far as I know/remember – насколько я знаю/помню
As far as I'm concerned – что касается меня
As a rule/ as a matter of fact – как правило
If my memory serves me right – если мне не изменяет память
Strange as it may seem but – может показаться странным, но..
If I'm not mistaken – если я не ошибаюсь..
By the way – кстати
In comparison with/ compared to – по сравнению с..
Unlike – в отличии от..
Like – как и..
To my great surprise – к моему великому удивлению
I cannot but mention that.. – не могу не упомянуть, что
In fact/ actually – на самом деле
As a matter of fact – собственно говоря
In general/in particular – в целом/в частности
In other words – другими словами
To crown it all – ко всему прочему/в довершение всего
To cut the long story short, to put in a nutshell – короче говоря, в двух словах
To make it worse – что еще хуже
On the contrary - наоборот


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