The typical British person thinks that the olde…

The typical British person thinks that the older an object is, the better! He or she loves everything that reminds him of Ye Olde England - houses, furniture, pictures, china, etc. Old things have their own charm, uniqueness, their own character. They are also worth more money! No wonder that often an old "character" house costs much more than a new house of the same size. Seems strange to a Russian, doesn't it?
In Britain, where everything that is 30 or more years old is considered "antique", antique shops and markets are very popular. The cheapest places to buy antiques are charity shops. They can be found everywhere. Charity shops are usually run by volunteers in support of different charities, like the British Red Cross or British Heart Foundation. People give their old unwanted possessions to charity shops for free: books, clothes, pictures, handbags, toys, small pieces of furnitures-Other people can buy them at a very low price from the charity shop. Often in these shops you can buy something interesting, for example, a funny brass container with a long handle. In the past, when most bedrooms in Britain had no heating, people used to put hot coal in such containers to warm the linen before going to bed.
Many antique shops are located in tourist villages or towns. They can be a tiny jewellery or miniature toy shop, owned by some old lady or gentleman. Or it can be a huge enterprise, a real "Snooper's paradise" (the name of a famous antique shop in Brighton). Such places are like a museum, where you can feel the real atmosphere of the past and spend a lot of time

to appreciate [a'pri:Jieit] ценить
to remind [ri'maind] напоминать
Ye Olde England [ji: ,auld 'iggland] старая Англия
china ftjaina] фарфор
uniqueness [ju:'niknas] уникальность
to be worth [w3:6] стоить
antique [sen'ti:kj антикварный
charity f'tjaenti] shop благотворительный магазин volunteer [,v3lan'tia] волонтер, доброволец support [sa'port] поддержка possessions [pa'ze/nz] вещи for free бесплатно
brass container with a long handle медный сосуд с длинной ручкой heating ['hi:tii)] отопление coal [kaul] уголь linen ['limn] постельное белье tiny [laini] крошечный, очень маленький jewellery [ d3u:aln] драгоценности, ювелирные изделия
miniature toy ['minatja ,toi] миниатюрная игрушка
huge enterprise [,hju:d3 'entepraiz] огромное предприятие

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