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The Economist
Historical Archive
Over 160 years of history, thought and
analysis now accessible online
* With additional annual updates
“ For writers and students, an
unrivalled source of authoritative
and accessible, political, economic
and social analysis and
commentary since 1843 ”
has climate change a�ected the world
has Britain’s stance towards European
integration altered over the past decades
have been the economic consequences of
imperialism and colonialism
has merchant and investment banking
developed as an industry
impact has terrorism had on world politics
From world economy to world hunger, from Europe
to the �nal frontier, and from politics to geography,
The Economist
Historical Archive 1843-2010
students and academics, librarians and the general
public to explore world events, consider their impact
and analyse the consequences.
The Economist
’s principles and methods remain just
as relevant today and this unique database o�ers an
essential research tool for all those studying business
and economics, politics and international a�airs,
modern history and management sciences.
The complete online archive
of every issue of the global
weekly newspaper
On September 2nd 1843 the �rst issue of
was published. Since then it has generally
been regarded as one of the world’s pre-eminent
weekly newspapers. For more that 160 years,
has acquired an unrivalled reputation as a
primary source of intelligent and reliable information
through its consistently independent editorial
perspective and intelligent analysis of weekly events.
To this day, it continues to report on the world’s
current trends and puts them into their economic
and political context.
The Economist
Historical Archive 1843-2010
brings you every page, every leader, all letters as
well as all news articles and �nancial indicators, all of
which are available in an easy-to-use digital format.

Highly intelligent discussion is
The Economist
’s contribution
to Britain and to journalism.

Now Available:
All the back issues which have
The Economist
a key witness of history across
continents and centuries are available online, thereby
providing unique access to a quality primary source.
This archive meets the interdisciplinary needs of
academics and students enabling them to undertake
comparisons of global economic, business and
political trends.
For a free, no-obligation trial, please email us at
[email protected] or visit
The Economist
Historical Archive
is a key part of Gale’s growing online newspaper
and periodical archive, which also includes:
Main features and bene�ts of this
online resource
Researchers gain access to comprehensive
commentaries and objective analysis, readily
accessible through topical searches
Authoritative leaders, news, articles and letters

a�ord a unique insight into British, European,

American and world a�airs
Full-colour material (post-1997 and as available)

from the new digital imaging speci�cally created

for the edition
Special reports on countries and industries o�er

a range of perspectives on markets and business
The regular sections, including science and

technology, provide an in-depth topic analysis,

while book reviews and obituaries lend human

Classi�ed and display advertising pro�le major

companies, job opportunities, tenders to be

awarded and educational opportunities from a

global perspective
Usable data, integrated into your work
With a selection of fully searchable and
downloadable tables,
The Economist
Archive 1843-2010 le
ts users export data as part
of their research projects - the post-1983 Key
Indicators tables are downloadable into spreadsheet
May be the most sensible
publication in the English
The New York Times

• Print and email
• Marked items
• InfoMarks
• Exportable Key Indicator tables
• Searchable ‘covers gallery’
• Search tips
• Athens and Shibboleth authentication
• Free technical support
• Free training
• Basic Search - full text searching with optional
fuzzy search, and search term highlighting in
• Advanced Search
- by section
- by date
- by article title
- by contributor (where identi�ed)
• Browse
- by date
- by issue
- by front cover
Annual Updates
From 2011, we will be adding a further year of
content annually, i.e. the year 2007 will be added in
2011, the year 2008 in 2012, and so on.
Request your free trial now:
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Tel: +44 01264 332 424 | Fax: +44 01264 342 761
Email: [email protected]
Cross-searchable Newspaper Platform
Gain complete insight into historical events by
The Economist
Historical Archive
with Gale’s other historical newspaper collections
including the
Financial Times
Historical Archive and
The Times
Digital Archive.

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