Corpus Tamrielicum Vol. IV

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[47] Fall of the Snow Prince*...............................................................................................107
[48] Father Of The Niben......................................................................................................108
[49] Feyfolken*.....................................................................................................................113
[50] Fire and Darkness..........................................................................................................114
[51] The Firmament*............................................................................................................117
[52] The Firsthold Revolt*....................................................................................................118
[53] The Five Songs of King Wulfharth*.............................................................................119
[97] Liminal Bridges...........................................................................................................
[98] Lists.....................................................................................................................
[99] The Liturgy of Affliction.............................................................................................355
[100] Liturgy of the Duelists...............................................................................................35
[101] The Living Woods.....................................................................................................358
[102] The Locked Room*.....................................................................................................359
[147] Proper Lock Design and Construction.........................................................................480
[198] The True Nature of Orcs*............................................................................................588
[199] 2920, The Last Year of the First Era*.........................................................................589
The Adabal-a Editor's Note: The Adabal-a is traditionally belie
ved to be the memoirs of Morihaus, consort
to Alessia the Slave Queen. While this cannot
certainly among the oldest written accounts to come down to us from the early First Era.
And in the blood-floored throne room of White-G
winged-bull, Morihaus, demigod lover of Al-E
sh, saying, "Our enemies have undone me, and
spread my body into hiding. In mockery of divi
ne purpose, the Ayleids cut me into eighths,
for they are obsessed with this number."
counsel, Whitestrake, but I am a bull, and theref
ore reckless in my wit. I think I would go and
You are blood-made-glorious, uncle, and will
come again, as fox animal or light. Cyrod is still ours."
Then Pelinal spoke again for the last time: "Bew
are, Morihaus, beware! With the foresight of
death I know now that my foe ye

[1] T
is killing-questing-healing, which is also Parava
DVANCES IN LOCK PICKING [2] Advances in Lock Picking
I am not a writer. I am a thief. I am a good thie
f. I am not such a good writer. Anyway, I want
me lots of ideas.
Some guys make locks with angled keyholes. Al
[4] Ahzirr Traajijazeri
By Anonymous
maaszi", or "absurdity has become necessity."
been written before, and if it has, no one has read
it. The Imperials feel that everything must
drinks it in with his mother's milk.
ack our homeland from the rapacious Count of
confidently smile because we know our victor
smiles drive our enemies insane.
We are struggling against impossible odds, agains
t the very Empire of Tamriel. Honor is
madness. Yes, we loved the Renrijra Krin who di
ed in brave battle against the forces of the
Empire, but I guarantee you that each of those Ri's
to use, and died saying, "Damn."
When the great Senche-Raht comes to the Saim
isil Steppes, he will find himself unable to
o his back, biting him, and running off before
face them. Eventually, though he may stubbornly
earn to be part of a mighty army, marching
since time immemorial. It is our battle, but thei
r tragedy. We must show them, lest they are

[5] T

[6] T
[8.1] The Argonian Account I The Argonian Account Book One By Waughin Jarth
On a minor but respectable plaza in the Imperial
City sat, or perhaps lounged, Lord Vanech's
Building Commission. It was an unimaginative, au
stere building not noted so much for its
e Commission," the little fellow squeaked grandly.
"I want you to take over the Black Marsh account from Flesus Tijjo."
Scotti shook as if awaking from a pleasant dream
to hideous reality, "My Lord, I - I couldn't -
"Nonsense," chirped Lord Vanech. "Don't worry
construct bridges, devise anti-smuggling systems, hire mercenaries, and, in short, do
everything that the greatest Empire in histor
two and a half months
landscape had always changed. Always dramatically. Always for the worse.
tti's unspoken question. It was dark and woodsy,
so Decumus Scotti thought that a very appropriate name.
ourse he did ask, was, "What's that terrible
"Slough Point, sir," Mailic replied as they turned the next bend, where the umbrageous tunnel
ere squatted a cluster of formal buildings in
the dreary Imperial design favored by Lord
Vanech's Commission and every Emperor since
Scotti followed him, wheezing. He was not in ex
of Commission materials was heavy. Halfway across,
The Argonian Account Book Two By Waughin Jarth
Decumus Scotti emerged from the dirt and reed
s, exhausted from running, his face and arms
borers, three Imperial merchants so bug-bitten
ans themselves, and three cloaked fellows who
were evidently Dunmer, judging by the red eyes
that gleamed in the shadows under their
hoods. All were transporting their goods along this, the Imperial Commerce Road.
"This is a road?" Scotti exclaimed, looking at the
"It's solid ground, of a sort," one of the hooded
Dunmer shrugged. "The horses eat some of the
He awoke in the dark some hours later, not
moving, and he was on the floor, under the benc
h, next to some small boxes. There were
otti didn't understand, and he peeked out
The Imperial nodded, relieved. "You just seem a little slow. First time to Black Marsh, I
gather? Oh! Heigh ho, Hist piss!"
Scotti was just about to ask Gemullus what that
vulgar term meant when the rain began. It
was an inferno of foul-smelling, yellow-br
accompanied by the growl of thunder in the dist
ance. Gemullus worked to pull the roof up
He shuddered, not only from the cold damp,
but from contemplation of the disgusting
"We'll be dry soon enough," Gemullus smiled, pointing out into the fog.
The Argonian Account Book Three By Waughin Jarth
Decumus Scotti was supposed to be in Gideon, a thoroughly Imperialized city in southern
Black Marsh, arranging business dealings to improve commerce in the province on behalf of
Lord Vanech's Building Commission and its clie
nts. Instead, he was in a half-submerged,
he knew no one. Except for a drug smuggler
named Chaero Gemullus.
Gemullus was not at all perturbed that the merc
of red clay. Just don't panic, and when you s
ee a mass of bubbles, that's a breathing hole you
remembered Gemullus telling him to look for the
side of the worm was still warm and
comfortable, Scotti felt the weight of the ear
th all around him. "Just don't panic" Gemullus
squirm, and the creature began to move faster at the increased pressure from within.
Suddenly, Scotti saw it ahead of him, a slim
spire of bubbles rising up through the mud from
some underground stream, straight up, through
the roots to the surface above him. The
moment the rootworm went through it, Scotti
pushed with all of his might upward, bursting
through the creature's thin skin. The bubbles pus
blink, he was popping out of the red slushy mud.
udge east, the estates were still impressive at
least from a distance, the road was still solid if
longer charitable towards the area. "How much
Furl-of-Fresh-Leaves and Drawing-Flame looked
Unfortunately for them, gravity being the same in
Black Marsh as elsewhere in Tamriel, their
hostage, Decumus Scotti, had continued to roll dow
n from where they left him, and was, at
that moment, in the Onkobra River, drowning.
HE ARGONIAN ACCOUNT IV [8.4] The Argonian Account IV The Argonian Account Book Four By Waughin Jarth
Decumus Scotti was drowning, and he didn't think
much of it. He couldn't move his arms or
his legs to swim because of the paralysis spe
ll the Argonian peasant had lobbed at him, but he
wasn't quite sinking. The Onkobra River was a cras
Scotti tumbled head over heels, spinning,
bumping, bouncing along.
HE ARGONIAN ACCOUNT IV Scotti introduced himself. "I'm a senior cler
k in Lord Vanech's Building Commission in the
Imperial City. My job was to come here to tr
y to fix the problems with commerce, but I've
lost my agenda, haven't met with any of my contacts, the Archeins of Gideon..."
"Pompous, assimiliated, slaver kleptocrats," a
small lemon-colored Agaceph murmured with
some feeling.
"...And now I just want to go home."
Nomu smiled, his long mouth arching up like a
Shehs, it seemed, was the bitter little yellow creat
assignment. With surprising strength, he hoist
ed Scotti up, and for a moment, the clerk was
reminded of Gemullus dropping him into the
bubbling muck that led to the Underground
"This is how you travel?"
"We don't have the broken wagons and dying horse
HE ARGONIAN ACCOUNT IV Scotti, desirous to distract himself from the
sights and smells that surrounded him, thought it a
good time to compliment his pilot on his excellent
vocabulary. It was particularly impressive,
given how far from civilization they were. Th
"They tried to erect a Temple of Mara near
here, in Umpholo, twenty years ago," Shehs
explained, and Scotti nodded, remembering reading a
"They all perished quite dreadfully of swamp rot
in the first month, but they left behind some
saw something so huge, so horrifying, it made
him stop, frozen.
Half submerged in the water ahead was a mount
White eyes stared blindly forward, and th
en suddenly the whole creature spasmed and
lurched, the jaw of its mouth jutting out, exposing tusks clotted with gore.
"Swamp Leviathan," Shehs whistled, impressed. "Very, very dangerous."
Scotti gasped, wondering why the Agaceph was so calm, and more, why he was continuing to
"Of all the creatures in the world, the rats ar
HE ARGONIAN ACCOUNT IV Lord Vanech himself, though singularly squa
t and squinty, seemed immaculate, not only
relatively clean of dirt and scabs, but also relatively uncorrupt. Scotti couldn't help but stare at
him when he first caught sight of his boss. Vanech stared right back.
back? I would say go home and fix yourself, but
hope you have solutions for them."
enty of Cyrodiil's most powerful and wealthiest people were
waiting for him. Scotti was given an office even
HE ARGONIAN ACCOUNT IV Black Marsh simply was, is, and always shall
plantation economy. The Argonians, and anyone el
se, the whole of Tamriel, could live in
Black Marsh on subsistence farming, just raisi
Scotti's solution to each of their dilemmas had
been the same. Ten percent of the gold they
gave him went to Lord Vanech's Building Co
mmission. The rest Scotti kept for himself, and
[12] Azura and the Box*
ARK AND SAP [13] Bark and Sap† Bark and Sap The Root System and the Ecology and Culture of the Gnarl
ontained herein belong solely to the author and have been printed posthumously and anonymously.]
ARK AND SAP giant Gnarl, it should be noted that no creditable sources exist to corroborate. However, even were these reports to be true, the rarity of such sightings would suggest that only a very few Gnarl ever grow large enough to ascend to this root-state. Little is known about the natural life span of the Gnarl or their social behavior, since observational expeditions into the Root System are difficult at best. We do know with
will respond aggressively to anyone who come
s within sight, which makes studying their
social systems nigh impossible. This behavior has, however, provided us with an abundance
When we analyze the corpses of dead Gnarl, we
can see clearly that these creatures are made
entirely of plant material. They are covered in
bark and leaves, and over time they decompose

[13] B
The Battle of Sancre Tor
Thus was the concerted allied invasion of Cyr
odiil foiled, and General Talos' army swelled by
Timeline Series - Vol 1
By Aicantar of Shimerene
Before man came to rule Tamriel, and before the chronicles of the historians recorded the
affairs of the rulers of Tamriel, the even
ts of our world are known only through myths and
only surviving traces of this tribal culture are scattered Velothi towers and Ashlander nomads
Tamriel were also abandoned about this time.
EGGAR [16] Beggar Beggar By Reven Eslaf Erol was the last of the litter of five born to the Queen of the prosperous Nordic
kingdom of Erolgard, Lahpyrcopa, and her hus
pregnancy, the Queen had been more than twi
delivery took three months and six days after
the Lahpyrcopa elected, upon expelling Eslaf to frown, say, 'Good riddance,' and die.
Like many Nords, Ytluaf did not care very mu
tradition of his people of Atmora of following hi
the simple people were grateful, for the little r
oyal drama alleviated their boredom, which was
and is a common problem in the more obscure
parts of northern Skyrim, particularly in
and his five fat, bawling little heirs in front of him, and
er Laicifitra, he gave his army. Ytluaf's
EGGAR Drusba did not tell Eslaf the story of his birth, or that his brothers and sister were leading quite nice lives with their inheritances, for, as we have said, she was rather shy, and found it difficult to broach the subject. She was so painfully shy, in fact, that whenever he asked any questions about where he came from, Drusba
would run away. That was more or less her
In order to communicate with her at all, Eslaf
learned how to run almost as soon as he could
walk. He couldn't keep up with his adopted mother
at first, but in time he learned to go toe-
sprint, and heel-toe heel-toe if it seemed Drusba
was headed for a long distance marathon flight.

[16] B
EGGAR PRINCE [17] Beggar Prince We look down upon the beggars of the Empire. Thes
EGGAR PRINCE "Nay. I make my way alone in the world. I have no need for an apprentice."
Namira shambled off down the road. Wheedle
would not be put off. With a bound, Wheedle
was at Namira's heel, pressing the case for an
apprenticeship. For 33 days and night, Wheedle
kept up the debate. Namira said nothing, but
Wheedle's voice was ceaseless. Finally, on the
33rd day, Wheedle was too hoarse to talk.
Namira looked back on the suddenly silent figur
Given to me by the Chief of the Deep Ones. He
taught me his language and his runes. This is
the ancient lore of his people which we shall follow from now until forever.
[19] Biography of Barenziah*

[20] B
See vol. I.
[21] The Black Arrow*
[22] The Black Arts On Trial
By Hannibal Traven, Archmagister of the Mages Guild
Necromancy, commonly called the Black Arts, has a history that dates back before recorded
time. Virtually all the earliest laws of the la
nd make mention of it as expressly forbidden on
pain of death. Independent practitioners of the arts of sorcery, however, continued its study.
The Psijic Order of the Isle of Artaeum, precu
rsor to our own Mages Guild, also forbade its
separatist. We ignore public opinion at our own ri
sk. We will certainly lose our charters in
many places including, very likely, the whol
e of Morrowind, where sentiment against
Necromancy is very strong.
Counter-Argument by Master gra-Kogg: Yes, we
community, but they should not and must not
dictate our scholarship. 'Necromancer' to many
uneducated persons simply means an evil mage. It is madness to limit our work because of
prejudices and half-formed understanding. It is an
turn our back on a subject merely because of public opinion.
Argument by Master gra-Kogg: Necromancers are
nature relies on the practitioner going further into the darkness than is wise, virtually
The risks of studying Necromancy outweigh its us
the study of any of its members,
limited form for the purpose of combating its ev
il adherents. This may only been done by rare
individuals who have proven themselves bot
only with my express permission and supervision.
[23] The Black Horse Courier
[23.1.1] Daring Waterfront Raid Fails!
Daring Waterfront Raid Fails!
Stymied in his attempts to capture the legenda
ry thief, the Gray Fox, Captain Hieronymus Lex
of the Imperial Watch raided the Waterfront.
Extra Watchmen were pulled from duty in other
parts of the city to search the slums of th
e Waterfront. A small amount of contraband was
The Arcane University has filed a formal complaint against Captain Hieronymus Lex for
dereliction of duty. The guards normally posted at
Waterfront during the raid. An attempted break
-in at the University was foiled. University
spokesmen insist that nothing was taken. They sc
offed at the idea that any mere thief could
make off with one of their treasures.

While the Fighters Guild has always maintained
the strictest standards on both the quality of
their members and the legality of the contr
acts they accept, the Blackwood Company makes
none of the same claims. They have no scr
eening process when accepting new members, and
they seem willing to accept any contract, assuming one can afford the price tag.
Some have questioned the Blackwood Company's
Is a so-called Thieves Guild masterminding all
the thefts in the Imperial City? Captain
Hieronymus Lex of the Imperial Watch seems to think so.
When asked about the Thieves Guild and its my
quite emphatic. "This one man is responsible fo
Vlanarus Kvinchal recently admitted to bei
questioning by the Imperial Watch, he also c
Septim, the love-child of Lord Stendarr, a
were-shark, and the mother of Hieronymus Lex.
Only after he spent a night in the Imperial
New Watch Captain Named
Servatius Quintilius was recently promoted to Watch Captain to replace Hieronymus Lex.
Captain Lex's career was marked by frequent tir
ades against the mythical thief and master
criminal, the so-called "Gray Fox." At the sa
me time, Hieronymus Lex announced that he has
[23.1.6] Palace Break-In?
The Legion Centurion in command of the Palace
ies of a palace break-in, the rumors persist.
range from a madman intent on spit-polishing
the Emperor's shoes to a master thief stealing one of the legendary Elder Scrolls.
The Palace Guard has made no arrests in conn
ection with the break-in. However, the Watch
has been making peculiar inquiries all around
Recently Captain Hieronymus Lex of the Imperial
Watch collected the taxes from all citizens
in the Waterfront district of the city. Alt
Imperial City must pay taxes, it has been 53
and destitute of the Waterfront.
Although members of the Watch approached by
the Courier declined to comment on the
success of the venture, one of the Watchmen
who asked not to be named suggested the
The ever-vigilant Captain Lex has renewed his call to capture the infamous thief, the Gray
"Doomstones not Magical" Says Noted Argonian Writer
The author of 'The Goblin with the Golden
Arm' and 'Red Crater' plans a new series of
The Courier asked Quill-Weave why she might choose to abandon the popular tales of
thieves, outlaws, murderers, and low-lifes that
have made her so famous in Cyrodiil and
throughout the Empire. She explained that she ha
s long sought material with more mature and
epic themes to celebrate the noble virtues of
Cyrodiil and the Empire. She assured the Courier
that she will fill the Doomstones series with th
e lusty and colorful characters we've come to
know and love. "But this time," Quill-Weave says
, "my characters will uproot trees, devastate
cities, and summon rains of boiling blood before
intimate mysteries of the heart."
[23.1.9] Vampire Nest in the City!
Vampire Nest in the City!
A nest of vampires was recently discovered in th
e home of the Earl of Imbel. The Courier is
noble of previously unblemished reputation, is
revealed to have one of these vampires!
Responding to a tip by the Earl's servant, the Impe
rial Watch raided the Imbel estate and slew
all of the foul creatures. Captain Quintilius has cat
egorically denied the rumors that most of
the terrible creatures of the night were already dead by the time the Watch arrived.
[23.2.1] Adamus Phillida Slain by Dark Brotherhood!
by Waldorf Wordswell
ult on the security and liberty of the civilized
e Dark Brotherhood's involvement in Phillida
murder, newly appointed Imperial Legion co
mmander Giovanni Civello had this to say:
tion about it. This was a crime of vengeance,
a pinnacle of nobility and virtue. Adamus fought
nd he died for what he believed in. Adamus
Phillida was a great man. He taught me everythi
[23.2.2] Bruma's Baenlin Dies in Tragic Accident!
For the residents of Bruma, a city known fo
r its snowy avenues and frigid, Skyrim-like
you know that until I came in to do repair work
on the roof, you couldn't attend a service in
Sir Farwil and Companions Close Gate Threatening City!
delivered from the sulfurous torments of Oblivion by a questing hero. The count's courageous
son and his boon companions, the Knights of th
courage and strength of arms of Farwil and one
other brave soul managed to hold them at bay.
gate to offer his aid, the Knights of the Thorn,
the main citadel and shut the gate forever.
Cheydinhal and its people are forever in the debt of Sir Farwil and his brave companions.
[23.2.4] Cyrodiil's Greatest Painter Safe!
riod's most noted landscape painters, is finally
ce. He'd reportedly been missing for several
Neither the artist nor his wife would comment
on the circumstances of his disappearance,
though both expressed deep gratitude to the unname
ankster, the rest of her has become known to
During what started as a formal dinner party
for some close friends of the Countess, an
damage, it certainly left a lasting impressi
clothes on their backs. From all reports, the
frightened guests handled the situation calmly,
maintaining proper decorum at all times.
"Everybody was acting like ladies and gentleman,"
be identified. "I don't think they was trying to sneak no glances at anyone's naughty bits."
As to the identity of the assailant, castle guards
have remained silent. Some reports maintain
hers claim that he was able to escape without
Elder Council Named as Regents!
Emperor Uriel Septim VII is dead, at the age of 87, having ruled Tamriel for 65 years. He was
killed by assassins unknown. At the same time, in
separate locations, the late emperor's three
ince Enman, 55; Prince Ebel, 53] were slain by
tity and motives of the assassins is under way,
but the Elder Council, Imperial Guard, and Blad
reports and rumors concerning the event until further notice.
e empire until a new emperor is crowned. No
Imperial Battlemage, speaking for the Elder Counc
il, presented an appeal to the empire's
citizens for calm, and asked that the people re
member the Emperor, his sons, and the Elder
Emperor Uriel's early reign was marked by p
eace and prosperity. The Empress Caula Voria
bore him three healthy sons, was a loving compan
ion to the Emperor, and a great favorite of
the people. However, the emperor and the em
pire suffered terribly during the Imperial
Simulacrum (3E 389-399], when he was held
Tharn assumed his appearance and ruled in his
stead. Emperor Uriel was finally rescued and
restored and the impostor defeated by the ag
ency of the sorceress Ria Silmane and her
shadowy protégé, but the affairs of the empire
were in great disorder, and Empress Caula
Voria, exhausted by her ordeal, withdrew from public life.


[23.2.8] Gang of Tarts Thwarted!
Temptresses Terrorize Anvil No More!
A ruthless crime ring of female thieves plagui
ng Anvil's men folk has finally been broken.
These shameless women employed feminine wile
s to seduce the men, lured them to remote
locations, then robbed them, leaving them without a stitch of clothing.
The gang's ringleader, Faustina Cartia, had preyed upon Anvil's male population for some
time, but the shamefaced victims had been reluctant to admit what was happening. Now,
two unnamed Anvil Guard Investigators, and
with the aid of an anonymous private operative, this menace to Anvil's men has been
summarily dealt with, and the wives of Anvil
may rest easier knowing their gullible husbands
will no longer be imperiled by predatory seductresses.
[23.2.9] Night Mother Rituals on the Rise!
"And won't be tolerated!"
warns Imperial Legion.
by Agnes "the quill is mightier than the ebony sword" Earheardt
The Imperial City -- pinnacle of
art, entertainment, scholarship... and ritualistic murder? So
says Adamus Phillida, commander of the Imperial
Legion forces in the Imperial City, and a
staunch opponent of the mysterious assassi
n's guild known as the Dark Brotherhood.
According to Phillida, Imperial Legion soldiers ha
ve discovered thirteen separate instances of
the macabre "Black Sacrament," a sinister rite
purportedly used to summon a member of the
[23.2.10] Rain of Burning Dogs!

Experts Bewildered!

HE BOOK OF DAEDRA [24] The Book of Daedra*
RAVIL [25] Bravil Bravil: Daughter of the Niben By Sathyr Longleat Bravil is one of the most charming towns in
Cyrodiil, sparkling in her simple beauty,
RAVIL It may seem beyond belief that an entire community could be so skilled in these spells
Guild was formed to teach the ways of
magicka to the common folk. There does, however
Psijics on the Isle of Artaeum developed Mysticism long before there was a name for it, the
even more obscure Ayleids of southern Cyrod
school of Alteration. It is not, after all, much
RAVIL Bravillians alike go to the Lucky Old Lady to ask for her to bless them with luck in their
Just one more charming aspect of the charming, and very lucky village of Bravil.
[27] The Brothers of Darkness*

[28] T
See vol. I.
HILDREN OF THE SKY [30] Children of the Sky*
[32] The Chronicles of the Holy Brothers of Marukh
The Chronicles of the Holy Brothers of Marukh, Volume IV
[Editor's Note: This is the only surviving fragment
of the chronicle of this First Era sect of the
Alessian Order. It seems to have been kept at
their great monastic complex at Lake Canulus,
which was razed during the War of Righteousne
Note also that Alessian scribes of this time customarily dated events from the Apotheosis of
three days old, and the stars about him at midda
saw it were dismayed, and said that a great ev
ent should come hereafter. So it did, for that
same year issued forth a great concourse of de
vils from the ancient Elvish temple Malada,
ng Belharza. These devils greatly afflicted the
land such that no man could plow, or reap, or s
Marukh for succour. And then Abbot Cosmas gathered all the brothers and led them to
Malada, also known as the High Fane in the Elvish tongue, and came against it with holy fire,
and the foul demons were destroyed, and many devilish relics and books found therein were
burned. And the land had peace for many years.
[33.1] Collected Essays on Dwemer History and Culture I
Dwemer History and Culture
Marobar Sul and the Trivialization of the Dwemer in Popular Culture
While Marobar Sul's Ancient Tales of the
Dwemer was definitively debunked in scholarly
circles as early as the reign of Katariah I, it
remains one of the staples of the literate middle-
classes of the Empire, and has served to
spirit of the time, which saw humans as the
unenlightened barbarians or imperfect, lesser ve
rsions of humans eager for tutelage. Ancient
Tales falls firmly in the latter camp, which
does much to explain its enduring hold on the
popular imagination. Marobar Sul's Dwemer are
so much more comfortable, so much
friendlier, so much more familiar, than the r
eal Dwemer, whose truly mysterious nature we
race. And from what I have learned in my
years of studying the Dwemer, I have some
sympathy for that preference. As the followi
ng essays will show, the Dwemer were, to our
modern eyes, a remarkably unlikeable people in many ways.
[34.1] Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes I COMMENTARIES ON THE MYSTERIUM XARXES BOOK ONE by Mankar Camoran
My own summons came through a book Lord Dagon wr
ote himself in the deserts of rust and
wounds. Its name is the 'Mysterium Xarxes', Aldm
by Mankar Camoran
The Tower touches all the mantles of Heaven, br
nd. Witness the home of the Red King Once
to their own dominion, and borderwars fought
Nothing but woe for NRN which has become The Pit and seven curses on its Dreugh, the

[35] A D
See vol. I.
ARKEST DARKNESS [36] Darkest Darkness*
† Death Decree Sheogorath, Prince of Madness, Lord of the Never-There, Sovereign of the Shivering Isles, does, on this day, hence-forth make this decree:
Robert Wisnewski
Citizen of the Shivering Isles, Resident of Bliss, and Honored Madman
Attempting the Growth of a Beard, an Action D
eemed Unseemly in the Eyes of Our Lord
citizen merit the strictest of punishments to be
[39.1] Deed to Benirus Manor This document hereby states that the bearer is
the sole owner and possessor of the domicile
currently known as Benirus Manor. Said domicile
ter. The bearer is responsible for all matters
This document also empowers the bearer transfer
The bearer may amend this document to rename the manor by submitting the proper forms
and payments to the Anvil Construction Ch
arter and by filing duplicate forms with the
Documents Division of the Imperial City Archives.
This document is to inform the bearer that
successor to the deceased's ownership of said property.
matters pertaining to or occurring on said property.
This document also empowers the bearer transfer
The bearer may amend this document to rename the manor by submitting the proper forms
and payments to the Cyrodiil Construction Ch
arter and by filing duplicate forms with the
Documents Division of the Imperial City Archives.
HE DOORS OF OBLIVION [40] The Doors of Oblivion The Doors of Oblivion By Seif-ij Hidja
HE DOORS OF OBLIVION The 'Doors to Oblivion,' to use Morian Zenas'
many possibilities before we found one where we held the key.
The Psijics of Artaeum have a place they call
The Dreaming Cave, where it is said one can
HE DOORS OF OBLIVION 'Dust,' he whispered to me on the first day of
the word, I could hear his excitement in his
voice, echoing in my mind. 'I can see from one
end of the world to the other in a million shades
particles, floating, falling, whirling about me. I
must levitate and breathe by magickal means
Zenas explored the nebulous land for some time, encountering vaporous creatures and palaces
of smoke. Though he never met the Prince, we concl
HE DOORS OF OBLIVION It was Apocrypha. The home of Hermaeus-Mo
found. I felt a shudder in my mind, but I could not tell if it was my master's or mine.
Morian Zenas never traveled to another realm that I know of.
Throughout his visits to the first four realms, my master spoke to me constantly. Upon
[42] The Dragon Break Reexamined*

† An Elytra's Life
by Karmelle
It is a strange life that I have chosen, here amongst the beasts of these Shivering Isles. These
Elytra -- a most gentle creature if ever there were a gentle creature - they have welcomed me
among their brood as one of their own. I have ma
de my life and home in their tunnels as if
they were my own humble cabin, and indeed, I have been invited into their warm family unit.
HE EXODUS [46] The Exodus The Exodus By Waughin Jarth
HE EXODUS Candlelight glistened through the windows of the great dark building, but it brought them
little relief to know that someone was alive in
and steeled themselves against whatever horror they might face within.
The door was opened by a rather plump middle-
aged Nord woman with frizzy blond hair.
Standing behind her, a meek-looking bald Nord
HE EXODUS 'Not many people know about Olenveld anymore since Tiber Septim used it as his own
personal graveyard,' said Lywel. 'Took us a week to find it again. But it's perfect for us. Lots
of dead bodies, you know ...'
'Lywel!' Rosalyn admonished him. 'You're going to scare them!'
'Sorry,' Lywel grinned sheepishly.
'I don't care what you do here,' said Munthen ster
nly. 'I just want to know what you can do for
my daughter.'
'Well,' said Jalmar with a shrug. 'I guess we can
make it so she doesn't die and is never sick
HE EXODUS 'Oh yes,' Lywel said, smiling broadly.
ATHER OF THE NIBEN [48] Father Of The Niben Father of the Niben Translated and With Commentary by Florin Jaliil
Writing the biography of anyone is a challenge.
Usually the problem lies in assessing one's
sources, comparing the prejudices of one chroni
cle versus another versus another. Waughin
ed series on the Wolf Queen of Solitude used
over a hundred contemporary narratives. I cannot complain about my task having a similar
There is but one record of the man called Topa
l the Pilot, the earliest known Aldmer explorer
of Tamriel. Only four short verse fragments of th
ATHER OF THE NIBEN As he and his men rested, there came a fearsome howl,
And hideous orcs streamed forth from the murky
ATHER OF THE NIBEN It is possible that the tradition is wrong. Perhaps the orcs were an aboriginal tribe predating the Aldmeri colonization. Perhaps these were a cu
rsed folk -- "Orsimer" in the Aldmeris, the
same word for "Orc" - of a different kind, whose
name was to be given the orcs in a different

The maps he had faithfully drawn, to see
and fierce Argonian tribes that dissuaded many other explorers after him.
With a modern map of Tamriel in hand, we
can see that he makes the wrong choice in
what he perceived to be the endless mainland
he had traveled too far southward already, and so he made a smart but incorrect decision to go
It is ironic that this great miscalculation woul
d today bear his mark of history. The bay he
opal Bay, and the river that took him astray
shares the name of his boat, the Niben River.
Fragment Four:
The cat demons of four legs and two ran the river's
Fruit trees welcomed them, dropping their
Arms down to the river's edge as if to
Embrace the mer, and the men took the
For eleven days, they traveled north, until they came
To a crystalline lake, and eight islands of
Brilliant flightful creatures of glorious colors
ATHER OF THE NIBEN The word they were speaking without Understanding it, and then the sailors Laughed. Topal the Pilot was enchanted with the islands And the feathered men who lived there.
There the Niben stayed for a moon, and the bird
EYFOLKEN [49] Feyfolken*
IRE AND DARKNESS [50] Fire and Darkness
By Ynir Gorming
hatred. Even if I am murdered, which seems in
not innocents, so our benedictions of mutual en
mity is not tragedy, but horror. This state of

[50] F
IRE AND DARKNESS the First Era tries to make her the leader of
The Night Mother, my dear friend, is Mephala.

[52] T

[53] T

[54] T
We are the Fingers of the Fox, the Children
of the Shadows. More commonly we are known
First, never steal from another member of the guild.
not the Dark Brotherhood. Animals and
monsters can be slain if necessary.
Third, don't steal from the poor. The peasants a
the Gray Fox, particularly in the Imperial City Waterfront.
Breaking any of the three rules means expul
sion from the Thieves Guild. If you commit
murder, you must pay the blood price to rejoin
of the guildmaster. You take your orders from them. You
ROM FROG TO MAN [56] From Frog to Man† From Frog to Man
The life cycle of the Grummite is rather unique.
and may even be distantly related to Argonians, although I have no direct evidence of that.
Like the humble frog, the Grummite is born from
into tiny pollywogs, no bigger than my hand.
few weeks grows limbs and changes into an
amphibious Baliwog. The Baliwog will live for up to
man in both length and weight.
Eventually, the adult Baliwog will feel the urge to seek out deep water and bury itself in the
mud. It hibernates there for many months, gesta
ting into a Grummite. I have been unable to

[57] F
Fundaments of Alchemy
Often overlooked by aspiring mages, Alchemy is
a time-honored, rewarding discipline that
ho master it. It is difficult, and often dangerous, to advance
one's knowledge of the materials used in alchemical formulas, but continued study and hard
work will, in the end, reward the alchemist greatly.
Before success can be achieved, or even attempted, the beginning alchemist must understand
the basic principles behind his craft. Many items
in our world, mostly organic in nature, can
be broken down into more fundamental essences
with magickal properties. The more skilled
the Alchemist, the more properites of an ingr
edient that can be harnessed. Combining the
essences of two or more ingredients can resu
lt in the creation of a potion, which anyone may
Alchemist can brew potions from a single
ingredient, a feat well beyond the capabilities of most.)
The Alchemist's potion can have several effect
all effects are beneficial. In many cases, recipe
s result in a potion with a mix of positive and
negative effects; it is up to the Alchemist to de
termine which recipes yield the best results. (It
poisons. This practice is not recommended by the au
Wortcraft is, in fact, amateur Alchemy. Eating
potency of all the potion's effect
s. While these apparatus are not necessary to create potions, it
Ingredient Combination
those with identical effects may be combined
to make a potion; up to four ingredients may be successfully used in a single potion.
As the Alchemist gains skill in preparing ingr
edients, new properties may be discovered and
can be used in creating potions. While this can
be an exciting time, expanding the Alchemist's
may have new results, not all of which are

[59] G
See vol. I.

[60] A G
Glories and Laments
Among the Ayleid Ruins
temples and sanctuaries were lit by lamps, globes, pools, and fountains of purest magic.
It was by these ancient, faded, but still activ
e magics that I knelt and contemplated the
architects. Gazing through the glass-smooth
waning of the Welkynd stones.
xplorer are the cunning and deadly mechanisms
devised by the Ayleids to torment and c
sanctuaries. What irony that after these many y
against those who would admire
against their true enemies, which were not the
slaves who revolted and overthrew their cruel ma
peoples who learned the crafts owar and magi
c from their Ayleid masters. No, it was the
arrogant pride of their achievements, their sm
ug self-assurance that their empire would last
forever, that doomed them to fail and fade into obscurity.

[63.1] G


UIDE TO ANVIL and shallow woman, or the Countess, who does
her example, I am unable to judge.
The most prosperous part of Anvil is entered
side by side may be seen the handsomest and ug
and Fighters Guild are unusually ambitious
and industrious by Cyrodiil's common standard. Th
emy of necromancy, summoning, and the dark
arts. The Fighters Guild here is well-staffed a
and poor morale of chapters elsewhere in Cyrodiil. However, next to the Mages Guild is a
ruin, long boarded-up and abandoned, and an prominent eyesore.
* Westgate *
exception of Anvil's famous citizen, the Argonian authoress,
UIDE TO BRAVIL [63.2] Guide to Bravil ALESSIA OTTUS' GUIDE TO BRAVIL Mara, Mother Mild! Make us hale and hearty! My name is Alessia Ottus, and I'd like to tell
UIDE TO BRAVIL The castle is the only sturdy, stone-built dwelling in Bravil. It is nowhere as dirty and ill-furnished as the timber shacks of the people, but
UIDE TO BRUMA [63.3] Guide to Bruma ALESSIA OTTUS' GUIDE TO BRUMA Father Talos, protect us all! My name is Alessia Ottus, and I'd like to tell you all about
Bruma is understood to be a Nibenese county, but
in truth it is more Nord than Nibenese, on
account of its close proximity to the Skyrim
discomfort of its location high in the Jerall
Mountains. Bruma is always cold and covered
rter to prevent the citizens from freezing to
even rich men live here in dark, dirty wooden huts. It is little wonder that Nords are such
drunken heathen savages, for life is impossible in
such a climate, and one might be tempted to
drink into insensibility or sell one's soul to ju
st to find sanctuary from the bitter cold and
Castle Bruma is cold and drafty, carelessly deco
UIDE TO BRUMA but at least the Mages Guild is kept good and warm (though I shrink from imagining what
infernal engines are employed to produce and preserve that heat).
UIDE TO CHEYDINHAL [63.4] Guide to Cheydinhal ALESSIA OTTUS' GUIDE TO CHEYDINHAL Arkay, bless my body and soul! My name is Ale
ssia Ottus, and I'd like to tell you all about
The first impression of the visitor to Cheydinha
along the banks of the Corbolo, neatly groomed
looks prosperous, with clean, well-trimmed hous
es and neat stonework, ornamented with
striking designs in glass, metal, and wood.
But what lurks beneath this pleasing appearance? Crime! Scandal! Corruption!
st below the castle from East Gate to West
outh from this road, dividing southern

[63.4] G
UIDE TO CHORROL [63.5] Guide to Chorrol ALESSIA OTTUS' GUIDE TO CHORROL Praise Stendarr, the Nine, and all the Saints! My name is Alessia Ottus, and I'd like to tell you
proper woman, and mother of the beautiful and virtuous Alessia Caro, Countess of Leyawiin.
UIDE TO CHORROL * The Chapel of Stendarr * The Chapel of Stendarr is beautiful, and perfect for a traveler's mediations and prayer. Every
Sundas morning you will find the best citizens gathered with their good countess for worship.
You may be surprised to learn that not all
people of Chorrol follow the model of their
countess, for many are very idle and careless in their devotions. This is certainly the
UIDE TO CHORROL * Notable Citizens of Chorrol * Casta Scribonia, the author, lives in Chorrol. She is a well-educated and well- traveled woman, but she writes books which I cannot r
ecommend, for they are full of romance and
children the proper models of virtue, duty, honor, a
Divines must love and hold in our hearts.
* Shameful Features of Chorrol *
ered in mischief and loose talk around the Great Oak near
the Fighters and Mages Guilds. One man, very sly, named Honditar, knows all about the
for a fee, but one nevers sees him in the
There are many thieves and murderers in Chorrol.
[63.6] Guide to Leyawiin
Zenithar, bless all our labors! My name is Al
essia Ottus, and I'd like to tell you all about
UIDE TO SKINGRAD [63.7] Guide to Skingrad ALESSIA OTTUS' GUIDE TO SKINGRAD In Julianos, all justice and wisdom! My name is Alessia Ottus, and I'd like to tell you all about
Skingrad County is famous for its wines, tomato
one of the cleanest, safest, and most prosperous
towns in Cyrodiil. Located in the heart of the
West Weald highlands, Skingrad is the gem of
Old Colovia, and a model of the Colovian
virtues of independence, hardwork, and tough-mindedness.
under the walls and bridges of the upper town. The guilds and West Weald Inn are in the west
of HighTown, while many shops and upper class re

[63.7] G

Keep the Nine in your heart!

ALESSIA OTTUS' GUIDE TO THE IMPERIAL CITY Praise Akatosh! Bless the Empire and All Its People!
My name is Alessia Ottus, and I'd like to tell you all about the Imperial City.
* The Imperial City *
Who do you think lives in the Imperial City? Ur
iel Septim, Emperor of Tamriel, Defender of
ptim, Lord Talos, the Holy God of State and
nes. All know the emperor to be a good and holy man, for he
may often be seen in the Temple of the One, making his devotions to the Nine Divines and
the Communion of Saints.
And where does he live? In the Imperial Palace, in the center of the
Imperial City, in the
White Gold Tower which was built many ages
How fine it is that the stones raised high by this
ancient evil empire are now reconsecrated as
* The Temple District *
* Imperial Prison *
The prisons are very cruel and horrible, damp a
nd dirty, with chains and pincers and manacles
and instruments of torture on every hand. But di
d I find any prisoners in these cells? No! For
the Watch is so lazy and careless that the cells are all empty!
There are guards everywhere in the Imperial C
they do not throw the impertinent beggars into
prison. Criminals are so bold as to introduce
[63.9] A Traveler's Guide to New Sheoth and the Shivering Isles
A Traveler's Guide to New Sheoth and the Shivering Isles
realm. Founded at the whim of Our Lord Sheogorath, the city
is a model of the Madgod's own perfect vision.
First-time visitors to New Sheoth are often im
pressed by the warmth, generosity, and general
good humor of its residents. Visitors are welc
omed with open arms, and generally made to
Sheoth family. The sheer scope of the sights and
visitor, and this Guide aims to make the
transition as easy as possible for newcomers.
Visitors will find the city is divided into three
main sections: Bliss, Crucible, and the Palace.
Bliss and Crucible house the majority of resi
dential and commercial buildings in the city,
while the Palace area houses the magnificent Pal
of the reigning Dukes of Mania and Dementia.
Though located in the same city, visitors will fi
forever. Feelings of peace and contentment wa
sh over the body and calm the soul. It can seem
as if you haven't a care in the world.
Take the time to examine the beautiful plan
tive properties, or pluck an Aster Bloom Core,
which some locals believe has the ability to ward off the attacks of evil spirits.
If you plan on spending some time in the Mani
a countryside, consider visiting the small
community of Hale. The residents are mostly lo
cal artists, and are very welcoming to weary
en in the idyllic lands of Mania. While the
pose some danger for the careless traveler. Mania is home to a number of indigenous animal
species, some of which could be threateni
ng to a less-seasoned adventurer. We recommend
sticking to the clearly marked paths when traveling anywhere within the Shivering Isles.
The Slow Grace of Dementia
It is often said, "Time spent in Dementia is
time not spent elsewhere." Truer words were
New Sheoth. The rooms are nicely appointed, and the food is
above-average for the area. We highly recommend tr
ying the wine-it's some of the best in the
pecially good time to visit the Choosy Beggar.
Though the prices are no lower, the earlier hour often finds Sheer-Meedish in a more
accommodating mood.
Earil's Mysteries, Crucible.
Many adventurers don't like to travel without a full spell book, and Earil's is the place to go in
YUB, LORD OF THE PIT [64] Gyub, Lord of the Pit† Gyub, Lord of the Pit Praise of Gyub [Kneel, face forward and raise hands above head] Praise be to Gyub, Lord of the Pit. Hear us, Warbling Redeemer.
Please accept our offering, merciful one.
Bless us, Embryonic Prince.
May this offering satisfy your infinite maw.
Please accept our offering oh merciful one.
[Open floor and grasp volunteer by wrists and ankles. Gently swing with sideways motion]
YUB, LORD OF THE PIT Praise be to Gyub, praise be to Gyub, praise be to Gyub. Praise be to Gyub, praise be to Gyub, praise be to Gyub. [When volunteer has reached maximum height, re
lease wrists and ankles. Wait for screaming
[66.1] Alchemist Service Handbills [66.1.1] All Things Alchemical
Need fresh Bloodgrass? Out of Harrada? We keep
them in stock. Husband snores at night?
We have silence potions as well. All Things
Alchemical. The only shop for potions and rare
[66.1.2] The Gilded Carafe
The Gilded Carafe is an Alchemy shop of distinction. We are distinctly CHEAPER than those
other guys! Don't pay more! Shop at the Gilded Carafe!
[66.1.3] The Main Ingredient
st alchemical ingredients and potions. We may
RMOR AND WEAPONS HANDBILLS 1-7 [66.2] Armor and Weapons Handbills [66.2.1] The Archer's Paradox The Archer's Paradox has everything a hunter mi
ght need. If it's sharp and pointy, the odds
RMOR AND WEAPONS HANDBILLS 8-10 [66.2.8] Morvayn's Peacemakers Having trouble keeping the peace at home? Come to Morvayn's Peacemakers. One look at our
maces and your neighbors will ask before taking your goat.
[66.2.9] Slash 'N Smash
Slash 'N Smash makes weapons. Really good weapons. You should buy some.
[66.2.10] Stonewall Shields
Stonewall Shields specializes in armor of all sort
s, and shields in particular. We use the best
steel for quality armor. Viator Accius trained with
OOKSTORE HANDBILLS [66.3] Bookstore Handbills [66.3.1] First Edition
First Edition is a supplier of books for the Imperi
al Library. If the Emperor trusts us, so can
you. We have a widest selection of tomes and histories in all of Cyrodiil.
[66.3.2] Renoit's Books
HAPEL HANDBILLS 1-4 [66.4] Chapel Handbills [66.4.1] Chapel of Dibella
The Chapel of Dibella welcomes visitors to A
HAPEL HANDBILLS 5-6 And while you're at the chapel,
LOTHING HANDBILLS [66.5] Clothing Handbills [66.5.1] Divine Elegance
When you dress, do you wear Divine Elegance?
You should. A first impression is priceless.
That's why you won't see prices marked on our
clothing. If you need to ask, you shouldn't be
[66.5.2] Nord Winds
Do you believe that the clothes make the man,
but you don't look it? Come to Nord Winds for
[66.6.1] Best Goods and Guarantees
If it can be made or found, you can
buy it or sell it at Best Goods and Guarantees. We'll match
Three Brothers Trade Goods has a sterling reputation for honesty. We will always pay what
NN HANDBILLS 1-7 [66.7] Inn Handbills [66.7.1] The Count's Arms
The beds at the Count's Arms are the softest
in Anvil. We wash them after every third
customer, no matter how soiled. Our pillows are twice as soft as those at the Flowing Bowl.
[66.7.2] The Feed Bag
When you're hungry, stop by the Feed Bag. Please.
[66.7.3] Five Claws Lodge
NN HANDBILLS 8-14 [66.7.8] Jerall View Inn
Tired of the noisesome din of the common tap r
oom? Stay at Jerall View. Peaceful, tasteful,
and only for the most discerning of customers. Everyone knows, quality comes at a price.
[66.7.9] The Lonely Suitor Lodge
NN HANDBILLS 15 [66.7.15] West Weald Inn
eat at the West Weald Inn. We use only the
freshest truffles, and our goat's milk yogurt is considered the best in Cyrodiil.
[66.8] Jewelry Handbills
[66.8.1] Red Diamond Jewelry
Red Diamond Jewelry is the only jewelry store in
the nine cities. We have the best gems and
silver in Cyrodiil. We also have the best guards, so don't even think about it.
[66.9.1] Edgar's Discount Spells
Edgar's Discount Spells will beat any Mages Guild price for spells. Why pay more for the
same spell?
[66.9.2] Mystic Emporium
Mystic Emporium is the only enchanter's shop in
all of Cyrodiil. We import the rarest items
from Black Marsh, Skyrim, and Morrowind. Come see what we have in stock today.
[66.9.3] Rindir's Staffs
Staffs are not for everyone. Only the most tale
what it takes, come see us at Rindir's Staffs
. We can sell you the right staff for the right
[66.9.4] A Warlock's Luck
Wizard's beware! If you are using supplies from
some place other than A Warlock's Luck,
you may be taking your life in your hands. Don't compromise your spellcraft. We won't.
[66.10.1] Bay Roan Stables
se, horses. Don't be content to walk. Ride
with style on a Bay horse from Bay Roan Stables.
[66.10.2] Grateful Pass Stables
me to the Grateful Pass Stables and pick
horses for food under any circumstances.
[66.10.3] North Country Stables
purveyor of Chestnut horses. Why ride a paint
horse or bay horse when you can ride a Chestnut from North Country Stables?
[66.10.4] Wildeye Stables

[67] H
EAVY ARMOR REPAIR [68] Heavy Armor Repair Heavy Armor Repair
Heavy armor must be designed to take a lot of
punishment. It will receive direct blows from
. Such armor tends to be made from a few
large pieces rather than lots of small pieces like light armor.
Iron and steel are easy to work. Just heat them up and pound them back into shape. You can
even use a camp fire for field repairs. Avoid
filing off any of the metal. Always try to

[69] H
There are few professions that require the practitione
r to be more self-reliant than that of thief.
and is trusted by few. He cannot go to a master
and become an apprentice. He has no guild to co
his crimes alone, and in the dark of night.
He must hide by day to avoid capture by the
ISTORY OF LOCK PICKING [71] History of Lock Picking
The modern lock has a fascinating history in
Cyrodiil. The need to restrict access to one's
home has been a problem since homes were first built. The very first security system was a
simple bar across the door. This has the obvious
shortcoming of only being functional when
the owner is at home.
nious armbreaker of Castle Anvil. The count of
door. A hole in the door just above them allowed
him to reach in and manipulate any of these ba
unlocked the door. The other four released the clasp on a hammer that fell down on the
person's arm. Only by knowing which sliding bar
punished traps. Then the famous dwarf Mzunche
nd invented the pin lock. The first example
four times, each turn depending on a different
pin being in position. Obviously a pin could be used more than once.
It was 65 years before anyone devised a method
without damaging the lock. It wasn't that th
e problem was so difficult. It was that nobody
s locks. An enterprising blacksmith named
Orenthal decided to mass-produce a common form
subvert the locks. It wasn't long before
became quite wealthly inventing more and
more sophisticated locks.
Today's locks are sophisticated mechanisms with
ISTORY OF LOCK PICKING A novice thief breaks many picks while learning his
trade. Only with time and practice will he
History of the{1} Fighters Guild{, First Edition}2 In the 283rd year of the 2nd Era, Potentate Versidue-Shaie was faced with a disintegrating empire. The vassal kingdoms throughout Tamriel
openly challenging his rule. They refused his taxes and led sorties against the Imperial
Imperial Council in what would be called the
Council of Bardmont, after the town south of
of Tamriel begun over five hundred years earlier.
When Akavir attacked Tamriel in the
2703rd year of the 1st era, they had been beaten back by the Reman Dynasty. Now they had a
Potentate on the throne, and with Dinieras-Ves's
machinations, the local armies would also be
Akaviri. What they had failed to do by comb
at, they would have successfully accomplished
by patience. A traditional strategem, many schol
ars suggest, of the immortal snake men, the
Tsaesci of Akavir, who always had time on their side.
The point, however, is largely academic. Though th
e Syffim did establish themselves in some
kingdoms neighboring Cyrodiil, it became quickly a
Part of the problem was simply that there we
to be done. Another part was that the snake men did not understand the geography and
politics of the regions they were assigned.
It was evident that some non-Akaviri were need
ed in the Syffim, and by the mid point of the
year, three Nords, a warrior-sorceress, a rogue, and a knight were admitted into the order.
The knight, whose name has been lost in the sa
nds of time, was also a great armorer, and
probably did more to strengthen the organizati
on than anyone but Dinieras-Ves himself. As
Shortly after Versidae-Shaie's death, only three y
ears after the Guild Act, his heir Savirien-
Chovak, allowed the reforming of local armies. The Fighters Guild was no longer the
principal arm of the local aristocracy, but th
sought their own fortunes in the past, many
was the ancestor in spirit of the modern
phenomenon of the Adventurer, those men and
women who dedicate their lives to questing
for fame and fortune.
ers Guild -- not only its members, and the people
offering strong arms for a fee within the
boundaries of the law. Without them, there w
ould be no guilds of any kind, and it may be
argued, no model for even the independent Adventurer.
Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed.
Fighters Guild History, 1st Ed.
Not in
History of the Fighters Guild

[73] T
See vol. I.

[74] H
[75.1] Battlehorn Castle [75.1.1] Bedroom
delivered promptly to Battlehorn Castle. I
hope you find them comfortable!
Nilphas Omellian
I know you will be pleased with the antique forge that I am having shipped to Battlehorn
cost. Not many can boast of owning a working
Dwemer forge!
Nilphas Omellian
Nilphas Omellian
[75.2.1] Dining Area
will be promptly delivered to your home in
[75.2.2] Kitchen Area
This entitles the bearer to one fireplace area that will be promptly delivered to your home in
1 Small Table
This entitles the bearer to various racks that will be promptly delivered to your home in
[75.2.4] Reading Area
will be promptly delivered to your home in
This entitles the bearer to one storage area that will be promptly delivered to your home in
[75.2.6] Wall Hangings
that will be promptly delivered to your home
[75.3.1] Bedroom Area
This entitles the bearer to one bedroom area on th
e lower level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Bruma. Said area contains:
2 Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces
Shop Novaroma where if we don't have it, it's not worth having!
Novaroma of Bruma
[75.3.2] Dining Area
upper level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Bruma. Said area contains:
Shop Novaroma where if we don't have it, it's not worth having!
Novaroma of Bruma
[75.3.4] Lower Storage Area
promptly delivered to your home in Bruma. Said area contains:
This entitles the bearer to one study area on the lower level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Bruma. Said area contains:
Shop Novaroma where if we don't have it, it's not worth having!
Novaroma of Bruma
[75.3.9] Upper Sitting Area
This entitles the bearer to one sitting area on the upper level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Bruma. Said area contains:
Shop Novaroma where if we don't have it, it's not worth having!
Novaroma of Bruma
This entitles the bearer to one storage area on the upper level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Bruma. Said area contains:
Shop Novaroma where if we don't have it, it's not worth having!
Novaroma of Bruma
[75.3.11] Upper Wall Hangings
ngs on the upper level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Bruma. This includes:
Shop Novaroma where if we don't have it, it's not worth having!
Novaroma of Bruma
[75.4.1] Bedroom Area
This entitles the bearer to one bedroom area on th
e upper level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Cheydinhal. Said area contains:
Borba's motto: "Nobody outsells me... nobody!"
Borba's Goods and Stores
[75.4.2] Dining Area
wer level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Cheydinhal. Said area contains:
Borba's motto: "Nobody outsells me... nobody!"
Borba's Goods and Stores
[75.4.4] Kitchen Area
e upper level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Cheydinhal. Said area contains:
Borba's motto: "Nobody outsells me... nobody!"
Borba's Goods and Stores
[75.4.5] Lower Wall Hangings
on the lower level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Cheydinhal. This includes:
Borba's motto: "Nobody outsells me... nobody!"
Borba's Goods and Stores
[75.4.6] Sitting Area
wer level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Cheydinhal. Said area contains:
2 Small Tables
Borba's motto: "Nobody outsells me... nobody!"
Borba's Goods and Stores
This entitles the bearer to one storage area on the upper level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Cheydinhal. Said area contains:
2 Wood Crates
Borba's motto: "Nobody outsells me... nobody!"
Borba's Goods and Stores
This entitles the bearer to one study area on the lower level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Cheydinhal. Said area contains:
[75.4.9] Upper Hall Area
will be promptly delivered to your home in
2 Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces
[75.5.1] Bedroom Area
This entitles the bearer to one bedroom area
on the middle level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Chorrol. Said area contains:
[75.5.6] Middle Wall Hangings
on the middle level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Chorrol. This includes:
1 Wall-Mounted Lantern
"A Stone's Throw from the Great Oak!"
"A Stone's Throw from the Great Oak!"
[75.5.11] Upper Wall Hangings
ngs on the upper level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Chorrol. This includes:
"A Stone's Throw from the Great Oak!"
[75.6] Deepscorn Hollow
[75.6.1] Bedroom Area
[75.6.2] Cattle Cell
llow as requested. Through my sources I have
[75.7.1] Alchemy Lab
As requested, the Alchemy Lab will be delivered
promptly to Frostcrag Spire and installed.
I'm glad to see Frostcrag Spire once again has a worthy owner.
Warmest Regards!
[75.8.1] Dining Area
will be promptly delivered to your home in the
Imperial City. Said area contains:
This entitles the bearer to one storage area that will be promptly delivered to your home in the
Imperial City. Said area contains:
We hope you'll enjoy your home's new look!
Three Brothers Trade Goods, Imperial City
[75.8.5] Wall Hangings
that will be promptly delivered to your home
[75.9] Leyawiin
[75.9.1] Bedroom Area
This entitles the bearer to one bedroom area that
will be promptly delivered to your home in
[75.9.4] Reading Area
will be promptly delivered to your home in
1 Small Table
Come back and see us and again for the best goods and guarantees!
This entitles the bearer to one storage area that will be promptly delivered to your home in
Come back and see us and again for the best goods and guarantees!
[75.9.7] Wall Hangings
will be promptly delivered to your home in
Come back and see us and again for the best goods and guarantees!
[75.10.1] Balcony Area
This entitles the bearer to one balcony area overlooking the lower level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
1 Small Table
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
[75.10.2] Balcony Upgrade
will be promptly delivered to your home in Skingrad. This includes:
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
[75.10.3] Bedroom Area
This entitles the bearer to one bedroom area on th
e upper level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
This entitles the bearer to one den area on the lower level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
Assorted Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
[75.10.5] Dining Area
wer level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
[75.10.6] Display Case Upgrade
promptly delivered to your home in Skingrad. This includes:
4 Small Display Cases
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
[75.10.7] Kitchen Area
e lower level that will be promptly delivered
to your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
This entitles the bearer to servants quarters on the basement level that will be promptly
delivered to your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
[75.10.10] Sitting Area
wer level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
2 Wine Racks
[75.10.14] Upper Sitting Area
This entitles the bearer to one sitting area on the upper level that will be promptly delivered to
your home in Skingrad. Said area contains:
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!
[75.10.15] Upper Wall Hangings
that will be promptly delivered to your home
We use only the finest wood and craftsmanship in all our products.
Please, come back soon!

[77] A H

[78] I
The Imbel family traces lineage strictly through
the male line of heirs, as any right-thinking
nobility would. Therefore this family genealogy
does not record the inconsequential female
Artan Imbel 1000 - 1057, Son of Rosten Imbel
Immortal Blood
By Anonymous
The moons and stars were hidden from sight, ma
Are you on an assignment for them?"
Once again, he bade me farewell, promising to

[82] T
OURNALS: AGNAR'S JOURNAL [84] Journals [84.1] Agnar's Journal Entry 1: When I took on the role of Chieftain of Thir
Song as my advisor, and then my bride, I never imagined how quickly my life would change.
I went to the isle of Solstheim for some mu
ch needed rest, and found it in the mead-soaked
OURNALS: AGNAR'S JOURNAL Entry 4: we have made camp at Dive Rock, reportedly th
Cyrodiil. From here we can see for miles! So we'll keep watch, night and day. We're close, so
Svenja has grown tired of my constant writing, but
s staring at me angrily, impatiently, right now
as I write, but this entry is too important
-- finally, on this third day of watching, we've
troll-like beast that seems to waver and shimmer
in the cold -- like the feral form of winter
itself! We're off now to trudge down the mount
Failure and horror! We engaged the monster with
all the force we could muster, but it was a
travesty beyond comprehension. Svenja... My b
instantly, consumed by the beast nearly whole!
And though it shames me now to write these
words, I could think of nothing more at the time
Day Three It is with a heavy heart and a trembling hand that
from our garrison at Grey Ridge. The road is
lonely and treacherous. I am rationing my supplie
as Reman Cyrodiil's army hasn't located our h
fairly uneventful. I admit, I am nervous. It is an
our fort, but sending me alone is
a calculated risk. While it is not my own life I am worried
about, it is the importance of the contents of
the orders that aggrieves me. If they are
somehow lost, the fort will not know that thei
r supplies are going to be delayed by a month.
Without that knowledge, the fort may choose to press the attacks on the front line as their
supplies dwindle. They are counting on those supplies to be there sooner. I must not fail
This is the last entry I shall be able to write. We entered the Serpent's Trail nearly a day ago,
seeking shelter from the elements and the wolv
es. What we did not foresee was the creatures
that had decided to make the Serpent's Trail their home. I did not see them clearly, but they
of them cleaved off his head with a single
stroke. There were three of these huge, ugly ma
I fled, one of them hurled a boulder at me
and struck me square in the back. I managed to crawl through a smaller opening and escape
the lumbering monsters, but I soon realized that
the boulder shattered my spine. I can no longer f
eel my legs. My wound from the wolf attack
has reopened and I have lost much blood. I fear that
OURNALS: ALYSSA'S JOURNAL [84.3] Alyssa's Journal† Alyssa's Journal
Traelius surprised me when he brought me to this
a much-needed vacation from the city.
I have found the cool water from the stream n
waterfall is a great area to clear my thoughts; I shall bathe there frequently.
'home' is beginning to annoy me. How do I tell
him that it is not my wish to spend the rest of my days here?
Traelius informed me that he plans on making
this dwelling our permanent home. I will try
and convince him otherwise; I do not see us living here for the rest of our lives!
I scream your name, I beg of you to come for me, but I do not see you.
Why do you leave me here, alone and injured?
I am at your mercy.
terfall with no response from Traelius, I have
given up hope. With my fractured leg, I cannot
I've planted the seeds of the Drinkers. Soon I shall know if my theories hold true.
The first shoots have appeared. I must make sure
Small Drinker fronds are clearly visible. This
is a critical time in their development. I'm
almost out of rat blood. I'll have to catch some more of the filthy beggars.
em waving as if in a breeze, although the air
in my cellar is still as death.
I'm having a hard time catching any more cats. I may have to start using dogs. The damn
It is one of the most difficult decisions of my
life. I have destroyed my notes for how to
OURNALS: ANCOTAR'S JOURNAL [84.5] Ancotar's Journal 12th of Rains Hand: Today I begin my great pr
ead, but if I succeed, my place among the great
mages of history will be assured.
oduce Empedocles's results with maggots. I'm
3rd Second Seed, Tirdas: Empedocles was right!
The mistranslation of "sunlit" to "scorching
heat" explains my earlier problems. From now on I will work only in the original daedric,
Fredas (mid Second Seed?): Local peasants came by to complain about the noise. I promised
them that all that was behind me. A pleasant if dull-witted crew.
Morndas (I think): The experiment today went
† Arbiter's Log
Neophyte overheard questioning mandates of our Lord Sheogorath, ten days in the pit.
Proselytizer admitted guilt of thieving bread from pantry. No punishment given.
OURNALS: A BLOODY JOURNAL [84.7] A Bloody Journal [Many of the pages of this journal have been shredded or are too covered in blood to be legible.] Sundas It has been two weeks since Vitellus' death, and I fear that Mother will never truly accept the
seen her go. She speaks to him there, apologi
zing for sending him on his last mission. I know
in my heart that he would have sought no othe
OURNALS: A BLOODY JOURNAL opportunity to see some action. I doubt, however,
as the order came directly from Oreyn. It is good
to see that he still has faith in my skills, and
my ability to keep that new boot alive.
Again, nothing. It seems my only hope is that
Oreyn will find another contract for me, though
contracts are harder and harder to come by
Company in Cyrodiil. Eduard and I spoke of
them over breakfast this morning. He believes
them to be nothing more than a rogue mercenary band. I fear he is as naïve as he is beautiful.
The Blackwood Company bears watching.
I've been given another contract, clearing out
some trolls that have been troubling miners.
OURNALS: CAP'N DUGAL'S JOURNAL [84.9] Cap'n Dugal's Journal [84.9.1] Cap'n Dugal's Journal I
I’m findin' it unlikely that anyone will be findin' th
finest band o' buccaneers and pirates e'er to sail Tamriel.
I ain't a man with much use for words -- I ain'
t never been to no academys, and I ain’t never
wrote no books. Words ain't never earned me no gol
d, so theys worthless to me - that's why
ye have quartermasters and first mates. But
OURNALS: CAP'N DUGAL'S JOURNAL We cut his throat and tossed his worthless carca
ss to the depths for Herm'us Mora to feast on.
The rest of us put keel to this mudhole and broke for the nearest cove to lay low for a while.
Now, the thing that I learned about war is that it's profit'ble for just about everyone except for
' fight it. While the Navy were busy puttin’ down
the rev'lution, they were too busy to worry a
bout a bunch o' pirates runnin' up and down the
OURNALS: CAP'N DUGAL'S JOURNAL the war, that fat pompuss bastard decided to co
me down here to Anvil and take up port in my
town, lookin' to break up the Red Sabre. The
Emporer gave him whatev'r he asked for to
campaign again' us, despite the coffers bein' empty from the war in High Rock.
OURNALS: CAP'N DUGAL'S JOURNAL [84.9.4] Cap'n Dugal's Journal IV
I seen my own blood more times than I cold ev
er count, but seein' the ragged mess that just
come up out of me lungs just now is the only tim
e I ev'r been afraid of
OURNALS: DAR-MA'S DIARY [84.10] Dar-Ma's Diary [This is apparently the diary of a young Argonian named Dar-Ma. Most of the book deals
I knew a man who was a great thief. He dared
steal from Nocturnal herself! How odd that I
cannot seem to recall his name. I think we were friends, but I'm not certain. In three days I
will venture into Taren's crypt. Graverobbing alone
partner. Didn't I once know a great thief?
I begin this second entry in the second volume of
my diary on a momentous day. Actually it is
night, the night when my second life begins. It
will be forever night for me. I have become
one of the children of the night, a son to mother
wolf and brother to the bat. I am nosferatu, a
This room appears to have been built around the original site of the Nefarivigum, but there is
no sign of Mehrunes' Razor! There is some sort
of statue of a man here, and some scattered
inscriptions in the stonework. Perhaps they can give me some clues.

[84.13] J
[84.13] Drothan's Journal

12 Morning Star
As I pen this, I gaze upon the walls of my hom
e and remember the very day its design came
to fruition. Although it seems like yesterday,
it was actually many years ago. I was an
The eighth day has passed, and still there's no sign
of the artifact. We've covered most of the
remainder of the outer guard tower, and scour
ed the crumbled gatehouse ruins, but not one
clue has arisen as to where it may have been buried.
Now came the true test of Bradon's informa
pulling the spider legs in a certain combin
ation, it would unlatch. The wrong combination
llapse of the hallway or some other equally
deadly trap. With a shaky hand, I pulled the legs
one by one in the order I had memorized: the
I closed my eyes, as there were a few l
oud clicks and then the door popped open. We all
ng open the door, I looked in at a huge room with a pedestal at
the center. Sitting on the pedestal illuminated by
a shaft of sunlight from a tiny hole in the
The floor was covered in a huge mosaic of a sty
lized spider, all eight of its legs coming to a
to protect their treasure. Again, if it hadn't b
een for Bradon's skill at acquiring information, we
may never had known how to solve this last line of defense.
I instructed Bradon and Raynil to remain at the entrance and to tie a rope around my waist in
lk on the darkened tiles that formed the third
leg of the spider. Sweat beaded on my forehead, as the pathway made by the tiny pieces of
ceramic was very narrow at the start, and one slip could again mean instant death.
But death never arrived. The information had been correct, and I was able to make it to the
ble, we made our way back and out into the
[84.16] Greywyn's Journal
Turdas 18 Rain's Hand 3E 421
Sithis speaks to me. He does not use words but
from his lips and tell me what I must do. The Dark Brotherhood must be purged of its clean-
blooded vermin and a new order must take the reins. The time is nigh for the vampire to claim
his rightful place as the true Hands of Sithis. I have secured the help of many of my kin, and
ough the ranks and make the group our own. Soon,
Sithis will give the sign, the time will be right, and the Crimson Scars will strike!
Loredas 27 Rain's Hand 3E 421
Tirdas 30 Sun's Height 3E 421
will bathe in these tonight and free myself from
my old ways! Hail Sithis! Dark ruler, soon I
OURNALS: GROMMOK'S JOURNAL [84.17] Grommok's Journal† Grommok's Journal
3 Rain's Hand 3E431
We were finally able to convince that idiot
rogue Lewin that it was time to give up that
strongbox of money he stole from Lelles' Quality

[84.17] J
OURNALS: JOURNAL OF CLAUDIUS ARCADIA [84.18] Journal of Claudius Arcadia Entry 1: I've made up my mind. I don't care what
it takes, I'll have my revenge! I've heard the
they'll come to you if you perform some kind
of ritual to their Night Mother. I don't know who
or what the Night Mother is, and I don't give
a damn! If I can do it, I will. I'll give the Da
they do what I can't...
Entry 2: I've learned how to perform the ritu
al and have procured the necessary items. The
OURNALS: JOURNAL OF THE LORD LOVIDICUS [84.19] Journal of the Lord Lovidicus Entry 1. Beauty! Pure and sublime. That is th
e only way to accurately describe my love, the
maiden gro-Malog. True, the Orcs of Tamriel
Empire, and rarely would they be considered a pleasure to look upon. So, is my maiden
e the rest of her kin in physical appearance? Nay. In fact, she
her race, green skin, muscular frame and all. But beautiful she
is, all the same. For who am I to judge? Who
am I to criticize when so many would condemn
my very existence? I can only hope my love
is as understanding when she learns of my
uncertainty. Still, if she is to spend her remaining mortal days with me, she has the right to
! My beloved Luktuv is carrying my child! The
midwives predict a boy, and we have already
OURNALS: JOURNAL OF THE LORD LOVIDICUS Entry 8: Two weeks. Two weeks have passed since Luktuv locked me in my quarters. Try as I
might, I cannot free myself. I cannot breach the
doors! If I don't feed soon, I feel I will go
OURNALS: LOG OF THE EMMA MAY [84.20] Log of the Emma May ...after taking aboard a few more crates in
towards the Imperial City. We pleaded with him
to wait until the next morn, but he insisted on
OURNALS: LORD JAREN'S JOURNAL [84.21] Lord Jaren's Journal I hope I have done well. I don't know. Perhaps I
they have then? I will have to tell Kelvyn, one
day, when it is time for him to assume the
lordship of the Castle. He, at least, may forgive me, as I am his father.
OURNALS: LORD JAREN'S JOURNAL Once they were inside, I shut them in, with Garridan's help. May Tu'whacca have mercy on
Lord Kain's soul... As for Arielle Jurard, I wi
I've had workmen cover up the doorway. Only a fe
passage behind the training room -- luckily Kelvyn was not among them. I'll have to come up
with some story to satisfy those who ask about th
e grotto -- or tell them the truth and face the

[84.22] J
[84.22] Messenger's Diary

[84.22] J

[84.23] J
[84.23] The Path of Transcendence

OURNALS: THE PATH OF TRANSCENDENCE even I could have imagined, and I will never tr
anscribe them into any written work. Indeed,
rough direct communication with out great
Sovereign himself. Soon I will walk the earth as
a Worm Eremite, serving the Sovereign in a
Entry 5: Through the sacrifice of many innocents,
the resurrection of many servants to aid me
in my tasks, and the tireless performance of
[84.24.1] Experiment Log - Day 12
Experiment Log - Day 12
Project Limb Removal
Day 12 Observations and Summary Conclusions
Removing an arm from the young wood elf female ma
despite being clearly outmatched. In previous
battles, she fought much less bravely and to
lesser effect. She lasted a full minute against my
most angry of hounds before her throat was
was ripped apart and resurrected, I simply could not
bring myself to the requisite attentiveness
serious study demands.
on, my faculties seemed possessed of a peculiar
Subject 1 has the current concoction, and Subject 2 has the new mixture.
Subject 1 lasted approximately one minute be
fore expiring, having done average amount of
injury to Subject 2. Subject 2 seemed not to notice most of the injuries it received.
After a drawn out combat, Subj
2 fought to the bitter end with the same energy it started with.
Subject 1 lasted less that a minute. Subject 2 took little injury.
Lasted just over a minute, both hounds sufferi
ng grievous injury, and somewhat bothered by
Lasted over two minutes, both hounds suffering gr
ievous injury. Neither seemed very winded
Lasted under 1 minute, both suffering grievous injury. Neither seemed very bothered by their
It seems my original theory was correct. In fu
zombie blood before adding it to the mixture, to
gain some insight into the actual potency of
While generally an even match, these two Sh
ambles versus a single Hunger, previous
experiments have indicated that the presence
of a warm body causes the Hunger to increase its
ferocity. This territorial hunting imperative is co
† Scented Parchment
Their screams and battle cries are incessant by now, and the din of steel and training bags is
overwhelming. They've been bringing more and more
of us in here over the few weeks of my
captivity, and the lust for each other's blood is reaching a fearful pitch.
What am I going to do? I've never raised a sword or axe in my life.
Just after I was captured, a well-mannered abduc
tor came and asked if there was anything I
wanted. I asked for some food and was brought
know that I should have asked for a weapon?
Since then, they've only brought wine, cheese,
and silken clothes too tight for my body.
They'll kill me - not first, though. No, they'll wa
nt to eliminate the more immediate threats,
and then come to me. Tear me apart, screaming.
What's worse is that I think we might have
speak to us; indeed they seem af
raid of us. We're fed well, and they seem more easily able to
on-shod armor the others have put in such high
I hope they don't pit us one against one. Surely
I'd be tortured before the mercy of a killing
blow. Craven heathens. Save me, Sheogorath.
OURNALS: SCRAP FROM LORGREN'S DIARY [84.26] Scrap from Lorgren's Diary 2 Sun's Dawn 3E335
The people of Anvil are worms! How dare they
criticize what they don't understand! I shall
have my vengeance in a form they cannot possi
bly imagine. I shall use the souls of the
departed to prolong my own life. The Tome is
very specific. I must have more bodies... yes...
more bodies.
11 Sun's Dawn 3E335
I must protect myself from those meddlers. Th
ey shall not interfere in my designs. I have
constructed a room in the basement of this manor
. It is there I will inter my corporeal self and
a true-blooded Benirus may open the portal, so if
I fail, however unlikely that may be, a descendant may attempt to follow in my footsteps to
This journal is a record of failure. My failure. In the immediate sense, this is no doubt obvi
standing over my body, slain in th
granted me the gift of at least glimpsing
the holy Helm before I died, undeserving though I
am. I must believe that you are indeed a holy kni
ght, following in my footsteps in quest of the
Crusader's Relics. It is to you, Sir Knight of my hopes, that I direct these words. May the
account of my failures help you avoid my fate.
Know that my failures encompass far more than
my own death (which is of little account, at
than men, of dedication to a higher purpose -- these are my failures, as I shall record here.
As I write this, the scratching of my pen the onl
y sound in the empty Priory, I am preparing to
embark on my last quest for the Helm of the
Crusader. I know that my chance of success is
small. I am too old for such a task. This
there is no next generation. Sir Berich is my
embittered enemy, the rest of my old companions are all dead. There is only me, the last
For many years I blamed Sir Berich for the dissolu
tion of the Order, but in my old age I have
finally come to recognize my own part in those
Now it is time for me to depart on my quest
for the Helm. If you would follow in my
footsteps, Sir Knight, know that the Priory basement, at least, will remain inviolate. I have
sealed the stairs and only my ring will now open
company with the Cuirass, the only Relic that
remains in the Order's keeping. I say that,
the West Weald. Use my ring to enter the vau
find the Cuirass, and claim it for your own if you are a true knight.
Sir Amiel
The West Weald
Year 153 of the Septim Era
OURNALS: SLYTHE'S JOURNAL [84.28] Slythe's Journal [84.28.1] Slythe's Journal I
As midnight approaches, I still watch the fires
burn. The great city of man, Kvatch, lay in
ruins. They didn't heed my words. They didn't
listen to my voice. Now, they are all paying the
t and hard. He swats those who oppose Him as
of man fall upon deaf ears. The Sunken One has no
pity; He has no mercy, He only sits below
and passes sentence. And now, with a mighty
stroke, He's toppled one of man's pitiful b
Dear Diary Today I go to see my cousin! Mother said it
was a blest day, which I think means she's going
to miss me. I'll miss her, too, but Im real excite
d to see cousin Drothan again! I promise write
† Traelius' Journal
moving out of here. I will hear nothing of it.
She does not understand the importance of this
place to me. The city is too busy and too noisy for me to think clearly. Only here can I
practice my studies in peace and not have to deal
Alyssa is beginning to spend more and more tim
matter, for I know she is true to me. Maybe
I will follow her tomorrow. No. I cannot. I cannot
now and then coming from the waterfall, but
I know they are only echoes of memory. I must
It's all right, mother. It's almost over. I'm clos
e. So very close. How long have we struggled?
How long have we waited? Too long, I know. But it's almost over. I promise.
mommy mommy as you lie the dark man comes
and makes you die my daddy's hands are red
Long have I sought to purge the evils haunting Erandur. Even when his necromantic studies
resulted in our mutual expulsion from the Guild
of Mages, I persisted in guiding him towards
good with a gentle hand. Alas, in our exile, my old friend has mired himself in the foul
had become a miserly disciple of the Worm
Frail memory strengthened by dogmatic resolve,
the Archmages turned me away when I came
to them with my discovery. My pleas for a
ING [85] King King By Reven Gentle reader, you will not understand a word of what follows unless you have read and commited to memory the first three volumes in th
is series, 'Beggar,' 'Thief,' and 'Warrior,'
ourage you to seek them out at your favorite
We last left Eslaf Erol fl
eeing for his life, which was a common enough occurance for him.
ly large gem, from a rich man in Jallenheim
named Suoibud. The thief fled north, spending the
urb the gentleman or lady reading this, so I
ING The young woman led him to a large table in the b
looked at him with polite disinterest, as if
'My name is Laicifitra,' she said, and Eslaf
blinked. That was the name Suoibud had uttered
before Eslaf had made his escape. 'And these are my lieutenants. I am the commander of a
very large independent army of noble knights.
The very best in Skyrim. Most recently we
Aalto to force its owner, a man named Laernu, to
sell to our employer, a man named Suoibud. Our pa
yment was to be a gem of surpassing size
and quality, quite famous and unmistakable.
'We did as we were asked, and when we went to
an amount of gold almost equal to the worth of
the prize jewel ... It did not empty out his
treasury entirely, but it meant he was unable to buy
ial blow, and Laernu's prize crop of Jazbay
has been temporarily destroyed for naught,' La
icifitra took a long, slow drink of her mead
before continuing. 'Now, I wonder, could you
tell me, how came you in the possession of the
gem we were promised?'
Instead, he took a piece of bread from the plate of
'I'm sorry,' he said, his mouth full. 'May I?
Of course, I couldn't stop you from taking the gem
even if I wanted to, and as a matter of fact, I
don't mind at all. It's also useless to deny how it
came into my possession. I stole it from your em
ployer. I certainly didn't mean you or your
noble knights any harm by it, but I can understand w
one such as yourself.'
'No,' replied Laicifitra, frowning, but her eyes showing amusement. 'Not suitable at all.'
'But before you kill me,' Eslaf said, grabbing a
nother piece of bread. 'Tell me, how suitable is
twice for one job? I have no honor myself, but
gem, your handsome profit is not entirely honorable.'
Laicifitra picked up the broom and looked at
Eslaf. Then she laughed, 'What is your name,
'Eslaf,' said the thief.
'We will take the gem, as it was promised to
us. But you are right. We
twice for the same job. So,' said the warri
or woman, putting down the broomstick. 'You are
our new employer. What would you have your own army do for you?'
few good uses for their own army, but Eslaf was not among
them. He searched his brain, and finally it was deci
ING all her brutality, Laicifitra was an simple wo
man, raised, he learned, by the very army she
commanded. Fighting and honor were the only things she knew.
When Eslaf left Kravenswold, he had an army at
his beck and call, but not a coin to his name.
He knew he would have to steal something soon.
ING he died years later, out of greed, he had refused to name someone an heir, so the kingdom
Eslaf used part of the gold to buy the vineyards of The Aalto, after hear
from Ynohp.
NIGHTFALL [86] Knightfall (Excerpt from "Knightfall," Tales of Heroism and Chivalry Edited by Kirellian Odrenius)
NIGHTFALL Suddenly, the ground trembled as though the mountains themselves were angered. The sky
changed from sunlit blue to dreary grey. Even
the ring of trees forming the glade seemed to
bend away slightly from the altar, as if fear
ing what was to come. Then, with no warning, one
My gaze froze and my heart fell as I looked
eemingly cut from the very same crystal as
the Ewer stepped forth and growled menacingl
y at my master. The air around it became very
cold, as if it was born from th
e glaciers of the northern mountains. This was a being of ice...
Garridan shouted at me to run as he drew his
gave a mighty swing at the ice creature. When
the forged steel struck home, it gave a
resounding ring and merely chipped the beast as a spike would when driven against the
hardest of rocks. Never showing fear, my
harmlessly deflected away. Then, a single and
mighty blow from the ice creature knocked my
arm again for the fatal blow, and brought it down
hard at Garridan's prone form.
I don't know why he did it. Perhaps it was instinct, perhaps a moment's lapse in judgment. But
my lord lifted the Everflow Ewer defensivel
from the creature connected with the vessel, creating an ear-splitting crash. There was the
hed, the liquid covered the ice creature and my
poor master. They seemed suspended in place as if frozen solid. At the time, I didn't know
how true my thoughts had become. As I watched in
horror, they were encased in a tomb of
pure ice. I could see Garridan's face as the i
ce overtook him, and I could swear he was crying.
HE KNIGHTS OF THE NINE [87] The Knights of the Nine The Knights of the Nine By Karoline of Solitude Few people now remember the Knights of the Ni
ne, but in their time, they were famous
throughout Cyrodiil -- indeed, throughout the Empire
the Septim Empire, their adventures were the
much else, was swallowed up by the War of th
e Red Diamond, and today even the location of
The Knights were founded by Sir Amiel Lannus in
War of the Isle, with the high purpose of rec
overing the legendary Crusader's Relics, the
weapons and armor of Pelinal Whitestrake which ha
were born out of the sense of optimism and ambiti
Third Era. Tamriel was united and at peace for
the first time in many centuries. Nothing was
The fame of the knights was established early on when Sir Amiel led them against the Wyrm
of the Nine in the West Weald of Cyrod
Sadly, this early promise of the Knights did not
survive the ravages of the War of the Red
Diamond, which tore apart the Empire beginning in
3E 121. At first, it seems that Sir Amiel
But the very success of the Knights undermined
this, as many of the Knights came from impor
tant families from across the Empire which
the Crusader into battle with him. Many other knights seem to have left the Order shortly after
this, some joining the war on one side or the other.
The end of the order was as ignomonious as its
e an important figure on the winning side. It
seems likely that he was behind the Imperial d
s little more than a formality -- despite Sir
Amiel's best efforts, the order had never recovered from the bitterness of the civil war.
What happened to the various Relics originally
recovered by the Knights of the Nine? The
h, but where he bestowed them is unknown. The
HE KNIGHTS OF THE NINE Cuirass is a mystery, lost to history along with
the eventual fate of Sir Amiel, who was last
reported still living alone in the empty Priory
HE LAST KING OF THE AYLEIDS [89] The Last King of the Ayleids The Last King of the Ayleids by Herminia Cinna
recorded dates, in fact, is the Fall of White
Gold Tower in 1E 243, which is commonly assumed to mark the end of the Ayleids.
the most obvious stages near the end of a long d
HE LAST KING OF THE AYLEIDS Dirennis decisively defeated the Alessians in 482. How this king's people survived the
preceding century is unknown. We do not even know
current state of the Empire, funds are no longer av
e questions will have to be left to future
HE LAST SCABBARD OF AKRASH [90] The Last Scabbard of Akrash*
The Legend of the Krately House By Baloth-Kul DRAMATIS PERSONAE THEOPHON - Imperial man, 24, thief
NIRIM - Bosmer man, 20, thief
SILANUS KRATELY - Imperial man, 51, merchant
er NIRIM slide gracefully up from behind and
of light. She doesn't appear to see him as
When he is almost on her, there is a sudde
n CRASH from down below. This causes the
Bosmer to leap away, hiding again behind the table.
The girl does not seem to notice the sound, and
Nirim, peeking out from behind the table,
Found anything?
No. Probably just my imagination, but I'm just going to check downstairs.
Is there a fire? I'm cold...
Aelva looks towards the long dead fireplace, and so does Nirim.
Of course there is. Can't you hear it crackling?
I can't believe they're all ghosts. They seem so alive.
That's what spooks them superstitians. But they
ain't going to hurt us. Just reliving the past,
The night they was murdered.
As they talk, Aelva, downstairs, finally havi
ng searched the small room, acts as if she's
Didn't I already tell you the story?
gle where no one's at home, except for the
rents were Silenus and Dominitia, if I
remembers rightly.
Nirim successfully unlocks the chest and be
gins rummaging through it. While he does so,
didn't take too kindly to it. They found her and se
nt some kind of creature here, late at night.
I felt that! I felt the heat of the fire!
Come on down. It's all right.
Ministes leads his mother DOMINITIA down the stairs where they join Silenus.
I don't know why you so scared, Nirim. I must
say I'm disappointed. I didn't figger you for a
Where are you going?
One more floor to search.
Can't we just go?
Nirim watches as the family of three, followi
Aelva? Say something, Aelva.
There, you see? If you don't like ghosts, third floor
's the place to be. All four of 'em are
Theophon goes upstairs, off-stage, but Nirim sta
the family. The three look around the first floor
All... four?
Aelva? What are you doing down in the cellar, girl?
You see her?
All four, Theophon?
I think so... I see someone... Hello?
What if there's five ghosts, Theophon?!
Ministes, Dominitia, and Silenus SCREAM, but we cannot see what is happening to them.
Nirim is nearly hysterical, screaming along with them. Theophon runs downstairs from the
What is it?!
What if there is five ghosts?! The man, the wife, the girl, the boy... and what killed them?!
And what killed them?
And what if it's a ghost that can touch us too?! Just like the others!
From the darkened first floor, there is a
And then, there is a heavy, clawed footfall. One step at a time, coming towards the stairs.
More footsteps and a horrible, horrible HOWL. The men SCREAM.
The Legendary City of Sancre Tor by Matera Chapel During the Skyrim Conquests [1E 240 - 415], am
over the ramparts of the Jerall Mountains for
invasions. However, Alessia hired many ambitious
complex were defended by magical traps and

[93] T
See vol. I.

[94] A L

[95.1] L

[95.2] L
piqued my interest. I am most eager to acquire
more of these statues for my collection, and
will be happy to remunerate you handsomely for
I would be pleased to welcome you to my home in
the Imperial City, in order to discuss this

[95.3] L

[95.4] L

[95.5] L

[95.6] L
debt by next Friday, or I'll be forced to sell my wares elsewhere.

[95.7] L

[95.8] L

[95.9] L

[95.10] L

[95.11] L

[95.12] L

[95.13] L

[95.14] L
thinks he'll overthrow the Empire, Vaermina
take him! I figure we'll end up deserting soon,
just as soon as we've gotten as much pay as
madman into battle.
We've hardly crossed the border, but already
I can tell you: Cyrodiil is an awful place. We
have nothing but iron to work with. There's no
art to iron armor. I tried using the bones of
beasts killed in the local forest, but they are brittle and won't bear the force of the hammer.
Even with decent materials, this would be a
dull post. We must be a mile underground and a

[95.15] L

[95.16] L

[95.17] L

[95.18] L

[95.19] L

[95.20] L

[95.21] L

[95.22] L

[95.23] L
nearby roads.

[95.24] L

[95.25] L

[95.26] L

[95.27] L

[95.28] L

[95.29] L

[95.30] L
In truth, I am glad you have taken such
responsibility for this monument to our clan-fam
ily; I merely want to be sure that you are
bout you when making decisions as to the

[95.31] L
IGHT ARMOR REPAIR [96] Light Armor Repair Light Armor Repair
transliminal mechanic cultivate a working
enchantments may be substituted if the mechanic has sufficient invocatory skill. Traffic and
commerce with Daedra Lords is an esoteric but
compass of this treatise. [1]
Presuming a sigil stone has been acquired, the transliminal mechanic must first prepare the
morpholith to receive the daedric sigil.
To open a gate to Oblivion, the mechanic
must communicate directly, by spell or
enchantment, with the Daedra Lord who insc
Lord and the mechanic jointly invoke the conjura
tional charter [2], and the mechanic activates
the charged sigil stone, which is immediately
transported through the liminal barrier to the
[98.1] Amber Materials List† Amber Materials List
Amber Armor
I, Dumag gro-Bonk, Master Smith of New Sh
eoth, am honor and duty bound by oath to my
beloved mentor, to forge weapons and armor for
any hero who brings me Amber. I will create
magical versions of these weapons and armor if
I will be happy to provide the following improvements to Battlehorn Castle upon receipt of
payment for goods and services rendered.
ISTS: CANDIDATE LISTS [98.3] Candidate Lists [98.3.1] Forged List of Candidates
Hieronymus Lex, eminently qualified - my personal recommendation
Carmalo Truiand, smart but inexperienced - a good second choice
Audens Avidius, questionable morals - not recommended
[98.3.2] List of Candidates
Itius Hayn, loyal but not too bright - my personal recommendation
Carmalo Truiand, smart but inexperienced - a good second choice
Hieronymus Lex, overly fanatical - not recommended
Audens Avidius, questionable morals - not recommended
[98.3.3] Sealed Forged Candidate List
Hieronymus Lex, eminently qualified - my personal recommendation
Carmalo Truiand, smart but inexperienced - a good second choice
Audens Avidius, questionable morals - not recommended
ISTS: DRACONIS GIFT LIST [98.4] Draconis Gift List Dear courier, I would like to thank you again for agreeing to assist me. I was so delighted when a friend
recommended you, and will certainly employ your services again in the future if everything
imagine how difficult it is for an old woman

[98.4] L
Perennia Draconis
ISTS: LISTS OF DEATH 1-4 [98.5] Lists of Death [98.5.1] List of Death
Toutius Sextius MUST be killed! There is no choice, he is definitely conspiring against me.
Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you
[98.5.2] List of Death
Davide Surilie MUST be killed! There is no choice, he is definitely conspiring against me.
Come back and see me (make sure you are NOT followed) once it is done and I will give you
[98.5.3] List of Death
ISTS: LISTS OF DEATH 5-7 [98.5.5] List of Death
These people MUST be killed! There is no choice, they are definitely conspiring against me.
ISTS: MACABRE MANIFEST [98.6] Macabre Manifest Recently Deceased Ferdelus Wagariun - Imperial City
ISTS: MACABRE MANIFEST Oford Gabings - Anvil Travel Cloak with Silver and Green Leaf Fastener Enchanted Shortsword with Inlaid Writing
Gold Ring with Inscription (Cursed?)
Sellina Rotona - Imperial City
Madness Armor
I, Cutter, Master Smith of New Sheoth, by tradition and sacred pledge to my deceased
mentor, must forge weapons and armor for any hero who brings me Madness Ore. I will
create magical versions of these weapons and ar
mor if the hero provides the needed Ore and
the appropriate matrix, which my mentor
mystical essences, the blood of the Shivering Isles.
The amount of Madness Ore required to make items is listed below:
4 pieces ---- Claymore
2 pieces ---- War Axe
ISTS: MIRILI'S LIST [98.8] Mirili's List† Mirili's List
I, Mirili Ulven of Highcross, will pay for samp
les of the following items, the sum of 10 coins
each. As I only need one sample of each, I shall not pay for duplicates.
Aster Bloom Core
Digestive Slime
Flame Stalk
Grummite Eggs
Hydnum Azure Giant Spore
Screaming Maw
Shambles Marrow
Swamp Tentacle
Watcher's Eye
Withering Moon
Worm's Head Cap
ISTS: SHOPPING LISTS 1-5 [98.9] Shopping Lists [98.9.1] Shopping List A potion of Restore Willpower is made by h
eating Minotaur Horn and Primrose Leaves.
ISTS: SHOPPING LISTS 6-10 [98.9.6] Shopping List Side of beef Onions Corn Mead 3 loaves of bread [98.9.7] Shopping List Paper, quality vellum
Apples Onions Lard Cheese Milk [98.9.9] Shopping List New shirt Boots Broom
[98.9.10] Shopping List
New mugs
[98.10] Steward's Registry
ISTS: TAXIDERMY NEEDS LIST [98.11] Taxidermy Needs List I specialize in the finest reconstructions of creatures from across the face of Cyrodiil. I am
ready to create my marvels of taxidermy, but
require a small portion of each appropriate
ISTS: WATERFRONT TAX RECORDS [98.12] Waterfront Tax Records Adanrel, 3 coins Amusei, 1 coin
Armand Christophe, 4 coins
Astay Haymon, 2 coins
Damian Magius, 3 coins
I can make the following wines for you in about 24 hours, provided I have the necessary
Sacred Lotus Seed, Lady's Smock Leaves x2
Resist Frost, Fortify Health
Numbskin Mead:
Dragon's Tongue, Lady's Smock Leaves x2
Resist Fire, Fortify Health
Stumblefoot's Reserve:
Bergamot Seeds x2, Foxglove Nectar x2, White Seed Pod (from Goldenrod)
Resist Poison, Resist Disease, Water Breathing
HE LITURGY OF AFFLICTION [99] The Liturgy of Affliction† The Liturgy of Affliction: A Collection Of The Writings Of Vexis Velruan
Dearest reader, the tome that you hold in your hand
n, of torment, and of
discovery. In these memoirs, I shall impart
attempt to achieve a great power. Walk with me
HE LITURGY OF AFFLICTION moment when the energy and the pain would wash over me as one, freezing my flesh, burning
ITURGY OF THE DUELISTS [100] Liturgy of the Duelists† Liturgy of the Duelists
We purge ourselves in the duel.
Sheogorath will mend us.
We purge our friends in duel.
Sheogorath will mend them.
We purge our enemies in war.
Sheogorath will abandon them.
Speak not of the combatant
Speak only of the combat
HE LIVING WOODS [101] The Living Woods† The Living Woods
her. Away from the walls of New Sheoth, they
are called the Walking Trees. Gnarl are known for th
eir affinity with the elements. If a Gnarl
is struck by elemental forces of fire, frost, or
larger. Fortunately, this effect only lasts for a short time.
use and bewilder the unwary mage. To that end,
it gains resistance to the element it is struck
with, but becomes weaker
HE LOCKED ROOM [102] The Locked Room*

[103] L
In an earlier volume I discussed the vagaries a
nd influences of the Aedric prophesies, more
commonly known as the Elder Scrolls. Readers wanting to know the history behind the highly
inappropriate appellation 'Aedric' can refer to
chapters 23 through 27 of my previous work for
HE LUNAR LORKHAN [105] The Lunar Lorkhan*

[106] T

[107] M

AGIC FROM THE SKY [109] Magic from the Sky
Magic from the Sky
posed of four basic elements -- earth, water,
air, and light -- and of these four elements, th
ey believed the most sublime form of light was
AGIC FROM THE SKY Another rare enchanted item found in Ayleid ru
ins is called a Varla Stone [Aldmeris - "star
stone"]. Varla Stones are remarkably powerful, enabling untrained users to restore magical
energy to any number of enchanted items. Because
of their great value and utility, these items
are also extremely rare, but since they are small and easily concealed, diligent explorers may
still occasionally come across them in any Ayelid ruin.
Ayleid Wells. Welkynd Stones. Varla Stones.
Consider, then, these marvels of magical
enchantment. Are we then to conclude that the Ayleids were a superior race and culture? Did
they so exceed us in art and craft that they mock the feeble powers of Third Era Wizards?
and so they were struck down. Their works have passed from Nirn, save these rare and
and empty, save for the grim revenants and
restless spirits condemned forever to walk the halls, keeping their melancholy vigils over
MANIFESTO CYRODIIL VAMPYRUM [110] Manifesto Cyrodiil Vampyrum To you whom We have seen
None welcome you as kin;
Know first that we are no simple tribe of sava
ANIFESTO CYRODIIL VAMPYRUM lifestyle; dispel common belief in our ki
nd, and maintain supple appearance through
pursuits to the procurement of influence,
physical numbers, but in skillful manipulation
ANNIMARCO, KING OF WORMS [111] Mannimarco, King of Worms Mannimarco, King of Worms
O sacred isle Artaeum, where rosy light infuses air,
O'er towers and through flowers, gentle breezes flow,
Softly sloping green-kissed cliffs to crashing foam below,
This mystic, mist-protected home of the Psijic Order:
Ten score years and thirty since the mighty Remans fell,
Two brilliant students studied within the Psijics' fold.
One's heart was light and warm, the other dark and cold.
The madder latter, Mannimarco, whirled in a deathly dance,
His soul in bones and worms, the way of the necromance.
The former, Galerion had magic bold and bright as day.
He confronted Mannimarco beneath gray Ceporah Tower,
Saying, 'Your wicked mysticism is no way to wield your power,
Bringing horror to the spirit world, your studies must cease.'
Mannimarco scoffed, hating well the ways of life and peace,
ANNIMARCO, KING OF WORMS They brought to him these tools, mad wizards and witches,
ANNIMARCO, KING OF WORMS Among, alas, Vanus Galerion, he who showed the way,
It seemed once that Mannimarco had truly died that day.
Scattered seemed the Necromancers, wicked, ghastly fools,
Of him, living still in undeath, Mannimarco, King of Worms.
ANUALS: MANUAL OF ARMOR [112] Manuals [112.1] Manual of Armor MANUAL OF ARMOR This manual is commissioned by General Warhaft to serve as a guide and manual to armor for
all officers in the Imperial service.
On the battlefield, a soldier's armor should reflect
archers, and raiding skirmishers should wear li
ght armor. Mobility and speed is of paramount
importance to these troops. It is recommended that
a cuirass and greaves be worn at all times.
ANUALS: MANUAL OF ARMS [112.2] Manual of Arms MANUAL OF ARMS This manual is commissioned by General Warhaft to serve as a guide and manual to arms and
weapons for all Imperial officers in the field.
Obviously, a soldier's weaponry should reflect
his skills. Skill with a blade is recommended
for daggers, shortswords, longswords, and claymo
may seem to be very different weapons, but
the rhythm, drill, and physical strength used by
those with marksman skill should be outfitted
Most of these weapons are commonly used in co
mbination with a shield. The claymore, battle
axe and war hammer,however, require both hands
suited to heavily-armored knights, berserkers a
Arms have been made from many materials over
the ages, and each material varies in weight,
durability, and cost. These materials are here ra
nked in order of desirablility and cost, with
finally daedric. Some armorers correctly observe
MANUAL OF SPELLCRAFT An Introductory Text {[The book contains an inordinate number of sc
rawlings along the margins; the few that are
immediately readable suggest they are notes
for someone who needs frequent reminders on
The most powerful mages in Tamriel were
once beginners. They all had similar early
experiences: exposure to magic kindled an interest and/or unlocked some latent ability,
and vigorously trained their minds and bodies to
become the formidable figures they were
The Mages Guild of Tamriel has long been th
power for many individuals. Providing magical services to the general public, the Guild offers
From Jeanne Frasoric's copy (MG06ManualSpellcraft).
ANUALS: MANUAL OF XEDILIAN [112.4] Manual of Xedilian† Manual of Xedilian
On the subject of Xedilian's construction, Lo
In this room, a huge mound of treasure sits atop a
We drop several hundred keys to the ground that
are all exact duplicates. It's amusing to
watch Xedilianites scramble through the keys for the correct one. Some spend days. Amazing.
Demented Result
When the Xedilianite reaches the top of the zi
ggurat; we blast them with a highly concussive
flame spell. The blast always sends them fl
Chamber of Anathema

[113.2] M
[113.2] Pale Pass Map

APS: THE PILGRIM'S WAY [113.3] The Pilgrim's Way The Pilgrim's Way
e your life to the Gods, pray at the Wayshrines

[115] T
See vol. I.

[117] M

[117] M
I am, of course, nothing more than a chapelman
and scholar, so it did not lie within my power
nor am I certain that Azura would have found
me worthy to make such an offering, even had I
been able to make such an offering, and if
it had been accepted, Azura would have given me
[118] Mysterious Akavir*



[121] T
See vol. I.

[122] M
YTH OR MENACE? [123] Myth or Menace? Many investigators have attempted solve the ri
proofs that no viable Thieves Guild exists, the rumors persist. Whenever historians search for
hing is found. Witnesses know nothing. Safe
houses are empty. Fences turn out to be simple businessmen.
YTHS OF SHEOGORATH [124] Myths of Sheogorath† Myths of Sheogorath By Mymophonus
time when the world was still raw, Sheogorath decided to walk
amongst the mortals. He donned his guise of Ge
ntleman With a Cane, and moved from place
that life among mortals was even more boring than his otherworldly existence.
"What can I do to make their lives more intere
sting?" he said to himself. At that same
moment, a young woman nearby commented wistfully
ould not make the beautiful and inspired calls
YTHS OF SHEOGORATH Once again, King Lyandir decided to provide them
a strict example of how
be to use their time and resources for more pr
he thought was best for them. However, human na
ture is not so easily denied. In a few more
years the city was filled with plain, simple build
ings, and devoid of any sort of art. However,
the people now had even more money and time to devote to their parties and festivals.
With a heavy heart, King Lyandir decided that
to make them understand what was truly important in life. He decreed that there should be no
revelry in the city. Singing, dancing, and musi
limited to water and simple foodstuffs.
well trained and equipped army. They visited the shrines and temples in droves, praying to all
the gods, and even to some of the Daedric
dreams as a field of flowers, each with arms
YTHS OF SHEOGORATH The Contest of Wills
A mighty wizard named Ravate once walked the
Winds of Time to find Lord Sheogorath. His
intent was to win a favor from this most
Sheogorath, Ravate spoke humbly to him, "L
gladly drive a thousand men mad in your name
if you would but grant me the greater magical
ayful mood. He proposed a game, "I will grant
ring that time, I will do my utmost to drive
you mad. It shall be great fun."
driving a thousand men mad. "Lord Sheogorat
Brothers and Sisters of the Worm!
Despair not at the trials we now face, for our time comes swiftly.
The God of Worms watches over our Order, and
will deliver us from these troubled times on
the Day of Reckoning. Until then, perform His work
[127] N'G
[127] N'Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis!*
[127] N'G
IRNROOT MISSIVE [129] Nirnroot Missive1 This brings me to my next subject, the glowing root known as Nirnroot.
Although the oddly tenacious root grows almost
present, this root is extremely rare, and I belie
from its normal habitat?
The answer, my fellow alchemists, is nestled
within Chivius's own notes. Although he spends
a great deal of time with the Nirn
Written by the Skingrad alchemist Sinderion for an
Imperial Alchemy Symposium (in-game information).

[129] N
OTES: ALVAL UVANI'S SCHEDULE [130] Notes [130.1] Alval Uvani's Schedule As he travels around Cyrodiil, Alval Uvani can be found at the following locations, on the following days: Morndas/Tirdas -- Bravil -- The Lonely Suitor Lodge Middas/Turdas -- Skingrad -- The West Weald Inn
Fredas/Loredas -- Bruma -- Olav's Tap and Tack
Sundas -- Leyawiin -- Alval Uvani's House (rented property)
Keep in mind that there may be some variation
Forgemaster -
When next you can take leave, I wish to sp
about allowing me to assume more duties, but
you some of the atrocious things my counterpart has said in your absence.
OTES: BLOODSTAINED NOTE [130.3] Bloodstained Note I have watched you from afar and feel it is
time to make myself
known. I am Greywyn, the
last of the Crimson Scars. Once a powerful fo
Sithis and the masters of deception. I will be departing this
world soon, as the cold embrace of the Night Lord
calls to me. All I have I leave as a legacy
to you. My home, Deepscorn Hollow, will be your
new haven. Use the map on the reverse of
[130.4] Cindanwe's Notebook
Cindanwe's Notebook
The sun listens to my greenness. But where
did the moon frown? The sky is empty of
It always comes back to belonging, does it not?
That is why I must write in this book. Everyday.

[130.5] N
[130.5] Conjurer's Note

OTES: CONJURER'S NOTE [130.6] Conjurer's Note The prisoner remains uncooperative.
none will come to his aid. It has been made
clear to him that unless he reveals what he know
† Crematory Instructions
My thanks again for commissioning my work
on this crematory. May it serve you and your
14 of Heartfire 3E362 I guess you found the message I told you about, ol
[130.9.1] Crumpled Piece of Paper [blank crumpled piece of paper]
[blank crumpled piece of paper with lines scratched in a trembling hand]
[blank crumpled piece of paper with a line written in a trembling hand]
Each day this cave foils me. I could swear I am
and in this dank inner keep. Here I must keep notes of the way out.
Eight steps make the children cry, Nine steps pop Khajiit's eyes!
Ten steps mark the Worm King's Wrath, Eleven steps through the gates, of scorched
Worm of Death Take Vangaril
Rot, decay, and O the worms! The pitiful scrabbli
We've had no disturbances at all here in Chorrol,
and I've heard of nothing
in the other towns. People are doing just as Chancellor Ocato said -- staying calm, and
honoring the memory of the emperor and his
Ignorant fool! I could have delivered Lainlyn to him, and more. But time is of no consequence
to me any longer! While he is growing old, I w
Some of the men were worried about these old
ruins being haunted, but Mephala take them --
this spot's going to be perfect for ambushing
merchants along the road. And all under the nose
of the Imperial Legion!
Finally got some of those big blue stones dow
n today. Berenice got the idea to shoot them
down with her bow. Got 'em all here with me. I
don't know what they are, but they stink of
...of night. The Elder Scolls themselves can pier
OTES: EARANA'S NOTES [130.13] Earana's Notes My dear helper: Most of the text you've given me is well
beyond your comprehension, I'm afraid. I found one
section, however, that had been appended by the keepers of the Imperial Watch, and their
OTES: FADED NOTE [130.14] Faded Note† Faded Note I don't think I'll live much longer. My wine supply is thinning, only one bottle left. Bernice's
onger on Gnarl bark. I'd go back home to resupply,
but Brithaur, that maggot, has stolen my house. It's not just him, though, it's also the others. I
OTES: FOLDED PAGE [130.15] Folded Page This day, I have struck down the shade of my fo
rmer friend and ally. With a heavy heart, as
the Lich wailed and perished, I performed the r
ites to extract Erandur's soul from Undeath,
and destroy the lich utterly. No dusty text had prepared me for the bizarre events that
occurred, but I am confident that I have freed the soul of Erandur.
I feel compelled to investigate this cavern. Perhaps some dark relics here can be used for
[130.16.1] Glarthir's Notes
she is one of them. This saddens me. I had t
hought her one of the few to show me kindness in
this nest of treachery. But now it seems that it was all a lie.
[130.16.2] Glarthir's Notes
enmity by my vigilance numerous times.
Empire. Question: Do they know that I know
[130.16.4] Glarthir's Notes
Loredas: Toutius Sextius may be one of them.
Noticed him staring at
me today near the Low
Gate. I am tempted to stop going out, but that
might tip my hand. They must NOT know I am
aware of their agents, or they may finally move against me!
? If only my movements were not so closely
[130.16.5] Glarthir's Notes
Good news! I may still have a chance. Found some
one to help me today. A stranger who can
[130.16.10] Glarthir's Notes
[130.17] Handwritten Notes
[130.17.1] Handwritten Note
Place your Grand Soul Gems in the altar. Pray
Soul Trap magic. Your gems will become instruments of His Divine Power.
[130.17.2] Handwritten Note
3 Prowlers sent to Elsweyr. The item shoul
[130.17.3] Handwritten Note
[a note written in a trembling hand]
There is no world so great as the world of the mind.
There is no voyager so well-traveled as the traveler in the land of dreams.
I have plumbed its depths.
I have seen the unthinkable. I am unafraid.
Even death's boundaries do not confine me.
I am the lord of limitless space, and the master of place and time.
Through the doors of sleep, the universe lies waiting for me.
I will no longer wait for my dreams to carry
me worlds away, to unknowable deeps, to
I shall dwell in the House of Vaermina forever, the Orb my companion.
There is no compass to my destination, no end to my journey.
[130.17.4] Handwritten Note
Brugo's take -- 300 ducks. Ready for Middas pickup, after midnight.
[130.18] Hastily Scrawled Note
Primary sites:
called. Watch the skies; once a week His Grace
† Hirrus Clutumnus's Will
I've wanted to die for quite some time. Things just aren't going right. Never have gone right,
really. No one seems to care either, nor even noti
ce I exist. Not that I'd have much to say even
if someone had wanted to be my friend. I'd
make a lousy friend anyway. I'm probably even
boring the person reading this. I'm certainly bori
ng myself. Not that anyone will ever find this
If they do it means that I've been granted my gr
eatest wish! To be released from this mortal
coil. This isn't a suicide note, no. That would
mean I've taken my own life, and we all know
what that means. Who wants that kind of existen

[130.20] N
[130.20] Horse Armor Note

Dear Reader,
services, we are offeri
OTES: INSTRUCTIONS [130.21] Instructions I need 15 gross of your finest goods. I'll be by
some time on Wednesday to pay for them. Our
agreement was half now, half in 30 days.
[130.22] Instructions: the Gray Cowl
er's face in shadow. No light or magic of
As I entered the final chamber of Bramble
point Cave, my eyes fell upon the goal of my
expedition. In the inky blackness, the familia
r aquamarine glow of the Welkynd Stone
beckoned me in silent reverence. I was the first
dust and debris strewn about. I don't remember how
crystals outside their natural environment.
Crystals growing outside Ayleid ruins?
the money I had crossing Cyrodiil and exploring
the many natural caves dotting her landscape. Then, on that fateful night, a Orc stumbled into
the Imperial Bridge Inn where I happened to
about creatures that came out of the darkness,
and I dismissed him as drunk, until he said

My love, I write this with trembling hands. The guards ar
e after me, and I have nowhere else to turn.
...Last Will and Testament
ght of the True Horn, upon my death do hereby
nts, and chattels to the bearer of this
Such an unusual document requires some explan
ation. I resort to such measures out of
lies besieged by a band of ruthless marauders,
OTES: LYNCH'S INSTRUCTIONS [130.26] Lynch's Instructions Lynch, Your instructions are to make your way to the
bottom deck of the ship and secure all of the
rooms there. Make sure you don't disturb Minx. Sh
e's to be left alone to do her assignment.
[130.27] Ma'zaddha's Crinkled Note
Ma'zaddha's Crinkled Note
I haven't got much time. She's coming for me.
Nelrene asked me to hold on to this sword. Said
deed, but Anya wouldn't. Now maybe it can find
OTES: MYSTERIOUS NOTE [130.28] Mysterious Note I can offer you greater rewards and less time in prison. If you are interested, come to the
Garden of Dareloth in the Imperial City's Wate
rfront district at midnight. Present this note and
all shall be made clear.
OTES: NOTES 1-5 [130.29] Notes [130.29.1] Note The sword leads the way. Half a mile.
It's just past the big rock on the right.
Do the upstairs rooms first.
Floors and walls are most important.
After the privvy is emptied, spread crushed peppermint to mask the scent.
OTES: NOTES 6-10 Replace the parts in the order you removed them.
Head north for a hour or so. You'll see a group of dead trees.
Head northeast until you come to the water.
Follow the shore upstream.
Watch out for bears.

[130.29] N
To whom it may concern:
You have been passed this note because you may be able to help the Mages Guild. The
A shipment of Dwarven artifacts from Morrowi
e artifacts for profit, they have stolen items
essential to repair the Imperial Orrery in Cyrodiil's capital.
The only known location of these bandits is Camp
ruffians and recover the items they've stolen, I will be most indebted. The Orrery is my life's
Items missing:
Capn, Im tellin ya sir! We gots ta be moor carefu
ll! if the Layawind city watch comes snoopin
around agin, we may havta pull anchor and git out
the rest a my days locked up in no jail for illega
rspect capn, but the mates an me sined on fer real
pirate stuff -- murderin lootin and ravagin!
we aint no damn shepeards!
first mate filch (pirate!)
It seems that security in the Arcane University is
not what it used to be. In fact, that seems to
be a problem all over the Imperial City. I
I hope you are pleased with your recent purchase. I recently learned of an item you might be
interested in -- an ancient Dwemer forge, s
facilitate all armor and weapon repairs. I know
that a person of your means and discrimination
h barely covers my own expenses (much less
the cost of shipping it to Battlehorn Castle).
I remain,
Nilphas Omellian
Hieronymus Lex,

[130.35] N
[130.35] Note of Bounty

Blessed are those who explore the unbeaten path...
[130.37] Note to Gwinas
Your interest in the writings of the Master
member of the Order of the Mythic Dawn.
As your designated Sponsor, I will pass on my
copy to you if I deem you worthy.
Study the first three volumes of the Master's
writings. Look for the hidden meaning in his
When you are ready, come to the Sunken Sewers
under the Elven Gardens in the Imperial
City. Come alone. Follow the main tunnel until you reach the room with the table and chair.
OTES: NOTES: CAPTAIN MONTROSE [130.38] Notes: Captain Montrose So far the investigation has been inconclusive, to say the least. The assassin's body has
n't even been able to ascertain the motive for
the Emperor's slaying. We've even gone so far as
to question local merchants about the unique
The nature of the attack, the multiple assassi
ns, the ceremonial robes, the summoned weapons
[130.39] A Poorly Scrawled Note
me nott sceary enuf
OTES: RAMBLINGS OF AUDENS AVIDIUS [130.40] Ramblings of Audens Avidius I used to be somebody. I was a captain of the gua
rd in the Imperial City until that fleabitten
hero decided to poke his nose in my business. I
OTES: SEALED NOTE [130.41] Sealed Note You sleep rather soundly for a cold-blooded killer. That's good. You'll need a clear
conscience for what I'd like to propose. For ther
e is much I can offer
worthy of immeasurable reward.If you're intrigue
d, and I suspect you are, come visit me at the
t down to the bottom level where I reside, I'll
know you're capable of all the Dark Brotherhood has to offer.L.L.
[130.42] Steward's Note
rtures are well-documented and that their wages
are paid, and keep an eye on my dear cousin. It
our far-reaching plans. We've already captured one
OTES: SUICIDE NOTE [130.43] Suicide Note This was my big break! Finally I'm given so
Most Honorable Ocheeva, As per your instructions, I will, from this day
maintain the following posts:
Loredas and Sundas -- I will travel to, and remain
any and all vessels entering into the Imperi
Brotherhood well. Of this I promise.
OTES: WORN, FADED NOTE [130.46] Worn, Faded Note [This worn, faded note was written on a scrap of
parchment and secured by a piece of rawhide
to the vampire's neck.]
My name is Ghola gro-Muzgol. My compani
on's names are Aranalda, Nille Elf-Daughter,
Avita Cassiana, and Umar gra-Khar.
The vampire Dratik died by our hands, but the
We served Lady Azura. Bring these, our last word
s, to the Her Shrine. We praise Her with the

[131] N
See vol. I.

[132] O

[133] T
See vol. I.

[136] O

[137] O
See vol. I.
[138] Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie
Opusculus Lamae Bal ta Mezzamortie
A brief account of Lamae Bal and the Restless Death
Translation by University of Gwylim Press; 3E 105
As brighter grows light, darker becomes sha
of his dominion o’er the death of man and
mer, and it was sooth.
trapment of mortal souls, sought to thwart
Arkay, who knew that not man, nor mer, nor beas
[139.1] Dead Drop Orders [139.1.1] Dead Drop Orders #1 Silencer, You are now reading your first dead drop note, here on Hero Hill, which proves to me you
encounter an ancient Necromancer who is
attempting to escape death by transforming hims
elf into a lich. This Necromancer, Celedaen,
Jearl - The Master was pleased to hear of your activities outside of Chorrol. The more gates that we
The Master has chosen you and Saveri for a mo
st crucial mission, a sign of your advancement
through the ranks of the Chosen. We have learned that the Septim heir has gone to ground at
Cloud Ruler Temple, the lair of the accursed Blad
es. The Master has made its destruction the
top priority of the Order, and Lord Dagon has committed whatever resources are required.
Pending your report on the Septim's activities at Cloud Ruler Temple, and your assessment of
Temple defenses and possible routes of escape, we plan to open a Great Gate in the open
ground before Bruma as soon as possible.
Remember: the first three Lesser Gates represen
t only the preliminary stages of Great Gate
Deployment. Do not in any way compromise your
Great Gate is opened, the fall of Bruma is
assured. Cloud Ruler Temple cannot stand long afte
r that, and the Septim will be caught like a
Eliminator, You have served the Dark Brothe
rhood well in the short time you have been with
us. Indeed, the rate of your advancement has
been rather remarkable. Now the Black Hand
itself is in need of your abilities. You must proceed
with all haste to my
northeast of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. When you
ecial assignment. I cannot stress to you enough the
importance of your swift arrival at Fort Farra
message with anyone at the Cheydinhal Sanctuary,
including Ocheeva, and make no mention of your
my refuge within Fort Farragut is guarded by
1) Activate the Old Way using the Glass of Time.
It is located inside the Imperial Palace. I do
2) Find the entrance to the Old Way. It is rumo
red to be somewhere in the sewers under the
Imperial City.
3) Inside the Old Way is an entrance to the h
eart of the Imperial Palace. Savilla's Stone was
only able to scry the two most important obst
acles. For one of them
4) To enter the Imperial City you must use th
5) Inside the Imperial Palace you must find the
Imperial Library. On the bottom floor is some
sort of viewing room.
made available in the Chamber. The blind monks
moran, but you will take her place. Just find the
chair assigned to visitors to the library. You mu
By order of the Legion Commander of the Imperi
al Watch, Hieronymus Lex is relieved of his
duties as a Watch Captain of the Imperial Watc
Countess of Anvil for the remainde
r of his Imperial contract. When that contract expires, the

[140] O
See vol. I.

[142] P
See vol. I.
To be read by all novitiates of the Temple:
t as it is noble. We nuture and celebrate our
beloved ancestors, whose spirits are manifest in
the Ancestor Moths. Each moth carries the
fjyron of an ancestor's spirit. Loosely translat
into the silk produced by the Ancestor Moths. Wh
embroidered with the geneology of the correct
t powers. The wisdom of the ancestors can sing

[144] T
See vol. I.

[145] T
† The Predecessors Being an Examination of the Curious Ruins of the Shivering Isles and Their Terrible
by Yngvar the Wanderer
e a familiar sight to the inhabitants of the
Shivering Isles. So familiar that their true
significance has escaped notice of most, until now. I
For a long time I hesitated from issuing even this
of the Greymarch is based on historical events,
and that the last days of our civilization will
be terrible - the blasted and tumbled stones of
the mighty cities of bygone eras are testament
enough to that. But I find it strangely comforting to know that our end is already written in the
against our Doom is as pointless as shouting
against the incoming tide. I hope that at least a
few of my readers will find equal solace in this
[147] Proper Lock Design and Construction
I have encountered many thieves whose sole intere
st in locks is how to open them and thereby
pilfer the protected contents of the room or
chest. I have taken it upon myself to devise a
system of locks that can defeat such villianous intent.
The materials used to create a lock are of utmost importance. Shoddy brass or copper will
ng the lock itself useless. I recommend steel
over iron when choosing a material. More robust
materials tend to be prohibitively expensive
and necessitate the door being made of simila

[148.2] T

[148.2] T

[149] P
UBLIC NOTICE [150] Public Notice For public notice: This property has been seized by the Imperial Legion, and its owner imprisoned.
mpt to contact the Dark Brotherhood, will not be
-- Adamus Phillida, Imperial Legion Commander
Purloined Shadows By Waughin Jarth
surely quite smart and expensive weeks ago
when she had stolen them from one of the city's
best tailors. The look of surprise slipped from
"What are you doing here?" the man with the candle asked, stepping from the shadows.
"That's a stupid question," the girl re
plied, frowning. "I'm obviously robbing you."
"Since nothing I have is missing," the man smiled,
have to say that you're not robbing me. Attempti
ng to rob me perhaps. The question I have is,
why? You know who I am, I assume. You didn't just come in through an unlocked door."
"I've stolen from everyone else. I've taken s
oul gems from the Mages Guild, I've robbed the
treasury of the most secure fortress, I ch
few minutes was back at her room in the r
"I didn't see you go past me," she gasped.
a ridiculous suit of mock crows. It was
uncomfortable, but when the witches had arrived,
on being perfectly still, like the other crows in th
HE RANSOM OF ZAREK [152] The Ransom of Zarek*
† The Ravings of Fenroy [The following pieces were gathered from the au
thor's cell shortly before his untimely death
He talks all the time, but his words are usel
[154] The Real Barenziah*
Reality and Other Falsehoods It is easy to confuse Illusion and Alteration. Both schools of magic attempt to create what is
of nature. Illusion is not bound by them, while
Alteration is. This may seem to indicate that Alte
ration is the weaker of the two, but this is not
zed by everyone. Illusion's reality is only in the
change and it is more likely to be successful.
Jobasha Bookseller Lower Waistworks
Treatise on Ayleidic Cities (damaged)
[157.1] Recipe To create a potion of Cure Poison, mix Gins
For a potion of Cure Disease, grind Clannfear Claws and Mandrake root into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle. It will remain somewhat gritty. It can be mixed in with almost any
To create a potion of Restore Fatigue, combine a
ny two normal foods, such as meat or seeds.
Grind carefully with the mortar and pestle.
Place the resulting powder in a small pestle and
mix with ordinary clear water.

[158] T
HE RED BOOK OF RIDDLES [159] The Red Book of Riddles*
HE RED KITCHEN READER [160] The Red Kitchen Reader The Red Kitchen Reader By Simocles Quo
Though naturally modest, I must admit to so
me pleasure in being dubbed by our Emperor's
connoisseur in Tamriel." He was also good enough
to appoint me the first, and to this day, the
only Master of Cuisine in the Imperial Court.
Other Emperors, of course, had master chefs and
of Pelagius was there someone of rarefied tast
es to plan the menus and select the finest
obiography. I have had a great many adventures
in my life as a knight of fine dining, but my
intention for this book is much more specific.
Many times I have been asked, "What is the best thing you ever ate?"
The answer to that is not a simple one. Much of
the pleasure of a great meal is not only in the

[160] T
naturally dexterous, but I was then relativel
HE RED KITCHEN READER steaming chunks of meat into my mouth. The ta
HE REFUGEES [161] The Refugees The Refugees By Geros Albreigh The smell of the bay oozed through the stones of
vinegar, mildew, and the more exotic spices of
herbs the healers had brought with them to te
nd to the wounded. There were more than fifty
people squeezed into the big earthen room wh
brothel above. The groaning and whimpering had
hospital had turned into a mass grave.
"Mother," a Redguard boy whispered. "What was that?"
The boy's mother was about to answer him when
there was another rolling roar from outside,
which grew louder and louder, as if some great
but incorporeal beast had come into the cellar.
The walls trembled and dust burst from the ceiling in a rain of powder.
Unlike the last time, no one screamed. They waited until the weird, haunting sound had past,
and then was replaced by the soft rumble of the distant battle.
A wounded soldier began whispering Mara's Prayer from the Doomed.
"Mankar," a Bosmer woman curled up in a cot
HE REFUGEES to the province of High Rock and the barony of Dwynnen. There Miak-I had promised, and
hoped, that they would have a peaceful, permanent home.
It was so green there, it blinded him. Unlik
e Hammerfell, which was only green in certain
it at first. He was ashamed to think of it
camp, that was familiar.
Now, the red sky was on the horizon of the bay and coming closer, and he longed for the days
when a scattering of white made him cry.
"Mankar!" the Bosmer woman cried out again. "He is coming, and he will bring death!"
HE REFUGEES from the mouth of the bay, but I was coming from the coast, and the enemy's army is
marching over the Wrothgarian Mountains. That's where I had my little scuffle. It's not too
surprising, moving the flank in from the side while
the front battle is occupied. It's a play right
out of Camoran Kaltos's book of tricks the Hart-King borrowed."
"The Hart-King?" Lukar asked. He had b
HE REFUGEES "Mankar!" the Bosmer woman groaned. "He comes, and he will destroy all!"
"His Master?" asked Lukar, but Orben's eyes
had gone to the Bosmer woman, curled up in her
"Who is she?" Orben asked Rosayna.
"One of the refugees, of course, from your
your Kaltos changed sides," the healer replied. "I think her name is Kaalys."
"By Jephre," Orben whispered under his breath, limping over to the woman's cot and wiping
the sweat and blood streaked hair from her pa
llid face. "Kaalys, it's Orben. Do you remember
HE REFUGEES "It was not a healthy situation, but new mothers can surprise you with what they can do when
it's all over."
"She was pregnant?" Orben gasped
"Yes. It wasn't such a difficult birth in the
end. She was holding the boy in her arms when I
"She was pregnant," Orben murmured again.
"The mistress of the Camoran Usurper was
Word quickly spread throughout the castle that the battle was over, and more than that, the
war was over. Haymon Camoran's forces had been defeated at sea, and in the mountains. The
Lukar watched down from the battlements into
had heard about Kaalys, and he imagined a
desperate woman fleeing with her newborn baby
in her arms into the wilderness. Kaalys woul
d have nowhere to go, no one to protect them.
ak-I and him had been. Reflecting back, he
remembered her words.
He is coming. He is coming, and he will bring death. He will destroy all.
Lukar remembered her eyes. She was sick, but
not afraid. Who was this "He" who was
coming if the Camoran Usurper was dead?
"Did she say nothing else?" asked Orben.
"She told me the baby's name," Rosayna replied. "Mankar."
EMANADA [162] Remanada REMANADA Chapter 1: SANCRE TOR AND THE BIRTH OF REMAN And in those days the empire of the Cyrod
iils was dead, save in memory only, for through
war and slug famine and iniquitous rulers,
the west split from the east and Colovia's
estrangment lasted some four hundreds of years.
l, of Falkreath and Delodiil, became through
EMANADA And in the child's forehead was the Chim-el Ad
divine promise, and none dared obstruct Sed-
Yenna when she climbed the steps of White-
Gold Tower to place the babe Reman on his Throne
And in the days of interregnum, the Chim-el Adab
Report of the Imperial
Commission on the
Lord Pottreid, Chairman
The Emperor's plans for the invasion of Akavir
conquest of the small island kingdoms that lie be
tween Tamriel and Akavir. With the fall of
believed (and this Commission agrees) that the security of the Empire precluded a larger
concentration of military force outside of Tamriel. If anything, the Commission believes that
fth), the loss of the Expeditionary Force left the Empire in a
dangerously weak position relative to the provinces, as the current situation makes all too
ir was beyond the Empire's current strength;
even if the Emperor could have fielded and main
tained a larger force in Akavir, the Empire
may have disintegrated behind him.
on 23rd Rain's Hand, 288, and with fair weather
nding site was a small Tsaesci port at the mouth
of a large river, chosen for its proximity to Tamriel as well as its location in a fertile river
ll as good foraging for the army. All went well
they took possession of it and renamed it Septim
ia, the first colony of the new Imperial
Province of Akavir. While the engineers fortif
ied the town and expanded the port facilities to
situation in Akavir, the Emperor dispatched mo
who reached Septimia told how the Emperor
had led the army out of Ionith by night two
enemy lines but then being surrounded by overwhelming forces on the road to Septimia. They
told of a heroic last stand by the Emperor a
nd the Tenth Legion, which allowed a remnant of
the Fourteenth to reach Septimia. Two survivors
of the Tenth arrived in Septimia that night,
having slipped through the enemy lines during
men confirmed having seen the Emperor die,
cut down by enemy arrows as he rallied the
Tenth's shield wall.
The Commission believes that the invasion of Ak
avir was doomed from the start for several
the situation in Akavir. The unexpected weather which plagued the army and navy was
particularly disastrous. Without the loss of
navigated the shallow coastal waters. Any futu
re military expeditions against Akavir would
do well to consider some way of bringing a means for inshore naval operations in order to
Third, much longer-term study needs to be made
even be contemplated. The information gathered
Finally, the Commission unanimously concludes
that given what we now know, any attempt
to invade Akavir is folly, at least in the pres
ent state of the Empire. The Empire's legions are
needed at home. One day, a peaceful, united Empi
De Rerum Dirennis
I am six-hundred-and-eleven years old. I have ne
ver had children of my own, but I have many
clan, the Direnni. Few families in Tamriel can
boast so many famous figures, wielding so
much power over the fate of so many. Our
it is not to dismiss their honor and their
achievements to say you have heard quite enough about them.
I myself have never picked up a sword or written
an important law, but I am part of a lesser
known but still important Direnni tradition: th
would be of little interest to posterity - though my nephew, nieces, and cousins indulge me to
the chaotic Second Era of Tamriel - but I have a few ancestors whose
stories should be told. They may have changed
history as we know it as dramatically as my
ce. It would be ridiculous for me to suggest
that Asliel Direnni invented alchemy. What he did,
formulated it into an art and science.
There were no witches' covens in Tyrigel, a
Asliel's farm very stealthily, and managed to
kidnap him without alerting the rest of the Di
farmers could no longer count on the alchemist
to make them invisible, considered an
immediate attack on the farms. But he was a
vengeful sort, and felt he had been humiliated by
these simple farmers. A crafty plan emerged
in his mind. What if the Direnni, who always
saw his barbarian tribe coming, for once did not?
Imagine the slaughter if no one even had a
The scout had told the chieftain that Asliel had
used the dust of a vampire to make the farmers
incandescent powder that Asliel had mixed into the
tell them what the incandescent powder was. He
did not know the name, but he called it "Glow Du
st," the only remains of a slain Will O The
Wisp. He told them they would need a lot of it if
The Locvar grumbled that not only did they have
to find and kill a vampire to attain his dust,
alchemy as we know it today would not exist
without him.
But that is all in the distant past. Asliel's innovations, like my modest ones, like the
achievements of the Dirennis throughout histor
which will come in the future. I wish I could be
there to witness them, but if I can only share
some of the past with the children of Direnni a
nd the children of Tamriel, then I will consider
my life well spent.
ISLAV THE RIGHTEOUS [166] Rislav The Righteous Rislav the Righteous By Sinjin Like all true heroes, Rislav Larich had inauspicious beginnings. We are told by chroniclers
unseasonably cold, and that his mother Queen L
ISLAV THE RIGHTEOUS brother, Dorald, survived, being in the Imperial

[166] R
Sacred Witness: A True History of the Night Mother
room, with fumes of skooma smoke floating
around him like ghosts. When I saw him weeks
'It did not seem like such a controversial id
ea to me,' the Night Mother shrugged. 'We had
ith the work of the
recognize Sacred Witness's familiar cadence and st
yle in such books of his as 'The Alik'r.'
Shortly after publication, Milnes was murdere

[169] T
See vol. I.
ENTINELS OF THE ISLES [170] Sentinels of the Isles† Sentinels of the Isles: A treatise on Golden Sain
Author's Note
This volume attempts to catalogue and analyze known, suspected, and rumored facts about
the two races that serve to maintain order w
ithin the Shivering Isles. It is by no means
intended to serve as the authoritative work on the matter; rather, it is a personal effort on the
ENTINELS OF THE ISLES In fact, the terms "Golden Saint" and "Dark Se
ducer" are external constructs. While the two
groups recognize and respond to these names, they
have their own names for their races: The
Aureal and the Mazken, respectively. It is possible the Daedra simply have no concern for the
names and titles given to them by lesser beings, or
perhaps they find amusement in the names.
freely offer personal information about themselves.
Other information can be gathered from observa
ENTINELS OF THE ISLES Any and all information regarding the Golden Sa
to private customs and origins, should be brought
to the attention of the author immediately.
[171] Shezarr and the Divines
Subcurator of Ancient Theology and Paleonumerology
Imperial Library
p if often misconstrued. He, and a thousand
other deities, have sizeable cults in the Imperial City. Shezarr is especially venerated in the
Colovian West, though he is called Shor ther
e, as the West Kings are resolutely, and
The haziness of Shezarr's relationship to the Divi
nes (he is often called their 'Missing Sibling')
begins with St. Alessia, the so-called 'Slave
original Cyrodilic Empire. In the earliest Cy
against the Ayleids (the 'Heartland Highelves
') on mankind's behalf. Then, for some unknown
reason, he vanishes from the stage (presumably
to help other humans elsewhere), and, without
his leadership, the Ayleids conquer the humans and enslave them.
ed humans eventually begin to venerate the
pantheon of their masters, or at least assimilate
so much of High Elven religious practices into
their native traditions that the two become indistinguishable.
r demigod lover, Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne, and
the infamous Pelinal Whitestrake, the Cyrodilic
humans revolt. When Skyrim lends its armies
on succeeds. The Ayleid Hegemonies are quickly
overthrown. Shortly thereafter, White Gold To
wer is captured by Alessia's forces, and she
promptly declares herself the first Empress of Cy
rodiil. Part of the package meant that she had
to become the High Priestess of Akatosh, as well.
Akatosh was an Aldmeri god, and Alessia's s
follies (the Dragon Break, the War of Righteousne
ss, the defeat at Gelnumbria Moors) would
only damage his campaign for the Imperial Crown.
† The Shivering Apothecary Author: Cinda Amatius
Many, many things.
† The Shivering Bestiary Namlir Esprink
For my good friend and colleague Venristwie, who protected the creatures of all the Realms.
Although my early education involved extensive
research into all forms of fauna, nothing
prepared me for the surprises I've uncovered wh
Expedition. Even though I've lived here all of
my life, I am just now discovering how
an attempt to categorize the indigenous fauna a
nd record this information back for posterity
es, and this work should be regarded as the
One of the most unusual creatures in the Isles,
ckly. Be wary, as it is said that conjuration magic exists that
is able to summon the Hunger and unleash it upon the caster's foes.
is the Scalon. Looking strikingly similar to an
creatures are usually quite fearsome, lumbering
slowly after its prey. Don't mistake its speed
victims from a surprising distance. Another conn
ease to its victim. It's recommended that these
e range with spells or missiles, as the can be quite ferocious
in close proximity.
The Shambles appears to be some sort of an undead construct made of bone and lashed
A Short Life of Uriel Septim VII
The early decades of Emperor Uriel's life
were marked by aggressive expansion and
consolidation of Imperial influence throughout
the empire, but especially in the East, in
Morrowind and Black Marsh, where the Empire's
power was limited, Imperial culture was
weak, and native customs and traditions were
strong and staunchly opposed to assimilation.
close advisor, the Imperial Battlemage, Jagar Tharn.
The story of Uriel's marriage to the Princess
a beautiful and charming woman, and greatly l
oved and admired by the people, the Empress
was a deeply unpleasant, arrogant, ambitious, gr
asping woman. She snared Uriel Septim with
her feminine wiles, but Uriel Septim thereafte
wasted him in body and spirit, though his mind
'Miracle of Peace' [also popularly known as 'The Wa
rp in the West'] that transformed the Iliac
Bay region from an ruly assortment of wa
and how did he learn of their significance?
The definitive resolution of this and other
mysteries must await the future release of the
Emperor's private papers, or a relenting of the
Blades' strict policies of secrecy concerning their agents.

[175] S
CCORDS OF MADNESS VI [176] Sixteen Accords of Madness [176.6] 16 Accords of Madness VI† Sixteen Accords of Madness Volume VI
Hircine's Tale
Ever proud and boastful, Oblivion's Mad Prin
ce stood one fifth day of mid year among the
frigid peaks of Skyrim, and beckoned fort
h Hircine for parlay. The Huntsman God
materialized, for this was his day, and the boldness of Sheogorath intrigued him.
Wry without equal, Sheogorath holds in his
realm giggling loons, flamboyant auteurs, and
craven mutilators. The Mad Prince will ply profitless bargains and promote senseless
bloodshed for nothing more than the joy of anot
her's confusion, tragedy, or rage. So it was
CCORDS OF MADNESS VI Turning on his heel, Sheogorath beckoned the mi
and strolled down the mountain, making for the
CCORDS OF MADNESS IX [176.9] 16 Accords of Madness IX† Sixteen Accords of Madness Volume IX
Vaermina's Tale
Darius Shano found himself running as fast as he could.
He had no idea what he was running from or towa
rds, but he didn't care. The desire saturated
his mind -- there was nothing in the world ex
cept flight. He looked around for landmarks,
mortal's subconscious."
s life, the dreams Darius Shano had been experiencing began to
for him, but now there was something else. A
darkness began to creep into his slumber, a dar
all feeling and color,
leaving only emptiness behind. When this ha
ppened, he opened his mouth to scream, but
CCORDS OF MADNESS IX and each night they filled him with a new unders
work. He challenged the Gods themselves, as
r worshiping them. He mocked them all with
to strike him down if they existed, and ri
diculed them when no such comeuppance was
previous work. His early career had offende

[176.9] 16 A
20 years after their wager was first placed, Vaer
CCORDS OF MADNESS XII [176.12] 16 Accords of Madness XII† Sixteen Accords of Madness Volume XII
Malacath's Tale
In the days before the Orsinium's founding, the
spurned Orc-folk were subjected to ostracism
and persecutions even more numerous and harsh
than their progeny are accustomed to in our
own age. So it was that many champions of the
Orsimer traveled, enforcing what borders they
CCORDS OF MADNESS XII 'Her name is Neb-Crescen' spoke the thin
CCORDS OF MADNESS XII 'By birth, she was yours, brother outcast,' began
Sheogorath, solemn in aspect and demeanor.
'But she was a daughter of mine by her own habits. My mourning here is no less than your
own, my outrage no less great.'
'I am not so sure,' grumbled Malacath, 'but rest assured that vengeance for this crime is mine
to reap. I expect no contest from you. Stand aside.
' As the fearsome Prince began to push past
him, Lord Sheogorath spoke again.

[177] S

ONG OF HRORMIR [179] Song Of Hrormir [179.1] Song Of Hrormir Song of Hrormir
Summoned to the Court of Vjindak,
Son of Vjinmore, King of Evensnow.
"Mighty caster of magic,
For its hoary Warriors do threaten my Land
And bring forth their cousin Demons
To terrify my People."
Heard the Words of Vjindak Evensnow.
And then to bed four Wenches,
So I must with grace decline."
The King he did not smile
At Hrormir and his jolly Spirit.
Must thou aidest my Cause
For must thou takest up the Sword
Of thy Companion Darfang
Who took the Quest and failed."
Hrormir laughed.
There be no finer Bladesman.
If thou chargest him, he wouldst not fall."
Himself and thee, his Friend."
Hrormir could not believe the Words,
ONG OF HRORMIR Where the Peasants ever carried Candles
ONG OF HRORMIR "Mortal Man called Hrormir
The Soul of thy boon Companion
Is my Plaything,
For though ye both have strong Arms,
Thou hast the more clever Mind
Which my Sons the Dark Kings need
For a Champion of Aelfendor."
Hrormir the brave didst not take a Breath
And thou mayst use me as thou will."
But now thou must be without Honor
Mortal Man, as the Champion
Of the Dark Kings, my Heirs of Gray Maybe,
Thou must help them divide Aelfendor,
And love me,
And his dear Friend's Sacrifice,
But Hrormir stayed his Brother's Hand and whispered.
"No, boon Companion,
ONG OF HRORMIR So that Aelfendor became a Garden
Of all the Senses.
Woke to find there was naught to fear
ONG OF HRORMIR "And evermore,
ONG OF HRORMIR [FRAGMENT] [179.2] Song of Hrormir [Fragment] ...drawn and quartered. Hrormir was mightily amus
ed. He swallowed his laughter in his mead,
rd Nocturnal. Without her gray cowl of
oon to hide itself. Hrormir the mighty did not
"Wherest be thy hood, shadowy hag?"
"Mortal man hast taken it from me unaware. When I...
HE SONG OF PELINAL I [181] The Song of Pelinal [181.1] The Song of Pelinal I The Song of Pelinal Volume 1: On His Name
[Editor's Note: Volumes 1-6 are taken from th
e so-called Reman Manuscript located in the
Imperial Library. It is a transcription of ol
der fragments collected by an unknown scholar of
the original sources of these fragments,
some of which appear to be from the same pe
riod (perhaps even from the same manuscript).
was neither to them. Certainly, many others
added to that name during his days in Tamriel:
he was Pelinal the Whitestrake because of his
left hand, made of a killing light; he was Pelinal
was Pelinal Insurgent, because he gave the crusades a face; he was Pelinal In Triumph, as the
words eventually became synonymous, and men-at-a
rms gave thanks to the Eight when they
saw his banner coming through war; he was Pelinal
the Blamer, for he was quick to admonish
HE SONG OF PELINAL II [181.2] The Song of Pelinal II The Song of Pelinal Volume 2: On His Coming
[Editor's Note: Volumes 1-6 are taken from th
e so-called Reman Manuscript located in the
Imperial Library. It is a transcription of ol
der fragments collected by an unknown scholar of
the original sources of these fragments,
some of which appear to be from the same pe
riod (perhaps even from the same manuscript).
HE SONG OF PELINAL III [181.3] The Song of Pelinal III The Song of Pelinal Volume 3: On His Enemy
[Editor's Note: Volumes 1-6 are taken from th
e so-called Reman Manuscript located in the
Imperial Library. It is a transcription of ol
der fragments collected by an unknown scholar of
the original sources of these fragments,
some of which appear to be from the same pe
riod (perhaps even from the same manuscript).
HE SONG OF PELINAL IV [181.4] The Song of Pelinal IV The Song of Pelinal Volume 4: On His Deeds
[Editor's Note: Volumes 1-6 are taken from th
e so-called Reman Manuscript located in the
Imperial Library. It is a transcription of ol
der fragments collected by an unknown scholar of
the original sources of these fragments,
some of which appear to be from the same pe
riod (perhaps even from the same manuscript).
HE SONG OF PELINAL V [181.5] The Song of Pelinal V The Song of Pelinal Volume 5: On His Love of Morihaus
[Editor's Note: Volumes 1-6 are taken from th
e so-called Reman Manuscript located in the
Imperial Library. It is a transcription of ol
der fragments collected by an unknown scholar of
the original sources of these fragments,
some of which appear to be from the same pe
riod (perhaps even from the same manuscript).
HE SONG OF PELINAL VI [181.6] The Song of Pelinal VI The Song of Pelinal Volume 6: On His Madness
[Editor's Note: Volumes 1-6 are taken from th
e so-called Reman Manuscript located in the
Imperial Library. It is a transcription of ol
der fragments collected by an unknown scholar of
the original sources of these fragments,
some of which appear to be from the same pe
riod (perhaps even from the same manuscript).
HE SONG OF PELINAL VII [181.7] The Song of Pelinal VII The Song of Pelinal Volume 7: On His Battle with Umaril and His Dismemberment
[Editor's Note: This fragment comes from a manuscript recovered from the ruins of the
[And so after many battles with] Umaril's allies, where dead Aurorans lay like candlelight
around the throne, the Pelinal became surrounded by
demons, each one heavy with varliance. The Wh
itestrake cracked the floor with his mace and
they withdrew, and he said, "Bring me Umaril
that called me out!" ... [And] while mighty in
his aspect and wicked, deathless-golden Umaril
favored ruin-from-afar over close combat and
so he tarried in the shadows of the white towe
r before coming forth. More soldiers were sent
HE SONG OF PELINAL VII to a madness of their own... [and they] fell on hi
m [speaking] to their weapons... cutting the
hear]... [Text lost] ...ran when Mor shook the whole of the tower with mighty bashing from
his horns [the next morning], and some were
looked for more Ayleids to kill but Pelinal had le
ft none save those kings and demons that had
found the Whitestrake's head, which the kings
HE SONG OF PELINAL VIII [181.8] The Song of Pelinal VIII The Song of Pelinal Volume 8: On His Revelation at the Death of the Al-Esh
[Editor's Note: This is the oldest and most frag
mentary of all the extant Pelinal texts. It is,
or sung form of the Song, and therefore has
ppears that Pelinal is present at Alessia's
deathbed, although he was killed by Umaril earlier in
the saga (years before Alessia's death).
Some scholars believe that this fragment is not
actually a part of the Song of Pelinal, but most
accept its authenticity although there is still much debate as to its significance.]
"... and left you to gather sinew with my other ha
lf, who will bring light thereby to that mortal
, freedom, which even the Heavens do not truly
OULS, BLACK AND WHITE [183] Souls, Black and White
Souls, Black and White
wizard that has attempted it vanishes without a
trace. What can be known is that souls are a source of mystic energy that can be harvested.
. Without it, they are just lumps of flesh or
piles of bones. This animating force can be cont
ained within a soul gem, if the soul gem has
the capacity. From the gem, the power can be used to power magical items.
Centuries of experimentation has demonstrated
Only the rare black soul gem can hold the soul of
a higher creature, such as a man or an elf.
While the souls of lesser creatures can be cap
tured by gems of many colors, they are all
categorized as white soul gems. Hence the division of souls into black and white.
White souls are far safer than black souls,
Mysticism should not dabble in black souls or black
soul gems. Even if one were to ignore the
guild strictures against the necromatic arts used to power black soul gems, it is dangerous to
the caster to handle them for long. If the gem is not precisely the size of the encased soul,
small bits of the caster's soul may leak into the gem when it is touched.
HE STANDING STONES [185] The Standing Stones† The Standing Stones by Anonymous
come across the dreadful shape of a tall,
crystalline stone looming over them like an
aveling the Shivering Isles, no matter how hard
you might try.
There are many theories on the origin and purpose of these stones. (Purpose? Can a stone
have a purpose? Is it a sentient being, or an inanimate object? Is it listening to you - watching
you - whispering to you?). Some claim they are
simply interesting geological formations. Not
or even scorched. Believe me, I've tried.
Nothing harms them. (Although perhaps they still
feel the blows. They seemed angry for a
while. I sang to them and that seemed to soothe
them. I can't say why.)
And if you've tried to
No matter how deep, there it was, still gleaming in
UMMON RUFIO'S GHOST [186] Summon Rufio's Ghost Rise, Rufio! Come forth once more to the land of the living, and unleash your vengeance!

[187] S
See vol. I.
HE TEN COMMANDS OF THE NINE DIVINES [189] The Ten Commands of the Nine Divines The Ten Commands of the Nine Divines
By the intercession of St. Alessia, you may be
wisdom that comes from grace, that through
these teachings you may come to the true
meaning of the Nine Divines and Their glorie
s. To convey to man's mind all the manifold
9. Akatosh says: Serve and obey your Emperor.
Study the Covenants. Worship the Nine, do
your duty, and heed the commands of the saints and priests.
If only each man might look into the mirror of these Commands, and see reflected there the
bliss that might enfold them, were he to se
rve in strict obedience to these Commands, he
would be cast down and made contrite and humbl
e. The obedient man may come to the altars
of the Nine and be blessed, and may receive
the comfort and healing of the Nine, and may
give thanks for his manifold blessings.
HE TEN COMMANDS OF THE NINE DIVINES Heedless, the wicked man turns away, and fors
aking the simple wisdoms granted to him by
the All-Wise and All-Knowing Nine, he lives in
bears the awful burden of his crimes, and be
neither blessing nor comfort may he expect from the altars and shrines of the Nine.

[190] T
By Reven

HIEF 'Of course I know how to fall,' Eslaf called bac
k, but he didn't. He just thought the trick of
f,' said the Khajiiti, grinning. 'Obviously you
noid as he guessed him to be, the tower would
e rich man would want to keep an eye on his
fortune. That meant that the loot couldn't be di
rectly beneath the tower, but somewhere in the
laf boldly decided that the best time to burgle
was by the light of day, when Suoibud must sl
eep. That would be the time the guards would
front gate and waited, hidden in the crenelations. The interior courtyard was plain and
from time to time to draw up water and slake th
for a second, by the arrival of a merchant in a
wagon, bearing goods for the palace. While they
which he assumed would lead to the tower when
he noticed a gem the size of an apple, worth
more than all the gold that was left. Eslaf found room for it down his pants.

[190] T
The door did indeed lead to the tower, and Eslaf followed its curving stairwell up, walking

[191] T
HIEF OF VIRTUE "I would give all the gold in my possession to spend but a moment basking in your radiance."

[192] T
HE 13 BLESSINGS OF SHEOGORATH [193] The 13 Blessings of Sheogorath† The 13 Blessings of Sheogorath For Our Lord Sheogorath, without Whom all T

[194] T

[194] T

[195.10] Treatise on Ayleidic Cities X Chapter the Tenth Varsa Baalim
I will not be the first scholar to point to a combination of benign intent and arrogance on
behalf of the Ayleids as the source of many ruinous affairs for the old heartland elves.
The Nefarivigum, a foul construct of Mehrunes
the pilgrim who would approach it and best an
pilgrim would be rewarded with the blessi
which Dagon himself can claim the very souls of those it strikes.
A Treatise on Proper Calcinator Use Argonian alchemists of the Black Marsh have
long held that the phases of the moon dictate
ng the full moon, the Calcinator should face due
RIALS OF ST. ALESSIA [197] Trials of St. Alessia Trials of St. Alessia [from the Trials of St. Alessia]
Akatosh made a covenant with Alessia in thos
skeins of Oblivion, and knit them fast with the
bloody sinews of his Heart, and gave them to
Alessia, saying, 'This shall be my token to you, that so long as your bl

[200] V

[200] V

[200] V
ARIOUS STUDIES ON THE FAUNA OF CYRODIIL [201] Various Studies on the Fauna of Cyrodiil Various Studies on the Fauna of Cyrodiil
[much of this journal has become unreadable]
They are prevalent in all parts of Cyrodiil,
equally at home in basement dwellings, caves,
...though once thought to be intelligent. They are social creatures, often appearing in groups numbering twenty or more. The largest male dominat
es this clan structure, and seems to have
breeding rights with all females of reproductiv
e age. Younger males will often challenge the
older, dominant males in a fight to the deat
h. Their horns locked, the two minotaurs will
...called "Billies" by many of the local
farmers. But, is this so-called "land dreugh" actually of
any relation to the sea-dwelling dreugh? Ther
e certainly seem to be similarities in
morphology, especially in the region of the h
ead and thorax. And they produce the same
demonstrate none of the same intelligence.
They are violent and aggressive, killing indiscriminately.
Some believe them to be of Daedric origins,
It appears more likely that the "land dreugh"
an ancestor from far back on the evolutionary
Much has been made of the fact that trolls can

[202] V
See vol. I.
ITHARN [203] Vitharn† Vitharn: the Fall Chapter I In which the Keep Vitharn is established and passes from the first generation of rule to the
from the mud of Dementia, gathered to
himself any who would pledge themselves as lie
Csaran's mother and father believed that with the proper political influence, Csaran could
Sheogorath, thinking himself and his heirs
This, of course, amused the Madgod to no end, and so he allowed the marriage of Csaran to
Sheen-in-Glade, daughter of an Argonian midwif
e who believed that the mortal sphere would
mind was untouched, even living as she did in th
e heart of Dementia. Alas, none may reside
ful of anyone with whom he shared no blood
ITHARN markers. Beside his sadistic temper, Count Ce
ed mismatched in length, and breathed with a
nurses surrounded him, attending his every ailmen
t with balms and vapors from every corner
of the Isles, but when he came of age he se
nt them away, often becoming violent in their
er, Cesrien became increasingly introverted,
ABBAJACK [204] Wabbajack*

[205] W
Wanted for theft, embezzlement, forgery, pi
The Warp in the West
A Report Compiled By Ulvius Tero, Blades Archivist
There is good reason to believe that the ruling families of the four modern Iliac Bay counties
had forewarning of the event. There is also some evidence that some of these ruling families
may have been directly or indirectly respons
ible for the event. We do not know the exact
although we are confident that the 'Totem'
t was involved in employing that artifact. We
unfortunately lost contact with that agent i
mmediately after the event; his report might have
gone some way to resolving the contradictory and paradoxical accounts of the event.
The Blades have on file few reports from agen
ts dating from the "Warp in the West" period.
Most of our agents were lost in the initial disl
ocations, and others were lost in the confusion
of these reports to give you a general sense of their limitations,
including the report of your diplomatic predecesso
other private and rumored accounts of the
documents raise more questions than they answer.
The Report of Hammerfell Agent 'Briarbird'
'I was on assignment in the Alik'r Desert,
a few miles south of Bergama on the 9th of
Frostfall. I was encamped, as it was still ear
ly morning, when I felt the ground shake so
violently, I was thrown to the ground. Dazed, I was aware of a great roar of a sandstorm,
which alarmed me, as I had been on a high
horizon. It was on me before I was even on my knees, burying me and my camp.
When I crawled my way out of the sand, I realized
falling from the sky. Though I could not see them,
I could hear them coming from a distance
away, and was able to use my shield to block them from striking me.
The assault stopped suddenly, and I could smell smoke
. I learned later that most of the forest
the Ilessan Hills. Fortunately, I kept my beari
ngs, and moved north, finally reaching a temple
in the wilderness where my wounds were healed, as well as they could be.
ruling families and political environment that
may aid you in your understanding of the court
King Gortwog of Orsinium controls much of
the Wrothgarian Mountains as well as the
profitable rivercoast of the Bjoulsae. He persists in his demands that Orsinium be recognized
as an Imperial province separate from Hi
recognized king, and collects taxes directly from
Orsinium, but officially Orsinium remains a
Sentinel has gained the most land, sprawli
ng across the entire southern Iliac Bay from
to the edge of Mournoth, Orsinium's
r enormous kingdom to her only surviving son,
Lhotun, who is now surely one of the most powerful kings in Tamriel.
ARRIOR [207] Warrior Warrior
you have not read the first two books, 'Beggar'
and 'Thief,' you would be well advised to do so.
Suoibud Erol did not know much of
kingdom was very poor and taxes were as a result
very high. He was too young to manage his abundant
their master would be ruined, moved him to
Jallenheim. No one knew why that location was
picked. Some old maid, long dead now, had
else. No family, no social position, no security at
all. Loyalty, he found out on more than one
ARRIOR That brings us up to this moment when, af
and surprised a thief in his bedroom. The thief was Eslaf.
Eslaf had been contemplating a leap from th

[208] T
See vol. I.
AY OF THE EXPOSED PALM [210] Way of the Exposed Palm The Way of
the Exposed Palm
Untrained pugiliists are known to make a club
drum. It is a truly uncouth way to victory. The way of the exposed palm is far more
sophisticated and far more deadly.
Consider this question. A man is struck in the
chest by the flat of a plate. There is a small
bruise but he is otherwise unharmed. Now break
the plate and strike him in the chest with a
shard using the same force. Now the man is dead or grievously wounded. How can this be?
How can a small object harm more than a larger?
way of the exposed palm. The five part way is
concentration, reaction, equiplibrium, speed, breat
h control. To master unarmed combat all
five digits must be mastered.
The parable of the man and the plate is concentra
small point. Therefore it is more potent. To strike
with just the thumb can be more deadly that
to strike with the whole fist. However, only the highly trained fighter can do this.
The second aspect of concentration is the mental
done. Distractions are ignored as the will mainta
ins the ultimate goal. The truly deadly fighter
can even block out his own pain in this manner.

[211] W

See vol. I.
† Zealotry Zealotry of Sheogorath The self-proclaimed Zealots of Sheogorath believe our liege lord to be not just a man of
mysterious and wondrous powers, but a living
and his whim supports all things in it. They
believe Arden-Sul, Who Reads the Winds in Our
Entrails, was the mortal aspect of Lord Sheogor
ath, and will come again to cleanse the Realm.
Since these claims are clearly ridiculous, it can be assumed that all Zealots are quite mad.
be treatied with easily. They attack almost
Anya · 434
Apocrypha · 97
Apotheosis of Alessia · 75
Black Sacrament · 65-66
Blackwood Company · 53-54, 143, 235
Blakeley, Grantham · 378
Bloodmatron · 368, 463
Bodean Camp · 329
Chapel District · 137, 144
Chapel of Arkay · 137, 160
Chapel of Dibella · 160
Chapel of Zenithar · 142, 161
Daedra Worship · 133, 384-385
Dementia · 34-35, 149-150, 535, 595
Demon · 78, 111-112, 552, 561, 564, 587
Direnni Hegemony · 287
Dumac Dwarfking · 520
Dunmer · 16, 39, 244, 400, 486, 515
Dwemer · 39, 79, 94, 183, 442, 520
Elder Council Chamber · 146
Elder Wood · 40
Eleven Ritual Forms · 335
Eliminator · 469
Elmlock, Orben · 503, 505
Emfrid · 165
Emma May · 255
Empedocles · 232
Emperor · 6-7, 13, 37, 56, 63-64, 66, 115,
Emperor of Tamriel · 146
Empress of Cyrodiil · 287, 532
Esprink, Namlir · 535
Fort Redman · 465
Fort Wariel · 250
Gamboge, Stern · 539
Gelnumbria Moors · 533
Gemullus, Chaero · 16-17, 19
Gerimania, Eadith · 218
Glass of Time · 470
Glenmoril · 368
Glenmoril Wyrd · 368
Glenumbria Moors · 287
Gliedshrim · 178
God of Worms · 396
Grim · 240
Gromm · 60
Gromma the Hairless · 547
Grulam, Uzul gro- · 353
Grummite · 122, 348, 536
Gzalzi vaberzarita maaszi · 5
Hammer and Axe · 157
Hammer and Tongs · 157
Hammerfell · 221, 237, 432, 502-504, 520,
Harald of Ysgramor · 39
Havoc Wellhead · 95
Haymon, Astay · 353
He Who Shakes The Ground · 271
Helm of the Crusader · 269
Imbel, Artan II · 218
Imbel, Corben · 218
Imbel, Corben II · 218
Imbel, Faren · 218
Imbel, Faren II · 218
Imbel, Jakben · 58, 242
Imbel, Rosten · 218
Imga · 5, 499
Imperatum saliache · 1
Imperial Alchemy Symposium · 338
Imperial Battle College · 64, 137
Imperial Battlemage · 63, 95, 515, 538-539
Imperial Bridge Inn · 430
Imperial Charter · 222, 384
Imperial City · 8, 11, 25-26, 54, 56, 59, 65-
Imperial City Archives, Documents
Imperial Commerce Road · 16, 26
Imperial Council · 177, 604
Imperial Court · 499
Imperial Crown · 533
Imperial Guard · 63, 146
Imperial Legion · 59, 65-66, 238, 340, 415,
Imperial Library · 159, 470, 532, 558-563
Imperial Majesty · 601
Imperial Navy · 237
Imperial Orrery · 147, 439
Imperial Palace · 56, 96, 146, 470
Imperial Prison · 66, 146, 148
Imperial Province · 12, 59, 69, 225, 302,
Imperial Reserve · 522
Imperial Simulacrum · 63
Imperial Watch · 53-56, 58, 417, 471, 598
Imperialization · 142
Interregnum · 79
J 'Ghasta · 465, 467
Jallenheim · 114, 278, 577, 604-605
Jalmar · 104-106
Janus, Amorous · 373
Jarth, Waughin · 11, 15, 19, 24, 103, 108,
Khar, Umar gra- · 455
King of Worms · 51, 370, 372
Kingdom of Fear · 552
Kjoric the White · 520-521
Knights of the Lamp · 52
Maelstrom of Bal · 95
Mymophonus · 393
Mysterium Xarxes · 82-83, 388
Mystic Emporium · 169, 202-203, 245
Namira · 44-45
Narlemae · 560
Necrom · 110, 224
Necromancer · 50-52, 104, 260-261, 370-
Necromancy · 50- 52, 105, 132
Nefarivigum · 243-244, 585
Nematigh · 95
Office of Imperial Commerce · 147
Oghma Infinium · 457
Ogrim · 591
Old Way · 458, 470
Omathan, Taren · 242
Omellian, Nilphas · 182-184, 338, 432,
Order of the Black Worm · 396
Order of the Lamp · 371
Ormil · 353
Orsimer · 110, 547
Orsinium · 50, 52, 64, 215, 539, 547, 599,
Orum · 55
Padhome · 82
Padomaic · 563
Padomay · 38, 84
Quo, Simocles · 499
Ra'athim, Katariah I · 79, 515
Rain's Hand · 232, 244
Ransom · 488
Raybeam · 321
Red Diamond · 8, 168
Red Diamond Jewelry · 168
Regelliam, Chivius · 400
Reman · 57, 370, 507-508, 558-563
Reman Dynasty · 178
Reman Manuscript · 558-563
Remus · 227
Resonator of Judgment · 376
Septim Dynasty · 298
Septim Empire · 284
Septim, Cephorus I · 284
Septim, Ebel · 63
Septim, Enman · 63
Septim, Geldall · 63
Septim, Pelagius · 485
Septim, Pelagius IV · 12, 499
Septim, Thoraz Pelagius III · 365
Septim, Tiber I · 13, 36-37, 55, 79, 105,
Septim, Uriel V · 509
Septim, Uriel VII · 63, 146, 316, 538-539
Septimia · 510-513
Shaman · 536, 547
Shambles · 263, 265-266, 348, 534, 537
Shrieking Winds · 463
Sickly Bernice's Taphouse · 151
Silmane, Ria · 63, 539
Silverhome on the Water · 166
Stormcrown · 508
Truiand, Carmalo · 339
Umaril · 1, 560-561, 563-564, 566
Umbacano · 303, 438
Umbranox, Corvus · 131
Umbranox, Fasil · 238-240
Umbranox, Millona · 55, 131
Umpholo · 26
Ungolim · 467
University of Gwylim · 79, 463
mallari av malatu · 31
Vaba Do'Shurh'do · 5
amaraldane aldmeris adonai · 31
Vaernima · 96, 544-546
Vampire · 58, 219-221, 231, 242, 248, 253,
Vampirism · 219
Varsa Baalim · 244, 585
Varus Camp · 329
Verenim, Relmyna · 262, 317
Vjinmore · 552
Voriplasm · 25
Wabbajack · 597
Wagariun, Ferdelus · 344
Walking Trees · 358
War College · 512
War of Righteousness · 78, 533, 564
War of the Isle · 284
War of the Red Diamond · 284
Warhaft · 373-374
Warp in the West · 64, 316, 539, 599-600,
Wars of the Iliac Bays · 64
Watch Captain · 55, 471, 598
Watchtower · 56
Waterfront District · 53, 56, 121, 146-147,
Wayrest · 64, 539, 599, 601-603
Wayshrine · 380
Wednesday · 428
Weir Gate · 95
Welkynd Stone · 128, 366-367, 430
Wendelbek · 425
Wereshark · 55
West Chorrol · 139
West Gate · 137, 142
West Weald · 144, 167, 270, 284, 402, 522
West Weald Inn · 144, 167, 402
Westgate · 131-132
II. Years

Merecthic Era
ME 1 · 39
ME 2500 · 38-39
First Era
1E 0 · 38
1E 240 · 298
Second Era
2E 283 · 177
2E 320 · 177
2E 321 · 178
Third Era
3E 12 · 284
3E 105 · 463

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