final control work form 9

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Final CONTROL WORK FORM 9 I. Fill in the gaps with a/an where necessaryIt's … quite difficult task.My teacher is rather … strict.What … funny bear I have!It's a pleasure to dance with such … beautiful girl. You may buy this car – it is quite ... reliable. Something quite … dramatic is happening. This house is rather … expensive for me. What … powerful monarch Queen Victoria was! II. Complete the sentences by using which, where, who, whose or by leaving a blank The man … I asked to help is my brother.Yesterday we visited the Gallery … I took pictures.We often visit our aunt in Norwich … is in East Anglia.This is the Professor … came from Italy.Glenn is the person … is organizing concerts in Paris.The money … was in my wallet has been spent.She is the girl … I met yesterday.That's the woman … car was stolen this morning. III. Change the verbs from Active to Passive Lots of people draw pictures every day. Some students missed classes yesterday. The police have arrested the criminal. The company will finish the building the next day. My sister made the salad.The Boss has given Mrs. Jones some instructions. IV. Complete the sentences by writing the correct form of the verbs in bracketsIf ______ had V 3, ________ would have V3If ______had not V3, ______would not have V3. If I hadn't missed the bus, my teacher … (not/tell me off). If I (pass) my exam, my father would have bought me a new computer.If she (not/feel) ill this morning, she would have come to the party. If I had gone to the party, I … (make friends) with Sue. If she … (not/finish) the typing yesterday, she would have much work today. If I … (not/fall) seriously in love in the 10-th grade, I … (not/get) poor marks in Physics. 

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