Business travels form a rather important aspect of the commercial activity. Naturally, this is reflected in correspondence. However, the reader of this book will not find in it any specific details connected with booking airplane tickets or hotel accommodations. This is usually not the matter of correspondence, but of a day-to-day business routine. Given below are the expressions most frequently used in arranging a business visit, and then some examples of letters.NOTES
1. business travel —деловая поездка, командировка
2. to book v — заказывать
booking airplane tickets — заказ авиабилетов
3. accommodation n — место проживания, размещения
hotel accommodation — место (номер) в гостинице
4. routine n — повседневная жизнь
day-to-day business — здесь: повседневная деловая практика
routine 5. to arrange v — организовывать, устраивать
The expressions most commonly used in correspondence relating to business visits are tfie following:
He is (we are, our representa- Он готов (мы, наши представители) готовы
tives) are prepared to travel to... приехать в...
to examine this matter in de- обсудить (исследовать)
tail проблему в деталях
to have personal discussions иметь личные беседы с Вашими представителями
with your representatives a list of points which we список пунктов, которые
would like to discuss мы бы хотели обсудить
to come with the purpose of приехать с целью ведения
conducting negotiations переговоров
shall be very pleased to meet будем очень рады встретить
We regret that our manager will be away at that time. Сожалеем, что наш руководитель в это время будет отсутствовать.
We suggest that you should visit... if this time is convenient for you Предлагаем Вам приехать, .... если это время Вам удобно.
We greatly appreciate your invitation. Мы очень благодарны Вам за приглашение.
The time suggested by you, viz... is quite convenient for us Время, предложенное Вами, т.е. ..., вполне нас устраивает.
We propose flying to... about... (time) Мы собираемся вылететь в... приблизительно... (время)
We will advise you of the exact date after the flight has been arranged. Мы сообщим Вам точное время вылета после заказа билетов.
Please inform us if the time between 10th and 12th of July is convenient. Пожалуйста, сообщите, удобно ли Вам время между 10-м и 12-м июля.
The exact date and time of the visit to your office will be set upon arrival. Точный день и время посещения Вашего офиса будут определены по прибытии.
We would like to thank you and your associates for the hospitality and kindness. Хотим поблагодарить Вас и Ваших коллег за гостеприимство и радушие.
The problem of accommodation will be attended to by... ч Проблемой размещения займется...
I trust that 1 can be of similar assistance Надеюсь, я смогу оказать сходные услуги.
1. Proposing a business visit from England to Russia
London, November 27, 20..
J.V. "Piterpribor", St Petersburg
Dear Sirs,
We refer to the recent discussions we had with your representative Mr. P.N. Maksimov in London on the possibility of our supplying your company with the office equipment manufactured by our company and distributing the appliances produced by you in Great Britain.
To examine this matter in detail, our Managing Director Mr. Peter Smith is prepared to travel to St Petersburg at the beginning of December, 20.., and have personal discussions with the management of J.V. "Piterpribor".
At the suggestion of Mr. Maksimov we enclose a list of points which we would like to discuss in St. Petersburg.
We look forward to your reply.
Yours faithfully, Enclosure
2. Proposing a business visit from Russia to Western Europe Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your letter of 13th July, when you offered us representation in Belgium and Holland.
We are interested in your proposal, and would like to discuss terms.
Our Sales Manager, B.V. Petrov, has a supervisory interest in our European agencies, and we have asked him to fly over to see you next week or the week after. Please advise us suitable dates for him to inspect your organization with a view to appointing yoti as agents.
Before, flying back to Russia Mr. Petrov will draw up an agreement, which he is authorized to sign on our behalf.
Yours faithfully,
1. recent adj— недавний
recent'discussiOtt— недавнее обсуждение
2. to supply v — обеспечивать, снабжать, поставлять
to supply with — снабжать
3. office equipment — конторское оборудование
4, to manufacture v — изготавливать (промышленным способом)
5. to distribute v — распространять, продавать
6. appliance n — приспособление,изделие7. suggestion n — предложение, запрос,
at the suggestion of — по просьбе
8. representation n — представительство,
to offer representation — предложить представлять
9. proposal n — предложение
to be interested in some — заинтересоваться чьим-то предложением
one's proposal 10. to discuss terms — обсуждать условия
11. a supervisory interest — зд. ответственность
to have a.supervisory— зд. отвечать за что-либо
interest in smth12. agencyn— агентские услуги
13. next week or the week — на следующей неделе
after или через неделю
14. with a view to appointing — с целью (намерением)
you as назначить вас
15. agent n — агент, представитель
16. draw up v — составлять (соглашение)
17. authorized — уполномочен
A Simple Business Deal
A series of business letters leading to the conclusion of a transaction usually includes the following sorts of letters: enquiries, replies to enquiries, offers, orders, order confirmations, advice of shipment, complaints and adjustment letters, and agency letters.
All these types of letters will be discussed in details below, but to give a schematic idea of a business transaction, the following simple transaction with short letters has been selected.
1. Enquiry.
St Petersburg, May 30*\20..
Export-Import G.m.b.H.,
64, Mohrenstrasse,
Berlin W 8, BRD
Dear Sirs,
We have seen your advertisement in "General Export" and should be glad to receive your bicycle catalogues with price lists. The prices should be given CEF St Petersburg. If they are competitive we may be able to place larger orders subsequently.
We trust to receive an early reply.
Yours faithfully,
The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd.,(Sergey Ivanov)
2. Reply to Enquiry. The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd.,
114 Nevsky Prospect,
St Petersburg, Russia
Berlin, June.15th, 20.
Dear Sirs,
Re.: Your Enquiry of May 30th.
We thank you for your above letter and are pleased to send you our latest catalogue and the current price
list. All our bicycles are of a very good quality. The enamelling can be done in any colour you want.
We shall send you a specified offer as soon as we have your exact requirements.
Yours faithfully,
Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H.(Schulze) (Gebhard)
St Petersburg, July 1st, 20.3. Detailed Enquiry.
Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H.,
64, Mohrenstrasse, Berlin W 8, BRD
Dear Sirs,
Offer for Trial Order
With pleasure we received your catalogue and have studied it with interest. We should like to have an offer for one piece of your gent's cycle MIFA "Mowe" for a trial order.
If its quality proves to be satisfactory we shall place a big order. The enamelling should be red and green.
We look forward to your offer with interest.
Yours faithfully,
The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd.,(Sergey Ivanov)
4. Offer.
The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd., 114
Nevsky Prospect,
St Petersburg, Russia
Berlin, July 14th, 20..Dear Sirs,
We thank you for your letter of July 1st and are pleased to offer as follows:
One piece gent's cycle MIFA "Mowe", green and red enamelling, tyres 28 x 1.75, with bell, saddle, and pump, without lighting set, at USD 95.00
Terms of deliver: Price is quoted CIF St Petersburg cycle packed in seaworthy case, wheels removed23.
Delivery: Can be effected ex works two weeks after the receipt of your order.
Terms of payment: Establishment of an irrevocable letter of credit with the Deutsche Notenbank, Berlin, in favour of Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H., Berlin W 8, Mohrenstrasse 64.
This offer is valid until September 30, 20..Yours faithfully,
Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H.(Schulze) , (Gebhard)
5. Order.
St Petersburg, July 28, 20.Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H.,
64, Mohrenstrasse, Berlin W 8, BRD
Dear Sirs,
Order No. 279/57
We received your offer of July 14th and order: 1 gent's cycle "M6we" as specified, at
USD 95.00 - CIF St Petersburg
We are establishing the L/C28 in your favour immediately and ask you to inform us when you can ship the bicycle.
Yours faithfully,
The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd.,(Sergey Ivanov)
6. Order Confirmation Accompanied by this Letter.
The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd., Berlin, Aug. 15th, 200...
114 Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia
Dear Sirs,
Re: Your Order No. 279/57
We thank you for your order of July 28th and enclose our Order Confirmation. We have instructed our manufacturers to send the bicycle to Rostock as soon as possible. It can be dispatched immediately after we received word that your L/C has been opened.
Yours faithfully,
Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H.(Schulze) (Gebhard)
Encl.7. Advice of Shipment. The Modern Cycle Co. Ltd.,
114 Nevsky Prospect, St Petersburg, Russia
Berlin, Aug. 23rd, 20.Dear Sirs,.Re: Your Order No. 279/57
We have been informed by the Deutsche Notenbank that you have established a letter of credit in our favour, amounting to USD 95.00. Thane you very much.Today we instructed our Rostock forwarding agents, Messrs. Finder & Co., to ship the bicycle to St Petersburg by next available steamer. As far as we know, the "Nautilus" will be the next ship to sail there. We hope that our bicycle will meet your approval and look forward to your future orders. You may be assured they will command our best attention.
Yours faithfully,
Transportmaschinen Export-Import G.m.b.H.(Schulze) (Gebhard)
l. series nsg— серия, ряд
2. transaction n — сделка
3. enquiry n — запрос
4. reply to enquiry — ответ на запрос
5. offer n — предложение
6. advice of shipment — сообщение об отгрузке
7. adjustment letter — письмо по исправлению претензий
8. agency letter — письмо об агентских услугах
9. CIF = Cost, Insurance, — СИФ (стоимость, страховка, фрахт), разновидность условий доставки
Freight 10. competitive adj— конкурентоспособный
11. to place larger orders — размещать большие заказы
12. subsequently adv — впоследствии, потом, позже
13. above — упомянутый выше
your above letter — ваше вышеупомянутое письмо
14. quality — качество
of a good quality — хорошего качества
15. enamelling n — зд. цвет, окраска
16. specified — установленный, точно
a specified offer — специфицированное
17. trial order — пробный заказ
18. cycle (=bicycle) n — велосипед
19. satisfactory adj— удовлетворительный
20. tyre — шина
21. pump л — насос
22. lighting set —устройство для освещения
23. to remove v — снимать, отсоединять
wheels removed — со снятыми колесами
24. can be effected — может быть осуществленex works — с завода
ex store — со склада
ex elevator — с элеватора
25. receipt л — получение
after the receipt of — по получении
26. tetter of credit — аккредитив
an irrevocable letter of — безотзывный аккредитив
credit 27. valid adj— действительный, имеющий силу
the contract is valid for — договор действителен
a month месяц
28. L/C = tetter of credit — аккредитив
to establish the L/C in — открывать аккредитив
smb's favourна чье-либо имя
to draw a check in smb's— выписать чек на чье-либо имя
favour29. to dispatch v —посылать, отправлять по
30. to amount to v — составлять суму,
31. forwarding agent — экспедитор
32. available adj— доступный, имеющийся
в наличии
by next available steamer — ближайшим пароходом
33. to command smb's best — получать достойное внимание

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