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ew Books and Journals 2011
Equinox and Acumen
TY &
Welcome to the 2011–2012 Religion catalogue.
e catalogue brings together the books and journals from
both Equinox and Acumen. e two academic publishers are
now merged. Together, we remain an independent publisher
and we remain dedicated to publishing innovative scholarly
and pedagogical work.
is catalogue showcases new books in almost every eld of
religion, including theology and biblical studies: new books
for student courses, new desktop and library reference, and
many new titles which present research from the forefront of
the discipline.
To highlight just a few of the titles here:
e History of Western
Philosophy of Religion
series, now also available as individual
volumes; an exciting series launching with new books this
Religion, Cognition and Culture
; a new edition of James
Lewis’ key work on
; a far-reaching reinterpretation of
twentieth-century intellectual history,
; a student text in
biblical studies,
Opening the Books of Moses
; and an important
new journal,
Medieval Mystical eology
We hope you enjoy what is here; we welcome proposals for
new journals and books.
With best wishes,
Tristan Palmer
Publisher, Books
[email protected]
Janet Joyce
Director, Journals
[email protected]
Prices and publication dates in this catalogue are correct at the time of going to
press but are subject to alteration without notice.
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Edited by
Willi Braun
University of Alberta in
Edmonton, and
T. McCutcheon
University of Alabama
Leading international
scholars of religion explore
the problems of introducing
“religion”: as a category
of human social practices; as a term that must be
subject to scholarly theorizing; and as a subject
that must be carefully presented to students in the
2008 352pp
HB 9781845532307 £75.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845536527 $24.99 / $39.95
Representing Religion
Essays in History, Theory and Crisis
Tim Murphy
, University of Alabama
“Exciting, well-written and cogent. Murphy’s
thoughtful foray into this genre oers a kind of
clarity to emulate. His book is smart and well
written and will help to advance thinking in our
Explores the crisis of representation in religious
Series: Religion in Culture: Studies in Social Contest
and Construction
2007 224pp
HB 9781845530914 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845530921 £19.99 / $29.95
Twentieth Century
Daniel Dubuisson
Centre National
de la Recherche
Scientique in France
“Important reading for those
engaged in structuralist
studies in religion and
Twentieth Century Mythologies
examines the
history of scholarship of myth through the work
of its key analysts: the noted Indo-Europeanist
Georges Dumézil, the structuralist anthropologist
Claude Lévi-Strauss, and the historian of religions
Mircea Eliade.
2006 288pp
HB 9781845530204 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845530211 £19.99 / $34.95
The Location of Religion
A Spatial Analysis
Kim Knott
, University of Leeds
e book presents a spatial analysis of religious-
secular relations. It locates religion within the
social, cultural, and physical spaces of the present
using a method informed by contemporary spatial
theory, particularly the work of Henri Lefebvre.
2005 288pp 1 illus.
HB 9781904768746 £75.00 / $120.00
PB 9781904768753 £24.99 / $39.95
Failure and Nerve in the
Academic Study of Religion
Edited by
William Arnal
, University of Regina,
Willi Braun
, University
of Alberta, and
Russell T. McCutcheon
, University of Alabama
Failure and Nerve in the Academic Study of Religion
presents a provocative critique
of the unwillingness of modern scholars to publically distinguish research into
comparative religion from confessional studies written within denominationally-
aliated institutions. e book oers the nineteenth century founders of the study
of religion as a bracing corrective to contemporary timidity.
e issue was analysed and documented by Wiebe a quarter of a century ago.
Here, marking Wiebe’s work, a wide range of contributors reassess the methodology and ambition of
contemporary religious research. e book argues that conceptualizing religion as part of the world of
human action and experience is the rst requirement of the study of religion.
June 2012 320pp
HB 9781845538989 £60.00 / $99.95
Past Minds
Studies in Cognitive Historiography
Edited by
Luther H. Martin
, University of Vermont,
Jesper Sørensen
, University of Southern Denmark
How do historians understand the minds, motivations, and intentions of historical
agents? What might evolutionary and cognitive theorizing contribute to this work?
What is the relation between natural and cultural history? Historians have been
intrigued by such questions ever since the publication of
e Origin of Species
itself the historicization of biology. is interest re-emerged in the latter part of
the twentieth century among a number of biologists, philosophers and historians,
reinforced by the new interdisciplinary nding of cognitive scientists about the
universal capacities of and constraints upon human minds.
Past Minds
develops this analysis, focusing on
historical examples of ancient religions as well as on theoretical and methodological issues.
Series: Religion, Cognition and Culture
September 2011 222pp
HB 9781845537401 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845537418 £19.99 / $34.95
Religious Narrative, Cognition and Culture
Image and Word in the Mind of Narrative
Edited by
Armin W. Geertz
Jeppe Sinding Jensen
both University of Aarhus, Denmark
Religious Narrative, Cognition and Culture
brings together some of the world’s
leading scholars in the elds of cognitive science and comparative religion. e
essays range across diverse elds: the neurological processes and possible genetic
foundations of how language emerged; the possible phylogenetic routes in the
development of language and culture; the complex interrelations between the
ontogenesis and the sociogenesis of cognitive processes; the value of a combination
of neurology, narratology and a reworked speech-act approach that focuses on
narrative; how the psychology of ritual helps make narrative beliefs possible; religious narratives; emotional
communication; the role of gossip as religious narrative; area studies of religious narrative and cognition in
the Bible; Indian Epic literature; Australian Aboriginal mythology and ritual; modern religious forms such
as New Age, Asatro, astrological narrative and virtual rituals in cyberspace.
Series: Religion, Cognition and Culture
October 2011 352pp
HB 9781845532949 £75.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845532956 £24.99 / £39.95
Critical Categories in the
Study of Religion series
“e books in this Equinox series are a top-notch set
of articles and excerpts on their respective themes.
Each presents classic statements as well as current
perspectives and provides rich and nuanced editorial
frames. e editorial introductions to sections oer
substantive discussions in their own right. is series
is of great value for students, scholars and libraries,
with special relevance for religious studies and
Behavioral and Social Science Librarian
The God of Philosophy
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Second Edition
Roy Jackson
, University of Gloucestershire
“A timely addition to resources … illuminating without being overbearing.”
Times Educational Supplement
For centuries philosophers have argued about the existence and nature of God. Do we need God to explain
the origins of the universe? Can there be morality without a divine source of goodness? How can God exist
when there is so much evil and suering in the world? All these questions and many more are brought to life
with clarity and style in
e God of Philosophy
. e arguments for and against God’s existence are weighed
up, along with discussion of the meaning of religious language, the concept of God and the possibility of life
aer death. is new edition brings the debate right up to date by exploring the philosophical arguments of
the new atheists such as Richard Dawkins, as well as considering what the latest discoveries in science can
tell us about why many believe in the existence of the divine.
October 2011 192pp
HB 9781844655007 £45.00 / $75.00
PB 9781844655014 £14.99 / $24.95
Global Ethics
An Introduction
Heather Widdows
, University of Birmingham
Global Ethics
provides a superb analysis of the ethical issues that arise at the global level. It succeeds in both
covering a great deal of ground and in doing so in considerable depth. One particularly attractive feature of
the book is the way it unites ethical analysis with detailed accounts of the practical challenges that we face
Global Ethics
is also wonderfully clear, and introduces complex ideas in an extremely accessible and
illuminating way.”
Simon Caney, University of Oxford
Global Ethics
addresses some of the most pressing ethical concerns today, including rogue states, torture,
scarce resources, poverty, migration, consumption, global trade, medical tourism, and humanitarian
intervention. How we resolve the dilemmas of global ethics shapes how we understand ourselves, our
relationships with each other and our social and political frameworks now and into the future.
2011 304pp
HB 9781844652815 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781844652822 £16.99 / $29.95
Hume on Religion
Julian Baggini
David Hume is widely thought to be Britain’s greatest ever philosopher, and his writings on religion are as
relevant today as they were in the eighteenth century. is volume gathers together these disparate writings
into one handy volume. It includes both the
Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion
e Natural History
of Religion
, the chapters on miracles and the argument from design from
An Enquiry Concerning Human
, and two lesser-known but brilliant essays, “On the Immortality of the Soul” and “Of
Superstition and Enthusiasm”. e volume also includes a substantial introductory essay by Julian Baggini,
which explores the controversial question of whether Hume was an agnostic or an atheist.
September 2011 192pp
PB 9780953761135 £14.99 / $24.95
Tony Milligan
, University of Aberdeen
What is love? What is it to be loved? Can we trust love? Is it overrated? ese are
just some of the questions Tony Milligan pursues in his novel exploration of a
subject that has occupied philosophers since the time of Plato. Tackling the mood
of pessimism about the nature of love that reaches back through Schopenhauer
and Kierkegaard, he examines the links between love and grief, love and nature,
and between love of others and loving oneself. We love too few things in the
world, Milligan concludes, adding that we need to be loved too, to appreciate our
own value and the worth of life itself.
Series: e Art of Living October 2011 152pp PB 9781844655069 £9.99 / $18.95
Stan van Hooft
, Deakin University, Australia
In his fascinating and thought-provoking investigation into the meaning of
hope, Stan van Hoo shows that hope is a fundamental structure of the way we
live our lives. For Aristotle being hopeful was part of a well-lived life, a virtue.
For Aquinas it was a fundamentally theological virtue and for Kant a basic moral
motivation. It shapes how we view ourselves and the world in which we live.
Whether we hope for a life aer death or for good weather tomorrow – whether
our hopes are grand or humble – hoping is part of our outlook on life. What we
hope for denes who we are.
Series: e Art of Living 2011 176pp PB 9781844652600 £9.99 / $18.95
Theo Hobson
“e book exhibits the author’s usual qualities of forceful argument expressed with a conversational
Diarmaid MacCulloch, University of Oxford
Is faith dependent on religion or is it also a general secular phenomenon? In exploring this question
Hobson ranges widely over theology, philosophy, politics and psychology and engages with the writings
of Christian and atheist thinkers alike.
Series: e Art of Living 160pp 2009 PB 9781844652020 £10.99
Steve Fuller
, University of Warwick
is challenging and provocative book argues that our continuing faith in science in the face of its actual
history is best understood as the secular residue of a religiously inspired belief in divine providence. Just
as men once put their faith in God’s activity in the world, so we now travel to a land promised by science.
, Fuller suggests that the two destinations might be the same one.
Series: e Art of Living 2010 176pp PB 9781844652044 £10.99
Eve Garrard
, University of Manchester, and
David McNaughton
, Florida State University
“e book is superbly written … e issues are laid out with admirable clarity and balance, and they kept
my interest as if I were reading an exciting novel.”

Anthony Bash, Durham University
Series: e Art of Living 2010 176pp PB 9781844652266 £10.99
What’s good about being in the grip of a delusion that requires a ridiculously
inflated estimation of the subject of our affections? How can the grasping, selfish,
shows, is because it connects at a fundamental level to our shared human need
Aping Mankind
Neuromania, Darwinitis and the Misrepresentation of Humanity
Raymond Tallis
“A terric book, though readers must be prepared to read it at least twice, not because
it is in any sense obscure, but fully to appreciate the richness and subtlety of Tallis’s
novel insights, with all their implications for our understanding of humanity’s
precious attributes of freedom, intentionality and moral responsibility.”
e Tablet
“A major and erudite statement of a position that is intellectually, morally and
spiritually of the rst importance to us living now.”
Roger Scruton
Aping Mankind
is a devastating critique which exposes the exaggerated claims made
for the ability of neuroscience and evolutionary theory to explain human consciousness, behaviour, culture
and society. While readily acknowledging the astounding progress neuroscience has made in helping us
understand how the brain works, Tallis directs his guns at neuroscience’s dark companion – “Neuromania”
as he describes it – the belief that brain activity is not merely a necessary but a sucient condition for
human consciousness. Tallis dismantles the idea that “we are our brains” and shows it to be confused
and fallacious.
March 2012 400pp HB 9781844652723 £25.00 / $45.00 PB 9781844652730 £14.99 / $24.95
The Qur’
An Annotated Translation
Edited by
A.J. Droge
is new edition of the Qur’n, designed specially for students and scholars of religion, provides a one-
volume resource comparable to what is available for the Jewish and Christian Bibles. e translation oers
as literal a rendering of the Arabic as is possible in contemporary English. In this way readers gain access to
the Qur’n’s distinctive idiom in a form close to the way it was originally expressed.
e translation includes detailed annotations explaining key terminology, oering information on
historical and linguistic contexts, and providing cross references to parallel passages elsewhere in the
Qur’n and in the scriptures of Judaism and Christianity. A general introduction and comprehensive index
further contribute to what will become the ideal English text of the Qur’n.
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies
August 2012 736pp
HB 9781845539443 £75.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845539450 £24.99 / $39.95
Orientalists, Islamists and the Global Public Sphere
Dietrich Jung
, University of Southern Denmark
“e denitive modern work on the history and pitfalls of Orientalism – both old and new.”
Bryan S. Turner, CUNY
“is astonishing book, brilliant, knowledgeable and elegant, goes beyond heated polemics by means of
sophisticated use of social theory so as to present a complete, balanced and convincing account of the
formation of contemporary understands of the Islamic world.”
John Hall, McGill University, Montreal
“A contribution to the intellectual history of the globalizing world of the rst importance.”
Francis Robinson, Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
“An insightful, compelling, and thorough new account of the history of Islamic studies, east and west, that is
‘must have’ reading for social theorists and intellectual historians interested in Islam.”
Richard C. Martin, Emory University
e book analyses key encounters between western and Muslim intellectuals since the nineteenth century
in order to explore the changing global understanding of the image of Islam.
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies
February 2012 332pp
HB 9781845538996 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845539009 £19.99 / $34.95
Theorizing Islam
Disciplinary Deconstruction and Reconstruction
Aaron W. Hughes
, SUNY at Buffalo
e scholarly study of Islam has become ever more insular and apologetic. Academic Islamic Studies
has tried to maintain a focus on truth, authenticity, experience and meaning and has eectively avoided
discussion of larger social, cultural and ideological issues.
Many scholars of Islam have presented themselves to their colleagues, the media and the public as
interpreters of Islam and have done so with an interpretation which tends, almost universally, to the
liberal and egalitarian. e ignorance and hostility which the Islamic faith has faced since 9/11 has partly
necessitated the taking of such a position. But, as
eorizing Islam
argues, the issue remains that only
one interpretation of Islam is generally being presented and, as with any interpretation, this has its own
e aim of
eorizing Islam
is to explore the potential for a fuller, more honest and more sophisticated
approach to both theory and methodology in the academic study of Islam.
Series: Religion in Culture: Studies in Social Contest and Construction
March 2012 224pp
HB 9781908049360 £60.00 / $99.95
Dening Islam
A Reader
Edited by
, University of
Victoria, Canada
“At a time when many
departments of religious
studies are expanding their
course oerings in Islam,
and seeking to integrate
Islamic studies into their
wider critical conversations on religion, this volume
is uniquely welcome.
Dening Islam
well the state of several lines of critical enquiry
developing within Islamic studies today.”
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
“e volume’s value lies in putting these perspectives
in direct conversation and in an immensely readable
Studies in Religion
PART I THEOLOGY: 1. Abu Hanifa, e Epistle
of Abu Hanifa to Uthman al-Batti; 2. Muhammad
Ibn Abd Al-Wahhab and Ibn Baz, Ten ings at
Nullify One’s Islam; 3. Sayyid Qutb, e Formation
of Islamic Society and its Characteristics; 4. M. R.
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, e Spread of Islam.
Lukens-Bull, Between Text and Practice:
Considerations in the Anthropological Study of
Islam; 6. Dale F. Eickelman, e Study of Islam
in Local Contexts; 7. Abdul Hamid M. El-Zein,
Beyond Ideology and eology: e Search for
the Anthropology of Islam; 8. Cliord Geertz,
Two Countries, Two Cultures; 9. William R. Ro,
Islamic Movements: One or Many?; 10. Barbara D.
Metcalf, Islam in Contemporary Southeast Asia:
History, Community, Morality; 11. Armando
Salvatore, Beyond Orientalism? Max Weber and
the Displacements of “Essentialism” in the Study
of Islam.
PART III RELIGION: 12. Duncan Black Mcdonald,
e Muslim East as It Presents Itself; 13. Wilfred
Cantwell Smith, e Special Case of Islam; 14.
Charles Le Gai Eaton, Religion is a Dierent
Matter; 15. Jacques Waardenburg, Ocial,
Popular, and Normative Religion in Islam; 16.
Norman Calder, e Limits of Islamic Orthodoxy;
17. Abdulkader I. Tayob, Dening Islam in the
roes of Modernity; 18. Mohammed Arkoun,
Islam, Europe, the West: Meanings-at-Stake and
the Will-to-Power.
Grunebaum, e Problem: Unity in Diversity;
20. Marshall G. S. Hodgson, e Dialectics of a
Cultural Tradition; 21. Bryan S. Turner, Conscience
in the Construction of Religion 22. Richard Bulliet,
Conversion as a Social Process.
PART V THE MEDIA: 23. Edward Said, Islam and
the West; 24. Edward Mortimer, Islam and the
Western Journalist.
Series: Critical Categories in the Study of Religion
2007 416pp
HB 9781845530617 £70.00 / $125.00
PB 9781845530600 £19.99 / $34.95
Prolegomena to a History of Islamic Manichaeism
John C. Reeves
, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
“Reeves is a superb scholar who has meticulously researched the literature. His
extensive learning is manifest throughout. Nothing like this anthology exists in English
for the Islamicate testimonia on Manichaeism, and therefore it lls an extremely
important gap.”
Michael A. Williams, University of Washington
Manichaeism was eectively the rst “world religion”. It was a gnostic religion which
ourished largely clandestinely in the Near East, Central Asia, and China until the
beginning of the seventeenth century. is volume provides an anthology of sources,
many newly translated, as well as analysis of these Arabic, Syriac, and Hebrew texts.
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies February 2012 348pp
HB 9781904768524 £60.00 / $99.95
Ibn ‘Arabi and the Contemporary West
Beshara and the Ibn ‘Arabi Society
Isobel Jeffery-Street
e inuence of Ibn ‘Arabi, the twelh century Andalusian mystic philosopher
extended beyond the Muslim world from Spain, to China, to Indonesia. Interest
in Ibn ‘Arabi in the west has grown over the last century.
Ibn ‘Arabi and the
Contemporary West
examines ‘Arabi’s teachings through the work of the Beshara
Trust and the Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society. e study investigates how the Beshara
School has used Ibn ‘Arabi’s teachings in assisting a range of students from around
the world towards personal, spiritual development and how the Muhyiddin Ibn
‘Arabi Society has evolved into an international organization with increasing
inuence in both the West and the Muslim world.
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies December 2011 256pp
HB 9781845536701 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845536718 £19.99 / $34.95
Prophecy and Power
Muhammad and the Qur’an in the Light of Comparison
Marilyn Robinson Waldman
Edited by
Bruce B. Lawrence
, Duke University,
Lindsay Jones
Robert M. Baum
By the end of the ninth century the Prophet Muhammad had emerged as an
incomparable exemplar shared by all Muslim communities.
Prophecy and Power
oers a rigorous comparative study of both the Prophet Muhammad and the
Qur’an. e book ranges across various issues: the comparative study of “prophecy”;
Qur’anic comparison as a modality of change; the Prophet as exemplar and foil; and
an experiment in comparison between Muhammad and Alinesitouie.
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies March 2012 192pp
HB 9781845539870 £55.00 / $95.00
Situating Islam
The Past and Future of an Academic Discipline
Aaron W. Hughes
, SUNY at Buffalo
“is relatively short book packs a sizeable punch, which it aims at contemporary scholars of Islamic and
Middle Eastern studies, especially those in religious studies. is book should be widely read, especially by
those who teach introductory courses on Islam, but also by anyone interested in understanding the challenges
still facing religious studies in reaching its full potential as a truly academic discipline.”
Journal of the American Academy of Religion
“is is a very important book, and one that all students and researchers in Islamic Studies and the history of
religions should read to gain deeper insight into the history of their elds of study.”
Series: Religion in Culture: Studies in Social Contest and Construction 2008 224pp
HB 9781845532598 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845532604 £19.99 / $29.95
Notes from the Fortune-Telling Parrot
Islam and the Struggle for Religious Pluralism in Pakistan
David Pinault
, Santa Clara University
“An exceptionally readable study which reminds us that, side-by-side with variant forms of Islamic discourse,
vibrant legacies of Hindu, Sikh and Christian expression also abound. Pinault argues that the current struggle
to dene a national Muslim identity is occurring against a broader Talibanisation process that aims to
homogenise the national discourse.”
Andrew J. Newman, University of Edinburgh
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies 2008 256pp
HB 9781845533458 £70.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845533465 £19.99 / $34.95
Amber Carpenter
University of York
Organized in broadly
chronological terms,
this book presents the
philosophical arguments of
the great Indian Buddhist
philosophers of the h

to the eighth century
. Each chapter
examines their core ethical, metaphysical and
epistemological views as well as the distinctive
area of Buddhist ethics that we call today moral
psychology. roughout, the book follows three
key themes that both tie the tradition together
and are the focus for most critical dialogue: the
idea of antman or no-self, the appearance/
reality distinction and the moral aim, or ideal.
Indian Buddhist philosophy is shown to be a
remarkably rich tradition that deserves much wider
engagement from European philosophy.
Series: Ancient Philosophies
April 2012 256pp
HB 9781844652976 £50.00 / $80.00
PB 9781844652983 £16.99 / $27.95
A Reader
Edited by
Karen Derris
University of Redlands,
California, and
, Beloit College,
Dening Buddhism(s)
explores the ways in which
Buddhism has been interpreted and understood.
e essays, written by leaders in the eld, consider
a range of methods and approaches that contribute
to an understanding of Buddhism. Denitions
of Buddhism have always been contested and
this reader highlights how historical, social, and
political contexts have shaped interpretation and
Series: Critical Categories in the Study of Religion
2007 340pp 6 illus.
HB 9781845532314 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845530556 £19.99 / $29.95
Sermon of One
Hundred Days
Part One
Venerable Seongcheol
Edited by
Linda Covill
Sermon of One Hundred
is the rst English
translation of a seminal
text in Korean Buddhism.
e text explores Korean
Buddhist truth in light of Buddhist thinking in
India and China. e text analyses the logical
structure of various historical teachings, which are
connected by the principle of “the middle way” and
encourages readers to pursue solely the truth to
which the Buddha awakened.
Series: Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies Monographs
2010 192pp
HB 9781845536305 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845536312 £19.99 / $29.95
Beyond Meditation
Expressions of Japanese Shin Buddhist Spirituality
Edited by
Michael Pye
, Otani University, Kyoto
In the wide range of Buddhist meditation and spirituality a very special place is
held by the practice of calling on the name of Amitabha or, in Japanese, Amida
Buddha, using the simplest of formulas, the nenbutsu. Japanese masters such as
Honen, Shinran and others made this the core of a profound spiritual experience.
e deeper meaning of the nenbutsu has become a major topic in Buddhist thought
which has been reected on by various thinkers and teachers to this day, especially
in the context of Shin Buddhism.
Beyond Meditation
draws on classic articles rst
published in
e Eastern Buddhist
. Major historic proponents and masters of the nenbutsu are introduced,
in particular Shinran, Shoku, Ippen and Rennyo.
Series: Eastern Buddhist Voices
2011 326pp 13 illus.
HB 9781845539184 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845539191 £19.99 / $34.95
Listening to Shin Buddhism
Starting Points of Modern Dialogue
Edited by
Michael Pye
, Otani University, Kyoto
In the early twentieth century,
e Eastern Buddhist
journal pioneered the
presentation of Buddhism to the west and encouraged the west’s engagement in
interpretation. is interactive process increased dramatically in the post-war
period, when dialogue between Buddhist and Christian thought began to take o in
earnest. ese debates attracted not only Zen voices but also thinkers from the Shin
Buddhist tradition. e book brings together a wide range of classic writings from
the 1950s to the 1970s which have signicantly inuenced subsequent Buddhist-
Christian dialogue.
Series: Eastern Buddhist Voices
March 2012 320pp 2 illus.
HB 9781908049162 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781908049179 £24.99 / $39.95
How Buddhism Acquired a Soul on the Way to China
Jungnok Park
How Buddhism Acquired a Soul on the Way to China
tells the story of the spread of
Buddhist religious thinking and practice from India to China and how, along the
way, a religion was changed. While Indian Buddhists had constructed their ideas
of self by means of empiricism, anti-Brahmanism and analytic reasoning, Chinese
Buddhists did so by means of non-analytic insights, utilizing pre-established
epistemology and cosmogony. Furthermore, many specic Buddhist ideas were
transformed when exchanged from an Indian to a Chinese context, oen through
the work of translators concept-matching Buddhist and Daoist terms.
One of the key changes was the Chinese reinterpretation of the concept of
originally an agent of thought which died with the body – into an eternal essence of human spirit, a soul.
ough the notion of an imperishable soul was later disputed by Chinese Buddhist scholars the idea of
a permanent agent of perception ourished in China. is historical analysis of the concept of self as it
developed between Indian and Chinese Buddhism will be of interest to readers of Buddhist Philosophy as
well as the History of Ideas.
Series: Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies Monographs
February 2012 256pp
HB 9781845539962 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845539979 £19.99 / $34.95
What the Buddha Thought
Richard Gombrich
, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
Winner of Choice Outstanding Academic Title Award 2010
“A great advance on most other studies of early Buddhism … We get much more vivid
a sense of the history of early Buddhism than has previously been achieved.”
Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
“Remarkable for its clarity and depth, this volume will be exciting for coursework in
philosophy, comparative religion, and Buddhist studies. Highly recommended.”
“It requires a special kind of imagination to bring a genius like the Buddha to life,
and Gombrich precisely has that spark of eccentricity. Although the book deals with some very complex ideas,
Gombrich adheres to a lucid style.”
e Telegraph, Calcutta
Series: Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies Monographs
2009 256pp
HB 9781845536121 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845536145 £16.99 / $27.95
Hindu Identity
Dwijendra Narayan Jha
“Provocative, thoroughly
researched, and highly
Religious Studies Review
“is masterful
presentation of historical
sources contributes to our
understanding of relevant early and medieval Indian
history in one succinct book, and provides a point of
departure for further investigation.”
Studies in Religion
“Compulsory reading for the right-wing fanatics
who make a career out of distorting the premises of
e Telegraph, India
Series: Religion in Culture: Studies in Social Contest
and Construction
2009 224pp
HB 9781845534592 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845534608 £18.99 / £29.95
A Student’s Guide
to the History
and Philosophy
of Yoga
Peter Connolly
“Skilfully guides the reader
through the complexities
of these traditions,
demonstrating their
historical relationships and
their theoretical coherence. Intended for all students
of yoga.”
Gavin Flood, University of Stirling
“An excellent text on Yoga that will appeal to
students, teachers, and practitioners. Highly
2007 280pp 10 illus.
HB 9781845531553 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845531560 £19.99 / $29.95
Playing God
Belief and Ritual in
the Muttappan Cult
of North Malabar
Theodore Gabriel
University of
“is study of a possession
cult in India raises
important questions about
the relation of religion to
social organization – and of the relation of religions
to each other.”
Anthropology Review Database
Playing God
analyses religious ritual in the North
Malabar region of Kerala, India. Practitioners take
the spirit of a deity into themselves and are able to
talk to the god and oer blessings and predictions.
2010 120pp
HB 9781845535247 £50.00 / $90.00
Saivism in
the Diaspora
Contemporary Forms
of Skanda Worship
Ron Geaves
University of Chester
“A fascinating, jam-packed
discussion of contemporary
Saiva ritual and pilgrimage.”
Religious Studies Review
e book explores contemporary manifestations
of the worship of Siva that have transmigrated
to the West. Hindu communities have achieved
sucient concentration for various movements to
appear that reproduce “folk traditions” connected
to a particular locale in the subcontinent. ese
movements oen display a focus on worship of
deities associated with healing. Based on extensive
eldwork in Britain and India, the book reveals
the changing beliefs and practices of the Hindu
2007 320pp
HB 9781845532345 £60.00 / $99.95
Celestial India
Madame Blavatsky and the Birth of Indian Nationalism
Isaac Lubelsky
, Tel Aviv University
In 1917 Annie Besant, a white Englishwoman, was elected president of the Indian
National Congress, the body which, under the guidance of Gandhi, would later lead
India to independence. Besant – in her earlier career an active atheist and a socialist
journalist – was from 1907 till her death the president of the eosophical Society,
an international spiritual movement whose headquarters’ location in Madras
symbolized its belief in India as the world’s spiritual heart.
Celestial India
deals with the contribution of the eosophical Society to the rise
of Indian nationalism and seeks to restore it to its proper place in the history of ideas, both as a spiritual
doctrine and as an inuence on the rise of the New Age movement of the twentieth century.
December 2011 256pp 10 illus.
HB 9781845539221 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845539238 £19.99 / $34.95
Dening Hinduism
A Reader
Edited by
J.E. Llewellyn
, Missouri State University
Introduction: e Problem of Dening Hinduism
PART 1. DEFINITIONS OF HINDUISM: Orientation; 1. Wilhelm Halbfass, e
Idea of the Veda and the Identity of Hinduism; 2. Julius J. Lipner, Ancient Banyan:
An Inquiry into the Meaning of “Hinduness”.
Lorenzen, Who Invented Hinduism?; 4. Will Sweetman, Unity and Plurality:
Hinduism and the Religions of India in Early European Scholarship.
Brian K. Smith, Questioning Authority: Constructions and Deconstructions of Hinduism; 6. Robert Eric
Frykenberg, Constructions of Hinduism at the Nexus of History and Religion.
PART IV. HINDUISM AND CASTE: Orientation; 7. Mary Searle-Chatterjee, “World Religions” and
“Ethnic Groups”: Do ese Paradigms Lend emselves to the Cause of Hindu Nationalism?”; 8. Gail
Omvedt, Introduction to Dalit Visions; 9. Timothy Fitzgerald, Problems with “Religion” as a Category for
Understanding Hinduism.
Series: Critical Categories in the Study of Religion
2005 224pp
PB 9781904768739 £19.99
North American rights sold
Hermeneutics on
Jun’ichi Isomae
International Research
Center for Japanese
“A landmark study. Its
sweeping reassessment of
the scriptural hermeneutics of the ancient founding
myths of Japan and their continued appropriation,
use and abuse, over the ages contributes to a new
scholarly approach towards the redenition of
religion as an integral part of material and political
culture. It will, no doubt, become a standard
reference for years to come.”
Hent de Vries, Johns Hopkins University
“A highly readable and deeply intelligent book which
will capture the attention of anyone with a critical
interest in questions of myth, truth, history, power,
scripture, and what it is to be human.”
Brian Bocking, University College Cork
Series: Religion in Culture: Studies in Social Contest
and Construction
2010 192pp
HB 9781845531829 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531836 £19.99 / $34.95
A Reference and Guide
Third Edition
James R. Lewis
, University of Tromso
e book presents a comprehensive and authoritative reference for anyone interested in the history of
cults. It oers a balanced view of the controversy surrounding these new religious movements, assessing
the movements themselves as well as the legal and governmental responses to them, including attempts
to quantify membership. In addition, the book provides source material, and a list of organizations and
Series: Approaches to New Religions
May 2012 224pp
HB 9781845539733 £60.00 / £99.95
PB 9781845539740 £16.99 / $29.95
Decoding the Countercultural Apocalypse
Edited by
Joseph Gelfer
, Monash University, Australia
21 December 2012 is believed to mark the end of the thirteenth B’ak’tun cycle in the Long Count of the
Mayan calendar. A growing number of people believe this date to mark the end of the world or, at the very
least, the end of the world as we know it: a shi to a new form of global consciousness. is book brings
together for the rst time a range of scholarly analyses on the 2012 phenomena. Examining how much of
the 2012 phenomenon is based on the historical record and how much is contemporary ction, the book
reveals the landscape of the modern apocalyptic imagination, the economics of the spiritual marketplace,
the commodication of countercultural values, and the cult of celebrity.
February 2012 212pp 3 illus.
HB 9781845536398 £60.00 / $99.95
An Alternative Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century
Hans Thomas Hakl
Every year since 1933 many of the world’s leading intellectuals have met on Lake Maggiore to discuss the
latest developments in philosophy, history, art and science and, in particular, to explore the mystical and
symbolic in religion. e Eranos Meetings – named aer the Greek word for a banquet where the guests
bring the food – constitute one of the most important gatherings of scholars in the twentieth century.
e book presents a set of portraits of some of the century’s most inuential thinkers, all participants at
Eranos: Carl Jung, Erich Neumann, Mircea Eliade, Martin Buber, Walter Otto, Paul Tillich, Gershom
Scholem, Herbert Read, Joseph Campbell, Erwin Schrödinger, Karl Keréyni, D.T. Suzuki, and Adolph
Portmann. e volume presents a critical appraisal of the views of these men, how the exchange of
ideas encouraged by Eranos inuenced each, and examines the attraction of these esotericists towards
authoritarian politics.
June 2012 480pp 47 illus.
HB 9781845531157 £40.00 / $64.95
Vernacular Religion in Everyday Life
Expressions of Belief
Edited by
Marion Bowman
, Open University, and
Ülo Valk
, University of Tartu, Estonia
Vernacular religion is religion as people experience, understand, and practice it. It shapes everyday culture
and disrupts the traditional boundaries between “ocial” and “folk” religion.
Vernacular Religion in
Everyday Life
examines how the concept of genres – notably written, performative and oral genres – can be
applied to the study of vernacular belief to illuminate faith and practice. Genres are forms of expression and
interpretive strategies which are developed through everyday communication and performance. ey can
come to express ways of seeing and of being which take the individual beyond traditional forms of religion.
e book analyses vernacular religion in a range of Christian denominations as well as in indigenous and
New Age religion from the nineteenth century to today. How these diering expressions of belief are shaped
by their individual, communal and national contexts is also explored. What is revealed is the consistency
of genres, the persistence of certain key issues, and how globalization in all its cultural and technological
forms is shaping contemporary faith practice. e book will be valuable to students of ethnology, folklore,
religious studies, anthropology, and religious studies.
March 2012 320pp 32 illus.
HB 9781908049506 £70.00 / $115.00
Millennialism and Society
Millennialism and Society
is a publishing project that is as bold as it is admirable. It combines a
meticulous scholarly approach with ethical and political awareness. In a world haunted and endangered
by apocalyptic visions of every kind, this series will surely contribute to a better sense of what we face and
who we are.”
Robert Jay Lion, Harvard Medical School and City University of New York
The End All Around Us
The Apocalypse and Popular Culture
Edited by
John Walliss
Kenneth G.C. Newport
both Liverpool Hope University
For centuries the apocalypse has been a recurrent theme within art, literature,
music and, more recently, cinema. Within the context of contemporary
popular culture its inuence may be felt in areas as diverse as extreme metal
music, disaster movies, anime, manga, and science ction dystopianism.
End All Around Us
examines the inuence of apocalyptic texts on popular
cultural products, focusing on the timelessness and malleability of their themes
to audiences.
Series: Millennialism and Society
2009 240pp 10 illus.
HB 9781845532611 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845532628 £19.99 / $29.95
War in Heaven / Heaven on Earth
Theories of the Apocalyptic
Edited by
Glen S. McGhee
, Boston University,
Stephen D. O’Leary
, University of Southern California
e book theorizes the apocalyptic as it has arisen in a variety of religious
traditions from Islam to Native American religion, drawing on social
psychology, sociology, and philosophy.
Series: Millennialism and Society
2005 320pp 3 illus.
PB 9781904768883 £19.99 / $29.95
Gender and Apocalyptic Desire
Edited by
Brenda E. Brasher
, University of Aberdeen,
Lee Quinby
, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
e book explores the ways in which the desires of gender stability and of
apocalyptic truth work together, examining the collisions between feminist and
apocalyptic thought, the various ways in which apocalyptic belief functions as
bodily discipline and cultural practice, and the means by which some currents
of apocalyptic desire can enable women’s equality.
Series: Millennialism and Society
2006 192pp
HB 9781904768852 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781904768869 £19.99 / $29.95
The End that Does
Art, Science and Millennial Accomplishment
Edited by
Cathy Gutierrez
, Sweet Briar College, Virginia,
Hillel Schwartz
, University of California, San Diego
Millennial movements have been a prime mover for many artistic and scientic
e End that Does
tracks the interplay of the arts, the sciences, and
millennial imagination across 3000 years of surprising conclusions.
Series: Millennialism and Society
2006 288pp 34 illus.
HB 9781904768890 £65.00 / $110.00
PB 9781904768906 £19.99 / $29.95
A Brief History of
Secret Knowledge
Kocku von Stuckrad
University of Groningen
“A very much needed
overview that combines its
chronological organization
with an encyclopedic
richness and a wonderfully extensive bibliography.”
e Journal of Religion
“Von Stuckrad is one of the most respected gures in
the rich and blossoming eld of Western Esotericism.
Impressive in breadth, analysis and clarity, this text
is an excellent introduction to Western Esotericism
and a welcome addition to any undergraduate or
graduate syllabus. Highly recommended.”
Religious Studies Review
A short and engaging history of the search for
mystical knowledge from antiquity to the present.
2005 320pp 8 illus.
HB 9781845530334 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845530341 £18.99 / $34.95
The Lure of the Dark Side
Satan and Western Demonology
in Popular Culture
Edited by
Christopher Partridge
Lancaster University, and
Eric Christianson
University of Chester
“An important book that is unashamed to ask what
musicians, movie-makers and novelists are saying
about the demonic and how their views aect
religious outlooks.”
Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception
2009 228pp 1 illus.
HB 9781845533090 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533106 £19.99 / $29.95
Ayahuasca, Ritual and
Religion in Brazil
Edited by
Beatriz Caiuby Labate
Interdisciplinary Group for Psychoactive
Studies, and
Edward MacRae
Federal University of Bahia
“A model for well-integrated anthologies that seek to
promote not only ethnographic knowledge but also a
social agenda.”
Anthropology Review Database
An analysis of religious groups in the Brazilian
Amazon who construct their systems of ritual,
myth and principles around ayahuasca, a
psychoactive drink.
2010 256pp
PB 978185536794 £19.99 / $34.95
Angels of Desire
Esoteric Bodies, Aesthetics and Ethics
Jay Johnston
, University of Sydney
Angels of Desire
examines radical forms of self
as enabling an innovative reconsideration of
the dualisms at the heart of western discourse:
mind–body, divine–human, matter–spirit,
reason–emotion, I–other.
Series: Gnostica: Texts and Interpretations
2009 300pp 3 illus.
HB 9781845533076 £65.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845533083 £19.99 / $34.95
Rural Life and
Rural Church
Theological and
Empirical Perspectives
Edited by
Leslie J. Francis
Mandy Robbins
, both
University of Warwick
“An excellent and
authoritative account of
current research, research that needs to be taken
seriously by all who are shaping the future of our
rural churches, both ordained and lay. Here is
material that will help us cherish the virtue and
integrity of our calling; a calling that originated in a
small countryside mission beside Lake Galilee.”
From the Foreword by e Right Reverend
Mark Rylands, e Bishop of Shrewsbury
e essays brought together here present a broad
assessment of the serious issues facing rural life and
the rural church today. e authors are drawn from
the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal
Churches. e essays explore a wide range of
biblical, theological, sociological, and historical
concerns and topics. roughout, the book is
informed by a spirit of listening – to church-goers,
clergy, church leaders, and local communities.
Rural Life and Rural Church
provides an invaluable
resource for clergy and lay Christians involved in
rural ministry, initial and continuing ministerial
education, and Christian men and women living in
the countryside.
April 2012 320pp
HB 9781845539832 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845539849 £19.99 / $39.95
Bible and
Ancient Texts,
Modern Challenges
Edited by
Matthew J.M. Coomber
“A truly major contribution
to discourse about the Bible
and Ethics.”
Norman K. Gottwald, New
York eological Seminary
“A wonderful resource for anyone interested in the
discourse centring around the Bible and justice, or
eological Book Review
e Bible contains a variety of passages that defend
the poor and champion the cause of the oppressed,
but are these ancient texts able to nd a voice in
confronting modern injustice?
Bible and Justice
explores the ways in which the Bible can address
poverty, environmental issues, and state-sponsored
violence, while exploring the diculties that arise
when ancient concepts of justice are applied to
modern ideals.
Series: BibleWorld
2011 258pp
HB 9781845535261 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845535278 £19.99 / $34.95
The Non-Western Jesus
Jesus as Bodhisattva, Avatara, Guru,
Prophet, Ancestor or Healer?
Martien E. Brinkman
VU University, Amsterdam
“Brinkman’s thesis is simple and startling. Every
time a culture searches for a title for Jesus in India,
Africa, China, Japan, or Indonesia there is a process
of double transformation. Brinkman extends the
canvas impressively and traces illuminating patterns
from Benares to Bangkok to Beijing.”
Reviews in Religion and eology
“An excellent, readable volume. Recommended.”
e centre of gravity of contemporary Christianity
has shied to the southern hemisphere where,
with the exception of Latin America, almost all
Christians are minorities in their home countries.
Christians in Asia live amongst Muslim, Hindu,
Buddhist, Shamanist or Taoist majorities and this
context shapes the local Christian theology. e
same is true in Africa where traditional religions
and beliefs inuence African Christians. Central
to this change in both Africa and Asia is the
creation of a new Jesus, one who accretes local
beliefs and concerns and who, in that process, is
e Non-Western Jesus
reveals how a
new theology – with its own images and concepts –
is coming into being.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2009 352pp
HB 9781845533977 £60.00 / £99.95
PB 9781845533984 £19.99 / $29.95
Dramatizing Theologies
A Participative Approach to Black God-Talk
Anthony G. Reddie
, Queen’s Foundation for
Ecumenical Theological Education
Dramatizing eologies
represents a practical
and theoretical model for real oppressed people to
participate in building theology. By wedding black
theology and drama and involving poor people, he
literally does theology from the bottom up. is is a
must read!”
Dwight N. Hopkins, University of Chicago
Dramatizing eologies
oers a way of undertaking
Black theological discourse with poor,
marginalized and disenfranchised people through
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2006 244pp
HB 9781845530778 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845530785 £19.99 / $29.95
Home Away from Home
The Caribbean Diasporan Church in
the Black Atlantic Tradition
Delroy A. Reid-Salmon
Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture
Home Away from Home
argues that the faith
Caribbean people brought with them into
the diaspora plays a central role in their
development. e study identies the dierent
forms of Caribbean diasporan identity, provides
a theological interpretation of the diasporan
experience, and outlines the principles of diasporan
theology and the distinctiveness of its church.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2008 256pp
HB 9781845533830 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533847 £22.99 / $34.95
Out of Place
Doing Theology on the
Crosscultural Brink
Edited by
Jione Havea
Clive Pearson
both Charles Sturt
University, Australia
Out of Place
looks at the
ways in which theology,
as a discipline and a
practice, is “out of place” at
several locations: churches, nations, communities,
disciplines, institutions, and in public space. e
book argues that theologies are shaped by place and
are unavoidably contextual so no theology can be
universal, can encompass all places and contexts. If
theology is to transform and be transformative, it
must attend to peoples and cultures that have thus
far been out of place.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
April 2011 296pp
HB 9781845533892 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533908 £19.99 / $34.95
Stephen Burns
, Charles
Sturt University, and
Michael N. Jagessar
University of Birmingham
Christian Worship
new ground by bringing
together for the rst time liturgical studies and
postcolonial criticism. Postcolonialism has
inuenced both biblical and theological criticism
but it has taken a very scholarly and academic
approach, eectively closing itself o from a wider
readership. is book aims to open up the debate,
to bring the insights of postcolonial thinking to the
rituals and practices of religious life.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
June 2011 188pp
HB 9781845534073 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845534080 £19.99 / $29.95
Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics
within a Caribbean Context
Oral Thomas
United Theological College of the West Indies
e book examines the meaning of biblical texts for
lived realities.
Series: BibleWorld
2010 246pp
HB 9781845536565 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845536572 £24.99 / $39.95
Black Theology in Britain
A Reader
Edited by
Michael N. Jagessar
, University
of Birmingham, and
Anthony G. Reddie
Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical
Theological Education
Black theology has grown out of the experiences
of Black people of the African Diaspora as they
have sought to re-interpret the central ideas of
Christianity. is text traces the development
of Black theology in Britain from the eighteenth
century to today.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2007 288pp
PB 9781845530594 £19.99 / $34.95
Another World is Possible
Spiritualities and Religions of Global
Darker Peoples
Edited by
Dwight N. Hopkins
, University of
Chicago Divinity School, and
Marjorie Lewis
Another World is Possible
presents voices from
around the world of people who have mobilized
religion and spirituality to forge identity. Some
claim direct links to indigenous spiritual practices
relatively in tact despite the invasion of foreign
religions. Others have appropriated externally
introduced religions and greatly modied these
belief systems by combining or syncretizing them
with indigenous perspectives and practices.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2009 386pp
HB 9781845533922 £70.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845533939 £24.99 / $39.95
Voices from the Borderland
Cross-cultural Urban Theology
in the Twenty-rst Century
Chris Shannahan
, Birmingham University
“Committed to a critical liberation ethic, this is a
groundbreaking book that deserves careful attention
by professional and lay workers in the struggles
for urban renewal, racial justice and poverty
Robert Beckford, Goldsmiths College,
University of London
Voices from the Borderland
presents an overview
of urban theology in Britain, arguing that the
translocal world of the twenty-rst century
demands a dialogical model of theology.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2010 324pp 21 illus.
HB 9781845537036 £70.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845537043 £19.99 / $34.95
Working Against the Grain
Re-imaging Black Theology
in the 21st Century
Anthony G. Reddie
, Queen’s Foundation for
Ecumenical Theological Education
“Useful for every theologian troubled by the distance
between the academy and the street.”
eological Studies
Working Against the Grain
outlines a new vision
for a liberative model of Christianity built upon the
insights of Black eology. It oers a radical Black
eology that simultaneously seeks to empower
marginalized and disenfranchised Black people
alongside the need to challenge and inspire White
power to see and act dierently.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2008 292pp
HB 9781845533854 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533861 £19.99 / $34.95
Queer Theory
and the Prophetic
Metaphor in the
Hebrew Bible
Stuart Macwilliam
University of Exeter
Exploring methodological
issues involved in the
application of queer theory
to biblical texts, this study traces the history of
gender performativity and argues for the political
potential of queer theory. It oers an ideological
theory of metaphor, as a means of both justifying
and reinforcing gender performativity, and argues
that the addressees of the marriage metaphor are
the male citizens of Judah/Israel.
Series: BibleWorld
June 2011 264pp 4 illus.
HB 9781845536725 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845536732 £19.99 / $34.95
A History of a Christian
Biblical Myth
Michael Carden
University of Queensland
“Fascinating and
Catholic Biblical Quarterly
is a study of the
reception of the story of
Sodom and Gomorrah and the parallel story of the
outrage at Gibeah. By demonstrating the ways in
which Jewish and Christian texts dier, the book
highlights the homophobia behind the Christian
Series: BibleWorld
2004 248pp
HB 9781904768296 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781904768302 £19.99 / $34.95
Sex and
Uncertainty in the
Body of Christ
Intersex Conditions
and Christian Theology
Susannah Cornwall
University of Exeter
is book provides the rst
full-length examination of
the theological implications
of physical intersex conditions and their medical
treatment. Mainstream Christian theology has
valued the integrity of the body and the goodness
of God reected in creation. e deconstruction
of what constitutes male and female bodies
raises the question of what both incarnation and
bodilessness mean. Informed by theorizing from
transsexualism, disability and queer theology, this
study lays out a theology of the intersexed body.
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2010 282pp
HB 9781845536688 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845536695 £19.99 / $34.95
Reinterpreting the Eucharist
Explorations in Feminist Theology and Ethics
Edited by
Anne Elvey
, Monash University,
Carol Hogan
University of Melbourne,
Kim Power
, Australian Catholic University,
Claire Renkin
, Melbourne College of Divinity
e Eucharist continues to be central to contemporary Christian religious tradition
and to be the focus for a wide range of assumptions and disputes. Chief amongst
these disputes is the role of women in the theology and the ritual of the Eucharist.
Reinterpreting the Eucharist
brings together a diverse range of voices with each using
their own marginalized experience to explore other ways – indigenous
culture, medieval and contemporary art, social history, and environmental
ethics – of engaging with the Eucharist. Presenting new forms of theological
and ethical engagement, the book responds to the challenge of reconsidering the
meaning of the Eucharist today.
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
March 2012 224pp
HB 9781845537715 £55.00 / $95.00
Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible
Patronymic, Metronymic, Legitimate and Illegitimate Relations
Thalia Gur Klein
Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible
examines sacred sexuality and customs of
ritual fecundity. e study ranges from abstention to promiscuity, to relinquishing
control over one’s body as an oering to a transcendent entity. e book explores
the socio-economic context of women’s lives and their capacity for agency and
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
May 2012 224pp
HB 9781845531058 £60.00 / $99.95
Being the Body of Christ
Towards a Twentieth-Century Homosexual Theology
for the Anglican Church
Chris Mounsey
, University of Winchester
e book explores the preoccupation of key twentieth-century English writers with
theology and sexuality and how the Anglican Church has responded and continues
to respond to the issue of homosexuality. Analysing the work of Oscar Wilde,
E.F. Benson, Edward Carpenter, Jeanette Winterson, and Alan Hollingshurst – all
of whom have written the equivalent of sermons – the book explores the literary
tradition of exasperation at the church’s obduracy against homosexuality.
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
March 2012 224pp
HB 9781845539511 £60.00 / $99.95
Elsie Chamberlain
The Independent Life of a Woman Minister
Alan Argent
Elsie Chamberlain was a leading gure in British broadcasting and religious life.
She was a pioneer in many areas: the rst woman chaplain to the armed forces; the
rst nonconformist minister to marry an Anglican clergyman; the rst woman
producer in the religious broadcasting department of the BBC and the rst woman
to present the daily service on the radio. Her broadcasting accustomed many
listeners to the idea of a woman leading public worship. And she became the rst
woman to occupy the chair of the Congregational Union of England and Wales
and almost certainly the rst woman anywhere in the world to head a major
Elsie Chamberlain
is the rst full biography and a critical appreciation of this
exceptional woman. Using original church and BBC archive sources, the book tells
the story of a woman who did more than any other to change the way Christian
women ministers are viewed.
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
February 2012 288pp
HB 9781845539313 £60.00 / $99.95
Political Bodies/
Body Politic
The Semiotics
of Gender
Darlene Juschka
University of Regina,
Political Bodies/Body Politic
applies gender and queer
theory to the study of myth,
symbol and ritual within dierent times and places,
its aim being to highlight how such symbols and
symbolic practice can aect society.
2009 232pp
HB 9781845532062 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845532079 £19.99 / $34.95
Reweaving the Relational Mat
A Christian Response to Violence Against
Women from Oceania
Joan Alleluia Filemoni-Tofaeono
Lydia Johnson
e book grounds theological and sociological
analysis in women’s experiences of violence,
exploring the collusion of the church theology and
practices in oppression.
Series: Religion and Violence
2006 240pp
HB 9781845532109 £65.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845532116 £24.99 / $39.95
Women and Reiki
Energetic/Holistic Healing in Practice
Judith Macpherson
Uses the work of theorists such as Michel
Foucault and Meredith McGuire to examine how
women healers are using Reiki and other healing
spiritualities to actively engage in a politics of
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2008 288pp 10 illus.
HB 9781845531539 £60.00 / 99.95
PB 9781845531546 £19.99 / $34.95
O Mother, Where Art Thou?
An Irigarayan Reading of
the Book of Chronicles
Julie Kelso
, University of Queensland
“A fascinating example of Irigarayan commentary.
It is successful in demonstrating how the text can be
opened up to new meanings by approaching it in this
way, by both exposing its masculinist omissions and,
most signicantly, by giving voice to the silenced.”
Biblical Interpretation
A ground-breaking study which argues that the
Book of Chronicles silences women in two specic
ways – disavowal and repression of the maternal
body – and that this enables “man” to imagine
himself as sole producer of the world.
Series: BibleWorld
2008 224pp
HB 9781845533236 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533243 £19.99 / $34.95
Numen, Old Men
Masculine Spiritualities
and the Problem of
Joseph Gelfer
Monash University
“Will be useful to students
and researchers interested
in the relation between
masculinity and Christianity
in the US. Recommended.”
“Should appeal to a wide ranging number of
disciplines and practitioners. It is a stimulating text.”
Reviews in Religion and eology
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2009 224pp
HB 9781845534189 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845534196 £19.99 / $34.95
Ritual Making
Shaping Rites for
Changing Lives
Jan Berry
“Berry pursues a wide-
ranging discussion of issues
involved in the construction
and enactment of ritual
and the eects of such ritual
making. e interweaving of detailed descriptions of
these case studies with discussion of theory related
to ritualizing makes for a fresh and stimulating
contribution to this eld of study.”
Practical eology
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2009 256pp
HB 9781845534141 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845534158 £19.99 / $34.95
Women Healing/Healing Women
The Genderization of Healing
in Early Christianity
Elaine Wainwright
, University of Auckland
“A useful collection of fresh interpretations and
analyses of an array of sources dealing with women
and medicine in antiquity.”
e Bible and Critical eory
Series: BibleWorld
2006 256pp 7 illus.
HB 9781845531348 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531355 $19.99 / $34.95
Resurrecting Erotic Transgression
Subjecting Ambiguity in Theology
Anita Monro
Charles Sturt University, Australia
Resurrecting Erotic Transgression
presents a
feminist theological methodology based on the
approach of Julia Kristeva. is methodology
provides the means for “subjecting ambiguity”. It
brings to theology a recognition of the multiplicity
of language and identity.
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2006 224pp
HB 9781845531034 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531041 £19.99 / $34.95
Sex Working and the Bible
Avaren Ipsen
University of California at Berkeley
“A stunning book that breaks all stereotypes
about sex workers by allowing them to speak for
themselves as they dialogue with biblical stories
about prostitutes. Ipsen convincingly shows that
the integrity of liberation theology is at stake in
continuing to exclude sex workers from its defense
of and advocacy for the oppressed. is remarkable
work exposes just how little the average citizen
and church member knows about the thoughts and
experiences of sex workers whose humanity and
right to protection under the law are denied by a
hypocritical society and church.”
Norman K. Gottwald,
New York eological Seminary
Series: BibleWorld
2009 248pp
HB 9781845533328 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533335 £19.99 / $29.95
Unconventional Wisdom
June Boyce-Tillman
“As might be anticipated from a writer who so
outstandingly combines in her own career the
academic and the creative, this is both a scholarly
text and a vision of what Christianity might aspire
to become in the twenty-rst century.”
Women, Word, Spirit: Catholic Women’s Network
Following theorists such as Foucault, Belenky and
Dorothy Smith,
Unconventional Wisdom
the values and spirituality expressed in Western
theology, exploring how social and personal value
systems become subjugated.
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2007 224pp 17 illus.
HB 9781845530990 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531003 £19.99 / £29.95
Patriarchs, Prophets
and Other Villains
Edited by
Lisa Isherwood
University of Winchester
e book illustrates the way in which texts
and interpretations have been manipulated for
the purpose of power and control. rough
careful counter-readings, it challenges the ways
in which the female divine has been pushed
back by relentless male interpretation and
Series: Gender, eology and Spirituality
2007 248pp
HB 9781845531300 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531317 £19.99 / $34.95
A Special Illumination
Authority, Inspiration and Heresy
in Gay Spirituality
Rollan McCleary
“An invaluable resource for the areas of gay
spirituality and LGBTQ theologies.”
Review of Biblical Literature
“A project which touches base with practically every
aspect of contemporary discussion of sexuality,
particularly in the area of religion,”
Paul Middleton, University of Chester
2004 320pp
PB 9781904768548 £19.99 / $34.95
Alternatives Unincorporated
Earth Ethics from the Grassroots
George Zachariah
, Gurukul Lutheran Theological College and Research Institute, India
“Argues persuasively that we will never turn back the forces that are violating the planet and realize our
quest for a more equitable and sustainable future for humankind until we heed the experience of spiritually
motivated and courageous resistance movements such as the Narmada Bachao Andolan.”
J. Ronald Engel, Meadville/Lombard eological School, Chicago
“We will not address the basic issues of energy, water, and food security, or face the challenge of climate
change, without grassroots movements around the globe.
Alternatives Unincorporated
belongs heart, soul,
and mind to that mandatory eort.”
Larry Rasmussen, Union eological Seminary, New York
Alternatives Unincorporated
is not a theological or a social commentary; it is a tutorial in literacy, a
grammar on how to read a subaltern language and be enlightened by it.”
Vitor Westhelle, Lutheran School of eology at Chicago
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2011 194pp
HB 9781845536886 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845536893 £19.99 / $29.95
A Compendium
of Musical
and Instrumental
in the Bible
Yelena Kolyada
Royal Academy of
Music, London
“Recommended to librarians, biblical scholars,
musicologists, linguists, theologians, historians,
humanists, archaeologists, and Bible translators,
as it contains information and research of interest
within and to all these elds.”
Journal of Religious and eological Information
“An essential, centralized, and comprehensive source
of descriptions of biblical musical instruments and
how the Hebrew terms are translated in numerous
versions and languages. Indeed, this book will be
valuable in supporting a vast spectrum of research
interests and levels.”
eological Librarianship
“is compendium, dened as a collection of
concise yet detailed information about a subject,
is unique. e depth and breadth of research are
both impressive. is book is highly recommended
for biblical scholars or musicologists interested
in exploring a little-known area of music history
and the role of music in the Bible. is excellently
researched book will be a welcome addition to many
Review of Biblical Literature
Series: BibleWorld
2009 322pp 63 illus.
HB 9781845534097 £90.00 / $140.00
Explorations in
Art, Theology and
Michael Austin
“is little volume … does
more than justice to its
subject, traversing its terrain
like a sure-footed mountain
guide … the book is vitally
useful in our day and for our
Church Times
Exploring the interconnecting themes of
embodiment and incarnation, similarities and
dierences, and faith and imagination, this book
analyses the crucial importance of art for theology.
2005 192pp 4 illus.
HB 9781845530273 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845530280 £17.99 / £29.95
Art as Theology
From the Postmodern
to the Medieval
Andreas Andreopoulos
University of Wales
“A resource for aesthetic
theology, hermeneutics, and
ecumenism, perhaps in the
classroom and certainly in
the library.”
eological Studies
Contemporary philosophy and art, having
witnessed the death of the author, are now
registering the withdrawal of the work of art as an
independent object.
Art and eology
explores how
art lost its sacred character in the late Middle Ages
and how the fusion of the limits of art and life is
consistent with the medieval view of the religious
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
2007 224pp
HB 9781845531706 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531713 £19.99 / $29.95
In the Beginning
is the Icon
A Liberative Theology
of Images, Visual Arts
and Culture
Sigurd Bergmann
Norwegian University
of Science and
Technology, Trondheim
“A breakthrough in theological aesthetics.”
Nicholas Woltersdor, Yale University
“Provides us with a new and dierent understanding
of visual art.”
Religion and the Arts
“Provides a systematic literature review for a wider
English reading audience and will appeal to readers
from many academic disciplines.”
Practical eology
2009 208pp 43 illus. and 14 colour illus.
HB 9781845531720 £55.00 / $95.00
Open Up
the Doors
Music in the
Modern Church
Mark Evans
Macquarie University
“In this important book,
Evans has raised the level of
conversation about worship
music far above the too
typical Us vs. em.”
Reviews in Religion and eology
e musical setting of liturgy has its roots in the
earliest customs of the church and the practice has
continued to evolve up to the present day. is book
surveys the music used in churches around the
world today in the context of the history of western
congregational song and concludes that music,
like other cultural elements of contemporary
Christianity, has been widely secularized.
Series: Studies in Popular Music
2006 224pp
HB 9781845531867 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531874 £19.99 / $29.95
Deep Blue
Critical Reections
on Nature, Religion
and Water
Edited by
, University of
Andrew Francis
RMIT University, Australia
“An important contribution to developing a new
water ethos resting upon the reverence due to the
sacred waters of earth.
Deep Blue
is an essential
and desperately needed contribution to any further
discussions and study of the spiritual import of
Journal for the Study of Religion,
Nature and Culture
2008 328pp 25 illus.
PB 9781845532550 £19.99 / $34.95
Spaces of Mobility
The Planning,
Ethics, Engineering and
Religion of
Human Motion
Edited by
Tore Sager
, both
Norwegian University of
Science and Technology,
Thomas Hoff
University of Oslo
“For those invested in addressing both the spiritual
and material conditions in which people of faith seek
the common good, this book provides a signicant
rst step in identifying critical questions and
paradoxes that must be faced.”
Reviews in Religion and eology
Conicts surrounding modern human mobility are
deeply connected to the history of modernization
and globalization. e volume examines a range of
theories and methods for mobility studies.
2008 296pp 18 illus.
HB 9781845533397 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845533403 £24.99 / $39.95
Art and Belief
Artists Engaged in Interreligious Dialogue
Ruth Illman
, Donner Institute for Research in Religious and Cultural History, Finland
Art and Belief
explores communication between faiths through an examination of contemporary artistic
practice. e book discusses how a range of artists – all active in this eld – formulate their worldview
and what motivates them to engage in dialogue. e artists interviewed include Jordi Savall, Susanne
Levin, Marita Liulia, Chokri Mensi, Cecilia Parsberg and Eric-Emmaneul Schmitt. Together, these artists
are engaged in a wide range of artistic forms and practice and come to dialogue from diverse religious
positions. e aim of the book is to question the assumptions of interreligious dialogue, both as a largely
intellectual exercise in dening the religious “other” and as a manifestation of interpersonal ethics.
Series: Cross Cultural eologies
March 2012 224pp
HB 9781845539665 £60.00 / $99.95
Pierre Teilhard
de Chardin on
People and Planet
Edited by
“Teilhardian devotees will be
pleased with this addition to
their shelves.”
eological Studies
Teilhard’s cosmic mysticism and intense interest
in both cosmological and evolutionary sciences
are highly relevant to current debates about how
best to construct a meaningful spirituality for the
twenty-rst century. e book investigates his
mystical insights and presents a critical revision of
his thought.
2006 224pp
PB 9781845531607 £16.99 / $27.95
Earth, Empire
and Sacred Text
Muslims and Christians
as Trustees of Creation
David L. Johnston
University of
“A sprawling, vast manifesto
– an ambitious and
hopeful call for theological
rapprochement between Christians and Muslims
on the basis of a common commitment to ecological
trusteeship over creation. e breadth of Johnston’s
reading and research on display here is simply
staggering. In addition to his deep familiarity with
over a millennium of Islamic commentary on the
Qur’an, he also brings to this project a range of
insights drawn from the disciplines of sociology,
economics, politics, and philosophy, as well as from
hermeneutics and from both Muslim and Christian
Stephen J. Davis, Yale University
“is book is vast in its scope, rigorous in its
analysis, and noble in its purpose … As a critique
and a source material it will be found indispensable
to students, lecturers, theologians, and diplomats,
among others.”
Riad Nourallah, University of Westminster
Series: Comparative Islamic Studies
2010 652pp
HB 9781845532253 £70.00 / $110.00
The Bible and
the Environment
Towards a
Critical Ecological
Biblical Theology
David G. Horrell
University of Exeter
“Immensely helpful in
orienting (around) this
important, fast-growing
debate on relating the Bible to ecological concerns.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in
understanding the current state of discussion …
It would be easy to adopt this book as a textbook
in various courses at college and seminary.”
Reviews in Religion and eology
“A perceptive, nuanced and accessible treatment
which oers proposals for a constructive reading
of the Bible in the light of contemporary ecological
concerns, while not underestimating the
ambivalence and ambiguity of the texts. It would
be a particularly useful textbook for a course on the
Bible and ecology.”
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
“A signicant contribution to the development of a
critical ecological hermeneutic.”
Review of Biblical Literature
Series: Biblical Challenges in the Contemporary World
2010 172pp
HB 9781845536213 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845536220 £17.99 / $29.95
According to
the Scriptures?
The Challenge of
Using the Bible in
Social, Moral and
Political Questions
J.W. Rogerson
Shefeld University
“Reects an incredible
breadth of knowledge,
expertise, and erudition.”
e Bible and Critical eory
“Extremely useful not only for scholars and students
but also for general readers who are interested in
biblical ethics.”
e Journal of Church and State
At dierent times in history, churches have
changed their understanding of how biblical
commandments should be interpreted and applied.
According to Scriptures?
traces the history of the use
of the Bible from New Testament invocations of the
Old Testament to today.
Series: Biblical Challenges in the Contemporary World
2007 192pp
HB 9781845531270 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531287 £18.99 / $29.95
Dialogues Concerning
the History of Biblical
Roland Boer
, Monash
University, Australia
“Six imaginary dialogues
bring alive the major gures
of twentieth-century biblical
(Old Testament) criticism.
Despite its unorthodox way of presentation, this is a
lovely book.”
International Review of Biblical Studies
Bringing the key people in the history of biblical
studies to life in a series of short stories, this
book provides an alternative introduction to and
engagement with Hebrew Bible studies.
Series: BibleWorld
2007 172pp
HB 9781845531010 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845531027 £19.99 / £29.95
The Joy of Kierkegaard
Essays on Kierkegaard as a Biblical Reader
Hugh Pyper
, University of Shefeld
“Hugh Pyper’s contribution to the study of Kierkegaard is exceptional. is is a book to read and re-read many
times, and will be welcomed by students, teachers, and researchers at all levels.”
George Pattison, University of Oxford
“Hugh Pyper has been taking notes on Kierkegaard for decades. Rigorously argued and elegantly written, this
is a book that both the Kierkegaard scholar and novice will want to absorb.”
Gordon Marino, Hong Kierkegaard Library, St Olaf College, Minnesota
Kierkegaard was an evangelist, seeking to bring the joy of Christian truth to those who persist in
misunderstanding it as either a moral code or as a philosophical option. e book argues that Kierkegaard’s
most original thought arises from his struggle with particular biblical passages whilst much of his sense
of both belief and doubt comes from his attempt to comprehend the exceptional experiences of biblical
Series: BibleWorld
October 2011 192pp
HB 9781845532710 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845532727 £19.99 / $34.95
Yours Faithfully
Virtual Letters
from the Bible
Edited by
Philip R. Davies
University of Shefeld
“For any who wish their
biblical study to raise new
questions rather than merely
answer pre-determined ones,
this is thoroughly recommended.”
SOTS Booklist
Yours Faithfully
is an anthology of letters from
the Bible, in which leading biblical scholars have
composed imagined correspondence between
characters from scripture.
Series: BibleWorld
2004 176pp
HB 9781904768319 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781904768326 £19.99 / $34.95
Secularism and
Biblical Studies
Edited by
Roland Boer
Monash University,
Presents a range of
provocative, engaging and
challenging essays on the
nature of secular biblical
Series: BibleWorld
2010 224pp
HB 9781845533748 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533755 £19.99 / $34.95
The Bible Says So!
From Simple
Answers to Insightful
Edwin D. Freed
Gettysburg College,
Jane F. Roberts
University of Akron
Wayne College, Ohio
“is is a wide-ranging
book … It challenges the
simplistic assertion that “e Bible says so” by
illustrating the complexity and ambiguity of what
the Bible actually does say … Freed has produced an
interesting and thought-provoking book aimed at a
general audience.”
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
“is clear, comprehensive, easy-to-read volume
sums up much of the twentieth-century’s work in
historical-critical studies on the Bible.”
Series: BibleWorld
2009 320pp
HB 9781845531638 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845531645 £18.99 / $29.95
The City in
J.W. Rogerson
John Vincent
both Shefeld University
“e biblical record remains
an important resource for
theological reection on
the modern city, with this
book serving as a worthy starting point for such
Expository Times
is book explores the archaeological and social
backgrounds to cities in the biblical world and
draws out the implications of the deliberate
ambiguities in the biblical text.
Series: Biblical Challenges in the Contemporary World
2009 132pp
HB 9781845532895 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845532901 £16.99 / $27.95
The Fantastic
in Religious
Narrative from
Exodus to Elisha
Laura Feldt
, University
of Copenhagen
e Fantastic in Religious
Narrative from Exodus
to Elisha
examines the
astonishing array of
marvels, monsters, and magic depicted in the
Hebrew Bible. ese stories – with the Exodus
narrative at their centre – do not read as
foundational stories, arming triumphantly and
unambiguously the bond between the deity, his
people, and their territory. Rather, they are texts
which oer ambiguity and uncertainty. As such,
they encourage reection and doubt as much as
belief and meaningfulness. e fantasy narratives
in Exodus, Numbers, Judges and Kings are the
focus. Aiming to discover their fantastic power
rather than to explain that power away, the book
argues for the need to incorporate destabilization,
disorientation, and ambiguity more strongly into
theories of what religious narrative is and does.
Series: BibleWorld
November 2011 292pp
HB 9781845539429 £60.00 / $99.95
Power and
in Biblical
Reading the Book of
Job with Edward Said
Alissa Jones Nelson
Power and Responsibility
in Biblical Interpretation
addresses the
interpretive challenges now facing much biblical
interpretation. Incorporating the methodologies
of poststructuralism, postcolonialism, and
liberation theology, the study presents a possible
methodology which integrates scholarly and
vernacular hermeneutics. e approach is based on
the theories of Edward Said, adapting his concept
of contrapuntal reading to the interpretation of Job.
e book sets this study in the broader context
of a survey of current work in the eld. e
analysis of Job examines the possibilities for
dialogue between those interpretations that view
suering as a key theme in the book and those
that do not. Interpretations of the Book of Job are
then compared to the psychology of suering as
experienced today.
Series: BibleWorld
March 2012 224pp
HB 9781845538897 £60.00 / $99.95
Land, Credit
and Crisis
Agrarian Finance in
the Hebrew Bible
Philippe Guillaume
Land, Credit and
presents a new
understanding of the
nancial culture of the
Bible. Biblical Palestine was
characterized by an over-abundance of arable land
combined with a chronic lack of manpower and
agricultural credit. ese circumstances account
for much contemporary prophetic fulminating
against merchants and the rich. e book’s close
examination of the three pillars of the biblical
nancial system – the seventh-year shemittah, the
jubilee, and the ban on interest – reveals how these
nancial instruments and institutions reected
a tough economic realism. e study argues that
the image of the biblical prophet as a champion of
social justice must be revised.
Series: BibleWorld
November 2011 304pp
HB 9781845539276 £70.00 / $110.00
Opening the Books of Moses
Diana V. Edelman
Philip R. Davies
, both University of Shefeld,
Thomas Römer
Christophe Nihan
, both University of Lausanne
Opening the Books of Moses
presents an introduction to the rst ve books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus,
Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It is written for any student engaged in the scholarly study of these
most central of Biblical texts. e aim throughout is to examine the books with a view to illuminating the
ideas, beliefs and experiences of the time.
is broad overview provides: a survey of the current state of Pentateuchal research; an analysis of how the
texts were shaped by their time and audience; an outline of Jewish areas in the Persian period; the study
concludes with an analysis of key concerns in the study of the Pentateuch, notably the Torah, geography,
ethnicity, the nature of Yahweh and other deities, theories of cult, treaties and oaths, and Moses himself.
Series: BibleWorld
October 2011 192pp 10 illus.
HB 9781845536848 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845536855 £16.99 / $29.95
The Love of David and Jonathan
Ideology, Text, Reception
James E. Harding
, University of Otago
Were David and Jonathan “gay” lovers? is very modern question is at the root of the recent explosion in
studies of the David and Jonathan narratives. Beneath the plurality of interpretations lies the ambiguous
text of 1 and 2 Samuel, a text which has drawn its readers – from the Hebrew redactors and the translators
of the Septuagint and Targum to queer theorists and historians today – to the task of resolving its several
possible meanings.
Generations of readers have studied the biblical narrative framed by a range of diering theories and
assumptions, but today’s scholarly battle over David and Jonathan has been fought from three fronts:
scripture, historical criticism, and queer theory and politics. e book argues that the power and ambiguity
of the text has been determined by both the richness of the biblical story as a work of narrative art and the
inuence of reception history on critical agendas.
Series: BibleWorld
May 2012 450pp
HB 9781845536756 £75.00 / $120.00
Argonauts of
the Desert
Structural Analysis of
the Hebrew Bible
Philippe Wajdenbaum
University of Brussels
Argonauts of the Desert
structuralism to trace how
most biblical stories and
laws were inspired by Greek
literature. e books from Genesis to Kings may
have been written by a single author, a Hellenized
Judean scholar, who used Plato’s ideal
State in
e Laws
as a primary source of inspiration. As
such, biblical Israel is a recreation of that twelve
tribes State, governed solely by divine law. Most
stories surrounding the birth, life and death of
that State were inspired by Greek epics, such as
the Argonauts, ebes, Heracles and Troy, as well
as by Herodotus’
. Previous paradigms
dealing with the origins of the Old Testament, such
as the documentary hypothesis, are rejected. Each
chapter presents the biblical material and compares
this to the Greek or Roman equivalents, discussing
similarities and dierences.
Argonauts of the Desert
presents the reader with a revolutionary new
commentary on the Bible and its origins.
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
November 2011 224pp
HB 9781845539245 £60.00 / $99.95
The First City
Mario Liverani
University of Rome
‘La Sapienza’
“Liverani’s masterly
interweaving of written and
material evidence can serve
as a model for studies of
other areas.”
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament
Series: BibleWorld
2006 96pp 234 x 156mm 11 illus.
HB 9781845531911 £40.00 / $65.00
PB 9781845531935 £14.99 / $24.95
Israel’s History
and the History
of Israel
Mario Liverani
University of Rome
‘La Sapienza’
“Liverani charts a sinuous
and expert path through the
mineeld that has come to
mark the discussion over
how to reconstruct ancient Israelite history … no
one will come away from reading him without being
challenged, indeed exhilarated by the depth of his
insights and the breadth of his vision.”
Peter Machinist, Harvard University
“Liverani’s intentions in oering an account of
the biblical transformation of Israel’s past ‘from
trivial event to signicant re-elaboration’ are to be
commended. His book is an appropriate and exciting
alternative to the biblical narrative.”
Times Literary Supplement
Series: BibleWorld
2005 416pp
HB 9781904768760 £65.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845533410 £22.99 / $39.95
Myth and Politics
in Ancient
Near Eastern
Mario Liverani
University of Rome
‘La Sapienza’
“Liverani’s work is among
the most original and
penetrating in the discipline
of ancient Near Eastern studies. I recommend
this brilliant and fascinating book with high
Benjamin R. Foster, Yale University
“is collection of his classic essays, in English for the
rst time, displays Liverani’s brilliance in dissecting
a variety of myths, treaties, royal inscriptions, letters
and Biblical narratives.”
Norman Yoee, University of Michigan
“e availability of these essays in English is a truly
invaluable service to the wider scholarly audience of
the ancient Near East.”
Bryn Mawr College Review
Series: Studies in Egyptology and the Ancient Near East
2004 256pp
HB 9781904768043 £65.00
PB 9781845532802 £18.99
North American Rights sold
Origin Myths
and Holy Places in
the Old Testament
A Study of Aetiological
Ukasz Niesiowski-
, Warsaw
is book examines biblical
narratives describing the
origins of holy places. e study explores three
central questions: were there common features in
biblical accounts about the foundation of places
of worship? are there elements in the aetiological
stories that reveal the “real” mythology/rituals of
the sanctuary; what were the circumstances of the
creation of such narratives? Presenting a detailed
analysis of individual sites, the book argues for
the Hellenistic origins or redaction of most of the
examined aetiological narratives.
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
March 2011 314pp
HB 9781845533342 £70.00 / $110.00
Perspectives I
Studies in the History,
Literature and Religion
of Biblical Israel
John Van Seters
University of
North Carolina
e volume brings together
a range of classic essays on
Israelite and Judean history, on the literary analysis
of the Pentateuch and historical books, and on the
nature of biblical religion. e historical essays
explore the “patriarchal age”, the accounts of the
exodus from Egypt and the conquest of Canaan,
and the temple of Solomon. e literary studies
challenge the classical Documentary Hypothesis,
and the more recent modications that support
the notion of an extensive Deuteronomistic
redaction of the Pentateuch. e essays on biblical
historiography focus on the Court History
of David, the role of creative imitation in the
composition of biblical narrative, and biblical
notions about patriarchal religion and myths of
human origin.
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
July 2011 438pp
HB 9781845539016 £75.00 / $120.00
Japheth ben Ali’s
Book of Jeremiah
A Critical Edition and
Linguistic Analysis
of the Judaeo-Arabic
Joshua A. Sabih
University of
“e work’s importance for
the eld of biblical studies goes considerably beyond
the very solid benets from this critical edition of
Jeremiah. It adds much to the history of the Bible’s
reception in an area which has been much neglected
in biblical studies.”
Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
2009 520pp 234 x 156mm 6 illus.
HB 9781845533380 £90.00 / $150.00
The Archaeology
of Myth
Papers on Old
Testament Tradition
N. Wyatt
University of Edinburgh
Myth as a category is
oen explicitly denied
as being present in the
Bible. e book highlights
the importance of mythological categories in
discussing any religion, and especially Israelite
Series: BibleWorld
2010 124pp
HB 9781845533571 £55.00 / $95.00
PB 9781845533588 £24.99 / $45.00
The Mythic Mind
Essays on Cosmology
and Religion in Ugaritic
and Old Testament
N. Wyatt
University of Edinburgh
“Every student of either Old
Testament topics or Ugaritic
literature would benet from
reading these essays, and they should be required
reading for those interested in correlations between
the two literatures and the cultures of which they
were an important expression.”
Review of Biblical Literature
e Israelite worldview was essentially a West
Semitic worldview in origin, with additional
deeply embedded inuences from Egypt and
Mesopotamia. e book explores the history and
cosmology of this process, challenging views
developed by treating Israel in isolation.
Series: BibleWorld
2005 320pp 8 illus.
HB 9781845530426 £75.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845530433 £24.99 / $45.00
The Emergence
of Israel in
Ancient Palestine
Historical and
Emanuel Pfoh
National University
of La Plata, Argentina
Drawing on the critical
methodologies of history and anthropology, this
study describes the emergence of Israel in ancient
Palestine and the socio-political dynamics at work
in the Levant during antiquity.
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
2009 192pp
HB 9781845535292 £60.00 / $99.95
The Origins of the
‘Second’ Temple
Persian Imperial Policy
and the Rebuilding of
Diana V. Edelman
University of Shefeld
“Edelman’s book provides
a major challenge to the
scholarly consensus about
the ‘origins’ of the Second Temple. It will stimulate
much discussion.”
Review of Biblical Literature
Series: BibleWorld
2005 458pp illus.
PB 9781845530174 £24.99 / $39.95
From Babylon
to Eternity
The Exile Remembered
and Constructed in
Text and Tradition
Bob Becking
Alex Cannegieter
Wilfred van der Poll
Anne-Mareike Wetter
e exile in Babylon is generally perceived to have
been a time of sorrow and despair.
From Babylon to
Jesus in an Age
of Neoliberalism
Quests, Scholarship
and Ideology
James G. Crossley
University of Shefeld
Jesus in an Age of
analyses the
ideology underpinning
scholarly and popular quests
for the historical Jesus in a neoliberal age. e book
focuses on cultural and political concerns, notably
postmodernism, multiculturalism and liberal
masking of power. e study explores a range of
issues: the dubious periodization of the quest for
the historical Jesus; “biblioblogging”; Jesus the
“Great Man” and western individualism; image-
conscious Jesus scholarship; the “Jewishness” of
Jesus and the multicultural Other; evangelical and
“mythical” Jesuses; and the contradictions between
personal beliefs and dominant ideological trends in
the construction of historical Jesuses.
Series: BibleWorld
April 2012 256pp
HB 9781908049704 £60.00 / $99.95
Judaism, Jewish Identities
and the Gospel Tradition
Edited by
James G. Crossley
University of Shefeld
Judaism, Jewish Identities and the Gospel Tradition
examines the ways in which Judaism can function
as an analytical concept in gospel scholarship. An
overview of the ways in which Judaism is used in
the canonical gospels and how this relates to the
idea of a “Jewish Jesus”, the book explores various
Jewish traditions in the gospels, constructions of
gender, the impact of the historical Jesus, and the
signicant steps toward Christian distinctiveness
made in the gospel of John.
Series: BibleWorld
2010 240pp
HB 9781845532833 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845532840 £19.99 / $39.95
Jesus beyond Nationalism
Constructing the Historical Jesus in
a Period of Cultural Complexity
Edited by
Ward Blanton
, University of
James G. Crossley
, University
of Shefeld, and
Halvor Moxnes
, University
of Oslo
Jesus beyond Nationalism
examines how
presentations of Jesus have been used to
promote hegemonic or mono-cultural views and
consequently work against dierence in society, in
terms of race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality.
Tracing the cultural and ideological beginnings of
historical Jesus studies in the nineteenth century,
the book exposes the underlying presuppositions of
hegemony in contemporary presentations of Jesus.
Series: BibleWorld
2009 188pp
HB 9781845534103 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845534110 £19.99 / $29.95
Reality Effects
in the Gospels
George Aichele
Adrian College, Michigan
e New Testament gospels
do not represent four
versions of one Jesus story
but rather they produce
four distinct narrative simulacra, each one of
which is named “Jesus”.
Simulating Jesus
both the theory and the evidence justifying this
claim and discusses its practical and theological
consequences. e book examines each gospel’s
Jesus simulation and compares it to the others, as
well as to other Jesus simulacra elsewhere in the
Bible and in contemporary popular culture.
Series: BibleWorld July 2011 258pp
HB 9781845536800 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845536817 £19.99 / $34.95
A Reader
Edited by
Aaron W. Hughes
SUNY at Buffalo
Dening Judaism
an ideal text for the student.
is reader illustrates the
range of theoretical and
practical issues required for comparative and
historical study.
Introduction. PART I Historical and Chronological
Denitions: Orientation; 1. Saadya Gaon Selection
from e Book of Beliefs and Opinions; 2.
Maimonides irteen Articles of Faith; 3. e
Assembly of Jewish Notables Answers to Napoleon;
4. Abraham Geiger Selection from Judaism and
Its History; 5. Judith Plaskow Setting the Problem,
Laying the Ground. PART II. e Contours of
Judaism: 6. Daniel Boyarin Apartheid Comparative
Religion in the Second Century: Some eory
and a Case Study; 7. Steven M. Wasserstrom
Who Were the Jews: Problems in Proling the
Jewish Community Under Early Islam; 8. Miriam
Bodian e Rejudaization of “the Nation”; 9.
Gershom Scholem Jews and Germans. PART III.
Re-Denitions: 10. Howard Eilberg-Schwartz e
Savage in Judaism; 11. Jonathan Boyarin Waiting
for a Jew: Marginal Redemption at the Eight Street
Shul; 12. Aaron W. Hughes Expanding the Canon
of Jewish Philosophy: Towards an Appreciation of
Series: Critical Categories in the Study of Religion
June 2011 304pp
HB 9781845536084 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781845536091 £19.99 / £29.95
Sectarianism in Early Judaism
Sociological Advances
Edited by
David J. Chalcraft
University of Derby
“One of the most important books recently compiled
for the improved understanding of Judaism in the
late Second Temple period.”
George J. Brooke, University of Manchester
Series: BibleWorld
2007 256pp
HB 9781845530839 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845530846 £19.99 / $34.95
On the Origins
of Judaism
Philip R. Davies
University of Shefeld
is book oers a broad
exploration of the
formation of early Judaism.
It ranges across diverse
themes: the identity of
those who produced and
canonized the Hebrew Bible and subsequently
shaped its interpretation; the signicance and
impact of Second Isaiah and the books of Ezra
and Nehemiah; the roots of Jewish apocalyptic
literature, and the possible origins of the exodus
story; the mechanics of table fellowship in diaspora
Judaism; the ethical systems of the Hebrew Bible
and of the Athenian tragedians.
Series: BibleWorld
June 2011 184pp
HB 9781845533250 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533267 £19.99 / $29.95
‘Is This Not The
The Question of the
Historicity of the Figure
of Jesus
Edited by
Thomas L. Thompson
University of
Thomas S. Verenna
e historicity of Jesus is now widely accepted
and hardly questioned by most scholars. But this
assumption disarms biblical texts of much of their
power by privileging an historical interpretation
which eectively sweeps aside much theological
speculation and allusion. Furthermore, the
assumption of historicity gathers further
assumptions to it, shaping the interpretation of
texts, both denying and adding subtext. Scholars
are now faced with an endless array of works on the
historical Jesus and few question what has been lost
through this wide-spread assumption of historicity.
is Not e Carpenter?’
presents a very valuable
a literary re-reading of the New Testament.
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
April 2012 296pp
HB 9781845539863 £65.00 / $110.00
The Symbolic Jesus
Historical Scholarship, Judaism and the
Construction of Contemporary Identity
William Arnal
, University of Regina, Canada
“Arnal skillfully argues that historical scholarship is
always about the present. Yet Arnal is no debunker;
he also argues that the contemporary implications
of a scholar’s work count neither for nor against
its validity as historical scholarship. is book is
concise, lucid and insightful. Highly recommended.”
Religious Studies Review
Series: Religion and Culture: Studies in Social Contest
and Construction
2005 128pp
HB 9781845530068 £50.00 / $85.00
PB 9781845530075 £17.99 / $29.95
The Expression
‘Son of Man’ and
the Development
of Christology
A History of
Mogens Müller
University of
“To this superb survey of the history of the term
Son of Man there is no equivalent. e quantity of
literature the author surveys is overwhelming … an
invaluable guide.”
Review of Biblical Literature
“An indispensable tool for anyone researching
the term ‘Son of Man.’ It is the product of years of
meticulous research that successfully avoids the trap
of losing the wider picture in all the detail … is
is a ‘must read’ for any scholar or serious student
undertaking Son of Man research.”
Journal for the Study of the New Testament
“Müller has done us all a service in providing such
a comprehensive, and scrupulously fair, descriptive
summary of the works of so many people who have
wrestled with the problem of the term Son of Man.”
e Catholic Biblical Quarterly
Series: Copenhagen International Seminar
2008 536pp
HB 9781845533359 £75.00 / $125.00
PB 9781845539726 £24.99 / $39.95
Three Versions of Judas
Richard G. Walsh
Methodist University, Fayetteville, NC
“Walsh has done a masterful job of exploring
portrayals of Judas in these diverse sources.
Highly recommended.”
e gospel character of Judas clearly indicates
Christian myth making. As the insider become
outsider he demarcates Christian boundaries and
so helps dene insider identity and locate evil.
ree Versions of Judas
explores the Judases of the
gospels, the ndings of critical biblical analysis and
artistic responses to Judas.
Series: BibleWorld
2010 224pp
HB 9781845537012 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845537029 £19.99 / $34.95
Early Christian Historiography
Narratives of Retribution
G.W. Trompf
, University of Sydney
“A magisterial, exhaustive and encyclopaedic
treatment of a central and primal question in
religious studies which towers above most other
attempts to answer it in this century. Trompf deals
with the basic theological and historiographical
questions of whether there is reason and justice
behind the universe, whether there is good and bad
in it and whether there is a god or power to or which
presides over retribution.”
Noel Q. King, U.C., Santa Cruz
“is massively learned work is a study of the
overarching principles that controlled early
Christian historical narratives … ere is no book
that is so intricate in detail or wide-ranging on its
Journal of Religious History
2007 288pp
PB 9781845531881 £24.99 / $39.95
The Grotesque Body in Early Christian Literature
Hell, Scatology and Metamorphosis
István Czachesz
, University of Heidelberg
Early Christian apocryphal and conical documents present us with grotesque
images of the human body, oen combining the playful and humorous with the
repulsive, and fearful. First to third century Christian literature was shaped by the
discourse around and imagery of the human body. is study analyses how the
iconography of bodily cruelty and visceral morality was produced and rened from
the very start of Christian history.
Dierent aspects of the grotesque body are examined in each chapter with careful
consideration given to both historical sources and literary representations. e sources range across
Greek comedy, Roman and Jewish demonology, and metamorphosis traditions. e study reveals how
these images originated, were adopted, and were shaped to the service of a doctrinally and psychologically
persuasive Christian message.
Series: BibleWorld
May 2012 192pp
HB 9781845538859 £55.00 / $95.00
Delivering the Word
Preaching and Exegesis in the Western Christian Tradition
Edited by
William John Lyons
Isabella Sandwell
both University of Bristol
One of the most consistent features of Christian life has been the extensive use of the
biblical texts in sermons; to evangelize, to educate, to edify, to exhort, and even to
terrify those who heard them. Yet, surprisingly little scholarly attention has focused
on the dynamics at work as these texts were taken by preachers and transformed
into the largely aural experience encountered by their audience. Scripture was
communicated and made relevant to a broad range of audiences, including those
whose social status or illiteracy might have precluded any other access to biblical texts. In this volume, case-
studies of biblical reception within and through preaching have been taken from two millennia of homilies,
with each being examined to see how the text-preacher-audience dynamic has inuenced the interpretation,
understanding and impact of the Bible. Examples include Paul, Origen, Chrysostom, Augustine, Hildegard
of Bingen, Jonathan Edwards, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Aimee Semple McPherson and Chris Brain.
Series: BibleWorld
December 2011 260pp
HB 9781845538927 £60.00 / $99.95
Redrawing the Boundaries
The Date of Early Christian Literature
J.V.M. Sturdy
Edited by
Jonathan Knight
Sturdy’s work was conceived as a reply to
John Robinson’s
Redating the New Testament
published in 1975. is radical book is richly
documented with extensive references to secondary
literature, and serves as an indispensable research
Series: BibleWorld
2008 192pp
HB 9781845533014 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533021 £19.99 / $34.95
Mark and its Subalterns
A Hermeneutical Paradigm for a
Postcolonial Context
C.I. David Joy
“Joy’s interpretation from an Indian context
gives evidence of why a postcolonial reading is
necessary and more eective than other models of
Journal of Postcolonial eory and eology
Series: BibleWorld
2008 240pp
HB 9781845533274 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533281 £19.99 / $34.95
The Apostle Paul and His Letters
Edwin D. Freed
, Gettysburg College, USA
“A helpful introduction to Paul’s letters, and the
years of teaching the subject to the target audience
is evident in the eective presentation. e volume
is clearly organized and well written. is is
particularly true of the coverage of the content of
Paul’s letters that is oen secondary to the discussion
of critical issues but in this volume receives ample
Review of Biblical Literature
Series: BibleWorld
2005 224pp
HB 9781845530020 £70.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845530037 £19.99 / $34.95
The Morality of Paul’s Converts
Edwin D. Freed
, Gettysburg College, USA
“Freed’s work proposes an interesting solution to the
problem faced by much scholarship which is unable
adequately to account for Paul’s ethical concern
for those who have been ‘justied by faith’. He
also engages in much valuable discussion of Greek
expressions accessible for those who do not read
e Expository Times
“A signicant addition to the vast eld of recent
Pauline studies.”
Religious Studies Review
Series: BibleWorld
2005 384pp
HB 9781845530228 £70.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845530235 £19.99 / $34.95
Linguistic Dating
of Biblical Texts
Ian Young
University of Sydney,
Robert Rezetko
with the assistance of
Martin Ehrensvärd
University of Aarhus
“By making the case
that what scholars have
heretofore called ‘Archaic
Biblical Hebrew, Early Biblical Hebrew and Late
Biblical Hebrew’ are actually writing styles unrelated
to chronology, the work portends revolutions in
many branches of biblical studies … is book is a
must-study for all Biblicists and Hebrew Linguists.”
Ziony Zevit, American Jewish University
“ere is no doubt that this massive book makes
a very substantial contribution to the scholarly
discussion on Early Biblical Hebrew, Late Biblical
Hebrew and linguistic dating of biblical texts. It
will be widely read, cited and, of course, it will raise
much debate.”
Ehud Ben Zvi, University of Alberta
Volume I is written as an overview and is available
as a single paperback volume. Volume II provides
supplementary research material.
Series: BibleWorld
2008 512pp
HB 9781845530815 £120.00 / $195.00 (2 volume set)
PB 9781845530822 £24.99 / $39.95 (volume 1 only)
Iconic Books and Texts
Edited by
James W. Watts
is is the rst comprehensive survey of iconic religious books and texts. It traces their development
and inuence from ancient to modern times and compares their roles in multiple cultures and religious
traditions. Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh and Pagan texts are all treated.
e essays range across individual religious texts, the technology of the book, book aesthetics, the material
culture of the book, the use and interpretation of illustrations, and the distinctions between religious and
secular texts.
Iconic Books and Texts
will have wide appeal to students and scholars across the study of
religions, literature, book history and librarianship.
June 2012 352pp 4 illus.
HB 9781845539856 £60.00 / $99.95
The Disappearance
of Writing Systems
on Literacy and
Edited by
John Baines
University of Oxford,
John Bennet
University of Shefeld,
Stephen Houston
Brown University, USA
“A pioneering, fascinating and authoritative book…
A landmark collection.”
“Important and indispensible contributions to the
still-edgling study of writing and can be highly
recommended to all.”
“Should stimulate further research into a
comprehensive analysis into the factors involved in
the disappearance of writing systems.”
American Journal of Archaeology
2008 384pp 234 x 156mm 63 illus.
HB 9781845530136 £75.00 / $120.00
PB 9781845539078 £19.99 / $34.95
The Ontology of
Space in Biblical
Hebrew Narrative
The Determinate
Function of Narrative
‘Space’ within the
Biblical Hebrew
Luke Gärtner-Brereton
“Uncovers an important aspect of biblical narrative
that merits thorough discussion in the realms of
biblical narrative and thought.”
Review of Biblical Literature
“Provides the intriguing suggestion that space could
be generative of biblical Hebrew narrative in a way
that has not been fully appreciated before.”
e Bible and Critical eory
Series: BibleWorld
2008 140pp
HB 9781845533137 £60.00 / $99.95
PB 9781845533144 £19.99 / $29.95
Literary Sumerian
Edited by
Jarle Ebeling
University of Oxford, and
Graham Cunningham
University of Cambridge
is book brings together
pioneering studies on the
world’s oldest literature, composed in the extinct
language of Sumerian and written on clay in the
cuneiform script.
2007 426pp
HB 9781845532291 £80.00 / $135.00
Historical Biblical
Archaeology and
the Future
The New Pragmatism
Edited by
Thomas E. Levy
University of California,
San Diego
Joint winner of the
Biblical Archaeology
Society Publication Award: Best Scholarly Book
on Archaeology, 2011
e book serves as a model for how researchers
in other regions of the world can investigate the
relationship between ancient texts (both sacred and
profane) and the archaeological record. It describes
the paradigm shi brought about by the application
of objective science-based dating methods,
Geographic Information Systems, anthropological
models, and an array of computer-based and digital
technology tools.
2010 392pp 60 illus.
HB 9781845532574 £75.00 / $125.00
PB 9781845532581 £24.99 / $39.95
Settlement, Interaction,
Expansion and
Avraham Faust
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Winner of the Best
Scholarly Book on
Archaeology Award,
2009, from the Biblical Archaeology Society.
Winner of the 2008 Irene Levi-Sala Prize for
publications on the archaeology of Israel
Winner of the American Schools of Oriental
Research G. Ernest Wright Award, 2008
“Essential reading for anyone interested in the
archaeology of the Early Iron Age in the Southern
Levant, Ancient Israel and the archaeology of
Palestine Exploration Quarterly
“A must read for anyone interested in Israelite
ethnicity. [Faust’s] approach to Israel’s ethnogenesis,
which eclectically combines the strongest points
of the major theories, is gradually becoming the
standard view among scholars who specialize in
Israelite origins and identity.”
e Review of Biblical Literature
“e place to begin any serious investigation into the
topic of the origins of ancient Israel.”
Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin
Series: Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology
2007 289pp 17 illus.
HB 9781904768982 £75.00 / $125.00
PB 9781845534561 £24.99 / $45.00
First Civilizations
Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt
Second Edition
Robert Chadwick
“Skilfully brings to life the long-forgotten details of
these two great civilizations.”
Near Eastern Archaeology Society Bulletin
“Chadwick’s writing is lucid and owing and, with
such a profusion of illustrative material, the reader’s
attention is easily commanded … is is an excellent
publication and I would encourage everyone to
purchase a copy.”
Canadian Society for Mesopotamian
Studies Journal
First Civilizations
is the second edition of a
popular student text. It provides an overview of the
civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia and ancient
Egypt for students who have little or no knowledge
of ancient history or archaeology.
2005 256pp 242 b/w illus. and 20 colour illus.
HB 9781904768777 £70.00 / $110.00
PB 9781904768784 £19.99 / $34.95
Ultimate Devotion
The Historical Impact and Archaeological
Expression of Intense Religious
Yoav Arbel
, Israel Antiquities Authority
In the hands of dissenting religious zealots faith
and ritual present powerful means of mobilizing
people towards radical change. is book
examines several intense religious movements
from various historical backgrounds. ey show
striking similarities in the ways they emerged,
in the characters of their leaders and followers,
and in their oen tragic conclusions. is book
joins archaeological and textual evidence to
anthropological theory to present a previously
untested model of mass action inspired by intense
Series: Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology
2009 216pp 50 illus.
HB 9781845532260 £60.00 / $99.95
and Cult
The Sanctuary
at Gilat, Israel
Edited by
Thomas E. Levy
University of California,
San Diego
“A hallmark in the study of
the Levantine Chalcolithic …
is volume will become standard reading for
those interested in the Chalcolithic period, early
religion, archaeological method and theory, and
anthropological and ethnographic studies.”
American Journal of Archaeology
is book provides an in-depth study of the
role of religion in the evolution of societies. It
melds anthropological theory and archaeological
data to present one of the most comprehensive
archaeological studies of the role of ritual as a
vital force for promoting and consolidating social
Series: Approaches to Anthropological Archaeology
2006 800pp 366 illus.
HB 9781904768586 £150.00 / $235.00
The Bible
and Radiocarbon
Archaeology, Text
and Science
Edited by
E. Levy
, University of
California, San Diego,
Thomas Higham
Oxford University
Awarded Best Scholarly Book on Archaeology 2007,
BAS Pub Award
“Levy and Higham’s volume is important as it draws
together a number of inuential scholars to discuss
the results of recent applications of radiocarbon
dating to Iron Age archaeology in the southern
Levant. Its three main sections examine new results
for Iron Age chronology in Jordan, Israel and the
East Mediterranean in general. e importance of
these sequences of absolute dates provided by these
studies cannot be underestimated.”
2005 464pp 160 illus.
PB 9781845530570 £29.99 / $49.95
Local Power in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia
Andrea Seri
, University of Chicago
“Well organized, well written, and presents theory in a clear way”
Journal of the American Oriental Society
In this pathbreaking study of local power structures in Old Babylonian
Mesopotamia (c.2000–1595

) Seri shows that far from being a monolithic entity
that unilaterally made decisions concerning people, water, land, and other resources,
the Babylonian state had to deal with local institutions that were not always
willing to accept royal decisions passively. He demonstrates that the state was oen
unable to penetrate deeply into traditional social and economic practices that were
controlled by local leaders, as is most apparent in the conict of jurisdiction related
to land distribution. However, the state did surreptitiously co-opt local leaders into the royal domain. e
methodology and conclusions of this case study will be valuable for those studying other ancient states and
complex societies.
Series: Studies in Egyptology and the Ancient Near East
December 2011 288pp
HB 9781845530105 £70.00 / $120.00
PB 9781908049001 £19.99 / $34.95
For more information and to subscribe visit
Australian Religion
Studies Review
Editors: Paul Hedges
and Jay Johnston
Australian Religion Studies
is the leading
peer-reviewed journal of
the Pacic region dealing
with all aspects of the
academic study of religion.
e journal is committed to
presenting cutting edge research from the Pacic
region and elsewhere from both established and
new scholars. It publishes articles, book and lm
reviews, conference reports, and the annual lecture
delivered to members of its partner organization,
the Australian Association for the Study of
3 issues per year
ISSN 1031-2943 (print) / ISSN 1744-9014 (online)
Buddhist Studies
General Editor:
Peter Harvey
Published on behalf of
the UK Association for
Buddhist Studies. e
journal publishes peer-
reviewed articles on any
aspect of Buddhism: the
dierent cultural areas
where Buddhism exists or has existed across Asia;
historical and contemporary aspects including
developments in “Western” Buddhism; theoretical,
practical and methodological issues; textual,
linguistic, archaeological and art-historical studies;
and dierent disciplinary approaches to the subject.
It also carries book reviews.
2 issues per year
ISSN 0256-2897 (print) / ISSN 1747-9681 (online)
Bulletin for the
Study of Religion
(formerly the
CSSR Bulletin)
Editor: Craig Martin
Bulletin for the Study
of Religion
is one of the
oldest North American
publications in the study of
religion and has one of the
largest circulations of any
periodical in the discipline. It explores a wide range
of topics and provides a space for interdisciplinary
discussion. It is especially relevant to newcomers
to the eld interested in becoming aware of eld-
wide discussions. Articles address issues related to
method and theory, pedagogical practice, and the
history of the eld.
4 issues per year
ISSN 2041-1863 (print) / ISSN 2041-1871 (online)
Islamic Studies
Brannon M. Wheeler
Comparative Islamic Studies
brings the theory and
method of the humanities
and social sciences to bear
on the contemporary study
of religion. Particular
attention is given to articles
which challenge generic categories, theories and
questions of method in the study of religion.
Attention to Islamic materials from outside the
central Arabic lands is of special interest, as are
comparisons which stress the diversity of Islam.
Articles also discuss the methodological and
theoretical implications of doing comparative
2 issues per year
ISSN 1740-7125 (print) / ISSN 1743-1638 (online)
Implicit Religion
Editor: Edward Bailey
Implicit religion covers
those aspects of ordinary
life that contain an
inherently religious
element within them
regardless of whether
they are expressed in
ways that are traditionally
described as “religious”.
is international journal
welcomes papers on theory and evidence in the
study of religion and secularity, and those which
explore the relationship between the context and
dynamism of religious and secular phenomena. It
is particularly concerned with religious life outside
the boundaries of the the churches/organized
religion in post-modernity. e journal publishes
3 issues per year
ISSN 1463-9955 (print) / ISSN 1743-1697 (online)
Journal for the
Study of New
Editors: Carole Cusack
and Liselotte Frisk
Published in cooperation
with e International
Society for the Study of
New Religions, the journal
presents research into all
aspects of new religions: religious movements or
organizations that are “new” in a specic historical
context; religions that emerged in the West from
the middle of the twentieth century; both organized
and loose religious groups and movements; new
religions outside the West; and new expressions
within established religions.
2 issues per year
ISSN 2041-9511 (print) / ISSN 2041-952X (online)
in Religion
Editor: Ron Geaves
Fieldwork in Religion
is a peer reviewed,
interdisciplinary journal
presenting empirical
research in religion. e
journal promotes critical
investigation into all aspects
contemporary religion in
all disciplines: religious studies, anthropology,
ethnography, sociology, psychology, folklore, and
cultural studies. It also encourages the discussion
of methodology in eldwork through articles
specically on issues of methodology or eldwork
case studies that
discuss methodological challenges and the impact
of methodology on empirical research.
3 issues per year
ISSN 1743-0615 (print) / ISSN 1743-0623 (online)
and Genetic Ethics
Editor: Calum Mackellar
Human Reproduction and
Genetic Ethics
contributions on the ethical
perspectives of human
reproduction and genetics
from the perspective of
industry, philosophy,
medicine, theology, ethics, natural science,
jurisprudence or economy. e journal is one of
the most important in its eld, indispensable to
those seeking to discuss the ethical consequences of
developments in human reproduction and genetics.
2 issues per year
ISSN 1028-7825 (print) / ISSN 2043-0469 (online)
Journal of
Adult Theological
Editor: Nigel Rooms
Journal of Adult eological
is an academic,
peer-reviewed journal that
promotes dialogue among
those involved in adult
theological education,
whether aimed at the laity
or ministry. Its perspective is both international
and ecumenical, and covers both theory and
Journal of Adult eological Education
aliated to the British and Irish Association for
Practical eology.
2 issues per year
ISSN 1740-7141 (print) / ISSN 1743-1654 (online)
Journal for
Research into
and Fraternalism
Andreas Önnerfors
Freemasonry is subsumed
under the wider topic of
fraternalism, an element of
human culture and nature
that represents the idea
of organized community. Fraternal associations
– from the garden of Epicure via the guilds of the
Middle Ages to communities on the Internet –
share common features and inner dynamics.
2 issues per year
ISSN 1757-2460 (print) / ISSN 1757-2479 (online)
Journal for
the Study of
Editor: Cheryl Hunt
Journal for the Study
of Spirituality
creates a
unique interdisciplinary,
inter-professional and
cross-cultural forum where
scholars and others engaged
in the study and practices
of spirituality can debate. is peer-reviewed
journal focuses on what spirituality means and how
it is expressed in individuals’ lives, communities,
professional settings, and in social policy. e
journal is aliated to the British Association for
the Study of Spirituality.
2 issues per year
ISSN 2044-0243 (print) / ISSN 2044-0251 (online)
Journal for the
Study of Religion,
Nature and Culture
Editor: Bron Taylor
Journal for the Study of
Religion, Nature and
) is the leading
forum for constructive
and normative studies on
the relationship between
religion and ecology. e journal explores the
relationships among human beings, their diverse
religions and the earth’s living systems, and
analyses what constitutes an ethically appropriate
relationship between our own species and
the natural worlds we inhabit. Indexing and
Abstracting by the ATLA Religion Database,
published by the American eological Library
Association; EBSCO Publishing; Iter Database; and
Religious and eological Abstracts.
4 issues per year
ISSN 1749-4907 (print) / ISSN 1749-4915 (online)
Medieval Mystical
The Journal of
The Eckhart Society
Editor: Duane Williams
Medieval Mystical eology
welcomes scholarly papers
on individual writers,
movements, themes,
developments, and ideas
in mystical theology in the
Middle Ages. e journal embraces the inuence of
Neo-Platonism, Aristotelianism, Patristics, Judaism
and Islam on Christian medieval mystical theology,
as well as interpretations of the tradition for today.
Comparisons between medieval mystical theology
and other traditions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism,
Taoism and Confucianism, are also within the
compass of the journal. As the journal of e
Eckhart Society, it especially welcomes scholarly
studies of the life, work, and reception of Meister
2 issues per year
ISSN 2046-5726 (print) / ISSN 2046-5734 (online)
An Interdisciplinary
Journal for Research
on the Pentecostal
and Charismatic
Editor: Mark J. Cartledge
provides an
interdisciplinary forum for
the study of Pentecostal and
Charismatic Christianity.
Authors from the social sciences, the humanities,
cultural studies, religious studies and theology are
welcome to submit research on global expressions
of Pentecostalism dened in its broadest sense. In
particular, it is interested in the global expansion
of Pentecostalism, its mutations and impact on
society, culture and the media, including its
inuence on traditional non-Pentecostal churches.
Comparative research is encouraged, especially
if it is based on dierent regional studies and
contributes to our understanding of globalization
and the role of Pentecostalism in postcolonial
2 issues per year
ISSN 2041-3599 (print) / ISSN 1871-7691 (online)
Political Theology
Executive Editor:
Graeme Smith
Editors: Julie Clague,
Timothy F. Simpson
and David True
Political eology
is an
interdisciplinary journal,
drawing on theology,
religious studies, politics,
philosophy, ethics, cultural
studies, social theory and economics. It reects the
diversity of religious and theological engagements
with public and political life. e aims of the
journal are: to deconstruct specic instances of
political activity; to reect upon the mechanisms
of power in civil life; to examine the operation
of alliances and coalitions, and the relationship
between personal ambition and political vision; to
analyse theological paradigms employed by those
engaged with political disclosures; and to explore
power dynamics within and between nations.
4 issues per year
ISSN 1462-317X (print) / ISSN 1743-1719 (online)
The Pomegranate
The International
Journal of
Pagan Studies
Editor: Chas Clifton
e Pomegranate
is the
rst international, peer-
reviewed journal of pagan
studies. It provides a forum
for papers, essays, and
symposia on both ancient
and contemporary Pagan religious practices.
also publishes reviews of scholarly
books in this growing eld. e editors seek
both new interpretations and re-examinations
of those traditions marked both by an emphasis
on nature as a source of sacred value as well as
those emphasizing continuity with a polytheistic
past. e editors also seek papers on the interplay
between pagan religious traditions, popular
culture, literature, psychology and the arts.
is indexed and/or abstracted by
Religious and eological Abstracts, and by Arts
and Humanities Citation Index and Current
Contents/Arts and Humanities.
2 issues per year
ISSN 1528-0268 (print) / ISSN 1743-1735 (online)
For more information and to subscribe visit
The Journal of
Sacred Texts and
Contemporary Worlds
Editor: Elizabeth Castelli
is a fully
refereed journal devoted
to the academic study of
scripture around the globe.
is study of sacred texts
has historically been a
highly technical, specialized and elite practice.
As important as this work is, it represents only a
small proportion of the range of engagements with
texts around the world.
takes seriously
a broad array of historical and contemporary
engagements with such texts and aims to open
up the discussion of sacred texts by crossing
traditional boundaries, bringing dierent
disciplinary tools to the process of analysis, and
opening up a sustained dialogue.
3 issues per year
ISSN 1743-887X (print) / ISSN 1743-8888 (online)
Practical Theology
Editor: Zoe Bennett
“An excellent resource in
a eld where there seem to
be few signposts. It is not
only interdisciplinary but
international in its focus,
and keeps the horizons of
pastoral studies without
sacricing depth and rigour.”
Rowan Williams,
Archbishop of Canterbury
Practical eology
, formerly known as
, is
the ocial journal of the UK and Irish Association
for Practical eology and is published on behalf
of the Contact Pastoral Trust. It has been published
since 1960 and plays a vital role for those who are
involved in pastoral practice and for those who
reect on practical theology within an academic
context. e journal’s mission is to contribute to
the development of pastoral studies and practical
theology by publishing creative articles which
report good practice, and which oer fresh
theoretical and practical insights. Contributions
are drawn from counselling, social work,
psychology, sociology, ethics, as well as pastoral
and practical theology.
3 issues per year
ISSN 1756-073X (print) / ISSN 1756-0748 (online)
Editor: Hannibal Hamlin
papers on any aspect of
Reformation history. Key
topics include: theology;
church or religious
history more generally;
English and continental
literature; social, political
and intellectual history;
art history and architecture; music; the Bible,
biblical scholarship and translation; scholarship,
and broader educational concerns. e journal is
sponsored by e Tyndale Society.
Annual ISSN 1357-4175 (print) / ISSN 1752-0738 (online)
and Renaissance
Editor: Ian Hazlett
Reformation and
Renaissance Review
is the
journal of the Society for
Reformation Studies. It
provides an international
platform for articles on any
aspect of religious thought
and life, theology and culture, from the eenth
to seventeenth centuries. is embraces Christian
Humanist, Roman Catholic, Protestant as well as
various other alternative approaches to reform,
change and continuity in church and society, and
interaction with other religions in Europe. e
journal aims especially to encourage work on the
Reformation and Catholic reform as pan-European
movements with an ambivalent relationship to
Renaissance humanism.
3 issues per year
ISSN 1462-2459 (print) / ISSN 1743-1727 (online)
Religious Studies
and Theology
Studies in Religion
Editor: Earle Waugh
Religious Studies and
is a peer-reviewed
journal focusing on
scholarship in both theology
and religious studies. While
international in scope,
and welcoming international submissions, the
journal has always played a major role in bringing
a Canadian perspective to recent debates. Each
issue includes book reviews.
Religious Studies and
is indexed and/or abstracted in Religion
Index One: Periodicals and book reviews are
indexed in Index to Book Reviews in Religion, both
published by the American eological Library
Association (ATLA). Articles are also abstracted by
Religious and eological Abstracts.
2 issues per year
ISSN 0829-2922 (print) / ISSN 1747-5414 (online)
Religions of
South Asia
Editors: Anna S. King
and Dermot Killingley
is journal publishes
papers on some of the
most vibrant and dynamic
religious traditions of the
world. It includes the latest
research on distinctively
South Asian or Indic
religions – Hindu, Jaina, Buddhist and Sikh. ese
are traditions which are integral not only to the
development of the cultural identities of South
Asia, but to those of many diaspora communities
globally. e journal also includes papers on those
religions originating outside the subcontinent and
now developing a signicant presence in South
Asia. Papers are particularly welcomed that discuss
the conuence of religious cultures and inter-
cultural encounters.
2 issues per year
ISSN 1751-2689 (print) / ISSN 1751-2697 (online)
Rural Theology
Ecumenical and
Editor: Leslie Francis
e principal aims of
are to promote
theological reection on
matters of rural concern, to
enhance the ministry and
mission of rural churches, and to bring rural issues
to the forefront of church and government agendas.
e journal is committed to embracing a wide
range of theological perspectives, to encouraging
interdisciplinary dialogue, and to stimulating
ecumenical and international exchange on matters
of relevance to religious, political, social and
economic aspects of rurality.
Rural eology
is the
journal of e Rural eology Association.
2 issues per year
ISSN 1470-4994 (print) / ISSN 2042-1273 (online)
Theology and
Editors: Gerard Loughlin
and Elizabeth Stuart
eology and Sexuality
has long been the primary
platform for theological
studies of sexuality and
gender issues. e themes
addressed by the journal
include theological
constructions of sex and gender, marriage, models
of the family, deconstructive and reconstructive
approaches to traditional Christian (and other
traditions) teaching on sexuality, sexuality and
violence and oppression, and the ethics of personal
eology and Sexuality
is indexed
and/or abstracted by ATLA Religion Database,
Zeller Dietrich Bibliographische Verlag, Index
eologicus, Religious and eological Abstracts,
Religion & Philosophy Collection and Academic
Search Premier.
3 issues per year
ISSN 1355-8358 (print) / ISSN 1745-5170 (online)
For more information and to subscribe visit
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9/11 Handbook, e
According to the Scriptures?
Aichele, George
Aimee Semple McPherson and the Making of
Modern Pentecostalism, 1890-1926
Alternatives Unincorporated
America, Amerikkka
Analysing Literary Sumerian
Ancient Philosophy of Religion
Andreopoulos, Andreas
Angels of Desire
Another World is Possible
Aping Mankind
Apostle Paul and His Letters, e
Arbel, Yoav
Archaeology, Anthropology and Cult
Archaeology of Myth, e
Argent, Alan
Argonauts of the Desert
Arnal, William
2, 26
Art and Belief
Art as eology
Austin, Michael
Australian Religion Studies Review
Ayahuasca, Ritual and Religion in Brazil
Baggini, Julian
Bailey, Edward
Baines, John
Barfoot, Chas. H.
Bastide on Religion
Baum, Robert M.
Becking, Bob
Being the Body of Christ
Ben Zvi, Ehud
Bennett, Clinton
Bennett, John
Bennett, Zoe
Bergmann, Sigurd
20, 21
Berry, Jan
Beyond Meditation
Bible and Justice
Bible and Radiocarbon Dating, e
Bible and the Environment, e
Bible Says So!, e
Biblical Resistance Hermeneutics within a
Caribbean Context
Black eology in Britain
Blanton, Ward
Boer, Roland
Bo, Leonardo
Bourdieu on Religion
Bowman, Marion
Boyce-Tillman, June
Brasher, Brenda E.
Braun, Willi
Brinkman, Martien E.
Buddhist Studies Review
Bulletin for the Study of Religion
Burns, Stephen
Cannegieter, Alex
Carden, Michael
Carpenter, Amber
Cartledge, Mark J.
Castelli, Elizabeth
Celestial India
Chadwick, Robert
Chalcra, David J.
Changing Perspectives I
Chaos of Delight, A
Christian Mentality
Christian Worship
Christians in the Twenty-First Century
Christianson, Eric
13, 15
Chryssides, George D.
City in Biblical Perspective, e
Clague, Julie
Clion, Chas
Comparative Islamic Studies
Compendium of Musical Instruments and
Instrumental Terminology in the Bible, A
Connolly, Peter
Coomber, Matthew J.M.
Cornwall, Susannah
Covill, Linda
Critical Introduction to the Study of Religion, A
Crossley, James G.
16, 26
Cry for Dignity, A
Cunningham, Graham
Cusack, Carole
Czachesz, István
Davies, Philip R.
22, 23, 26
Deane-Drummond, Celia
Deep Blue
Dening Buddhism(s)
Dening Hinduism
Dening Islam
Dening Judaism
Delivering the Word
Denton-Borhaug, Kelly
Derrida on Religion
Derris, Karen
Despland, Michel
Disappearance of Writing Systems, e
Dobson, Georey P.
Dumont on Religion
Dramatizing eologies
Droge, A.J.
Dubuisson, Daniel
Early Christian Historiography
Early Modern Philosophy of Religion
Earth, Empire and Sacred Text
Ebeling, Jarle
Edelman, Diana V.
23, 25
Ehrensvärd, Martin
Elliott, Scott S.
Elsie Chamberlain
Elvey, Anne
Emergence of Israel in Ancient Palestine, e
End All Around Us, e
End that Does, e
Ernesto de Martino on Religion
Evans, Mark
Explorations in Art, eology and Imagination
Expression ‘Son of Man’ and the Development of
Christology, e
Failure and Nerve in the Academic Study of Religion
Faith-Based War
Fantastic in Religious Narrative from Exodus to
Elisha, e
Faust, Avraham
Feldt, Laura
Ferrari, Fabrizio M.,
Fieldwork in Religion
Filemoni-Tofaeono, Joan Alleluia
First Civilizations
Fitzgerald, Timothy
Francis, Andrew
Francis, Leslie
Freed, Edwin D.
22, 27
Frisk, Liselotte
From Babylon to Eternity
Fuller, Steve
Gabriel, eodore
Garrard, Eve
Garrigan, Siobhán
Gärtner-Brereton, Luke
Geaves, Ron
11, 30
Geertz, Armin W.
Gelfer, Joseph
12, 19
Gender and Apocalyptic Desire
Global Civilization
Global Ethics
God of Philosophy, e
Gombrich, Richard
Grey, Mary C.
Grotesque Body in Early Christian Literature, e
Guillaume, Philippe
Gummer, Natalie
Gur Klein, alia
Gutierrez, Cathy
Hackett, Rosalind I.J.
Hakl, Hans omas
Hamlin, Hannibal
Hammond, Constance A.
Handy, Lowell K.
Harding, James E.
Harvey, Graham
1, 4
Harvey, Peter
Havea, Jione
Hazlett, Ian
Hedges, Paul
Herbert, T. Walter
Higham, omas
Historical Biblical Archaeology and the Future
History, Literature and eology in the Book of
History of Western Philosophy of Religion, e
Hobson, eo
Ho, omas
Hogan, Carol
Holy Terror
Home Away from Home
Hoo, Stan van
Hopkins, Dwight N.
Horrell, David G.
Houston, Stephen
How Buddhism Acquired a Soul on the Way to China
Hughes, Aaron W.
8, 9, 26
Hultgård, Anders
Human Reproduction and Genetic Ethics
Hume on Religion
Hunt, Cheryl
Ibn ‘Arabi and the Contemporary West
Iconic Books and Texts
Illman, Ruth
Implicit Religion
In the Beginning is the Icon
In Search of Solutions
Indian Buddhist Philosophy
International Journal for the Study of New Religions
Introducing Religion
Introduction to the Bible, An
Ipsen, Avaren
‘Is is Not e Carpenter?’
Isherwood, Lisa
16, 19
Isomae, Jun’ichi
Israel’s Ethnogenesis
Israel’s History and the History
of Israel
Jackson, Roy
Jacquette, Dale
Jagessar, Michael N.
Japanese Mythology
Japheth ben Ali’s Book of Jeremiah
Jeery-Street, Isobel
Jensen, Jeppe Sinding
2, 4
Jesus beyond Nationalism
Jesus in an Age of Neoliberalism
Jesus in an Age of Terror
Jha, Dwijendra Narayan
Johnson, Lydia
Johnston, David L.
Johnston, Jay
13, 30
Jonah’s World
Jones, Lindsay
Jones Nelson, Alissa
Journal for Research into Freemasonry and
Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture
Journal for the Study of Spirituality
Journal of Adult eological Education
Joy, C.I. David
Joy of Kierkegaard, e
Judaism, Jewish Identities and the Gospel Tradition
Jung, Dietrich
Juschka, Darlene
Karaogka, Anastasia
Kelso, Julie
Killingley, Dermot
Kippenberg, Hans G.
King, Anna S.
Knight, Jonathan
Knott, Kim
Kolyada, Yelena
Labate, Beatriz Caiuby
Land, Credit and Crisis
Lawrence, Bruce B.
Leopold, Anita
Leslie J. Francis,
Lévi-Strauss on Religion
Levy, omas E.
Lewis, James R.
Lewis, Marjorie
Linguistic Dating of Biblical Texts
Listening to Shin Buddhism
Liverani, Mario
Llewellyn, J.E.
Local Power in Old Babylonian Mesopotamia
Location of Religion, e
Loughlin, Gerard
Love of David and Jonathan, e
Lubelsky, Isaac
Lure of the Dark Side, e
Lyons, William John
Mack, Burton L.
14, 15
Mackellar, Calum
Macpherson, Judith
MacRae, Edward
Macwilliam, Stuart
Mark and its Subalterns
Martin, Craig
, 15, 30
Martin, Luther H.
Masking Hegemony
McCance, Dawne
McCleary, Rollan
McCutcheon, Russell T.
1, 2, 15
McNaughton, David
Medieval Mystical eology
Medieval Philosophy of Religion
McGhee, Glen S.
Milligan, Tony
Mircea Eliade
Monro, Anita
Morality of Paul’s Converts, e
Mounsey, Chris
Moxnes, Halvor
Müller, Mogens
Murphy, Tim
Myth and Politics in Ancient Near Eastern
Myth and the Christian Nation
Myths and Mythologies
Mythic Mind, e
Newport, Kenneth G.C.
Niesiowski-Spanò Ukasz,
Nihan, Christophe
Nineteenth-Century Philosophy of Religion
Non-Western Jesus, e
Notes from the Fortune-Telling Parrot
Numen, Old Men
O Mother, Where Art ou?
O’Leary, Stephen D.
On the Origins of Judaism
Önnerfors, Andreas
Ontology of Space in Biblical Hebrew Narrative, e
Open Up the Doors
Opening the Books of Moses
Oppy, Graham
Orientalists, Islamists and the Global Public Sphere
Origins of the ‘Second’ Temple, e
Origin Myths and Holy Places in the Old Testament
Out of Place
Park, Jungnok
Partridge, Christopher
13, 15
Past Minds
Patriarchs, Prophets and Other Villains
Pattison, George
Pearson, Clive
Pfoh, Emanuel
Philosophy of Kierkegaard, e
Philosophy of Schopenhauer, e
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on People and Planet
Pinault, David
Playing God
Political Bodies / Body Politic
Political eology
Poll, Wilfred van der
Pomegranate, e
Possamai, Adam
Power and Responsibility in Biblical Interpretation
Power, Kim
Practica l eology
Production of Prophecy, e
Prolegomena to a History of Islamic Manichaeism
Prophecy and Power
Proselytization Revisited
Pye, Michael
Pyper, Hugh
Quinby, Lee
Queer eory and the Prophetic Marriage
Metaphor in the Hebrew Bible
an, e
Radford Ruether, Rosemary
Readings in the eory of Religion
Real Peace Process, e 15
Reddie, Anthony G.
Redrawing the Boundaries
Reeves, John C.
Reformation and Renaissance Review
Reid-Salmon, Delroy A.
Reinterpreting the Eucharist
Religion and Cognition
Religion and the Domestication of Dissent
Religion and the Secular
Religions in Focus
Religions of South Asia
Religious Narrative, Cognition and Culture
Religious Studies and eology
Renkin, Claire
Rennie, Bryan
Representing Religion
Resurrecting Erotic Transgression
Rethinking Hindu Identity
Reweaving the Relational Mat
Rey, Terry
Rezetko, Robert
Rippin, Andrew
Ritual and Religious Belief
Ritual Making Women
Robbins, Mandy
Roberts, Jane F.
Robinson Waldman, Marilyn
Rogerson, J.W.
1, 22
Römer, omas
Rooms, Nigel
Rural Life and Rural Church
Rural eology
Sabih, Joshua A.
Sager, Tore
Saivism in the Diaspora
Sandwell, Isabella
Schwartz, Hillel
Sectarianism in Early Judaism
Secularism and Biblical Studies
Seidensticker, Tilman
Seongcheol, Venerable
Seri, Andrea
Sermon of One Hundred Days
Seters, John Van
Sex and Uncertainty in the Body of Christ
Sex Working and the Bible
Sexual Hospitality in the Hebrew Bible
Shalom / Salaam / Peace
Shannahan, Chris
Shaw, Sylvie
Simpson, Timothy F.
Simulating Jesus
Situating Islam
Slone, D. Jason
Smith, Graeme
Sociology of Religion for Generations X and Y
Sørensen, Jesper
Spaces of Mobility
Special Illumination, A
Stausberg, Michael
Strenski, Ivan
Structuring Mind, e
Stuart, Elizabeth
Stuckrad, Kocku von
Student’s Guide to the History and Philosophy of
Yoga, A
Studying Religion
Sturdy, J.V.M.
Symbolic Jesus, e
Syncretism in Religion
Tallis, Raymond
Taylor, Bron
Taylor, Craig
eology and Sexuality
eorizing Islam
omas, Oral
ompson, omas L.
ree Versions of Judas
Trakakis, Nick
Tremlett, Paul-François
Trompf, G.W.
True, David
Twentieth Century Mythologies
Twentieth-Century Philosophy of Religion
Ultimate Devotion
Unconventional Wisdom
U.S. War-culture, Sacrice and Salvation
Valk, Ülo
Verenna, omas S.
Vernacular Religion in Everyday Life
Vincent, John
Voices from the Borderland
Waggoner, Matthew
Wainwright, Elaine
Wajdenbaum, Philippe
Walliss, John
Walsh, Richard G.
War in Heaven / Heaven on Earth
Watts, James W.
Waugh, Earle
Weep Not for your Children
Western Esotericism
Wetter, Anne-Mareike
What the Buddha ought
Wheeler, Brannon M.
Widdows, Heather
Wilkins, Margaret Z.
Williams, Duane
Women and Reiki
Women Healing / Healing Women
Wood, W. Jay
Working Against the Grain
Wyatt, N.
Young, Ian
Yours Faithfully
Zachariah, George
Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism
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