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e Conquest of Time: e Early Years: 1898–1940
Jed Perl
A Life of Picasso
‘Jed Perl has the critical imagination to imagine Calder’s imagination, and the rare ability
engage that of the reader.’
– Fran Lebowitz
400 colour & b/w illus. 704 pp. 234x184mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23331-5
40 b/w illus.
288 pp. 216x138mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22464-1
Brian Fagan
is emeritus professor
of anthropology, University of
California, Santa Barbara.
He is an internationally recognised
authority on global prehistory and
the author of dozens of books on
archaeological topics.
The thrilling history of
archaeological adventure, with
tales of danger, debate, audacious
explorers and astonishing
discoveries around the globe
A Little History of Archaeology
Brian Fagan
What is archaeology? The word may bring to mind images of golden
pharaohs and lost civilizations, or Neanderthal skulls and Ice Age cave art.
Archaeology is all of these, but also far more: the only science to encompass
the entire span of human history – more than three million years!
Little History
Visit the website to discover these, and more Little History books:
Current Affairs
2 b/w illus.
304 pp. 216x138mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-20443-8
An engrossing analysis of the
History | Current Affairs
16 b/w illus.
336 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-18682-6
Mark Galeotti
is senior researcher
at the Institute of International
Relations, Prague. An expert and
prolic author on transnational
crime and Russian security affairs,
Global Crime
from the gulags to become Russia’s
much-feared, elite organised crime
class: the vory v zakone
The Vory
Russia’s Super Maa
Mark Galeotti
Mark Galeotti is the go-to expert on organised crime in Russia, consulted
by governments and police around the world. Now, American readers
can explore the fascinating history of the vory v zakone, a group that has
survived and thrived amid the changes brought on by Stalinism, the Cold
480 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23577-7
Sir Keith Thomas
is honorary fellow
at All Souls College, Oxford, and a
historian of early modern Britain.
His classic works include
and the Decline of Magic
and the Natural World
Civility in a changing world
Manners and Civilization in Early Modern England
Keith omas
The renowned historian Keith Thomas has written a peerless study of
224 pp. 210x140mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23335-3
A trenchant analysis of sacri�ce as
the foundation of the modern, as
well as the ancient, social order
Terry Eagleton
The modern conception of sacrice is at once cast as a victory of self-
discipline over desire and condescended to as destructive and archaic
abnegation. But even in the Old Testament, the dual natures of sacrice,
embodying both ritual slaughter and moral rectitude, were at odds. In this
17 b/w illus.
336 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-20036-2
Bill Niven
is professor of
contemporary German history
at Nottingham Trent University
and the author of many works on
An exposé of Hitler’s relationship
�lm industry
e Führer’s Hidden Passion
Bill Niven
A presence in Third Reich cinema, Adolf Hitler also personally nanced,
ordered, and censored lms and newsreels and engaged in complex
relationships with their stars and directors. Here, Bill Niven offers a
powerful argument for reconsidering Hitler’s fascination with lm as a
means to further the Nazi agenda.
In this rst English-language work to fully explore Hitler’s inuence on
and relationship with lm in Nazi Germany, the author calls on a broad
array of archival sources. Arguing that Hitler was as central to the Nazi lm
industry as Goebbels, Niven also explores Hitler’s representation in Third
Reich cinema, personally and through lms focusing on historical gures
with whom he was associated, and how Hitler’s vision for the medium went
far beyond ‘straight propaganda’. He aimed to raise documentary lm to a
powerful art form rivaling architecture in its ability to reach the masses.
‘Bill Niven’s book is important for social and cultural historians as well
as biographers of Hitler. It expertly shows how an authoritarian ruler
can inuence an entire people through carefully administered doses of
select propaganda. In the Third Reich, apart from having to please Hitler
personally, lms were made to serve exactly that purpose.’
– Michael H.
Kater, author of
The Twisted Muse: Musicians and Their Music in the Third
20 colour illus.
320 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22748-2
Literary Studies
320 pp. 197x127mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21851-0
Claudio Magris
is professor emeritus
of modern German literature,
University of Trieste, and an
who has received the Franz Kafka
Prize. He lives in Trieste, Italy.
Milano Appel
received the Italian
Prose in Translation Award for
Claudio Magris’s novel

or whom
the journey has always mattered
reinvents the very form itself in
this inviting collection of
in-the-moment impressions of his
Claudio Magris
Translated from the Italian by Anne Milano Appel
A writer of enormous erudition and wide-ranging travels, Claudio Magris
selects for this volume writings penned during trips and wanderings over
the span of several decades. He has travelled through these years with many
beloved companions, to whom he dedicates the book, and sought the kind
of journey ‘that occurs when you abandon yourself to [the gentle current of
time] and to whatever life brings’.
By the same author:
160 pp. 210x140mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21933-3
Literary Studies
Alberto Manguel
prefers to dene
himself as a reader and a lover
320 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22727-7
Rainer Kattel
is deputy director
at the Institute for Innovation and
Public Purpose, UCL.
is professor of governance,
Erkki Karo
is director and
senior research fellow at the Ragnar
Nurkse Department of Innovation
and Governance at Tallinn
University of Technology, Estonia.
Innovation Bureaucracies
Let’s Make the State Entrepreneurial
Rainer Kattel, Wolfgang Drechsler and Erkki Karo
12 b/w illus.
304 pp. 216x138mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22022-3
Michelle Baddeley
is a research
professor at the Institute for Choice,
University of South Australia. This
A multi-disciplinary exploration
of our human inclination to herd
and why our instinct to copy
others can be dangerous in today’s
interlinked world
Copycats and Contrarians
Why We Follow Others... and When We Don’t
Michelle Baddeley
250 colour illus.
256 pp. 330x248mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-645-7
A brilliant exploration of fashion’s
great art and artifacts of Catholic
Andrew Bolton
of the Costume Institute at
25 colour + 6 b/w illus.
256 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-20470-4
madison moore
critic whose writing has appeared
. He
is currently director of the [email protected]
King’s Research Centre at King’s
explores what it means to be
fabulous – and why eccentric style,
fashion and dance is more crucial
than ever
e Rise of the Beautiful Eccentric
madison moore
Prince once told us not to hate him because he’s fabulous. But what does
it mean to be fabulous? Is being fabulous only about labels, narcissism
and seles? Or can acts of fabulousness be political gestures, too? madison
moore answers these questions in a timely and fascinating book that
explores how queer, black and other marginalised outsiders use style and
creativity in everyday life. Moving from catwalks and nightclubs to the
The �rst comprehensive history
of the most decisive military
campaign of the Third Crusade and
one of the longest wartime sieges
of the Middle Ages
8 pp. b/w illus.
288 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21550-2
John D. Hosler
is associate professor
of military history at the Command
and General Staff College at Fort
Leavenworth, Kansas. His previous
Henry II: A Medieval
Soldier at War, 1147–1189
The Siege of Acre, 1189–1191
Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and the Battle
at Decided the ird Crusade
John D. Hosler
The two-year-long siege of Acre (1189–1191) was the most signicant
military engagement of the Third Crusade, attracting armies from across
Europe, Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Maghreb. Drawing on a
balanced selection of Christian and Muslim sources, historian John D.
Hosler has written the rst book-length account of this hard-won victory
for the Crusaders, when England’s Richard the Lionheart and King Philip
Augustus of France joined forces to defeat the Egyptian Sultan Saladin.
Hosler’s lively and engrossing narrative integrates military, political, and
religious themes and developments, offers new perspectives on the generals,
and provides a full analysis of the tactical, strategic, organisational and
technological aspects on both sides of the conict. It is the epic story of
a monumental confrontation that was the centerpiece of a Holy War in
16 pp. b/w illus.
352 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22196-1
Ashley Jackson
is professor of
imperial and military history, King’s
College, London, and visiting fellow
at Kellogg College, Oxford. He has
published extensively on the British
Empire in times of war.
A new history of the long-
overlooked WWII theatre in
Iran and Iraq, its unrecognised
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
300 colour illus.
320 pp. 279x241mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-622-8
Visitors to Versailles
From Louis XIV to the French Revolution
Edited by Daniëlle O. Kisluk-Grosheide and Bertrand Rondot
What was it like to visit one of the most magnicent courts of Europe?
Based on a wealth of contemporary documents and surviving works of art,
this lavish book explores the experiences of those who ocked to the palace
and grounds of Versailles when it was the seat of the French monarchy.
200 colour illus.
208 pp. 254x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-584-9
Public Parks, Private Gardens
Paris to Provence
Colta Ives
Château de Versailles,
Art | Landscape History
200 colour + b/w illus.
416 pp. 256x192mm.
Paper over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-23208-0
Gardens and Gardening
in Early Modern England and Wales
Jill Francis
The extravagant gardens of the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century
British aristocracy are well-documented and celebrated, but the more
modest gardens of the rural county gentry have rarely been examined.
Jill Francis presents new, never-before published material as well as fresh
56 b/w illus.
360 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22610-2
Jens Andersen
is an award-winning
author whose works include a
highly acclaimed biography of Hans
Christian Andersen. He serves as
literary critic for several Danish
Caroline Waight
award-winning freelance translator
from Danish and German.
A powerful biography of the
internationally renowned writer
who created one of the most
enduring characters in children’s
Astrid Lindgren
e Woman Behind Pippi Longstocking
Jens Andersen • Translated by Caroline Waight
The rst English-language biography of Astrid Lindgren provides a moving
and revealing portrait of the beloved Scandinavian literary icon whose
adventures of Pippi Longstocking have inuenced generations of young
60 colour + b/w illus.
288 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22968-4
Daniel E. Sutherland
distinguished professor of history,
University of Arkansas.
Georgia Toutziari
art historian in London.
Discover the extraordinary woman
images of motherhood in Western
Whistler’s Mother
Portrait of an Extraordinary Life
Daniel E. Sutherland and Georgia Toutziari
Judged by the portrait
Arrangement in Gray and Black No. 1
painted by her son James McNeill Whistler, Anna Whistler (1804–1881)
appears to have been a pious, unassuming, domestic woman. This
characterisation, however, is far from the whole truth. Born in the
slaveholding South, raised principally in Brooklyn, New York, and residing
for many years in both Russia and Great Britain, Anna’s life was lled
with adventure and excitement. The authors’ unprecedented use of her
private diaries and correspondence results in a crisp biographical rendering
that reveals a resilient, vibrant, bright and deeply engaged woman. In
her writings, Anna made shrewd observations about the social, cultural,
artistic and political issues of her era, which was one of enormous and
near-constant change. She knew and interacted with an astonishing array of
people, from Russian peasants and American farmers to Robert E. Lee and
By the same author, see page 39:
Landscape Studies | International Affairs
125 b/w illus.
360 pp. 229x152mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-20772-9
Urbanism Since 1850
Eric Mumford
Written with an international perspective that encourages cross-cultural
comparisons, leading architectural and urban historian Eric Mumford
presents a comprehensive survey of urbanism and urban design since
8 b/w illus.
224 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22162-6
Invisible Countries
Journeys to the Edge of Nationhood
Joshua Keating
Science | Nature
20 b/w illus.
320 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22345-3
Minds Make Societies
How Cognition Explains the World Humans Create
Pascal Boyer
20 b/w illus.
256 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22259-3
Feats of Strength
How Evolution Shapes Animal Athletic Abilities
Simon Lailvaux
120 pp. 216x138mm.
PB-with Flaps
ISBN 978-0-300-23294-3
Migrant Brothers
A Poet’s Declaration of Human Dignity
Patrick Chamoiseau
As thousands upon thousands of migrants embark on perilous journeys
across oceans and deserts in pursuit of sanctuary and improved living
conditions, what is the responsibility of those already safely ensconced
in the nations they seek to enter? Moved by repeated tragedies among
immigrants attempting to enter Eastern and Southern Europe, Patrick
544 pp. 254x178mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23407-7
An Autobiography or
The Story of My Experiments with Truth
A Critical Edition
M. K. Gandhi • Translated by Mahadev Desai
Introduced and Annotated by Tridip Suhrud
In the mid 1920s, prompted by a ‘small, still voice’ that encouraged him
to lay bare what was known only to him and his God, M. K. Gandhi
began writing and publishing his autobiography. Drafted during a period
of intensive fasting and ‘in-dwelling’ at his ashram in Ahmedebad, his
story of the soul portrayed the deeper, more inward experiences that made
him externally an innovator in the struggles against violence, racism and
colonialism. The book, written in Gujarati and translated into English by
Mahadev Desai, would become an international classic, hailed as one of the
Current Affairs
15 b/w illus., 5 gs & 2 maps
336 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-19739-6
Susan Thomson
professor of peace and conict
studies at Colgate University. In
1994, she was programme ofcer for
the United Nations Development
Programme and present in Rwanda
From Genocide to Precarious Peace
Susan omson
A sobering study of the troubled
African nation, both pre- and post-
genocide, and its uncertain future
212 colour illus.
256 pp. 270x220mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-19017-5
Still Life before Still Life
David Ekserdjian
This eloquent and generously illustrated book asserts that artists were
fascinated by and extremely skilled at still life signicantly earlier than
previous thought. Instead of beginning in the early seventeenth century,
noted scholar David Ekserdjian explores the origins of the genre in
classical antiquity and the gradual re-emergence of still life in Renaissance
painting. The author presents a visual anthology of nely executed owers,
fruit, food, household objects and furnishings seen in the background of
47 colour illus.
224 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-17187-7
David Kastan with Stephen Farthing
Our lives are saturated by colour. We live in a world of colours, and
colour marks our psychological and social existence. But for all colour’s
inescapability, we don’t know much about it. Authors David Scott Kastan
and Stephen Farthing offer a fresh and imaginative exploration of one of
the most intriguing and least understood aspects of everyday experience.
Kastan and Farthing, a scholar and a painter, investigate colour from
numerous perspectives: literary, historical, cultural, anthropological,
philosophical, art historical, political and scientic. In ten wide-ranging
chapters, each devoted to a different colour, they examine the various
ways colours have shaped and continue to shape our social and moral
consideration of one of the extraordinary ways in which colour appears and
matters in our lives. Beautifully produced in full colour, this is a remarkably
smart, entertaining and fascinating guide to this elusive topic.
On Color
changes how we see the world.’ –
James Shapiro, author of
1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare
David Kastan
is the George M. Bodman Professor of English at Yale
Stephen Farthing
is an artist, an elected member of the Royal
Academy of Arts in London and an Emeritus Fellow of St. Edmund Hall,
the University of Oxford.
550 colour illus.
680 pp. 290x248mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23207-3
Robin Simon
Art Journal
and honorary professor
of English at University College
MaryAnne Stevens
an independent art historian and
The Royal Academy of Arts
History and Collections
Edited by Robin Simon with MaryAnne Stevens
Animated by an unprecedented study of its collections, this book tells the
story of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, and illuminates the history of
art in Britain over the last two and a half centuries. Thousands of paintings,
sculptures, drawings and engravings, as well as silver, furniture, medals and
historic photographs, make up this monumental collection, featured here
in stunning illustrations, and including an array of little-studied works of
art and other objects of the highest quality. The works of art complement
an archive of 600,000 documents and the rst library in Britain dedicated
to the ne arts. This fresh history reveals the central role of the Royal
16 b/w illus.
256 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-20353-0
21 b/w illus.
480 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21000-2
A Blueprint for War
FDR and the Hundred Days at Mobilized America
Susan Dunn
During Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘First Hundred Days’ in 1933, he dealt with
a devastating economic crisis; during the summer of 1935, the period
historians call his ‘Second Hundred Days’, he signed transformational
social legislation. Less well known are the hundred days following his
election in November 1940 to an unprecedented third term in the White
House, when he faced a worldwide military and moral catastrophe. All
the European democracies except Great Britain had fallen to the ruthless
Nazi forces, and Japan had extended its tentacles deeper into China.
Susan Dunn brings to life the most vital and consequential months of
FDR’s presidency in the winter of 1940–41, when he initiated the crucial
programmes and approved the strategic plans for America’s leadership
in World War II. As the nation began its transition into the preeminent
20 b/w illus.
320 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21099-6
Stephen Brumwell
British-American military affairs of
the eighteenth century. He received
the George Washington Book Prize
for his most recent book,
Washington: Gentleman Warrior
Why did the once-ardent hero of
the American Revolutionary
dishonoured traitor?
Benedict Arnold and the Crisis of American Liberty
Stephen Brumwell
Literary Studies
224 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22581-5
Radical Love
Teachings from the Islamic Mystical Tradition
Curated and Translated by Omid Sa
At a time when the association of Islam with violence dominates headlines,
this beautiful collection offers us a chance to see a radically different face
320 pp. 234x156mm.
PB-with Flaps
ISBN 978-0-300-22335-4
Serhiy Zhadan •
Prose Translated from the Ukrainian by
Reilly Costigan-Humes and Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler • Poetry
Translated from the Ukranian by Virlana Tkacz and Wanda Phipps
This captivating book is Serhiy Zhadan’s ode to Kharkiv, the traditionally
Russian-speaking city in Eastern Ukraine where he makes his home.
A leader among Ukrainian post-independence authors, Zhadan employs
New in Paperback
224 pp. 198x129mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23106-9
40 b/w illus.
256 pp. 216x138mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23452-7
A Little History of Economics
Niall Kishtainy
What causes poverty? Are economic crises inevitable under capitalism?
Is government intervention in an economy a helpful approach or a
disastrous idea? The answers to such basic economic questions matter to
Why Marx Was Right
Terry Eagleton
One of the foremost Marxist critics of his generation takes issue with
the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with in this combative,
New in Paperback
32 colour illus.
344 pp. 198x129mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23438-1
368 pp. 198x129mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23424-4
Civil Wars
A History in Ideas
David Armitage
A highly original history of the least understood and most intractable form
of organised human aggression, from ancient Rome to our present conict-
‘Civil Wars, once conned to individual states, have now become ‘global’
and we all live increasingly with the consequences.
David Armitage’s
book – learned, powerful and elegant – is the rst to chart how our
understanding of what a civil war is has changed over time, from ancient
Rome, where the concept was rst invented, to modern Syria.
succeeds brilliantly
in giving us a ‘history in ideas’, ideas that mattered,
and continue to matter.’
– Anthony Pagden
‘His book offers an illuminating guide through the 2,000-year muddle
and does a good job of lling a conspicuous void in the literature of
The Economist
‘Armitage’s goal, in this wide-ranging and informative book, is to
examine the history of the idea of civil war as it has developed from the
Romans until the present time … He has given us a book that is full of
– John Gray,
Literary Review
‘A wide-ranging and illuminating guide.’
– Saul David,
David Armitage
is Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History and Chair of
the Department of History at Harvard University. His books include
The History Manifesto
Foundations of Modern International Thought
The Declaration of Independence: A Global History
and the prize-winning
The Ideological Origins of the British Empire
New in Paperback
304 pp. 198x129mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23450-3
Grave New World
e End of Globalization, the Return of History
Stephen D. King
The fate of globalization is anything but certain. As Western economies
wrestle with low growth rates, nation states are increasingly looking inward
and turning away from the potential of shared prosperity. Economist
Stephen D. King discusses how and why this march to isolationism will be
‘No economist ever lost his reputation by erring on the side of pessimism.
In this book, the already much-lauded, HSBC-based thinker, Stephen
D. King, warns the West of a host of political-economic horrors on the
horizon … Undeniably gripping.’
– Andrew Marr,
Sunday Times
‘Well-argued and credibly pessimistic.’
– Martin Wolf,
Financial Times
‘A well-written and thought-provoking book.’
The Economist
‘Where it succeeds is the ease with which the reader can digest complex
ideas. King is a clear, condent guide, weaving his way through history
and joining the dots with panache. This story of our time has a cliff-
hanger ending. Will it be a grave new world?’
– Philip Aldrick,
The Times
‘A timely book,
Grave New World
is an excellent guide to this new global
– Duncan Weldon,
Longlisted for the FT-Mckinsey Business Book of the Year 2017
Stephen D. King
is Senior Economic Adviser at HSBC and a specialist
adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee. His previous
When the Money Runs Out: The End of Western Afuence
Losing Control: The Emerging Threats to Western Prosperity
288 pp. 198x129mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23445-9
An Enquiry
A. C. Grayling
In this original and deeply considered book a renowned philosopher
examines, tests and challenges the concept of war. He proposes that a
deeper, more accurate understanding of war may enable us to reduce its
frequency, mitigate its horrors and lessen the burden of its consequences.
War: An Enquiry
insights. Though it does not underestimate the obstacles to peace, it is
New in Paperback
Waterloo and the Fortunes of
Peace 1814–1852
Rory Muir
The second volume of this
Hitler’s Monsters
A Supernatural History
of the ird Reich
Eric Kurlander
This stunning history reveals how
the Third Reich enlisted a wide
‘A trustworthy [book] on an extraordinary subject.’
– David
The Times
‘Kurlander’s is a thoughtful, well-written and extremely
welcome contribution.’ –
Roger Moorhouse,
BBC History
Eric Kurlander
New in Paperback
William the Conqueror
David Bates
The Virtual Weapon and
International Order
Lucas Kello
of the current cyber revolution
develop conceptual frameworks
international order.
‘An essential scholarly analysis of
how both political science and
international relations theory
need to come to terms with the
revolutionary force that is the digitization of information.’
– Professor Sir David Omand, former Director of GCHQ
‘Displays an enviable grasp of the technical issues, as well as
of the academic landscape … Readers of all kinds will nd
Mr. Kello’s book informative and thought-provoking.’
The Economist
Lucas Kello
is senior lecturer in international relations at
Oxford University, where he also serves as director of the
Centre for Technology and Global Affairs.
5 b/w illus. 336 pp. 216x138mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23449-7
May £12.99/$20.00
The Battle for Syria
International Rivalry
in the New Middle East
Christopher Phillips
underexplored roles that outside
nations have played in Syria’s
tragic civil war. The author
exposes the profound inuence
of the United States, Russia, Iran,
Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar
in Syria’s bloody conict, and
explores the implications of the
perceived decline of American power in the Middle East.
‘Provides genuinely valuable insight into the dynamics of
a tragedy that will undoubtedly remain at the centre of the
world’s attention for many years to come.’
– Daniel Falkiner,
LSE Review of Books
‘One of the best informed and non-partisan accounts of the
New in Paperback
Reporting War
How Foreign Correspondents
Risked Capture, Torture and
Death to Cover World War II
Ray Moseley
Renowned journalist Ray Moseley
tells the enthralling story of
World War II through the eyes
of the remarkable reporters
who chronicled it for a Western
‘A brilliant collection of war
stories, close encounters with death and destruction, tales of
enterprise, rivalry, fear and bravery. You can imagine them
being told for the rst time over a whisky in some broken
– Jeremy Bowen, BBC Middle East Editor
‘Reading this book is an engrossing experience.’
– Trevor
Glasgow Herald
‘A racy, star-studded compilation of anecdotes about the war’s
writers and broadcasters.’
– Max Hastings,
Sunday Times
Ray Moseley
enjoyed a long career as a foreign, diplomatic,
and chief European correspondent for the
Chicago Tribune
stationed in London, Washington, Berlin, Rome, Cairo,
Belgrade, Moscow and Nairobi.
440 pp. 234x156mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23415-2
February £12.99/$20.00
The Six-Day War
e Breaking of the Middle East
Guy Laron
An enthralling big-picture history
of a conict that redrew the map of
the Middle East and continues to
‘Israel today has a raft of “post-
Zionist” academics and journalists
for whom everything the country
reproach … Guy Laron takes a
different approach, examining how and why the war occurred
– David Pryce-Jones,
Literary Review
‘[Laron] paints a comprehensive and captivating picture of a
complex reality.’
– Ari Shavit,
Times Literary Supplement
‘Makes us look afresh at the events that led to conict
Soldier, Leader, Statesman
Itamar Rabinovich
An insider’s perspective on the
life and inuence of Israel’s rst
native-born prime minister, his
bold peace initiatives and his tragic
‘Even the warm esteem in which
he holds Rabin does not prevent
Mr. Rabinovich – a scholar
historical accuracy – from presenting a portrait of his friend
– Elliott Abrams,
Steven Spielberg
A Life in Films
Molly Haskell
In this brilliant portrait of the
most successful movie director
of all time, the author explores
how Spielberg’s extraordinary
lms – from
Close Encounters
of the Third Kind
Indiana Jones
known masterworks like
Empire of the Sun
Schindler’s List
– provide insights into his life, character and
unprecedented accomplishments.
‘A superbly readable portrait of the man through his movies
Jewish Lives series
New in Paperback
Twitter and Tear Gas
e Power and Fragility
of Networked Protest
Zeynep Tufekci
Thanks to social media, protests
grow rapidly – but they often face
steep hurdles when attempting to
achieve lasting change. Zeynep
Tufekci, a global protest observer
and participant, offers essential
insights into the future of
governance and social change.
‘Packed with evidence on how social media has changed
social movements, based on rigorous research and placed in
historical context.’
– Hannah Kuchler,
Financial Times
‘Tufekci believes that digital-age protests are not simply faster,
more responsive versions of their mid-century parents. They
are fundamentally distinct.’
– Nathan Heller,
New Yorker
Twitter and Tear Gas
is packed with evidence on how social
media has changed social movements, based on rigorous
research and placed in historical context.’
– Hannah Kuchler,
Financial Times
Zeynep Tufekci
York Times
, associate professor at the University of North
Carolina School of Information and Library Science, and a
faculty associate at the Harvard Berkman Klein Center for
e Endgame for Fossil Fuels
Dieter Helm
A longtime industry observer
explains how low oil prices and
the global move toward the
The End of Europe
Dictators, Demagogues,
and the Coming Dark Age
James Kirchick
Once a bastion of liberal and
democratic values, Europe
now nds itself confronting
a resurgence of old ideologies
that threaten to tear its postwar
consensus apart. In this bracing
and provocative work based on
extensive rsthand reporting,
James Kirchick dissects the major
challenges of the past decade and reveals a continent trapped in
New in Paperback
The Craving Mind
From Cigarettes to
Smartphones to Love – Why
We Get Hooked and How We
Can Break Bad Habits
Judson Brewer
Foreword by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Why are bad habits so hard
to overcome? Is there a key to
conquering the cravings we know
are unhealthy for us? This book
provides groundbreaking answers
to the most important questions about addiction. Dr. Judson
Brewer, a psychiatrist and neuroscientist who has studied the
science of addictions for twenty years, reveals how we can tap
into the very processes that encourage addictive behaviours in
order to step out of them.
‘Accessible and enjoyable.
The Craving Mind
combines the latest science with universal real-life experiences
– from falling in love to spending too much time with our
– Arianna Hufngton
Judson Brewer
, M.D., Ph.D., is director of research at the
Center for Mindfulness and associate professor in medicine and
The Mystery of Sleep
Why a Good Night’s Rest Is
Vital to a Better, Healthier Life
Meir Kryger, M.D.
We spend a third of our lives in
bed, but how much do we really
understand about how sleep affects
us? In the past forty years, scientists
have discovered that our sleep (or
lack of it) can affect all of us, even
presidents, and impact nearly every
aspect of our waking lives. Enter
Dr. Meir Kryger, a world authority on the science of sleep,
with a comprehensive guide to the mysteries of slumber that
but not religious” readers.’
Publishers Weekly
‘Explores the complex implications of Buddhism’s
The Aisles Have Eyes
How Retailers Track Your
Shopping, Strip Your Privacy,
and Dene Your Power
Joseph Turow
Discussions among policymakers,
advertisers and consumers continue
swirling around the revelations in
The Aisles Have Eyes
that many of us are unaware of the
bar codes and purchase histories
The Heart of
e Founders’ Case for an
Activist Government
Steve Pincus
While those in favour of limited
government often cite the
Declaration of Independence
for support, they have long
misunderstood the Founders’
intentions. Using extensive archival
material, historian Steve Pincus reveals how this founding
document is actually a blueprint for bigger government.
The Heart of the Declaration
incisively probes the afnity
New in Paperback
Dangerous Years
Climate Change, the Long
Emergency, and the Way Forward
David W. Orr
A leading environmental thinker
takes a hard look at the obstacles
and possibilities on the long road to
‘No one has thought more deeply
about the great challenges of our
time than David Orr.
is an erudite, impassioned,
Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals
With an Updated Translation, Introduction, and Notes
Immanuel Kant
Edited and Translated by Allen W. Wood
Now in a new, affordable edition with updated notes, a
superbly readable translation of Kant’s classic work.
This work, one of the most important texts in the history
New in Paperback
Roads Taken
e Great Jewish Migrations to the
New World and the Peddlers Who
Forged the Way
Hasia R. Diner
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23439-8
March £16.99/$22.00
The Cherokee Diaspora
An Indigenous History of Migration,
Resettlement, and Identity
Gregory D. Smithers
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23467-1
The Many Captivities
of Esther Wheelwright
Ann M. Little
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23457-2
The Sea Is My Country
e Maritime World of the Makahs
Joshua L. Reid
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23464-0
A Man and His Presidents
e Political Odyssey of
William F. Buckley Jr.
Alvin S. Felzenberg
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23444-2
March £16.99/$22.00
Revelation and Authority
Sinai in Jewish Scripture
and Tradition
Benjamin D. Sommer
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23468-8
May £22.50/$30.00
Floyd Abrams
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23420-6
May £12.99/$15.00
A Legal Guide for Presidents
and eir Enemies
Brian C. Kalt
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23430-5
January £14.99/$19.99
Households, Manhood, and National
Expansion on the Eighteenth-
Century Kentucky Frontier
Honor Sachs
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23465-7
March £22.50/$27.50
Art | New in Paperback
An Architectural Guide
Charles O’Brien
An enthusiast’s guide to exploring
historic houses of England, this
informative book, now in paperback,
also enables readers to discover more
about the history of their own houses.
107 colour + b/w illus.
510 pp. 234x156mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23263-9
A Life for Art’s Sake
Daniel E. Sutherland
This engaging personal history dispels the popular notion of Whistler
as merely a combative, eccentric and unrelenting publicity seeker. The
Whistler revealed is an intense, introspective and complex man, plagued by
self-doubt and haunted by an endless pursuit of perfection in his painting
‘Sutherland is masterful … Thorough and unpedantic,
distinguishes itself by its unobtrusive scholarly edice and extensive use
explainer of the work, accessible and illuminating to the general reader
… He knew everybody, learned what he needed to learn and became
singular. Sutherland deftly explains how.’
– Sam Leith,
‘Sutherland has delved into the artist’s correspondence as well as scores of
archives to forge a lucid account of what by any standards was an unruly,
restless life.’
– Mark Thomas,
Daily Telegraph
‘Finely crafted and exhaustively researched … Sutherland is prodigiously
well informed.’
– Alex Danchev,
New Statesman
Daniel E. Sutherland
is Distinguished Professor of History, University of
150 colour + b/w illus.
256 pp. 256x192mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21746-9
Macaroni Men and the Eighteenth-Century Fashion World
Peter McNeil
The term ‘macaroni’ was once as familiar a label as ‘punk’ or ‘hipster’ is
today. In this handsomely illustrated book devoted to notable eighteenth-
century British male fashion, award-winning author and fashion historian
The �rst and only book to focus
on Monet’s work through his
representation of architecture
180 colour + b/w illus.
248 pp. 280x240mm.
Paper over Board
ISBN 978-1-85709-617-0
Richard Thomson
is Watson
Gordon Professor of Fine Art at the
University of Edinburgh.
The National Gallery, London,
The National Gallery, London
Published by National Gallery Company • Distributed by Yale University Press
An enlightening and overdue
re-evaluation of the masterwork of
a complex and under-appreciated
360 colour + b/w illus.
560 pp. 254x190mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-10072-3
Griselda Pollock
is professor of the
social and critical histories of art
in the School of Fine Art, History
of Art and Cultural Studies at the
University of Leeds.
Charlotte Salomon and the Theatre of Memory
Griselda Pollock
Charlotte Salomon is renowned for a single, monumental, modernist
Life? or Theatre?
Leben? oder Theater?
This sumptuously illustrated
book traces and interprets
Picasso’s lifelong achievement as a
143 colour illus.
224 pp. 279x216mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23480-0
Christopher Lloyd
and previously served as Surveyor of
The Queen’s Pictures in the British
Picasso and the Art of Drawing
Christopher Lloyd
The Paston Treasure
Microcosm of the Known World
Edited by Andrew Moore, Nathan Flis and Francesca Vanke
The Paston Treasure
, a spectacular painting from the 1660s now held at
Norwich Castle Museum, depicts a wealth of objects from the collection of
a local landed family. This deeply researched volume uses the painting as a
portal to the history of the collection, exploring the objects, their context
and the wider world they occupied. Drawing on an impressive range
of elds, including history of art and collections, technical art history,
musicology, history of science and the social and cultural history of the
474 colour + b/w illus.
544 pp. 292x254mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23290-5
e Imperial Household
Sylvain Cordier
The dazzling splendours of the court of Napoleon I reected the grandeur
and ambitions of the greatest empire of the day. This luxurious volume
re-creates the ambiance and captures the spirit that prevailed in the French
court during the Empire through the material manifestations of the
Imperial Household. The Imperial Household, a key institution during
Napoleon’s reign, was responsible for the daily lives of the Imperial family;
it consisted of six departments, each headed by a high-ranking dignitary
of the Empire: the grand chaplain, grand master of ceremonies, grand
marshal of the Palace, grand master of the hunt, grand chamberlain and
grand equerry – each intimately involved with every moment of pageantry
in the court. Featured here are more than 250 works of ne and decorative
art, the visual magnicence of which was part of a calculated and deliberate
effort to fashion a monarchic identity for the new emperor.
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 23/01/18–13/05/18
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 06/06/18–03/09/18
The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, 04/10/18–13/01/19
Musée national du Château de Fontainebleau, 13/04/19–15/07/19
Distributed for Editions Hazan, Paris
430 colour + b/w illus.
350 pp. 305x241mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23346-9
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
250 colour illus.
288 pp. 267x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-640-2
Van Gogh and Music
A Symphony in Blue and Yellow
Natascha Veldhorst •
Translated by Diane Webb
This engaging book is the rst in-depth investigation of the inuential role
that music and sound played throughout Vincent van Gogh’s life. From
psalms and hymns to the operas of Richard Wagner to simple birdsong,
music represented to Van Gogh the ultimate form of artistic expression. And
he believed that by emulating music painting could articulate deep truths
and impart a lasting emotional impact on its viewers. In
Van Gogh and Music
Natascha Veldhorst provides close readings of the many allusions to music in
the artist’s prolic correspondence and examines the period’s artistic theory to
58 colour + 11 b/w illus.
184 pp. 229x152mm.
Paper over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-22833-5
170 colour + b/w illus.
320 pp. 280x220mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23206-6
The Pre-Raphaelites and Science
John Holmes
This revelatory book traces how the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and
their close associates put scientic principles into practice across their
200 colour + b/w illus.
240 pp. 254x203mm.
Paper over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-23326-1
Van Gogh and Japan
Louis van Tilborgh, Cornelia Homburg, Nienke Bakker
and Tsukasa Kodera •
With a contribution by Claire Guitton
Vincent van Gogh’s encounter with Japanese ukiyo-e prints during his time
in Paris was decisive for the direction that his art would take in the years to
come. He enthusiastically assembled a collection of the prints with the idea
of dealing in them, and soon was captivated by their colourful and cheerful
imagery and style, which began to exert a dramatic inuence on his own
work. Gradually this enchanted world became his main artistic reference
point. From then on, he positioned himself as an artist in the Japanese
tradition in order to gain a reputation with the avant-garde of the day.
150 colour illus.
312 pp. 279x216mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23262-2
Venice Illuminated
Power and Painting in Renaissance Manuscripts
Helena Katalin Szépe
For patricians in the Republic of Venice, paintings in manuscripts marking
225 colour + 25 b/w illus.
400 pp. 270x216mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22674-4
50 colour + 80 b/w illus.
224 pp. 256x192mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-20156-7
Jill Burke
The rst scholarly monograph to focus on the inception of the Italian
Renaissance nude, this lively study subverts the idea that the nude in this
period was a triumph of classical revival. Looking again at familiar (even
overly familiar) images by artists such as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci,
Michelangelo and Titian, this book investigates the nude as a tool of
colonialism and conquest, as a means of asserting the superiority of men to
women, and of naturalising power differentials by entrenching them in a
233 colour + b/w illus.
320 pp. 270x216mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23351-3
Art and Violence in Early Renaissance Florence
Scott Nethersole
130 colour + b/w illus.
144 pp. 292x241mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23286-8
National Gallery of Art,
Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn,
David Wojnarowicz
History Keeps Me Awake at Night
David Breslin and David Kiehl •
With contributions by Julie Ault,
Gregg Bordowitz, C. Carr, Marvin Taylor and Hanya Yanagihara
This engaging and richly illustrated book comprehensively examines the
life and art of David Wojnarowicz, who came to prominence in New
York’s East Village art world of the 1980s, actively embracing all media
and forging an expansive range of work both ercely political and highly
personal. First displayed in raw storefront galleries, his work achieved
affecting a generation of artists, himself included.
In a thoughtful overview essay, David Breslin looks at the breadth of the
artist’s work as well as Wojnarowicz’s broad range of interests and inuences,
situating the artist in the art-historical canon and pushing beyond the
biographical focus that has characterised much of the scholarship on
Wojnarowicz to fully assess his paintings, photographs, installations,
performances and writing. A close examination of groups of works by David
Kiehl sheds new light on the artist’s process and the context in which the
works were created. Essays by Julie Ault, Gregg Bordowitz, C. Carr, Marvin
Taylor and National Book Award nalist Hanya Yanagihara investigate the
200 colour + 25 b/w illus.
384 pp. 305x229mm.
Paper over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-22188-6
80 colour + 15 b/w illus.
154 pp. 279x254mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23497-8
Mary Corse
Kim Conaty
Initially trained as an abstract painter, Mary Corse emerged in the mid-
1960s as one of the few women associated with the California Light and
Space movement. This catalogue is the rst comprehensive examination of
this singular artist’s work, and features new scholarship and object studies
that underscore how Corse’s groundbreaking approach to light, perception
and subjectivity forged a new language of painting. Over more than ve
modernist painting even as she charted her own course through her studies
in quantum physics and investigations into a range of unconventional
materials, from Tesla coils and neon to glass microbeads and glitter. Kim
Conaty’s essay investigates how the artist’s early experiments with light
– creating ‘paintings’ made of uorescent or neon – made way for her
subsequent explorations into how light might be integrated into the surface
of her canvases through the interplay of reection and refraction. Corse’s
exquisite paintings activate the viewer in the creation of the perceptual
Whitney Museum of American Art,
Whitney Museum of American Art,
June–Fall 2018
200 colour + b/w illus.
224 pp. 305x241mm.
Cloth over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-23314-8
Terra Inrma
Michelle White
With contributions by Anna C. Chave, Adania Shibli and Rebecca Solnit
The work of London-based artist Mona Hatoum addresses the growing
80 colour illus.
160 pp. 330x305mm.
Cloth over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-23312-4
Cy Twombly
Fifty Days at Iliam
Edited by Carlos Basualdo
With essays by Carlos Basualdo, Olena Chervonik, Richard Fletcher,
Emily Greenwood and Nicola Del Roscio
The Menil Collection, Houston,
Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis,
Art in Germany, 1943–55
Edited by Lynette Roth •
With Ilka Voermann
As Germany went through a period of intense physical and moral
stocktaking in the wake of World War II, the country’s artists responded by
creating highly charged works and engaging in heated debates about artistic
practice and its relationship to the reestablishment of a new national
identity. This long-overdue examination of German art from the immediate
postwar period includes case studies of nearly fty artists working in a
297 colour + b/w illus.
380 pp. 267x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22920-2
236 colour illus.
316 pp. 305x241mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22825-0
Harvard Art Museums,
Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston,
Delacroix Drawings
e Karen B. Cohen Collection of Eugène Delacroix
Ashley Dunn
With contributions by Colta Ives and Marjorie Shelley
120 colour illus.
224 pp. 254x229mm.
PB-with Flaps
ISBN 978-1-58839-652-5
Nudes by Klimt, Schiele, and Picasso
from the Scoeld ayer Collection
Sabine Rewald and James Dempsey
Evocative and often highly erotic works on paper by Gustav Klimt, Egon
200 colour illus.
208 pp. 254x229mm.
PB-with Flaps
ISBN 978-1-58839-680-8
Birds of a Feather
Joseph Cornell’s Homage
to Juan Gris
Mary Clare McKinley
Joseph Cornell rst viewed
Cubist painter Juan Gris’s
Man at the Café
in October
1953. This visual encounter
prompted Cornell to create more
than a dozen hand-constructed
shadow boxes as homages to
Gris, each featuring a variation
on a motif that echoes formal elements in Gris’s painting. This
unique book explores Cornell’s deep fascination with Gris,
uncovering within Cornell’s work multiple allusions to Gris’s
crucial inuence and investigating cross-currents such as the
Mirage in
the Desert
Edited by
Joan Aruz
In this important and
top international scholars present current research and
developments about the art, archaeology and history of the
ancient city of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage site
located in Syria. Palmyra became tragic headline news in
2015, when it was overtaken by the Islamic State of Iraq and
the Levant (ISIS), which destroyed many of its monuments
and artifacts. The essays in this book include new scholarship
on Palmyra’s origins and evolution as well as developments
from both before and after its damage by ISIS, providing
new information that will be relevant to current and future
generations of art historians and archaeologists. The book also
includes a moving tribute by Waleed Khaled al-Asa’ad to his
father, Khaled al-Asa’ad, the Syrian archaeologist and head of
antiquities at Palmyra, who was brutally murdered by ISIS in
Joan Aruz
is curator emerita, Department of Ancient Near
of Cypriot Art
Ancient Glass
Christopher S. Lightfoot
from Cyprus preserves the island’s
artistic traditions from prehistoric
through Roman times and represents
the rst large group of ancient
Mediterranean works to enter the
museum’s collection. This catalogue,
which focuses on Cypriot glass, contains over 500 works dating
from the Late Bronze Age to the Early Byzantine period (ca.
1500 B.C.–ca. A.D. 625) from one of the most comprehensive
collections of Cypriot art in the world. Illustrations of each
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Edo Paintings from the Fishbein-Bender Collection
John T. Carpenter •
With contributions by Midori Oka
125 colour illus.
224 pp. 273x241mm.
PB-with Flaps
ISBN 978-1-58839-654-9
Travel and Nostalgia in Korean Art
Soyoung Lee •
With contributions by Ahn Daehoe,
Chin-Sung Chang and Lee Soomi
The Diamond Mountains, known in Korea as Mount Geumgang, are
perhaps the most famous and emotionally resonant site on the Korean
Peninsula, a breathtaking range of rocky peaks, waterfalls, lagoons and
manmade pavilions. For centuries the range has inspired cultural pride and a
120 colour illus.
176 pp. 267x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-653-2
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Like Life
Sculpture, Color, and the Body
Luke Syson and Sheena Wagsta •
With essays by Emerson
Bowyer, Brinda Kumar, Hillel Schwartz and Marina Warner, and
interviews with Barti Kher, Je Koons, Alison Saar and Fred Wilson
Since the earliest myths of the sculptor Pygmalion bringing a statue to life
250 colour illus.
320 pp. 267x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-644-0
My Soul Has Grown Deep
Black Art from the Rural South
Cheryl Finley, Randall R. Griey, Amelia Peck and Darryl Pinckney
My Soul Has Grown Deep
considers the art-historical signicance of
self-taught Black artists, many working under conditions of poverty and
isolation, in the American South. It features paintings and drawings,
mixed-media and sculptural works and quilts, including pieces ranging
from the pioneering paintings of Thornton Dial to the renowned quilts
made in Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Nearly 60 remarkable works of art –
originally collected by the Souls Grown Deep Foundation – are illustrated
alongside insightful texts that situate them in the context of rural
Southern life, simultaneously revealing their connections to mainstream
contemporary art while considering them on their own terms.
Art historians Cheryl Finley, Randall R. Griffey and Amelia Peck illuminate
the artists’ novel use of found or salvaged materials and the striking graphic
200 colour illus.
240 pp. 241x216mm.
HB ISBN 978-1-58839-609-9
Grant Wood
American Gothic and Other Fables
Barbara Haskell •
With Glenn Adamson, Eric Banks,
Emily Braun, Shirley Reece-Hughes and Richard Meyer
This comprehensive study of Grant Wood is packed with extensive new
scholarship and provides fresh insight into the career of one of the key gures
the idea that Wood can be categorised simply as a Regionalist painter.
Generously illustrated,
Grant Wood: American Gothic and Other Fables
includes several works published here for the rst time, as well as new
photography of other paintings. The essays in the volume contextualise
Wood’s work within a much larger art-historical framework than has
previously been considered; renowned scholars address topics such as the
artist’s literary inuences, the role of gender identity in his paintings, and
180 colour + 30 b/w illus.
272 pp. 305x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23284-4
Winslow Homer and the Camera
Photography and the Art of Painting
Dana E. Byrd and Frank H. Goodyear III
138 colour illus.
208 pp. 279x235mm.
Paper over Board
ISBN 978-0-300-21455-0
Bowdoin College Museum of Art,
Brandywine River Museum of Art,
Chadds Ford, PA, 17/11/18–17/02/19
Polidoro da
David Franklin
Polidoro da Caravaggio, one
of Raphael’s most inuential
and distinctive followers, has
not been well treated by time.
His signicant early frescoes,
facades in Rome, have perished
almost without exception. A
rare few are preserved but most are known only in copies.
Consequently, the originality of Polidoro’s public work has
been little explored, despite his once famous reputation and
the association of his name with Raphael and Michelangelo.
His move to Sicily later in life, a region with few surviving
primary sources, further complicates the study of his work.
Extant pieces by the artist from this period are unusually severe
been controversial. In this rst account in English, Polidoro’s
radical Sicilian paintings are considered through the lens of the
religious life of the era and in relation to his early secular work.
This much-needed investigation establishes Polidoro’s proper
place in the canon of art history.
David Franklin
is a curator at the Archive of Modern Conict.
70 colour + 80 b/w illus. 176 pp. 270x216mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22389-7
Leonardo: Discoveries
from Verrocchio’s Studio
Early Paintings and
New Attributions
Laurence Kanter
With contributions by Bruno
Mottin and Rita Albertson
This groundbreaking re-examination
of the beginnings of Leonardo da
Vinci’s life as an artist suggests new candidates for his earliest
surviving work and revises our understanding of his role in the
studio of his teacher, Andrea del Verrocchio. Anchoring this
Picturesque and Sublime
omas Cole’s Trans-Atlantic Inheritance
Tim Barringer, Gillian Forrester, Sophie Lynford,
Jennifer Raab and Nicholas Robbins
Thomas Cole is widely acknowledged as the founder of American
landscape painting. Born in England, Cole emigrated in 1818 to the
United States, where he transformed British and continental European
traditions to create a distinctive American idiom. He embraced the
picturesque, which emphasised touristic pleasures, and the sublime, an
formulated a profound new category in art – the American sublime.
Tim Barringer
is Paul Mellon Professor in the History of Art at Yale
Gillian Forrester
is senior curator of historic ne art at the
Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.
Jennifer Raab
is assistant professor in
the history of art at Yale University.
Sophie Lynford
Nicholas Robbins
are doctoral candidates in the history of art at Yale University.
Published in association with the Thomas Cole National Historic Site
120 colour illus.
192 pp. 279x229mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-23353-7
Thomas Cole National Historic Site,
e Buildings of England
Michael Hill, John Newman and Nikolaus Pevsner
Fully revised, updated and expanded, this book offers a fresh and
128 colour + 80 b/w illus.
924 pp. 216x114mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22478-8
80 colour illus.
96 pp. 210x148mm.
PB ISBN 978-1-85709-627-9
A Closer Look: Landscape
Erika Langmuir
Landscape is probably the most popular type of painting, but anyone
who has ever been disappointed by holiday photographs knows how
difcult it is to turn a view into a picture. This book shows how artists
in past centuries translated outdoor space and light into paint, and how
Central African Art Between Heaven and Earth
Constantine Petridis
Nicolas Schöffer
Edited by Arnauld Pierre
Hungarian-born French artist
Nicolas Schöffer, though
relatively unknown today,
James Rondeau, Lizzie Carey-omas, Kate Nesin
and Juliane Rebentisch
With a rigorous approach and self-imposed limitations to both scale and
composition, Tomma Abts has reinvigorated painterly abstraction and
its relevance within contemporary art. Using a xed canvas size and a
vertical format, Abts deploys basic formal elements such as arcs, circles,
planes and stripes to create powerful works that are at once subtle and
eccentric. This extraordinary book, designed in collaboration with the
artist herself, is a substantial and deeply insightful treatment of her career
to date and features sixty works made over the past decade. Essays not only
100 colour illus.
204 pp. 305x229mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23387-2
When I Breathe,
I Draw
Michelle White
Describing drawing
as her ‘primary
activity’, for over
thirty years, Roni
Horn has created
innovative and experimental works on paper marked by both
conceptual and technical complexity. This carefully curated
survey of the artist’s drawings from the early 1980s through
2016 explores works revolving around the mutability of
delves into Horn’s unique approach to mark-making and her
process of cutting up and reassembling words and images. With
sumptuous illustrations, this catalogue features an insightful
A Fragile Beauty
Edited by Gavin Delahunty
with Chelsea Pierce
Günther Förg was a German
painter, sculptor and
photographer with an irreverent
approach to abstraction. Förg’s project tackled the latent
Beauty’ – is an indication of how Förg successfully manipulated
what is behind and beyond an object’s appearance.
Dallas Museum of Art, 21/01/18– 22/04/18
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 27/05/18–23/09/18
Gavin Delahunty
is Hoffman Family Senior Curator
of Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Chelsea Pierce
is the curatorial administrative assistant for
contemporary art at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Distributed for the Dallas Museum of Art
200 colour + b/w illus. 256 pp. 267x235mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22922-6
Manuel Neri
e Human Figure
in Plaster and on Paper
Jock Reynolds
This engaging publication examines the
prodigious body of work of American
sculptor Manuel Neri through the
unique perspective of one of Neri’s
former students. A near-contemporary
of other notable California-based artists Richard Diebenkorn
and Wayne Thiebaud, Neri is best known for his large-scale
gurative sculptures that combine classical guration with the
dynamic mark-making of Abstract Expressionism. The book
Awe-Inspiring Beauty
Michel Draguet
Taking an approach that is equal parts
anthropological and art historical,
this lavishly illustrated volume
offers a rare look at the art, artifacts
and culture of the Naga people, an
Kendell Geers, Animystikaktivist
Between Traditional and the
Contemporary in African Art
Jens Homann and Zoë Strother
South African-born Belgian artist Kendell
Geers changed his date of birth to MAY 1968
as a performance, effectively giving birth to
himself as a work of art. His artistic practice
A Retrospective
Edited by Sarah Kelly Oehler
With essays by Esther Adler,
Ilene Susan Fort, Kellie Jones,
Sarah Kelly Oehler, Mark Pascale
and Deborah Willis, and a preface
by Kerry James Marshall
Charles White is best known for
Contrapposto Studies
Edited by Carlos Basualdo
and Erica F. Battle
With essays by Carlos Basualdo, Erica
F. Battle and Caroline Bourgeois,
and an interview with Bruce Nauman
depth exploration of contemporary
artist Bruce Nauman’s monumental works
Studies, I through VII
Contrapposto Studies, i through vii
2015–16. The book surveys Nauman’s trajectory from his early
Figuring History
Robert Colescott, Kerry James
Marshall, Mickalene omas
Catharina Manchanda,
Lowery Stokes Sims and
Jacqueline Francis
Contemporary artists Robert Colescott, Kerry James Marshall
and Mickalene Thomas are distinguished by their attention to a
history of representation, which they re-visit and revise to reect
on individual and collective Black experience. Equally engaged
with social and political histories, and the history of art, Colescott,
Marshall and Thomas have created works that at times poignantly
and satirically critique dominant narratives and posit alternatives.
Young Men in Classic Maya
Art and Text
Stephen Houston
In this thought-provoking book,
preeminent scholar Stephen
Houston turns his attention to
the crucial role of young males
Peacock in the Desert
e Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India
Karni Jasol
Peacock in the Desert
traces the
evolution of royal identity in the
kingdom of Marwar-Jodhpur
in southwestern Rajasthan from
the seventeenth century to the
establishment of independence
after 1947, presenting the area
as a microcosm of India’s extraordinarily vibrant culture. An
international team of contributors has contextualised these
regional narratives in relation to external – and even global –
forces. The book thus offers a new perspective on the acquisition
and commissioning of objects through patronage, diplomacy,
matrimonial alliances, trade and conquest. It sheds fresh light on
the inuential role of women at the royal courts and examines
monarchies as lenses onto cross-cultural relationships, the
unrecognised roles of groups marginalised in earlier accounts,
The Art of Libation
in Classical Athens
Milette Gaifman
This volume presents an
innovative look at the imagery
of libations, the most commonly
depicted ritual in ancient Greece,
and how it engaged viewers in
religious performance. Libations
were made on occasions like
Pompeii Archive
William Wylie
With an afterword by
Jock Reynolds and an
John Singer Sargent and
Chicago’s Gilded Age
Annelise K. Madsen
With contributions by Mary Broadway
and Richard Ormond
This groundbreaking study focuses on
Seeing Takes Time
American Modernism at the
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Jessica Todd Smith
With an emphasis on painting
and sculpture made in the United
Picturing War in France,
Katie Hornstein
From the walls of the Salon to the
pages of weekly newspapers, war
imagery was immensely popular
in postrevolutionary France.
representations of contemporary
Joel Shapiro
Plaster, Paper, Wood, and Wire
Pamela Franks
American artist Joel Shapiro is best known
Analog Culture
Printer’s Proofs from the
Schneider/Erdman Photography
Lab, 1981–2001
Edited by Jennifer Quick
Featuring interviews with Gary
Schneider and John Erdman, Lorna
Simpson, Deborah Bell, James Casebere,
Robert Gober and John Schabel
Providing an expansive look at the collaborative artistic
e Furniture of Nathan Lumbard
and His Circle
Christie Jackson, Brock Jobe
and Clark Pearce
When the inscription ‘Made by
Nathan Lumbard Apl 20th 1800’
a chest of drawers, the identity of an unknown craftsman
suddenly surfaced.
Crafting Excellence
introduces the striking
24 Frames Per Second
Edited by Gavin Delahunty
with Kelly Filreis
With essays by Anna Katherine
Brodbeck and Gavin Delahunty
Offering historical, social and artistic
context for some of the most inuential
artists and lmmakers from the 1960s to the present day, this
timely book looks at three lmic techniques – appropriation,
documentary lm and montage – and how they confront the
viewer with pieces of reality within a particular ‘frame’. Including
previously unpublished material,
features a selection
of interviews with and essays about twenty-four artists and
lmmakers, among them Bruce Conner, Chick Strand, Jean-Marie
Exercises in Seating
Zoë Ryan
One of the most exciting designers
working today, Max Lamb has
received international acclaim for
his innovative experiments with
materials, craft and technology.
Drawn to the form of the chair and
its relationship to the human body,
Lamb has explored many different inventive outcomes in his
Exercises in Seating
This book investigates over a decade of creative practice with
a focus on his interest in seating – from stone thrones to wood
chairs and enameled-steel stools. In Lamb’s own words, ‘A
seat is very simple in function, but very complex in the many
different characters, forms and ideas it can express’. Both
Georg Jensen
Scandinavian Design for Living
Edited by Alison Fisher
With essays by Alison Fisher, Maggie Taft and omas C. ulstrup
In 1904 Danish silversmith Georg Jensen founded one of the world’s most
celebrated design companies. Famous for its signature silver tableware
that combines gleaming sculptural forms with lush ornament, Jensen’s
eponymous rm has stood at the forefront of domestic design for over
a century by combining an innovative and experimental spirit with a
commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Tracing the evolution of Georg
Jensen silver from its place in the company’s initial emergence through its
continuing role as a touchstone for the global identity of Danish design, this
book examines the creative processes and business practices behind Jensen’s
stunning bowls, pitchers, coffee services and other domestic objects.
Lavishly illustrated with works ranging in style from organic to industrial,
Georg Jensen
is full of new insights gleaned from the company’s own archives
200 colour illus.
224 pp. 305x241mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23299-8
The Art Institute of Chicago,
Precisionism and American Art
Emma Acker
With Sue Canterbury, Julian Cox
and Adrian Daub
Characterised by highly structured,
tensions and ambivalences about industrialisation that helped
develop this important strand of early American modernism.
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, de Young,
24/03/18–12/08/18; Dallas Museum of Art, 16/09/18–
Emma Acker
is associate curator of American art at the Fine
Arts Museums of San Francisco.
Sue Canterbury
is the Pauline
Gill Sullivan Associate Curator of American Art at the Dallas
Museum of Art.
Julian Cox
curator of photography at the Fine Arts Museums of San
Adrian Daub
professor of comparative literature
and German studies at Stanford University.
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in association with
Yale University Press
150 colour illus. 256 pp. 292x254mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-23402-2
The Artist in Edo
Studies in the History of Art, vol. 80
Edited by Yukio Lippit
During the early modern period in
Japan, peace and prosperity allowed
elite and popular arts and culture to
ourish in Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto.
The historic rst showing outside
Japan of It
’s thirty-scroll series titled
Colorful Realm
of Living Beings
(ca. 1757–66) in 2012 prompted a reimagining
of artists and art making in this context. These essays give
attention to Jakuch
’s spectacular series as well as to works by
a range of contemporary artists. Selected contributions address
issues of professional roles, including copying and imitation,
display and memorialisation and makers’ identities. Some
explore the new form of painting,
, in the context of the
The Power of Gold
Asante Royal Regalia
from Ghana
Edited by Roslyn A. Walker
With contributions by
Martha Ehrlich, Christraud Geary,
Malcolm McLeod, Doran H. Ross
and Roslyn A. Walker
This stunning volume showcases and explores a rich and
varied collection of Asante royal regalia in the broader context
of Asante art. The Asante Kingdom, founded around 1701
in the Gold Coast (now Ghana), was renowned for gold, the
foundation of its wealth and power. For centuries they mined
Mirroring China’s Past
Emperors, Scholars,
and their Bronzes
Tao Wang
With essays by Sarah Allan, Jeffrey Moser,
Su Rongyu, Edward L. Shaughnessy, Zhixin
Jason Sun, Tao Wang, Zhou Ya, Liu Yu
and Lu Zhang
In ancient China elaborate bronze vessels were used for rituals
involving cooking, drinking and serving food. This fascinating
book not only examines the cultural practices surrounding these
objects in their original context, but it also provides the rst in-
depth study tracing the tradition of collecting these bronzes in
China. Essays by international experts delve into the concerns
of the specialised culture that developed around the vessels and
the signicant inuence this culture, with its emphasis on the
Ecologies, Agents,
Edited by Christopher P.
Heuer and Rebecca Zorach
The newest volume in the
Clark Studies in
the Visual Arts
series, this collection of essays explores the
Distributed for 5 Continents Editions
Mythical Diary
Sculptures from the Farnese Collection
Photographs by Luigi Spina
Texts by Philippe Daverio, Giovanni Fiorentino and Luigi Spina
Mythical Diary
is a visual journey through the classical sculpture of Museo Archeologico Nazionale
di Napoli. Through his black and white photography, Luigi Spina disassembles the limbs of these
sculptures, emphasising their curves and eroticism whilst establishing a dialogue with the observer. For
Spina, a statue of Aphrodite is not merely a stereotypical portrayal of myth but is a channel for the
emotions of all those who have ever observed her. The project takes the form of an imaginary diary
covering fteen days, but this timeframe exists only as a convention. The whole work developed over
a period of days and months amounting to years in contact with the myriad lives and stories contained within the museum’s walls.
Mythical Diary
, Spina attempts to make classical sculpture interact with the viewer’s desire to be a part of this ancient world that
Art Brut, e Collection
Texts by Gustavo Giacosa and David Le Breton
, the third volume in the series
Art Brut
, the collection accompanying the Biennales de l’Art Brut,
explores a selection of rarely exhibited works from the Lausanne Museum. The book contains a large
number of drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, reecting the manifold representations of
Art Brut Collection, Lausanne,
Art Brut: Biennale – Corps, 17/11/17–29/4/18
Gustavo Giacosa
is an actor, theatre producer, choreographer and exhibition organiser. In 2005, he founded the Contempor Art
Cultural Association in Genoa.
Narrative Figuration artwork. This catalogue includes all the key pieces of the Narrative Figuration, with commentary and analysis by
curators and art historians specialising in the movement that left an indelible mark on 1960s Europe.
Jean-Paul Ameline
was a curator at the Musée National d’Art Moderne de Paris (Centre Pompidou) from 1986 until 2013.
Yan Schubert
has been the curator of the ne arts collection at the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art since 2011, and has taught at the
universities of Geneva and Lausanne.
Co-published with the Fondation Gandur pour l’Art, Geneva
110 colour illus. 288 pp. 247x270mm. HB ISBN 978-8-87439-776-1
February £50.00/$60.00
Distributed for 5 Continents Editions
Psychology | Economics
9 b/w illus.
288 pp. 210x140mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22554-9
Think Tank
Forty Neuroscientists Explore the Biological Roots
of Human Experience
Edited by David J. Linden
Neuroscientist David Linden approached leading brain researchers and
asked each the same question: ‘What idea about brain function would
you most like to explain to the world?’ Their responses make up this
our knowledge of the human mind and its possibilities. The contributors,
23 b/w illus.
224 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22415-3
Making Sense of Rare, Really Rare,
and Impossibly Rare Events
László Mérö • Translated by Márton Moldován
Translation Edited by David Kramer
We live in a much more turbulent world than we like to think, but the
science we use to analyse economic, nancial and statistical events mostly
Business | International Affairs
Is Entrepreneurship Dead?
e Truth About Startups
in America
Scott A. Shane
It’s become an article of faith that
American entrepreneurship is in
trouble. The problems are many: lack
of capital, too few entrepreneurial
immigrants, excessive regulation, an
aging population, slowing population
growth and rising student debt. But
while experts across the country debate the causes and propose
solutions, Scott Shane explains that the data just don’t t.
Dismantling each of the most widely accepted theories in turn,
Financial Decision-Making for Engineers
Colin K. Drummond
This book provides engineers with little or no business
background with the nancial decision-making skills necessary
for a management career. Based on materials used by students
in a Master of Engineering Management programme at Case
Western Reserve University and informed by both classroom
and industry experience, this essential guide could be used
in courses or independent study. The chapters introduce
and integrate key concepts relevant to basic management,
and condence necessary for success as a chief technology
ofcer or in any business career.
‘Drummond’s choice of emphasis is clearly informed by
extensive practical experience teaching these topics. This
book represents the creative synthesis of a very broad body of
interdisciplinary knowledge.’
– Daniel Egger, Duke University
Science | Medicine | Environmental Studies
23 b/w illus.
208 pp. 210x140mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22933-2
Managing the Wild
Stories of People and Plants and Tropical Forests
Charles M. Peters
hundred years.
Science | Medicine | Environmental Studies
100 colour + 5 b/w illus.
232 pp. 216x267mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21453-6
Nature by Design
e Practice of Biophilic Design
Stephen R. Kellert
Biophilia is the theory that people possess an inherent afnity for nature,
which developed during the long course of human evolution. In recent
years, studies have revealed that this inclination continues to be a vital
component to human health and wellbeing. Given the pace and scale of
construction today with its mostly adversarial, dominative relationship with
nature, the integration of nature with the built environment is one of the
greatest challenges of our time.
In this sweeping examination, Stephen Kellert describes the basic
design. He shows us what is – and isn’t – good biophilic design using
examples of workplaces, healthcare facilities, schools, commercial centres,
Birds, Extinction, and Evolution in Hawai‘i
Daniel Lewis
This natural history takes readers on a thousand-year journey as
Jewish Studies
1 b/w illus.
256 pp. 210x140mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22261-6
Harvey Milk
Lillian Faderman
Harvey Milk – charismatic, eloquent and a smart-aleck – was elected to
the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 but had served for less
than one year when he was shot by a homophobic fellow Supervisor. Milk’s
assassination made him the most famous gay man in modern history, and
countless tributes including a posthumous Medal of Freedom honour his
legacy. This compelling biography explores the complexities of Harvey
Milk’s life, from his Jewish childhood on Long Island to his nal years as a
progressive politician committed to social justice.
As a Jew and a homosexual, Milk felt himself to be doubly an outsider.
Jewish Lives series
Jewish Lives series
Jewish Studies
Ecologies of Witnessing
Language, Place, and Holocaust Testimony
Hannah Pollin-Galay
Based on the oral histories of Lithuanian Jews who survived
the Holocaust, this book explores how the languages and
places of postwar life shape personal narratives. Comparing
the testimonies of survivors who remained in Lithuania and
Conscience and Conversion
Religious Liberty in Post-Revolutionary France
omas Kselman
Religious liberty is usually part of a larger discussion of church-
state relations – a context that often obfuscates the way it
plays out in the lives of individuals. Drawing from a rich array
of primary sources, Thomas Kselman explores how several
individuals in Restoration France responded to the newly
acquired right of religious choice by converting from one belief
system to another. Kselman sheds light on their reasons and the
repercussions, and how this sense of liberty informs our secular
‘At once learned and accessible,
Conscience and Conversion
is a strikingly original addition to the historiography on
eading the faith by
missions in both Europe and newly discovered lands abroad.
But, in 1773, under intense pressure from the monarchs of
Asian Studies | Music | Tech
The Tchaikovsky Papers
Unlocking the Family Archive
Edited by Marina Kostalevsky
Translated by Stephen Pearl • Adapted from the Russian Edition
Compiled and Edited by Polina E. Vaidman
The Elusive Brain
Literary Experiments in the Age of Neuroscience
Jason Tougaw • Foreword by Joseph E. LeDoux
Featuring a foreword by renowned neuroscientist Joseph E.
LeDoux, this book is an illuminating, comprehensive survey
of contemporary literature’s engagement with neuroscience.
Jason Tougaw analyzes the works of contemporary writers –
including Oliver Sacks, Temple Grandin, and Siri Hustvedt
– arguing that their experiments with literary form offer a
necessary counterbalance to a wider cultural neuromania that
seeks out purely neural explanations for human behaviors as
varied as reading, economics, empathy, and racism.
Jason Tougaw
is associate professor of English at Queens
College, CUNY. He is the author of
Name Me a Word
Indian Writers Reect on Writing
Edited by Meena Alexander
Indigenous Visions
Rediscovering the World of Franz Boas
Edited by Ned Blackhawk and Isaiah Lorado Wilner
In 1911, the publication of Franz Boas’s
The Mind of Primitive
that justied violence and inequality. Now, a group of leading
scholars examines how this groundbreaking work hinged
on relationships with a global circle of Indigenous thinkers
who used Boasian anthropology as a medium for their ideas.
Contributors also examine how Boasian thought intersected
with the work of major modernist gures, demonstrating how
ideas of diversity and identity sprang from colonisation and
Ned Blackhawk
is professor of history and American studies
at Yale University and author of
Violence over the Land
Lorado Wilner
is postdoctoral fellow in the Berlin Center for
the History of Knowledge at the Max Planck Institute for the
History of Science.
The Henry Roe Cloud Series on American Indians and
28 b/w illus. 416 pp. 234x156mm.
PB ISBN 978-0-300-19651-1
May £30.00/$35.00
History | Anthropology | U.S. Studies
Heroes, Martyrs, and Political Messiahs
in Revolutionary Cuba, 1946–1958
Lillian Guerra
In this important and timely volume, one of today’s foremost
experts on Cuban history and politics lls a signicant gap
in the literature, illuminating how Cuba’s sovereign electoral
democracy underwent a tumultuous transformation into a
military dictatorship. Lillian Guerra draws on her years of
research in newly opened archives and on personal interviews
to shed light on the men and women of Cuba who participated
movements in their quest for social and racial justice and for
more accountable leadership. Driven by a sense of duty toward
la patria (the fatherland) and their dedication to heroism
and martyrdom, these citizens built a powerful underground
revolutionary culture that shaped and witnessed Batista’s
overthrow in the late 1950s. Beautifully illustrated with
archival photographs, this volume is a stunning addition to
Latin American history and politics.
Lillian Guerra
is the Waldo W. Neikirk Professor of Cuba
and Caribbean History at the University of Florida and the
Visions of Power in Cuba: Revolution, Redemption, and
Resistance, 1959–1971.
48 b/w illus. 384 pp. 229x152mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-17553-0
May £30.00/$40.00
The Politics of Parody
A Literary History of Caricature, 1760–1830
David Francis Taylor
U.S. Studies
For-Pro�t Democracy
Why the Government Is Losing
the Trust of Rural America
Loka Ashwood
Sociologist Loka Ashwood’s eye-opening
rural Georgia where some despair,
and others rebel, under the weight of
corporate and government control. A
government-sanctioned nuclear power
poverty and racial tensions by
dispossessing residents of their most
prized land rights. Ashwood’s work
explains how prot’s rule in the
democratic state allows such injustices,
and warns of rural America’s growing
mistrust of the U.S. government.
is assistant professor in
the department of agricultural economics
and rural sociology at Auburn University.
She is a former award-winning journalist
whose work has been published in books
Yale Agrarian Studies Series
25 b/w illus. 320 pp. 210x140mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21535-9
Maroons between Slavery and
Freedom in Jamaica, Nova Scotia,
and Sierra Leone
Ruma Chopra
After being exiled from their native
Jamaica in 1795, the Trelawney Town
Maroons – a community of escaped
slaves – endured in Nova Scotia and
then in Sierra Leone. Drawing on a
vast array of primary source material,
Ruma Chopra traces their journey and
transformation into refugees, empire
HB ISBN 978-0-300-22864-9
May £25.00/$30.00
Unlikely General
‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne and
the Battle for America
Mary Stockwell
In December 1791, President
George Washington chose General
‘Mad’ Anthony Wayne to defend
America from a potentially
devastating threat. Native forces had
Washington needed a champion to
U.S. Studies
The American Farmer
in the Eighteenth Century
A Social and Cultural History
Richard Lyman Bushman
Richard Bushman’s authoritative history
his homeland when he went before the Crown and used the
knowledge acquired in his English education to defend the
land and rights of his fellow Nipmucs. Jenny Hale Pulsipher’s
biography offers a window onto seventeenth-century New
England and the Atlantic world from the unusual perspective
of an American Indian who, though he may not have been
what he claimed, was certainly out of the ordinary. Drawing
on documentary and anthropological sources as well as
consultation with Native people, Pulsipher shows how Wompas
turned the opportunities and hardships of economic, cultural,
religious and political forces in the emerging English empire to
Jenny Hale Pulsipher
is associate professor of history at
Brigham Young University and author of
Subjects unto the Same
King: Indians, English, and the Contest for Authority in Colonial
New England
15 b/w illus. 320 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21493-2
U.S. Studies
The Great Alignment
Race, Party Transformation,
and the Rise of Donald Trump
Alan I. Abramowitz
Alan I. Abramowitz has emerged as
a leading spokesman for the view
that our current political divide is
not an illusion but a key feature of
and media elites, he argues, arose
and persists because it accurately reects the state of American
Jim Crow and the Making
of Modern America
Anders Walker
In this dramatic reexamination
of the Jim Crow South, Anders
Walker investigates how prominent
intellectuals like Robert Penn
Warren, James Baldwin, Eudora
Welty, Ralph Ellison, Flannery
O’Connor and Zora Neale Hurston
Language | Series | Reference
Yale French Studies, Number 133
‘Detecting’ Patrick Modiano
Edited by Richard J. Golsan and Lynn Higgins
This volume of
Yale French Studies
provides new perspectives
on the work of the 2014 Nobel laureate in literature, Patrick
Modiano. Offering critical reassessments of themes that have
with abolitionist, author, statesman and former slave, Frederick
Douglass, covers the years leading up the Civil War through the
close of the conict, offering readers an illuminating portrait
of an extraordinary American and the turbulent times in which
he lived. An important contribution to historical scholarship,
movement during wartime and the author’s relationship to
Abraham Lincoln and other prominent gures of the era.
John R. McKivigan
is Mary O’Brien Gibson Professor of
History at Indiana University-Perdue University and has served
Frederick Douglass Papers Series
The Frederick Douglass Papers Series
11 b/w illus. 768 pp. 234x156mm.
HB ISBN 978-0-300-21830-5
March £115.00/$125.00
Image Credits
Illustration by Joe McLaren, from A
Little History of
, by Brian Fagan, see page 1
aria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli for

alentino, spring/summer 2014 haute couture,
igital Composite Scan by Katerina Jebb
tienne Allegrain,
Promenade of Louis XIV in View of
arterre du Nord in the Gardens of Versailles
ter of the seventeenth century. © Château de

ersailles, Dist. RMN / © Christophe Fouin
Vincent Van Gogh,
Courtesan (after Eisen)
an Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
ary Corse (b. 1945),
Triangular Columns
ainted wood and acrylic, dimensions variable.

useum of American Art, New York; gift
ichael Straus in loving memory of Howard and

elaine Straus 2016.6a–b. Courtesy the artist
ona Hatoum,
ild steel, 10 3/4 x 90 1/2 x 39 1/4 inches
ona Hatoum. Image

tesy of Galleria Continua, San Gimignano/Beijing/

oulins/Habana. Photo: Ela Bialkowska
ugène Delacroix,
Crouching Tiger
gon Schiele,
Standing Nude with Orange Drapery
Joseph Cornell,
Homage to Juan Gris
, 1954. Art ©
oseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation/

y VAGA, New York, N.Y.
iew of Palmyra’s antiquities and oasis
es Manufactory, Vase with cover, 1782
ead pendant with gold loops, Hellenistic, 3rd–1st

y B.C.
eong Seon,
Buljeongdae Rock
, leaf from the
Album of
ount Geumgang
Fred Wilson,
The Clove, Catskills
, 1827. Oil on


25 1/4 x 35 1/8 in. (64.1 x 89.2 cm)
ndrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci,
eated Child
emäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Male gure, Luluwa, Royal Museum for Central Africa,
ervuren. Photo Roger Asselberghs
akoto Fujimura (American, b. 1960),

Tears of Christ)
, 2010. Mineral pigments and gold
elgian linen. 80 x 64 inches.

Collection of the

omma Abts.
, 2012. Acrylic and oil on canvas;
ascha S. Bauer
oni Horn,
Through 5
, 2007. Powdered pigment,
coal, coloured pencil, and varnish on

, 106 x 90 inches. Courtesy of the artist and

auser & Wirth. © Roni Horn. Photo: Stefan

, 2007. Acrylic, oil on canvas,
tesy Estate of

euchatel, CH and Greene Naftali, NY
anuel Neri,

Re-making of Mary Julia No. 6
laster, steel, Styrofoam, and burlap. Yale University

t Gallery, Gift of The Manuel Neri Trust
Kendell Geers,
, 2008. Gesso and
ndia ink on lost object, 110x38x32. Private collection.
Our Land
, 1951. Egg tempera on

rivate collection
eorgia O’Keeffe (American, 1887–1986),

From the
o. 3
1924. Oil on canvas. 36 × 30 inches
hiladelphia Museum of Art.

equest of Georgia O’Keeffe for the Alfred Stieglitz

ohn Singer Sargent.
La Carmencita
, 1890. Oil on
as; 232 × 142 cm (91 5/16 × 55 15/16 in). Musée

’Orsay, Paris, France, RF746. Photo: Gerard Blot
Nocturne, Railway Crossing, Chicago

useum of Fine Arts,

The Hayden Collection – Charles Henry

ayden Fund (62.986). Photograph © Museum of

ine Arts, Boston
oel Shapiro,
, 2002. Painted wood and wire.

esigned by Henning Koppel (Danish, 1918–1981).

Bowl, Model 980aa
, designed 1948, produced 2015.
terling silver; 16 × 40.1 × 38.9 cm (6 5/16 × 15 13/16

rivate collection
ax Lamb. 258.

abil Aound,

tesy Gallery Fumi. Photo by Angus Mill
word ornament in the form of a lion, Nsuta, Ghana,

allas Museum of Art,

bandoned automobiles and other debris clutter an

e-acre pond, which was

A supervision to prevent possible

reat Salt Lake and a wildlife refuge

y. (Photo by Bruce McAllister, near Ogden, Utah,

pril 1974)

Hunan Province, Bell (nao), Western Zhou

ronze; h.: 41.7 cm (16 1/2

The Art Institute of

ucy Maud Buckingham Collection,

Mrs. Duckworth (Mrs. Leslie
, April 1867. Albumen silver print, 27.4 x 21.9
ational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Photo:
ational Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
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