Case: Batova M.N. v Batov A.A., Batova N.A.; District court of Novosibirsk [2011]
Facts: Batova M.N. suit a lawsuit against the division of hereditary property: on apartment which remained after the ex-husband. The apartment was received by her ex-husband Batov AA, later they privatized it for two people Batova AA. And Batov NA, he was given a contract for the transfer of ownership of citizens of the apartment. Is not the heir of the first stage due to the fact that on the day of Batov's death, they were in divorce. The certificate of the right to inheritance by law was not obtained by Batova M.N. And AA Batov. Due to the fact that there was no agreement on the division of hereditary property. Having checked the written materials of the case, the testimony of witnesses, the court finds the evidence admissible, reliable, attributable, having a mutual relationship, and in combination sufficient to resolve the case.
Procedural history: Batova went to court with a lawsuit to divide the in heritance property left after the death of ex-husband.Legal issue: Does Batova have the right to a part of the property?
Ruling: The court confirmed Batova's right to part property after the death of her ex-husband.
Reasoning: District court of Novosibirsk has decided that the plaintiff's claims justified and subject to satisfaction. Because they are not family, they cannot live together, so the share must be given in money.

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