Managment and trends in business

Managment and trends in business.
What is the management hierarchy and what are the responsibilities of each level?
Management, by definition, is a function of planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling. Any managerial system, at any managerial level, is characterized in terms of these general functions.
Management is revealed in a variety of specific activities. In other words, management refers to a whole number of problems connected with business. These include: implementing effective personal policies, analyzing financial reports, analyzing changes in operating results, defining the company’s long-term as well as specific objectives, considering mergers, takeovers and acquisitions, working out a business plan, negotiating, signing contracts, arranging sales, organization of recruitment process, creating a positive image of the company and so on. However, in most companies the activities of a manager depend on the level at which he or she working. Top manager will be more involved in long-range planning and the relations of a company with the outside world, whereas middle management and supervisors are generally making day-to-day decisions which help an organization to run efficiently and smoothly.
The top members of management, called senior management, report to the owners of a firm; in large corporations the Chairman of the Board, the President and sometimes other key senior officers report to the Board of Directors.
How is appositive image of a company created?
One of the keys to success is for a company to develop efficient means of communication between management and employees. A manager should have a good understanding of human nature. He must know how to speak with subordinates, how to control them, he must know what motivates them, and how to respond to their initiatives. Good management should create an environment where people feel comfortable and in which they will perform to their maхimum potential. This invariably will have a direct positive effect on the customer. As a matter of fact, a company which is good to work for is usually one which is good to do business with.
What traces of character, in your opinion, a good manager should possess?
Manager is a person who is responsible for everything in the organization where she or he works. In my opinion, being a good manager should have many points. First, manager should have good character. It means that being a manager must be kind and gentle with employees. However, she or he should not think that doesn’t need to obey or listen to what his or her employees said. Patience and respecting to employees is a good way to manage them well. A good manager is the one who can manage his organization successfully and profitably.
The characteristics of a best manager is he should be able to understand every team member's strengths and weaknesses and utilise every members abilities at his/her best in the interest of the organization and motivate the staff, understand and acknowledge every staff member's efficiency and reward them accordingly. A good manager is like the good leader who doesn't say "do it " but says "lets do it"
A good manager would be a good leader. He gives clear instructions and is firm on his decisions. He is good at delegating work and getting it done. He manages employees in such a way that their talents and skills are utilized to bring in maximum productivity in work. As a leader a good boss leads by example by coming to work on time, doing the job well and not letting his personal problems affect his performance at work.

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