Kinds of British houses

Kinds of British houses
There are many different types of housing in Britain, ranging from the traditional thatched country cottage to flats in the centre of towns, blouses are often described by the period in which they were built (for example, Georgian, Victorian, post-war, etc) and whether they are terraced. semi-detached or detached. As well as preferring houses to flats, for many people a garden is also an important consideration.
Now I'd like to tell you about terraced houses. They are usually found in inner cities. They were often built by industries to house their workers near the factories. They are built in long rows where each house is attached to the ones on either side. They are often known as ""back to backs". In recent years many terraced houses have been renovated: central heating has been added and other improvements made. Such houses even could be with outside toilet and no bath before.
Semi-detached houses were built when British towns and cities expanded into suburbs. Each house is part of a pair and is joined on one side to its partner. The semi usually has a small back and front garden, three bedrooms and a small bathroom. It is the most popular type of house in Britain ала could be called the home of "Mr and Mrs Average".
The detached house stands by itself, usually with a garden all around it. These houses are much more expensive than semis and are often owned by professional people. Most detached houses are to be found in affluent suburbs on in the "green belt" - strip of protected open countryside around a city, where no industrial development are allowed. Some large cities (for example London) also have a "commuter belt" - so called because the professionals who live there travel every day to work into the city by train or car. Some commuters travel up to 3 or 4 hours a day to get from their homes to the inner city.
Britain is famous for its country cottages which were often built on the country estate of wealthy landowners. The workers on the estate rented the cottages from the landowner and worked on the land. Country cottages have low ceilings and sometimes a thatched roof. In recent years some cottages have become second homes, bought by professionals during the economic boom of the 1980s.
In the J 950 and 1960 local councils cleared a lot of slums in the inner city areas and knocked down terraced houses in the poor areas. People were re-housed in tower blocks of flats on the outskirts of the city or in the centre of the city. In recent years local councils have tried to improve the areas around tower blocks by creating "green space", children's playgrounds and facilities for the communities to use.
As a conclusion I'd like to say that it's not important what kind of house you live in, the main idea is all the time when you come back home to find there mutual respect, understanding and support.
Slums - трущобы
Affluent - изобилие
Commuter belt - пригородная зона
My room
The room I like most of all is mine. I use it as a study and a bedroom at the same time. It's very nice and cosy. There isn't much furniture in it, only the most necessary pieces of it. The built-in furniture doesn't take much space in the room. There is my bed and table in front of it. The desk has plenty of drawers where I keep my text-books, notes, pens, pencils, etc. There is a sofa on the left. And you can see a comfortable armchair in the right corner. I like to turn on the lamp, sit in the armchair and read a thrilling book.
There are some shelves with books in my room. You can see Russian and English books there. There's a big thick carpet on the floor. There are some posters with my favourite band on the wall.
I like my room very much. When my buddies come round, I always invite them into my room. It's a perfect place both for rest and work.
What concerns the view from my window, you can see the yard, where a lot of people are walking every day, the watch factory and the supermarket where I go every day for products. I wish I had the view of the lovely garden or enormous park or something like that. I dream of a new flat with more space and with breathtaking view from my window.
The house I live in
I live in the centre of the city. Our four-floored house is situated in the yards behind the watch factory. It was built many years ago, but despite this fact, it's in a very good state and it's pleasant to live in such a house.
My house is placed in a calm cosy yard. It's always quit in our yard, it has plenty of high trees and nice green bushes. I like walking here in the evening and I'm glad to live in such a comfortable place of the city, far away from busy roads, avenues and streets. I'm proud of my house, I've been living here for 8 years and I've got accustomed to it.

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