lesson in 11 b

Урок по теме « Профессия, которая мне подходит!»
Цель : создать условия для структурирования учебной информации и проверки уровня знаний по теме «JOBS»
А)образовательная: совершенствование лексических умений и расширение лексического кругозора учащихся, активизация знания лексики в речевых ситуациях, аудирование с извлечением информации, закрепление материала по теме «CONDITIONALS»
Б)развивающая: расширение социо-культурных знаний учащихся, помощь в профессиональном самоопределении, навыки аудирования и логического изложения содержания высказывания.
В) воспитательная: содействовать в профориентации и развивать способность выбирать профессию самостоятельно.
Ход урока!
Оргмомент и целеполаганиеYou are 11 grade students and at the end of the school you are to choose a job which will help you to make your way in life. Your teachers , parents , friends advise you what kind of job you should take up. Today at our lesson we will discuss what skills and abilities you possess and which profession will suit you most of all. So Today we have the following goals:
To find out what qualities skills and abilities you possess
To develop your speaking abilities
To practice listening the authentic speech
To practice the vocabulary on the topic JOBS and our grammar topic on CONDITIONALS
2)Речевая разминка
Choosing a job is not an easy task. I hope that you have already made up your mind on this but some of you may be still in two minds but nevertheless to my mind everybody have some inclinations which are necessary for this or that kind of job.
We are going to watch a video where a woman will give you some useful tips on how to choose the career. You are to listen very attentively and try to keep in mind or write down these pieces of advice.
Total 5min
Here is the list of qualities skills and abilities .your task is to divide them into 3 groups.
The Qualities are- ambition/creativity/individuality/leadership/flexibility/a sharp mind/initiative/physical strength/dedication
The Skills are-numeracy/literacy/administrative and teamwork
The Abilities are- artistic/to work tight deadlines/to work under pressure
Please answer my questions
1.What qualities do you have and lack.
2.What skills are necessary for your future job?
3.Can you give any examples of job which need the ability to work under pressure or to work to tight deadlines?(businessman surgeons managers teachers)
Stand up! Clap! Clap!
Arms up! Clap! Clap!
Step! Step! Arms down!
Clap! Clap! Sit Down )#4)Now paraphrase the definitions of the following expressions.
1. To rest on one’s laurels
2. The world is your oyster
3. To evaluate oneself
4. To be a square peg in a round hole
5. To be cut for
6. To explore the choice from the very angle
7.To follow in smb’s footsteps
And now I offer you to make up the sentences of your own using these combinations plus the conditionals!Total!7min
5)Complete each sentence using an appropriate word. Occupation career Work Trade Job Vocation Position
Please state your age, address and … in the space below(occupation)
Why is it important to choose the right…(career)
Looking for a … is hard…(job work)
We finished the test and the teacher collected our…(works)
He tried many … but finally he chose the …of a shoemaker.(jobs trade)
Thousands of workers lost their… when the factory closed.(positions)
It had taken her several years before she realized that she had no … for teaching.(vocation)
What’s your current…?(occupation)
The … of bank manager is still open.(position)
Total;5 min!

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