What do these numbers from the article refer to…

What do these numbers from the article refer to?
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8 to 12
True or false?
If you have privacy, you cannot be seen and heard by other people.
If you feel isolated, you feel lonely, with no contact with other people.
There is a lot of hand-holding of new employees at Norwich Union Direct. This means that coaches and employees literally hold each other's hands.
If you have a particular mind-set, you have a particular way of thinking about something.
If there is healthy competition between people, it damages them and makes them feel bad.
0 If customer needs are serviced, their needs are satisfied. Over to you
How are new employees helped in your organisation? If you are studying, how are new students helped
Unit 10 Conflict The dangers of e-mail.Level of difficulty **
Before you read.
Have you ever sent an e-mail message that you later regretted? Reading.
Read this article from The Economist and answer the questions.
Negotiating by e-mail
Who has not typed out an angry reply to an e-mail message, hit the send button - and then regretted it? Surely no technology has led to so many conflicts and lost friendships as electronic mail. But nowhere is e-mail more dangerous than in negotiations.
Experiments by Michael Morris, an academic at Stanford Business School, and a group of colleagues have now demonstrated what many people have always thought: negotiations are more likely to go well if they are conducted, at least in part, face-to-face, rather than between strangers with keyboards and screens. E-mail is not necessarily a bad way to negotiate, but the research suggests that it needs to be used carefully.
Together with Leigh Thompson, of the Kellogg Graduate Business School at Northwestern University, 25 and several other academics, Mr Morris studied mock negotiations that used only e-mail and compared them with ones where there was a brief getting-to-know-you telephone call before the negotiations. The second type went more smoothly. Other experiments found that electronic negotiations were easier when the negotiators began by swapping photographs and personal details, or when they already knew each other.
From The Economist
Imagine that each paragraph in the article has a heading. Choose the best heading for each paragraph from the list below and number them in the correct order. Two of the headings are not used.
Examples of real-life negotiations
Face-to-face negotiations work better than ones by e-mail
Negotiations in the construction industry
E-mail can easily lead to conflict
Studies of negotiation
Choose the correct alternative.
If you regret something you did , you are
happy about what you did.
unhappy about what you did.
If you demonstrate something, you
show that it is true,
just say that it is true.
If you conduct negotiations, you
take part in them.
observe them from the outside.
Academics are
full-time businesspeople.
university teachers.
Mock negotiations are
If you swap photographs, you
exchange your photographs for others,
keep your photographs.
Over to you
Are face-to-face meetings necessary when you do business with someone? Or can everything be done by phone and e-mail?

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