The article goes under the heading

The article goes under the heading „Japan to be first country to meet Aliens”.
It deals with the problem why Aliens will come to Japan. At the beginning of the article the author says about reasons. Then he lists ( перечисляет) these reasons. There are 5 reasons in text.
Japanese are ready to greet them
Japanese emailed them
Japan is the place that’s scanning the skies for nanosecond-level pulses in the air waves.
Japan will soon have Als that match alien intelligence.
North Korea knows things the rest of us don’t.
The main idea of this article is what if aliens decide to make contact with Earthling, they want to contact with the Japan and Japan is ready for it.
In my opinions it is a big problem for Japanese, because they don’t know that alien wand in fact.
The article is very informative and up-to-date.

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