test 1 answers

1 Cuckoos do not build nests. They use the nests of other birds.
2 You can't see Tom now: he is having a bath.
3 He usually drinks coffee but today he is drinking tea.
4 What does she do in the evenings? ~
She usually plays cards or watches TV.
5 I won't go out now as it is raining and I do not have an umbrella.
6 The last train leaves the station at 11.30.
7 He usually speaks so quickly that I do not understand him.
8 Ann is making a dress for herself at the moment. She makes all her
own clothes.
9 Hardly anyone wears a hat nowadays.
10 I'm afraid I've broken one of your coffee cups. —
Don't worry. I do not like that set anyway.
11 I am wearing my sunglasses today because the sun is very strong.
12 Tom can't have the newspaper now because his aunt read it.
13 I'm busy at the moment. I am redecorating the sitting room.
14 The kettle is boiling now. Shall I make the tea?
15 You are enjoying yourself or would you like to leave now? -
I am enjoying myself very much. I want to stay to the end.
16 How do you get to work as a rule? ~
I usually go by bus but tomorrow I am going in Tom's car.
17 Why are you putting on your coat? ~
I am going for a walk. Do you come with me?-
Yes, I'd love to come. Do you mind if I bring my dog?
18 How much do you owe him?-
I owe him Ј5. ~
You intend to pay him?
19 Do you belong to your local library? -
Yes, I do. -
Do you read a lot?-
Yes, quite a lot. -
How often do you change your books? —
I change one every day.
20 Mary usually learns languages very quickly but she does not seem able
to learn modern Greek.
21 I always buy lottery tickets but I never win anything.
22 Do you like this necklace? I am giving it to my daughter for her birthday
23 I won't tell you my secret unless you promise not to tell anyone. -
I promise .
24 Do you always write with your left hand?
25 Do you love him?-
No, I like him very much but I do not love him.
26 Do you dream at night?-
Yes, I always dream and if I eat too much supper I having

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