Are british are as hardworking as americans

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Are the british as hardworking as the americans?
In the last twenty years the amount of time Americans spend at their jobs has considerably risen. Nowadays americans have only sixteen and a half hourof leisure a week. The other hours are spent on household chores and work 1.Introduction 2. The growth of productivityThe Decline in americans’ leisure time resulted in the growth of productivity. Productivity measures the goods and services that result from each hour worked. When productivity rises, a worker can either produce the current amount in less time or remain at work the same number of hours and produce more.
ppt_xxshearppt_xstyle.fontStylestyle.fontWeightstyle.textDecorationUnderline 3.Social problems style.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.typestyle.fontSizestyle.fontSize For example, work caused the dramatic rise of stress. Thirty percent of adults say, that they experience high stress nearly every day; even higher numbers report high stress once or twice a week. A third of the population says that they are rushed to do the things they have to do-up from a quarter in 1965. Stress-related diseases have exploded, especially among young women, and hard labour is the culprit.4.StRess Sleep has become another casualty of modern life. According to sleep researchers, studies point to a « sleep deficit» among Americans, a majority of whom spend 60 and 90 minutes on sleep instead of the whole night than they should spend for optimum health and workability.5.Sleep
Jobs also lead to family problems. Half the population says they have little time for their families It means ,that two-earner couples have little time to be together, which reduces the happiness and satisfaction of a marriage. Moreover children are increasingly left alone, while their parents are at work.6.Problems with families.
ppt_yppt_yppt_y The usual working day starts at 9am and finishes by 5 pm.The average working week lasts 48 hours and the majority of the british are out of the office early on fridays and are not eager to go to work on saturdays7. British working day

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