Advertising. Tried and tested..

Advertising: Tried and tested or tired formula?

Vocabulary notes
glossy adj — блестящий, глянцевитый
luxury n – роскошь, предмет роскоши
word-of- mouth advertising n. – устная реклама
marketer n – торговец
furthermore adv – более того, кроме того, к тому же
predict v – предсказывать
benefit n – выгода, польза, прибыль
campaign n – кампания, поход
Useful expressions:
to afford to take risks – позволить себе рисковать
to be expert at - быть специалистом, иметь опыт
word-of- mouth advertising n. – устная реклама
to create word-of-mouth advertising – создать устную рекламу
to be driven by – стимулироваться
mix and match luxury with smth.– смешивать и выдавать шик за…
to prevent losing share – предотвратить потерю доли
Give Russian equivalents to these expressions:
to focus on customer needs -
to take risks –
to lose share of market –
to lose benefit -
to be driven by –
Give the three forms to the verbs:
say, drive, sell, do, spend
To pronounce the words properly give transcription to the following words:
logofocusidentify agency
advertisement approach
luxury frequent
research campaign
Find paragraphs where it is said:
а) the way luxury brands create word-of-mouth advertising and what should marketers pay attention to
b) the reasons that made brands use advertising agencies
c) the main differences between advertising luxury goods and consumer goods
Put questions to the sentences:
Luxury brand companies will advertise more often.
Luxury brand companies are changing their structure.
Answer the following questions to the text:
What is the article about? (luxury advertising)
2. Why are luxury brands so reluctant to use innovative advertising? (they save money, they hope they are recognizable)
3. Why do luxury organizations intend to change their structure and advertising policy?(because consumers mix and match luxury with cheaper proucts)
4.How much does the luxury industry spend on advertising? (Two times as much as LVMH or 4bn)
5. Why do they intend to spend more on advertising?(because they don’t want to lose their benefits)
Retell the article using the following expressions:
The article is entitled “Advertising: Tried and tested or tired formula?”
The author of the article is Claire Adler.
The article was published in the Financial Times.
The article shows …
The author …
The author explains this by saying …
The author stresses …
It is worth emphasizing that …
The author tries to convince the reader that …
At the end of the article the author says …
6. I didn’t know about … but after I have read the article I have learned that …
Here are possible answers but your answers are appreciated too:
… that luxury brands have to spend much on advertising to prevent losing share of market and advertise more often.
… that companies use word-of-mouth advertising through fashion weeks, events and PR not innovative advertising because they don’t want to take risks.
…that many brands are owned by huge corporations with demanding shareholders who don’t want to lose their benefit.
… that luxury brands should focus more on customer needs (demands), should not rely only on their reputation.
… in order to compete in the market luxury brand companies restructure their organizations and use specialist luxury advertising agencies.
… that the money spent on advertising is never spent in vain in the world of free competition.
… that benefits and features of the product are not as important as making sure who has them and who doesn’t.
… luxury advertising business … companies spent a lot on making their products recognizable and competitive.

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