Active vocabulary practice

Active vocabulary practice
Unit 3
I always ***my brother at tennis.
Our family hooked on the *** *** Monopoly.
Watching TV is our only ***.
She *** her own life to help a disabled woman.
We *** (вызвали на соревнование) a team who called themselves ‘College Athletes’.
She’s a top international athlete and an Olympic ***.
Students may be tempted to *** in order to get into top schools.
A lot of jazz and *** music was part of my music too, thanks to my uncle.
Jody became the women’s basketball ***.
Arsenal are now out of the competition, following their shock *** by Torquay Town.
She is among the most promising players in her age ***.
Julie’s *** of the quiz team.
There’s a football *** for the young people in the area.
This is a surprisingly *** film.
If you hear the mandolin today, it’s usually in bluegrass or Neapolitan *** ***.
It was raining, so we had to play football in the *** this afternoon.
I have no *** in continuing this conversation.
I’ve been to plenty of live rock ***.
Britain is a full *** of NATO.
The problem with *** *** is that they’re addictive.
He will be banned from international *** for four years.
Graf’s *** in today’s final will be Suhova.
In the end, we all decided to *** a concert for Easter.
The *** blew his whistle to stop the game.
She started moving to the *** of the music.
Did you *** *** at the party?
Strachan *** *** for the new season.
Skiers always face the *** of serious injury.
Against which country did Ian Wright *** his first international goal?
The U.S. Open golf tournament was won by Ben Hogan, with a *** of 287.
Tim, 17, *** Manchester United. Which team do you support?
Our success lies in working together as a ***.
Unit 6
Exercise 2. Choose the word which best fits each sentence.
Kevin has just passed his driving test/exam.
My favourite course/subject is Maths.
I don’t want to take any more qualification/exams…
You should follow the instructions/report/mark on the packet.
Adrian was finding it difficult to guess/concentrate.
You don’t need to have any qualification/experience/skill for this job.
He plays the piano with great skill/experience.
We have to take/pass/fail exams at the end of each year.
She has a degree and a teaching skill/qualification/experience.
Applicants must have experience/qualification/skill of working with children.
Ben considered/wondered the statue with an expert eye.
Children need to experience/wonder/hesitate things for themselves in order to learn from them.
I consider/wonder/search how James is getting on.
Kay hesitated/concentrated/wondered for a moment and then said ‘yes’.
He was marking/considering essays in his small study.
Exercise 3. Fill in the gaps with active vocabulary from Unit 6.
He wasn’t even *** of his mother’s name.
She has worked hard to *** her goal of a job in the medical profession.
My *** worked fast as I tried to decide what to do.
Lucy is quite *** and does well at school.
Always *** sure of your facts before accusing anyone.
It was too dark to *** further.
I’d say she’s about 35, but that’s only a ***.
After a long *** for the murder weapon, the police found a knife.
Stress has an effect on both your physical and *** health.
Students learn to cook French food with the help of *** chefs.
I’m taking a *** in graphic design.
He took a master’s *** in economics at Yale.
She had learned from *** to take little rests in between her daily routine…
You don’t need to be a computer *** to use the programme.
He *** maths but passed all his other subjects.
Someone might have **** our secret and passed it on.
I just wanted to *** sure you knew where to go.
But they have made considerable *** in a relatively short time.
He did well to get such a good ***.
I’m shortly to begin a **** on the modern novel.
That song always **** me of our first date.
We have to write a short *** on the conference.
Now, she had seven different subjects every day with different teachers, but there was very little interaction.
She’s an exceptionally *** student.
I’d better skip the party and stay at home to ***.
It is wonderful how quickly they learn and how smart they are.
The exams are at the end of the summer ***.
Note: the exercises were made with the help of authentic English dictionaries.
Unit 9
Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with one of the three given words to make the sentences complete. Change the forms of the words where necessary.
abroad* accommodation* book
The price for the holiday includes flights and ***.
To get tickets, you have to *** in advance.
I would love to go *** this year, perhaps to the South of France.
cancel* catch* crash (2)
The plane *** into a mountain.We were in plenty of time for Anthony to *** the ferry…
Our flight was ***.
His elder son was killed in a car *** a few years ago.
coach* break* vehicle
It is time for a complete *** with the past.
As we headed back to Calais, the *** was badly delayed by roadworks…
This road is closed to motor ***.
crowded* convenient* foreign
Is three o’clock *** for you?
The train was very ***, and we had to stand.
She was on her first *** holiday without her parents.
delay* destination* trip
Mark was sent to the Far East on a business ***.
Sorry for the ***, Mr Weaver.
Maui is a popular tourist ***.
ferry* cruise* harbourThey had recrossed the River Gambia by ***.
Our hotel room overlooked a pretty little fishing ***.
He and his wife were planning to go on a world ***…
flight* journey* luggage
Before setting off on a ***, look at maps and guidebooks.
Each passenger was allowed two 30-kg pieces of ***.
The *** will take four hours.
nearby(2)* pack* passport
Most of the holidaymakers had *** up and gone.
You should take your *** with you when changing money.
Dan found work on one of the farms ***.
At a *** table a man was complaining in a loud voice…
platform* public transport* reach
Most transport investment has gone on road construction and not on ***.
He *** Cambridge shortly before three o’clock.The Edinburgh train will depart from *** six.
resort* souvenir* traffic
The *** going into London was very heavy.
There are plans to turn the town into a tourist ***.
I bought a model of the Eiffel Tower as a *** of Paris.
Unit 12
Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with one of the three given words to make the sentences complete.
introduce* recognize* apologize
I must *** for my son’s behaviour — he isn’t usually this moody.
Let me *** myself.
I didn’t *** you in your uniform.
divorced* decorate* defend
The room is tidy, a few pictures *** the walls.
Thousands of young men came forward, willing to *** their country.
My parents *** when I was very young…
loving* independent* loyal
It was always very important to me to be financially ***.
Jim was a most *** husband and father…
He’d always been such a *** friend to us all.
guests* neighbourhood* girlfriend
She grew up in a quiet *** of Boston.
Now at 16 Steven has a steady *** of 15, who he has been going out with for several months.
The *** were invited to a dinner at his country house.
close* confident* ordinary
The book is about *** people.
My brother and I are very ***.
After living in France for a year, I felt much more *** about my French.
patient* grateful* private
He was endlessly kind and *** with children.
After his death the author’s family released many of his *** papers.
Dr Shah has received hundreds of letters from *** patients.
trust* stranger* single
Do not give your camera to a passing stranger and ask him to take a picture of you.
Chris is 45 and still ***.
She had betrayed her parents’ ***.
mood* flat* boyfriend
My *** and I have only been dating for a couple of months.
I don’t want to talk about it now. I’m not in the ***.
Sara lives with her husband and children in a *** in central London…
perfect* cool* generous
Kathleen gave me a really *** dress.
Emily and John seemed a *** couple.
Her colleagues presented her with a *** gift when she retired.
relations* respect* rent
All our friends and *** came to our wedding.
She worked to pay the *** while I went to college…
My *** for my teacher grew as the months passed.Use your active vocabulary from Unit 15 and fill in the gaps.
Dirty streets and homelessness are no *** for a prosperous society.
None of them could *** £50 for a ticket.
The car was a *** at that price.
Which *** of toothpaste do you use?
An illustrated *** accompanies the exhibition.
My dad always used to carry a lot of loose/small *** (= coins) in his pocket.
They flipped/tossed a *** to see who should go first.
A new computer system has been installed at a *** of £80 000.
The shop is giving away a sample pack to every ***.
We were poor but we never got into ***.
She *** an immediate explanation.
The islands *** sugar and fruit.
Coffee is the country’s biggest ***.
There is no entrance *** to the gallery.
She inherited the family ***.
We *** a large number of cars from Japan.
Germany, however, insists on restrictions on the *** of Polish coal…
We can *** your money tax-free abroad.
I finally managed to *** a copy of the report.
How much do I *** you for the groceries?
Do you *** your house or do you rent it?
He sold his house at a huge ***.
The youths were convicted of defacing public ***.
If you are not satisfied with your *** we will give you a full refund.
People wishing to *** advance tickets should ring our booking line.
Make sure you are given a *** for everything you buy.
These pets *** a lot of care and attention.
Can you tell me if this dress is in the ***?
You should *** a little each week.
It is important to *** a software package that suits your requirements.
Hurry, as we only have a limited *** of these TVs in stock!
I was impressed by the *** of dishes on offer.
These meetings are a complete *** of time.
Unit 21
Fill in the gaps with appropriate words. Don’t forget to change the form of the word where necessary.
accent* announcement* broadcast
He will place an *** in the personal column of The Daily Telegraph.
The President addressed the nation in a television ***.
He had a strong Irish ***.
channel* contact* image
The college has brought me into *** with western ideas.
Mickey Mouse’s *** was plastered on billboards all over town.
The kids are watching cartoons on the Disney ***.
viewer* report* media
According to recent news ***, two of the victims are Americans.
The new series has gone down well with ***.
The scandal was widely reported in the national ***.
broadcast* contact* click
All you have to do is right-*** on the desktop and select New Folder.
*** the Tourist Information Bureau for further details…
The concert will be *** live on television and radio…
clear* online* informal
The meetings are very *** and friendly with lots of ideas and challenges.
The book is ***, readable and adequately illustrated…
There are plenty of *** dictionaries available free on the Internet.
file* link* internet
You can find all kinds of information on the ***.
He sat behind a table on which were half a dozen ***.
For elderly people, TV is a vital *** with the outside world.
link* interrupt* pause
He tried to speak, but she *** him.
The Internet allows people from all over the world to *** up for chat sessions.
Then he *** to collect his thoughts.8
pause* type* online
It’s much easier to book tickets ***.
There was a long *** before anyone spoke.
What *** of music do you like?
formal* ring* request
Thank you to those who responded to our *** for information last month. He wrote a very *** letter of apology to Douglas…
I was going to *** you but I don’t have your number.
mobile phone* signal* persuade
They had tried to *** Harry to have a bed in their dormitory but he wouldn’t agree.
Please make sure all *** *** are switched off during the performance.
You mustn’t fire without my ***.
pronounce* publish* report
His latest book of poetry will be *** by Faber in May.
He *** it Per-sha, the way the English do.
Bashir Gemayel was in Damascus when the news was *** to him.
request* whisper* swear
She was shouting and *** at everyone.
You don’t have to ***, no one can hear us.
You have to *** permission if you want to take any photographs.
website* link* whisper
*** of a marriage break-up soon started to circulate.
Local terminals are *** to the central computer.
She posted the photos on her ***.
Note: whispers=rumoursUnit 24
He was *** when customs officers found drugs in his bag.
I like to give a small amount of what I earn to ***.
In the present ***, I don’t think it would be a good idea to try to sell your house.
In 1918 British women got the right to ***.
Police believe that the same man is *** for three other murders in the area.
The majority of holiday flights depart and arrive on ***.
She has a *** of playing with her hair when she’s nervous.
Women commit fewer *** than men.
You may not like her, but you have to *** that she’s good at her job.
Our school is the centre of the local ***.
Make exercise part of your daily ***.
Professional designers and architects *** ideas from each other all the time.
Before the interview, make sure you are *** with the company’s main products.
A police officer told the *** that he had seen Brown leaving the house.
If you spend any time in prison, you’re labelled as a *** for the rest of your life.
The book examines the causes of *** behavior.
On Fridays there is usually a Disco at the *** club.
Our society was heavily influenced by Greek and Roman ***.
They took a *** and decided not to do it.
Teenagers enjoy an active *** life.
He was handed back his *** ***.
It is *** to sell tobacco to someone under 16.
Most people in the country support the return to democratic ***.
*** have always interested Anita.
India has a *** of more than one billion.
A *** inspection revealed that several lorries were not roadworthy.
Helen was sent to *** for attacking a man with a knife.
They were *** against the death penalty.
In many countries, it’s a *** for the bride to wear white.
With his camera around his neck, he looked like a *** tourist.
The *** of Leningrad voted to restore the city’s original name of St Petersburg…
He tried, with three other men, to *** a bank.
What is the role of television in contemporary ***?
Unit 30
Exercise 1.Nicotine adversely *** the functioning of the heart and arteries…
There is no *** to how much fresh fruit you can eat in a day…
Her cancer can only be controlled, not ***.
How about going out for a *** tonight?
This wine would be excellent with a *** dish such as ham.
Try to eat foods that are rich in *** and minerals.
People are concerned about the quality of the air they ***.
Be certain to eat slowly and *** your food extremely well…
The committee *** 11 Democrats and nine Republicans.
Symptoms include a sore throat and a nasty ***.
The doctor says I must have an ***.
Most of us need to lead more balanced lives to be *** and happy…
He had completely *** her remark, preferring his own theory.
We use only natural *** in our products.
For maximum ***, use your treatment every day.
She was taken to hospital with serious head ***.
Why do I have to take all these ***?
I admired the thick *** of plum cake arranged on the plate.
He continued to *** his tea, as if there might be something in there to stir.
Many patients are not getting the medical *** they need.
He went outside to *** some more wood for the fire.
Exercise 2. Fill in the gaps with your active vocabulary from Unit 30 to complete the sentences.
Apples contain several essential ***.
He’d been running and he was *** hard.
Helen was *** a piece of gum.
Large areas of rainforest are being *** down every day.
Each book *** ten reading texts followed by short and varied exercises.
The baby had to have an ***, but he’s fine now.
A good diet keeps you ***.
You should check the list of *** on fruit juice cartons.
My wife and I set a *** on how much we spend on clothes.
This bacon is too *** for me.
*** the soup for a few seconds…
The medicine had a slightly bitter ***.
The best *** for a cold is to rest and drink lots of fluids.
*** the sauce gently to prevent burning.
The pizza *** delicious without any cheese at all.
The disease *** the central nervous system.
Feel free to *** those questions that don’t apply to you.
I took a sleeping *** and tried to go back to sleep.
Always sterilize the needle to prevent ***.
The two other passengers escaped serious ***.
He has to take *** to control his blood pressure.
Exercise 3. Choose one word to suit all three sentences. You may change the form of the word where necessary.
Lack of *** can lead to feelings of depression and exhaustion…
Try to fit some regular *** into your daily routine.
Most people need to do more ***.
The medicines you are currently taking could be affecting your ***.
Try to keep a *** between work and play.
You can’t have a proper work-life *** if you’re in the office for 12 hours a day.
Atkinson has been told rest is the only *** for his ankle injury.
There is still no *** for AIDS.
Many types of cancer can now be ***.
They are trying to stop the spread of the *** virus.
If you are a person at greater risk from ***, consider having a flu vaccine this autumn.
I think I’m getting a cold or *** – I’ve been coughing and sneezing all day.
She sat next to him throughout the ***…
It’s rare that I have an evening *** with my children.
Dinner is the main *** of the day for most people.
After a few days of fever, she began to ***.
It took several months for him to *** from his illness.
Her doctor had told her that she had completely ***.
Try to eat at least four *** of bread a day.
Serve it with thin *** of bread and butter.
He helped himself to another *** of meat.
The stewed apple was *** even with honey.
She always had the same *** expression.
The milk’s gone ***.
Thai food is hot and ***.
Add a little curry powder to give it a *** taste.
This sort of hot and *** food is very typical of the food in the south of the country.
Within a few days she had become seriously ill, *** great pain and discomfort…
At least he died suddenly and didn’t ***.
Craig’s father Robert says his son is still *** from nightmares, and has to see a psychiatrist weekly for counselling.
Unit 33
Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps using your active vocabulary.
We visited the *** city of Petra and rode camels.
My shoes were so *** that I could hardly walk.
Her nails were painted bright red to *** her dress…
The social worker can give *** help and advice on all these tasks.
Choose the right garden *** and you’ll do the job properly.
The leaves had been swept into huge ***.
He lay around all afternoon in his brown tweed ***, and even pulled a button off the jacket.
He was wearing blue jeans and *** shirt.
The house is not really *** for a large family.
Lycra shorts will *** to fit you perfectly.
The small boy was pulling at his mother’s coat ***.
People *** buildings, bridges, and furniture.
His *** hand had dirt under the nails.
My aunt knitted me a blue and white *** sweater for Christmas.
Some changes have been made to the computer’s basic ***.
They should be able to find you the best package to *** your needs.
I’ll need to *** the boat before we can go out in it.
She *** her napkin, put it carefully through the ring and then left it by her place.
The portrait was to be sold to a private *** in the United States.
The white walls and mirrors helped to *** an illusion of space.
There has been a gradual *** in educational standards.
She’s lost so much weight, all her clothes are ***.
A lot of sportswear is made of very elastic ***.
Did you *** that this road is closed ahead?
There were balloons of all *** and sizes in the sky.
These lightweight trousers are made from 100% ***.
His first job was installing and *** computers.
She was looking at Mrs. Gotobed’s dress. Pale grey *** with pink ostrich feathers.
The marble table felt *** and cold against her arm.
The *** on the wall said ‘No smoking’.
The rooms are furnished in a modern ***.
She unwrapped the present carefully, trying not to *** the paper.
How did you get that *** in your jacket ?I like this navy blue silk blouse with a white flowery ***.
Exercise 2. Fill in the gaps with the correct words. Change the word form where necessary.
Employers usually decide within five minutes whether someone is *** for the job…
They were a generation of large, well-nourished, beautiful children with silken hair, *** skin and clear eyes.
Do you prefer plain or *** shirts?
ancient* practical*rough
Knowledge without understanding is of little *** use.
There are many castles, churches, abbeys and *** monuments and public gardens to visit.
Here you meet the Garburn Road, a *** trackway which crosses over the pass.
create* design * stretch
They wanted to *** a machine that was both attractive and practical.
Agatha Christie *** the character Hercule Poirot. Row after row of orange trees *** to the horizon.4
design* gallery* improvement
The car’s *** has been greatly improved.
Our results have shown some *** this month.
The painting is in the *** upstairs.
checked* cotton* loose
For summer, fine *** is more comfortable.
Wear *** clothes as they’re more comfortable.
He wore casual country tweeds and *** shirt which was unusual on Old Year’s Night.
maintain* fold* suit
There’s a range of restaurants to *** all tastes.
The house is large and difficult to ***.
He *** his newspaper and handed it to me.
match* notice* fix
Andrew is *** some shelves in the bedroom.
Your socks don’t ***.
Did you *** him leaving the party early?
material* notice* pattern
The company supplies building *** such as bricks and cement.
I’ve been given *** to quit my flat (=I have been told that I must leave by a certain date).
The carpet was old, with strange *** on it.
pile* shape* silk
Her *** blouse is open at the neck, showing two strands of pearls.
His mother came in carrying a *** of ironing in her arms.
You can recognize a tree by the *** of its leaves.
style* suit* tear
Children have different *** of learning: some learn by seeing, some by hearing, some by doing.
I was wearing my tweed ***.
Your shirt has a *** in it.
tight* tool* sleeve
Wear long *** because short sleeves chop up the body line.
Always wear the right clothing for the activity you choose — clothing worn too *** can hinder circulation.
Doctors depend on accurate diagnostic ***.
Unit 36
Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps with appropriate words.
Hong Kong is an absolutely *** city.
The land next to the harbour is perhaps the most threatened *** habitat in Britain.
Scotland’s *** is too cold for these plants to survive.
Sometimes I killed a *** animal, and then I had meat to eat.
This area is ideal for a weekend break in unspoilt ***.
There was a roll of ***, and the rain started pelting down.
The government insists that the dam [дамба] will not harm the ***.
Elephants are a protected *** in Indonesia.
Dinosaurs have been *** for millions of years.
The Federal Reserve Bank *** that the economy will grow by 2% this year.
We don’t know how many *** *** there are in each galaxy.
His friends pulled him from the *** water.
More heavy *** are forecast for tonight and for the rest of the week.
Always clear up after a picnic and never drop *** .English is becoming a *** language.
France was the third country to launch (=send into space) an artificial ***.
A long summer *** had caused most of the crops to die.
A lifeboat came to the yachtsman’s ***.
The bird’s natural diet mainly consists of small ***.
There was a fashion for keeping *** as pets.
Suddenly there was a flash of *** and a roll of thunder.
She died trying to *** her children from the blaze [пламя].
Shreds of plastic, old iron, glass, animal bones *** both sides of the path.
They keep their production costs low and help the environment by *** waste material such as newspapers and household plastic bottles.
As we walked around this pretty little island we were charmed by the friendliness of the *** people.
If we use energy efficiently, we help *** our environment, and save money, too.
Whales use low-frequency calls to *** each other.
The picture shows six of the nine *** in the solar system.
Humans, dogs, elephants and dolphins are all ***, but birds, fish and crocodiles are not.
The ceremony has its *** in medieval times.
It’s a smooth, *** coffee, excellent for finishing off a meal.
My mother insisted on *** me Horace.
Experts are *** a recovery in the economy.
Exercise 2. Choose the best of the three words to fill in the gaps.
countryside /amazing/ climate
She told me an *** story.
Many people prefer to live where the *** is warm.
Both the town and the surrounding *** are worth exploring.
insects/ litter/ lightning
Toads mainly eat small dark flying ***.
One man died when he was struck by ***…
People who drop *** can be fined in some cities.
environment/ forecast/species
People need to live in harmony with nature and conserve the ***.
About a hundred *** are becoming extinct every day.
The weather *** is better for today.
heatwave /global /freezing
It’s *** in this house. Can’t I turn on the heating?
Removing the heat from the atmosphere will have had an effect on the *** climate.
The demand for water rises sharply during a ***.
located /local/mammal
During the flight set your watch immediately to agree with *** time at your destination.This luxury hotel is *** a little way out of town, past Reid’s, on the road to Cãmara de Lobos.
The whale then becomes a fine symbol for Melville because it is for him neither fish nor ***.
recycled /preserve /planets
Mercury is the smallest of all the ***.
We must encourage the planting of new trees and *** our existing woodlands.
Metal, paper and glass can be ***.
rescue /reptiles/ rescued
Snakes and crocodiles are ***.
Helicopters *** nearly 20 people from the roof of the burning building…
Storms delayed the *** of the crash victims.
origin /mild/ named
His voice was soft and ***.
Why have you not *** any of your sons after yourself?
Two thirds of the pupils are of Asian ***.
solar system /showers /satellite
The moon is a *** of the Earth.
More heavy *** are forecast for tonight.
Not long ago I had read that each atom was a sort of ***.
thunder / wildlife /species/ wild
Many rainforest *** cannot live anywhere else.
We were woken in the night by ***.
We found some ** strawberries.
The region also has one of the largest concentrations of *** in the world.
Unit 36
Fill in the gaps with necessary words to make the sentences complete.
*** means existing in or belonging to the area where you live, or to the area that you are talking about.
If you *** something, you take action to save it or protect it from damage or decay.
You can refer to the beginning, cause, or source of something as its *** or ***.
The *** of a place is the general weather conditions that are typical of it.
A *** is a large, round object in space that moves around a star. The Earth is a planet.
*** is the loud noise that you hear from the sky after a flash of lightning, especially during a storm.
A species of animal or plant that is *** no longer has any living members, either in the world or in a particular place.
You say that something is *** when it is very surprising and makes you feel pleasure, approval, or wonder.
A *** is a statement of what is expected to happen in the future, especially in relation to a particular event or situation.
A *** is an object which has been sent into space in order to collect information or to be part of a communications system.
You can use *** to describe something that happens in all parts of the world or affects all parts of the world.
*** is help which gets someone out of a dangerous or unpleasant situation.
The *** is land which is away from towns and cities.
A *** is a period of time during which the weather is much hotter than usual.
An *** is a small animal that has six legs. Most *** have wings. Ants, flies, butterflies, and beetles are all ***.
*** are a group of cold-blooded animals which have skins covered with small hard plates called scales and lay eggs. Snakes, lizards, and crocodiles are ***.
If you *** someone, you get them out of a dangerous or unpleasant situation.
*** is rubbish that is left lying around outside.
If you *** something in a particular place, you put it there or build it there. (FORMAL)
*** are animals such as humans, dogs, lions, and whales. In general, female *** give birth to babies rather than laying eggs, and feed their young with milk.
The *** is the natural world of land, sea, air, plants, and animals.
If a number of things *** a place, they are scattered untidily around it or over it.
If you *** future events, you say what you think is going to happen in the future.
*** animals or plants live or grow in natural surroundings and are not looked after by people.
If you say that something is *** or *** cold, you are emphasizing that it is very cold.
*** is used to describe something such as a feeling, attitude, or illness that is not very strong or severe.
When you *** someone or something, you give them a name, usually at the beginning of their life.
If you *** things that have already been used, such as bottles or sheets of paper, you process them so that they can be used again.
A *** is a short period of rain, especially light rain.
The *** *** is the sun and all the planets that go round it.
A *** is a class of plants or animals whose members have the same main characteristics and are able to breed with each other.
*** is the very bright flashes of light in the sky that happen during thunderstorms.
You can use *** to refer to the animals and other living things that live in the wild.
Note: Упражнение составлено на примерах из словаря Collins COBUILD 5 (En-En).
Unit 39
I was listening to an *** programme on the radio, which made me laugh out loud.
After a while her coughing really began to *** me.
I try to have a healthy, positive *** to life.
People *** according to their own understanding of situations.
As Aunt Matilde’s pain grew worse, she became too *** to see anyone.
The playground *** used to take our dinner money off us.
It is important to keep *** in an emergency.
How do people *** New Year in your country?
As you move north, the landscape takes on a different ***.
She became severely *** after her mother’s death.
My most *** moment was trying to introduce a woman whose name I couldn’t remember.
My mother was overcome with *** and burst into tears.
A small but *** crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field.
Emma ***her back when she fell off her horse.
I got the *** that he didn’t like me much.
I’d be *** if you could help me.
The *** man was taken to hospital.
When I’m feeling *** I go shopping and spoil myself — a couple of new dresses always make me feel better.
Were you *** today at school or did you obey the teacher?
The field was full of *** children running around.
It was *** of him to hold the door for them.
She slapped him and called him names, but he didn’t ***.
We *** to inform you that your application has not been successful.
She expressed her *** at the decision.
You look *** in that hat!
Why don’t you ever give me flowers? I wish you’d be more ***.
The man in the car in front made a *** gesture.
Whatever you do, don’t lose your sense of ***.
She was too *** to ask anyone for help.
People under a lot of *** may experience headaches, minor pains and sleeping difficulties.
Did I tell you the *** about the chicken crossing the road?
I’m sorry— I didn’t mean to *** you.
The incident had left him visibly angry and ***.
Sometimes the older girls *** us and made us give them our sweets.

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