Active Vocabulary What Makes You Happy-2

Active Vocabulary
What Makes You HAPPY?
Idioms with the word HAPPINESS
To be overwhelmed with happiness/ joy – to be overfilled with happiness.
To be on cloud nine – a person who is on cloud nine is very happy because something wonderful has happened (быть на 7-ом небе от счастья). (When the boss announced my promotion, I was on cloud nine.)
To be happy as a clam - extremely happy.
Happy hour – a cocktail hour at a bar, when drinks are served at reduced prices.
To be slaphappy - agreeably giddy or foolish (очумевший от счастья).
To be trigger-happy - eager to point out the mistakes or shortcomings of others and heedless and foolhardy in matters of great importance (агрессивный/воинственный, безответственный).
To be happy-go-lucky – a person who is carefree and cheerful all the time (беззаботный). (He's a happy-go-lucky sort of guy - always in good humour.)
A happy medium – a golden mean.
To be a happy camper – a person who is generally content or satisfied with what is happening in their lives and has no complaints. (With his new job and his new car, Andy is a happy camper.)
To jump for joy - when people jump for joy, they express their happiness through excited movements and gestures. (The player jumped for joy when he scored the winning goal.)

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