2.Talk about the qualities a woman needed to re..

Talk about the qualities a woman needed to reach the top in a male-dominated profession in the early 50-ies ("My Great Aunt").
The position of women in 50-s was different from now. Now is usual, when we see a woman driving a car or taking part in politics or just studying at the university, but in nearly 50-s it was very difficult for women to show their personality and express themselves, because had almost no rights. People disapproved of women, who didn’t want to be a housewife without any education. To prove that women can work as hard as men they needed to have very strong character.
Let me tell a story about one of such women. Her name was Mary Grieve. Her family was wealthy for those times and luckily for Mary, her father believed in educating and send her with her brother to the university. Although those times parents send their daughters to schools for daughters of the rich, where they only leant skills, preparing them only for marriage, but she was very intelligent and entered Oxford University, where very few women were allowed to go. Marry wasn’t a quiet and submissive woman, she wanted to be different from others and had her own way. Frankly speaking I look up to such women like Mary Grieve. She didn’t see eye to eye on life with major part of people, lived in 50-s. She didn’t do typical things of women that period like marry and bring up their children for all life, but Mary decided to be a journalist. After finishing University she started to write for newspapers and also she wrote an articles and books. Journalism was assumed to be a male dominated profession and it was difficult for women to succeed and reach the top of it. But Mary did it and she became the first female editor of a magazine or newspaper in Britain. And many years later, after she had several strokes, she still was full of enthusiasm about her life. Her stroke had slowed her down only physically, but not spiritually.
I think her story can be an example for many women, who want to reach the top in a male dominated profession. She must have such qualities as Mary. She must be hardworking, enthusiastic, energetic, well-educated, brave and have strong will to resist the stresses, connected with the job. Because there are many people who are prejudiced against women, and any time women have to prove that they can be good specialists.
To my mind every woman, who wants to reach the top of male dominated profession should be such active and determined as Mary Grieve.

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