When I came into the room, my computer was on. It worried me since I _____NOT/REMEMBER_____ switching it on. I looked around –  there ______BE_____ nobody in my room and everything was in its usual place.  Suddenly I ______UNDERSTAND_____ –  the book had gone! I had left it on the table but it wasn’t there any more. I checked the window –  it ______CLOSE______. That meant that someone had come into the room through the door. My _____ONE______ impulse was to call the police but I called Jim instead. “What _____HAPPEN_____?” Jim sounded sleepy. I explained that someone _____TAKE_______ the book. “Oh, no!” Jim sounded unhappy. “Have you any idea how valuable it is?” “There’s another thing I _____NOT/CAN_____ understand,” I interrupted Jim. “My computer’s on but I always switch it off before leaving home.” “Ok, stay at home. I’ll be at _____YOU____ place in half an hour,” he said and the phone went dead. 
Michael could not imagine his life without computers. His parents _____BUY_____ him his first computer at the age of seven. It took ______HE_______ several days to learn how to use it. His mum said that the younger people were, the ______FAST_____ they could learn computer skills. That was probably true – most _____CHILD_______ in Michael’s class were very competent computer users. Michael was really surprised to find out that the first personal computer ______INVENT_____ in the 70’s of the last century. “And how did you chat or send your e-mails without computers?” he asked his mother. She smiled: “We ______NOT/SEND_______ each other e-mails. And there were no networks.”She also said that it ______BE_______ fun to communicate face-to-face, to play out-of-doors and to visit friends’ homes.“But if there ____BE_____ no computers, I wouldn’t be able to communicate with my friends who live far away from me,” Michael replied.“True. Technological progress is a great thing,” his mother said “And I think people ____CREATE_____ even more amazing communication devices in the near future.” 
Kitty lived next door to me and we’d been friends since childhood. We learnt at the same school and _________WALK_________ there together. I was sixteen and she was four years _________YOUNG_________ than me. But we had a lot in common and enjoyed chatting on ________WE__________ way to school. Every morning Kitty knocked on my door and I had to be ready by that time – she _________NOT/LIKE_________ waiting for me. One day she didn’t knock. When I caught up with her at the bus stop, she _________READ_________ a magazine and didn’t even look at me. I _________NOT/CAN_________ understand what was going on.“Hey, Kitty, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you talking to ________I__________?”“You yourself know why,” Kitty said angrily.“No, I don’t. I wouldn’t ask you if I ________KNOW__________.”“You went to the cinema with Lisa Parker yesterday,” Kitty was almost crying.I felt puzzled and didn’t know what to say. The two _________WOMAN_________ at the bus stop looked amused at our conversation and didn’t hide their smiles.
The phone woke Kim up. She answered the call almost immediately, after the _______THREE_______ beep, because she was expected her mother to call. But it wasn’t her. The voice on the other end of the line sounded familiar but Kim _____NOT/CAN______ remember who it belonged to.“Hello,” the lady said. “Can I speak to Mrs. Len?” “I’m sorry but she’s not at home. She’s out. She _______WALK_____ in the park.”It was very cold out-of-doors and everything _______COVER______ in snow but Kim’s mother walked in all weathers. She believed that it _______HELP______ her keep fit and gave her extra energy. She actually looked younger than other ______WOMAN_______ of her age and that was probably because of her walking.“Can I take a message?” Kim asked politely.“No. I _____CALL_______ her later. When is she going to be back?”“She normally ______COME____ home at five.” “Fine,” came the answer and the phone went dead. Kim felt a bit hurt. “It’s not polite to break off a conversation like that,” she thought to herself. If I _____BE_____ older, I would explain to that lady how to talk to people politely.” 

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