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Entry test for 9th form
I Complete the article about an Internet businessman. Use the Present Simple or Present Continuous forms of the verbs.

II Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect or the Past Simple.

III Complete the conversations with the comparative or superlative forms of the adjectives in brackets.

IV Underline the correct word to complete these sentences.
0 How ________ money have you got?
a) much b) many c) any
1 She has ________ bananas because she has sold them.
a) any b) all c) no
2 Did you have ________ fun at the party?
a) much b) a few c) the
3 How ________ eggs did the boys eat?
a) much b) any c) many
4 How ________ homework have you got this evening?
a) many b) a lot of c) much
5 How ________ US dollars are there in ten Euros?
a) much b) many c) are
V Write the correct verb form of the verb in brackets to complete the sentences.
0 If people ring me after ten o’clock, I ____don’t answer___ the phone. (answer)
1 If it __________________ this afternoon, I’ll do my homework. (rain)
2 If you work hard, you __________________ good results. (get)
3 You can see the exhibition if you __________________ to the museum. (go)
4 Mobile phones cost a lot of money if you __________________ them frequently. (use)
5 If I’m free at the weekend, I __________________ you. (call)
6 If you can’t talk to your friend, you __________________ a text message. (send)
7 If I have any free time during the week, I usually ______________ films. (watch)
8 If Ricky __________________ soon, he won’t be able to enter the examination room. (not come)
9 The plant will die unless you ____________ it. (water)
10 It ___________ (be) really cold when the wind blows from the north.
Read the description of the lifestyle of the Amish people. Then match the paragraph titles (A–G) with the paragraphs (1–6). There is one extra title.
The Amish
1 _____ The name ‘Amish’ comes from Jacob Amman, a seventeenth-century bishop in Switzerland. Although the Amish originated in Europe, they emigrated to the USA in search of religious freedom.
2 _____ They live in small towns, also called settlements in nineteen states in the USA, southern Canada and Central America. No matter where they settled, they continued their traditional farm life and their religious customs.
3 _____ Amish children are frequently educated at home or in traditional Amish one-room schools and they do not attend classes after the eighth grade. The Amish teach their young people how to be homemakers and farmers, carpenters and tradesmen from a very early age.
4 _____ Some people think that the Amish are strange because they do not use petrol or electricity which pollute the environment. They are against cars, tractors, radio, television and telephones. They believe they should keep our planet clean.
5 _____ Choosing a wife or husband is the key decision in an Amish person's life. It is interesting that instead of a diamond or gold ring, a man gives his bride china or a clock before they get married. At the wedding ceremony, the bride wears a blue dress which is the most popular colour choice. Finally, the wedding usually takes place in November or December, on a Tuesday or Thursday. It is a fascinating event.
6 _____ They speak a dialect of German at home; they use ‘standard’ German at their church services; and they learn English at school. They speak English when they have to communicate with anyone who is not Amish.

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