Practice Test 1 (4)

А15 In the first paragraph, the writer suggests that Georgina
1 was busier than usual that day.
2 was quite satisfied with her cafe.
3 felt proud of the food she served.
4 found it difficult to survive financially.

А16 Many of Georgina's customers that day
1 seemed lonely.
2 were rude and demanding.
3 didn't have enough money to eat anywhere else.
4 only came to her cafe to stay warm.

А17 Georgina was not worried about what she wore because
1 she felt unattractive whatever she wore.
2 her apron covered her clothes anyway.
3 her main concern was to be comfortable.
4 she didn't have the energy to think about it.

А18 Georgina had first started working in the cafe because
1 she had inherited it from a relative.
2 she was unable to find any other job.
3 she wanted to run her own business.
4 she liked the idea of having such a steady, predictable job.

А19 The writer uses the phrase 'stuck in a rut' in paragraph five to show that Georgina
1 had not succeeded in her business.
2 had unrealistic ambitions
· for the cafe.
3 felt unable to make changes to her life.
4 refused to give up her dreams.

А20 On her way back to the kitchen Georgina was
1 unhappy about having to make more tea.
2 angry that a customer had shouted at her.
3 aware of the amount of work she still had to do.
4 disappointed she would stay at home that evening.

А21 The writer suggests that the young man who entered the cafe
1 thought he recognised Georgina.
2 was afraid of something.
3 had mistaken it for another nearby cafe.
4 was different from the cafe's usual customers.

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