Аудіювання 3 клас

Аудіювання 3 клас
  І have got a friend. Her name is Ann. She is from England. She has got a family. She has got a mother, a father and a little brother. Ann is nine years old. She goes to school. She does sports on Mondays and Wednesdays. Her favourite school subject is Maths.Her little brother's name is Jack. He is four. He likes to play games. His favourite game is football.Ann has got a pet. It is a small dog. Its name is Jim. It is black.
True/False Task
1. My friend's name is Ann.
2. She is from Ukraine.
3. She has got a family.
4. She has got a mother, a father and a brother.
5. Ann's brother is little.
6. He is nine years old.
7. Ann goes to school.
8. She likes English.
9. Her brother's mane is Bill.
10. He likes football.
11. Ann has got a cat.
12. Her cat is black.
Multiple Choice Task1. My friend's name is
a)Ann b)Sue c)Mary
2. She is from
a)Ukraine b)England c)America
3. Ann is
a)9 b)10 c)8
4. Ann does sports on
a)Saturdays and Sundays b)Mondays and Tuesdays c)Mondays and Wednesdays
5. Ann likes
a)English b)PE c)Maths6. Her brother's name is
a)Jack b)Bill c)Pete
7. Her brother is
a)7 b)10 c)4
8. Her brother likes
a)swimming b)basketball c)football
9. Ann has got a
a)dog b)cat c)fish
10. Her pet's name is
a)Bill b)Pete c)Jim
11. Her pet is
a)white b)brown c)black
12. Ann is my
a)sister b)friend c)cousin
Читання 3 клас
Jim and Betty
Hello. I am a boy. My name is Jim. I live in Westbourne. I am nine. I like reading and playing football. I have got many toys. My favourite toys are a ball and a kite. They are next to the desk. I like watching cartoons. After school I like playing computer games.
This is my sister, Betty. She is seven. Betty likes computer games and listening to music, too. She likes playing with her dolls. She has got two dolls. She calls them Millie and Lilly. She has got two toy rabbits. The dolls and the rabbits are on her bed.
1) What is the boy’s name? a) Dan; b) Jim; c) Ben;
2) How old is Jim? a) nine; b) ten; c) eleven;
3) Where does he live? a) London; b) Oxford;
c) Westbourne;
4) What does he like? a) reading and playing football;
b) riding a bike and swimming;
c) drawing and playing tennis;
5) What are his favourite toys? a) a computer and a toy car;
b) a ball and a kite;
c) a robot and a plane;
6) Where are Jim's toys? a) on the shelf; b) next to the desk;
c) in the cupboard;
7) What is his sister’s name? a) Vicky; b) Betty; c) Kate;
8) How old is Betty? a) eight; b) nine; c) seven;
9) What does Betty like? a) computer games and listening to music;
b) reading and drawing;
c) helping at home and singing;
10) How many dolls does she have? a) three; b) two; c) four;
11) What else does she have got? a) balls; b) robots; c) rabbits;
12) Where are Betty’s toys? a) in the cupboard; b) on her bed;
c) in the toy box.
Письмо 3 клас
Group the words into Sport, Toys, Animals, School.
Tennis, goat, pencil, ruler, golf, drum, cow, robot, goose, cricket, kite, schoolbag.Finish the sentences:
My name is ...My favourite day is ...My favourite lesson is ...Me favourite toy is ...I like ...I don't like...
Put the sentences in order to make a story about Bill's school day.
1. I go to bed at nine o'clock.
2. I wake up at seven.
3. After lunch I do my homework.
4. I wash my hands and face, clean my teeth, dress and have breakfast.
5. In the evening I watch TV or play computer games.
6. I go to school at eight.
7. I come home and have lunch.
8. I have got five lessons every day.
9. My parents come home at six and we have dinner.

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