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Новые вопросы устной части ОГЭ (сайт фипи)
what people use the Internet for
what educational opportunities the Internet offers to students
whether the Internet can be harmful for users, and why
why today’s teenagers use the Internet so much
how the Internet makes long-distance communication easier
what dangers teenagers can face when they use the Internet
why people keep pets
what pets are most popular in big cities
whether having pets is a big responsibility, and why
what wild animals live in your region
why people build zoos in the cities and towns
whether it is a good idea to keep a wild animal as a pet, and why
what job you want to do in the future
what two subjects you think are the most important for your future job, and why
whether your family approve of your career choice or not
what job and education opportunities young people have after finishing the 9th form
what job you would like to do in the future, explain your choice
what advice your parents have given you about your career choice
what jobs, in your opinion, will be popular in the future, and why
what sort of job you would like to do
what school subjects will be important for your future job
which of the four seasons you like most, and why
how the Earth’s climate has changed recently
whether you trust the weather forecast, and why
what season is the best time in the region where you live
whether you agree with the proverb "There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes"
what you usually do when it is nasty and cold
why people spend time watching TV
what most teenagers prefer: watching TV or browsing the Internet, and why
whether there is a TV programme you really like
what kinds of films modern teenagers enjoy
where you prefer watching films: on TV, on the Internet or in the cinema, and why
what film you have seen recently, what it was about
what your weekday is like
what you like about your school most of all
whether you prefer classroom learning or online learning, and why
what your typical school day is like
what subjects at school you find most useful for your future, and why
what you are going to do when you leave school
what kind of books modern teenagers enjoy reading
whether libraries are necessary nowadays or not, and why
what book you have read recently, and what it was about
what people need friends for how long you and your friend have known each other
what you enjoy doing together
why doing sport is very important for modern teenagers
what else besides sport young people do to keep fit and healthy
what you enjoy doing in your free time
why most people like travelling
whether it is easier to travel nowadays than centuries ago, and why
what country or continent you would like to visit

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