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Business Lessons I Learned from Steve Jobs
One of the best techniques for success in business and in life is intelligent selection of role models. Here list of business and life lessons of Steve Jobs.
1. Be bold. When Steve was just 12, he called the co-founder of electronics giant Hewlett-Packard. Hewlett was so impressed in that one conversation that he gave Steve a job that summer.
2. Question everything. By questioning the way things were, he became an expert at seeing how things could be better.
3. Make your own rules. 4. Live with intensity. Life is short. If something is not worth doing with intensity, then it is not worth doing at all.
5. Learn from the best. Steve wanted to innovate, so he studied the leading innovators.
6. Let everything be your teacher. Bringing together diverse expertise made the products Apple better.
7. Think for yourself. To be innovative, you can’t rely on customers to tell you what to do, because they don’t know they want and need things that don’t exist yet.
8. Learn to program. Jobs thought it was worthwhile to learn to program, as it helps you learn to think clearly. 9. Passion is essential to success. Passion matters much more than money.
10. Mission counts. Microsoft’s Zune music player failed. Why? Because it was worse than the iPod. But why was it worse? Because mission matters. The Apple team loved music and art and their mission was to make a device they themselves wanted to use.
11. Make something for yourself. Jobs and Wozniak built the first Apple for themselves because computers at the time were too expensive for them to afford
12. The execution matters more than the idea. 13. Hire the best people you can. One person or team can do something that another could not do, even given infinite time.
14. If it matters, do whatever it takes. In the early days, when Jobs couldn’t directly persuade Wozniak to quit his day job to work on the Apple full time, Jobs persuaded Wozniak’s friends and family, and then they persuaded Wozniak to do it.
15. Master the art of persuasion. 16. Build a toolbox of techniques for getting what you want.
17. Leverage what already exists. The lesson Jobs and Wozniak learned was that they themselves could build something that could control billions of dollars of existing infrastructure, that they could leverage the world.
18. Believe in the power of technology to change the world. 19. Put a dent in the universe.
20. Bend reality to your will. Steve was able to convince people of almost anything, and sometimes even to make false things true
21. First impressions matter. If one characteristic of your product, your service, or yourself is high quality, people are likely to assume the others are too.
22. Make something beautiful. You can create beautiful things or ugly things, so why not create beautiful things?
23. When looking for role models, admire the trait, but do not worship the person.

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