Для студентов 4 курса (стилисьтика) Задание 2

Exercise III. Analyse various cases of play on words, indicate which type is used, how it is created, what effect it adds to the utterance:
1. For Noel, it was a bitter blow. His feelings – and pocket – deeply hurt, he was consumed by resentment that was totally impotent. (R. P.)
1. “Is Pheasant Theodora the one that looks like sick?” – “It does, a bit, but I can cook it ahead.” - “Why don’t you just cook a head?” (R. P.)
1. After a while and a cake he crept nervously to the door of the parlour. (A. T.)
2 There are two things I look for in a man. A sympathetic character and full lips. (I.Sh.) 3. Dorothy, at my statement, had clapped her hand over her mouth to hold down laughter and chewing gum. (Jn.B.) 4. I believed all men were brothers; she thought all men were husbands. I gave the whole mess up. (Jn.B.) 5. In December, 1960, Naval Aviation News, a well-known special publication, explained why "a ship" is referred to as "she": Because there's always a bustle around her; because there's usually a gang of men with her; because she has waist and stays; because it takes a good man to handle her right; because she shows her topsides, hides her bottom and when coming into port, always heads for the buyos." (N.)
6. When I am dead, I hope it may be said:
"His sins were scarlet, but his books were read." (H. B.)
7. Most women up London nowadays seem to furnish their rooms with nothing but orchids, foreigners and French novels. (O.W.) 8. I'm full of poetry now. Rot and poetry. Rotten poetry. (H ) 9. "Bren, I'm not planning anything. I haven't planned a thing in three years... I'm - I'm not a planner. I'm a liver."
"I'm a pancreas," she said. "I'm a —" and she kissed the absurd game away. (Ph. R.)
10. "Someone at the door," he said, blinking.
"Some four, I should say by the sound," said Fili. (A. T.)
11. He may be poor and shabby, but beneath those ragged trousers beats a heart of gold. (E.)
12. Babbitt respected bigness in anything: in mountains, jewels, muscles, wealth or words. (S.L.) 13. Men, pals, red plush seats, white marble tables, waiters in white aprons. Miss Moss walked through them all. (M.)
14. My mother was wearing her best grey dress and gold brooch and a faint pink flush under each cheek bone. (W.G1.) 15. Hooper laughed and said to Brody, "Do you mind if I give Ellen something?"
"What do you mean?" Brody said. He thought to himself, give her what? A kiss? A box of chocolates? A punch in the nose? "A present. It's nothing, really." (P.B.) 16. "There is only one brand of tobacco allowed here - "Three nuns". None today, none tomorrow, and none the day after." (Br. B.)
17. "Good morning," said Bilbo, and he meant it. The sun was shining and the grass was very green. (A.T.) 18. Some writer once said: "How many times you can call yourself a Man depends on how many languages you know." (M.St.) Exercise IV. In the following excerpts you will find mainly examples of verbal irony. Explain what conditions made the realization of the opposite evaluation possible. Pay attention to the part of speech which is used in irony, also its syntactical function:
1. The book was entitled Murder at Milbury Manor and was a whodunit of the more abstruse type, in which everything turns on whether a certain character, by catching the three-forty-three train at Hilbury and changing into the four-sixteen at Milbury, could have reached Silbury by five-twenty-seven, which would have given him just time to disguise himself and be sticking knives into people at Bilbury by six-thirty-eight. (P.G.W.) 2. When the, war broke out she took down the signed photograph of the Kaiser and, with some solemnity, hung it in the men-servants' lavatory; it was her one combative action. (E.W.) 3. "I had a plot, a scheme, a little quiet piece of enjoyment afoot, of which the very cream and essence was that this old man and grandchild should be as poor as frozen rats," and Mr. Brass revealed the whole story, making himself out to be rather a saintlike holy character. (D.)
4. The lift held two people and rose slowly, groaning with diffidence. (I.M.) 5. England has been in a dreadful state for some weeks. Lord Coodle would go out. Sir Thomas Doodle wouldn't come in, and there being nobody in Great Britain (to speak of) except Coodle and Doodle, there has been no Government (D.)
6. From her earliest infancy Gertrude was brought up by her aunt. Her aunt had carefully instructed her to Christian principles. She had also taught her Mohammedanism, to make sure. (L.)
7. She's a charming middle-aged lady with a face like a bucket of mud and if she has washed her hair since Coolidge's second term, I'll eat my spare tire, rim and all. (R.Ch.) 8. With all the expressiveness of a stone Welsh stared at him another twenty seconds apparently hoping to see him gag. (R.Ch.) 9. "Well. It's shaping up into a lovely evening, isn't it?" "Great," he said.
"And if I may say so, you're doing everything to make it harder, you little sweet." (D. P.) 10. Mr. Wholes is a very respectable man. He has not a large business, but he is a very respectable man. He is allowed, by the greater attorneys to be a most respectable man. He never misses a chance in his practice which is a mark of respectability, he never takes any pleasure, which is another mark of respectability, he is reserved and serious which is another mark of respectability. His digestion is impaired which is highly respectable. (D.)
11. Several months ago a magazine named Playboy which concentrates editorially on girls, books, girls, art, girls, music, fashion, girls and girls, published an article about old-time science-fiction. (M.St.) 12. Apart from splits based on politics, racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds and specific personality differences, we're just one cohesive team. (D.U.) 13. A local busybody, unable to contain her curiosity any longer, asked an expectant mother point-blank whether she was going to have a baby. "Oh, goodness, no," the young woman said pleasantly. "I'm just carrying this for a friend." (P.G.W.) 12. Apart from splits based on politics, racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds and specific personality differences, we're just one cohesive team. (D.U.) 13. A local busybody, unable to contain her curiosity any longer, asked an expectant mother point-blank whether she was going to have a baby. "Oh, goodness, no," the young woman said pleasantly. "I'm just carrying this for a friend." (P.G.W.) 14. Sonny Grosso was a worrier who looked for and frequently managed to find, the dark side of most situations. (P. M.)
15. Bookcases covering one wall boasted a half-shelf of literature. (T.C.) 16. I had been admitted as a partner in the firm of Andrews and Bishop, and throughout 1927 and 19281 enriched myself and the firm at the rate of perhaps forty dollars a month. (Jn.B.) 17. Last time it was a nice, simple, European-style war. (I.Sh.) 18. He could walk and run, was full of exact knowledge about God, and entertained no doubt concerning the special partiality of a minor deity called Jesus towards himself. (A.B.) 19. But every Englishman is born with a certain miraculous power that makes him master of the world. As the great champion of freedom and national'independence he conquers and annexes half the world and calls it Colonization. (B.Sh.) 20. All this blood and fire business tonight was probably part of the graft to get the Socialists chucked out and leave honest businessmen safe to make their fortunes out of murder. (L. Ch)
21. He spent two years in prison, making a number of valuable contacts among other upstanding embezzlers, frauds and confidence men whilst inside. (An.C.)Exercise V. Analyse the following cases of antonomasia. State the type of meaning employed and implied; indicate what additional information is created by the use of antonomasia; pay attention to the morphological and semantic characteristics of common nouns used as proper names:
1. And I realized that soon I would be exactly like one of those old wrinklies who got on my nerves all the time when I was growing up, saying aren’t you getting big? And the kid would think - stupid old git, that Uncle Henry. (T. P.)
2. Noel could return to London. Pack his bag, make a last minute telephone call, stuff his briefcase with documents and calculator, take another telephone call, get himself downstairs, check out, flag down a yellow cab and head for Kennedy. (R. P.)
3. “And then you can write to Mrs Stiffden, or whatever her name is, you’re bringing Prince Charming with you.” Despite herself, Alexa smiled. “Would you come?” (R. P.)
4. "You cheat, you no-good cheat - you tricked our son. Took our son with a scheming trick, Miss Tomboy, Miss Sarcastic, Miss Sneerface." (Ph. R.)
5. “Oh, Miss Hoity-Toity, is it? Am I not good enough for the likes of you?” – “Please go.” – “I’ll go in my own time when I have said what I have to say.” (R. P.)
6. “How are kids?” – “In the arms of Morpheus.” (E. S.)
1. “Sadly, I had to grow up. All at once, I was eighteen, and my mother realized that her Ugly Duckling had become an Ugly Duck.” (R. P.)
7. Pandora chipped in. “He’s known as ‘The Sad American’ because Isobel can’t remember what his name is. He’s probably a very sensible, cheerful fellow, but he’ been recently widowed.” (R. P.)
8. A stout middle-aged man, with enormous owl-eyed spectacles, was sitting on the edge of a great table. I turned to him.
"Don't ask me," said Mr. Owl Eyes washing his hands of the whole matter. (Sc. F.)
9. “The Nobel Prize, you idiot. Your father wants a free trip to Sweden and a better table at the Faculty Club. Dig now, birdbrain?” (T. P.)
10. "Her mother is perfectly unbearable. Never met such a Gorgon." "I don't really know what a Gorgon is like, but I am quite sure that Lady Bracknell is one. In any case, she is a monster without being a myth."(O. W.)
11. Our secretary is Esther D'Eath. Her name is pronounced by vulgar relatives as Dearth, some of us pronounce it Deeth. (S. Ch.)
12. When Omar P. Quill died, his solicitors referred to him always as O.P.Q. Each reference to O.P.Q. made Roger think of his grandfather as the middle of the alphabet. (G. M.)
13. "Your fur and his Caddy are a perfect match. I respect history: don't you know that Detroit was founded by Sir Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, French fur trader." (J. O'H.)
14. Now let me introduce you - that's Mr. What's-his-name, you remember him, don't you? And over there in the corner, that's the Major, and there's Mr. What-d'you-call-him, and that's an American. (E.W.) 15. Cats and canaries had added to the already stale house an entirely new dimension of defeat. As I stepped down, an evil-looking Tom slid by us into the house. (W.G1.) 16. Kate kept him because she knew he would do anything in the world if he were paid to do it or was afraid not to do it. She had no illusions about him. In her business Joes were necessary. (J. St.)
17. In the moon-landing year what choice is there for Mr. and Mrs. Average-the programme against poverty or the ambitious NASA project? (M.St.) 18. The next speaker was a tall gloomy man. Sir Something Somebody. (P.)
19. We sat down at a table with two girls in yellow and three men, each one introduced to us as Mr. Mumble. (Sc.F.) 20. She's been in a bedroom with one of the young Italians, Count Something. (I.Sh.)Exercise VI. Discuss the structure and semantics of epithets in the following examples. Define the type and function of epithets:
1. Then Richard was between us, giving me an oh-how-could-you? look. (T. P.)
2. They saluted coldly; and the lover’s eyes rested for a second or two on a thick bulldog face and a pair of thick short arms of Mr. Mooney. (J. J.)
3. Painful sobs tore his chest and heavy tears rolled down his thin cheeks. (S. M.)
4. And the pup Hector waved his plume of tail. (E. W.)
5. He turned from the inhospitable door. (R. P.)
6. …as they rounded a bend, the big, bone-white hotel-restaurant came into view. Before it there was a small terrace built up against the sea, planted with umbrella palm. (K. M.)
7. “Why are you idling?” she asked. The man gave his shoulders a scornful shrug. (S. M.)
8. Rosemary had been married two years. She had a duck of a boy. And her husband absolutely adored her. (K.M.) 9. Hector gazed at her little, shapeless, mobile button of a nose and was lost again. (E.W.) 10. The streets are wide, and the fine trees that border them give a grateful shade. (S.M.) 11. The sunset was like the one Sylvia remembered on the day she and Michael had first arrived in Kingshaven, the forget-me-not-blue sky and the cherry-blossom-pink clouds so bright that if she were to design a fabric with exactly the same pattern, she knew people would say it was artificial and garish. (I. P.) 12. But now that she had frightened those little rats of Kelveys and give Kezia a good scolding, her heart felt lighter. (K.M.) 13. I felt a stab of pain when I remembered she used to look like that when she was at my side. (T. P.)
14. She was eighteen and got engaged to a beefy young farmer who bred prize cattle and called for her in a long sports car. (H.E.B.) 15. The old gardener – a weathered stick of a man and an important part of Archie’s childhood – had finally died, and not been replaced. (R. P.)
16. The morning, so fresh and cool, was delicious and for a moment his eyes wandered our over the garden with a friendly glance. A great weight had been lifted from his mind. (S.M.) 17. Across the ditch Doll was having an entirely different reaction. With all his heart and soul, furiously, jealously, vindictively, he was hoping Queen would not win. (J.)
18. He's a proud, haughty, consequential, turned-nosed peacock. (D.)
19. Sprawling on a horse hair chair, with a hand-made cigarette, bribbling from the corner of his curly lips, he (Garton) had been plunging his cold pin-points of eyes into Ashurst’s. (J.G.) 20. Where the devil was heaven? Was it up? Down? There was no up or down in a finite but expanding universe in which even the vast, burning, dazzling, majestic sun was in a state of progressive decay that would eventually destroy the earth too. (Js.H.) 21. She was a faded white rabbit of a woman. (A. C.)
22. And she still has that look, that don't-you-touch-me look, that women who-were beautiful carry with them to the grave. (J.B.) 23. Ten-thirty is a dark hour in a town where respectable doors are locked at nine. (T.C.) 24. He loved the afterswim salt-and-sunshine smell of her hair. (Jn.B.) 25. "Thief!" Pilon shouted. "Dirty pig of an untrue friend!" (J.St.) 26. She spent hausfrau afternoons hopping about in the sweatbox of her midget kitchen. (T.C.) 27. His shrivelled head bobbed like a dried pod on his frail stick of a body. (J.G.) 28. Liza Hamilton was a very different kettle of Irish. Her head was small and round and it held small and round convictions. (J. St.)

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