The Urals State Law Academy(part 2)

The Urals State Law Academy ( part 2)
The future work of our graduates is not easy so they have to earn hard to be ready for that work and study many different subjects which are important for it: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Civil Law, Labour Law, International Law, Criminology and others.
Special subjects are not the only subjects of the curriculum The students learn some humane, theoretical, optional and additional subjects, such as History of Russia, Philosophy Theory of State and Law,. History of State and Law, Logics Foreign Languages and others. These subjects from the students' world outlook and improve the quality of their general education.
Our students are to take tests and exams on each subject included into the curriculum. As the academic year is divide into two semesters, terminal tests-and exams are held in January and in June. And then, when all the tests and exams are-passed successfully, the students have vacations: two weeks in winter and two months in summer. At the end of the whole course of studies the students take degree examinations, finals, as they are often called. Those graduates who have inclination for research may enter the post-graduate course and devote their life to science.
The timetable of lectures, tutorials and seminars is regulated by a study schedule. It provides the students with lecture halls and tutorial rooms on time. The students must attend seminars and not miss lectures.
One of the main principles of the Russian educational system is to unite theory and practice. So, during the course of studies our students have practical training (do practical work) at law enforcement organs.
Much attention is paid to the studying of Foreign Languages: English, German or French. Our students have classes in Foreign Languages twice a week the attendance of which is obligatory. AS Foreign Languages are heavy - reading subjects, the students have to Work at them hard and devote much time to them.

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