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низкорослый, приземистый, коренастый. Which of them will be a good pragmatic equivalent to the word "stocky" in sentence (3)?
III. Will the word-for-word translation of sentence (4) be correctly understood by the Russian reader: Именно здесь, по всем законам наследственности, были задуманы искусственные спутники и компьютеры? Give a better wording which will make clear that the English sentence does not imply that satellites and computers were actually designed in the 18th century.
IV. Translate the word "Baedeker" in sentence (5) in such a way as to make its meaning clear to the Russian reader.
V. What Russian figure of speech will be a pragmatic substitute for the English "history's crucible" in sentence (5)?
VI. What associations has the Russian word островитянин? Can you use it as a substitute for the English "islanders" in sentence (7)?
VII. Which of the following Russian substitutes is pragmatically closer to the meaning of the English adjective "immense" in sentence (7): огромный, толстый, могучий?
·приключение, авантюра, рискованное предприятие. Suggest a translation which will have similar associations.

Для СРСП подготовить 2 текста с переводом в табличной форме. Ответить на стандартные вопросы вопросы (summary).


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