Подгот к зачет1к 1сем

Подготовка к зачету 1 курс, 1 семестр: Расставьте разметку в соответствии с указанным значением

There are pens and pencils on the table. (нейтр. повествов. фраза)
Turn off the TV-set. (вежливая просьба)
Do you have English books? (нейтр. общ. вопр)
Whose exercise-book is this? (специальный вопрос к определению)
Are there many flowers in your garden? (заинтерес. общ. вопр)
Who are you waiting for? (нейтральный специальный вопрос)
Treat yourself to some salad. (теплая, сердечная просьба)
What kind of books do you prefer? (спец. вопрос к определению)
What language do you learn? (специальный вопрос к определению)
How many students are there in group five? (уточн. спецю вопр
See you later. (вежливое прощание, неформальное)
Do you prefer football or volleyball? (заинтересованно)
He is coming to
·morrow. (импликация сомнения)
When will you come back? (нейтральный специальный вопрос)
Good morning, children. (официальное, нейтральное приветствие)
How much water is there in the jug? (уточн. спецю вопр)
Are the teachers in the school yard? (нейтр общ вопр)
Ann can do everything for us. (утв. с импликацией: звучит тепло, сердечно)
Thank you, dear. (теплая, сердечная благодарность)
The concert is tomorrow. (энергично, категорично)
Must we go upstairs or downstairs? (нейтр. альт. вопр.)
Where is your little sister? (нейтральный специальный вопрос)
So long, Betty. (небрежно)
The dress is beautiful. (утв. с импликацией: звучит тепло, сердечно)
You’ve learned everything, haven’t you? (неувер. раздел. вопр)
Where is your new dress? (нейтральный специальный вопрос)
Excuse me, madam. (вежливое извинение)
Will you pass me the menu? (нейтр. общ. вопр)
What do you want to say? (нейтрально)
The weather is foggy, isn’t there? (уверен. раздел. вопр.)
I’m very sorry in deed. (чистосердечное, искреннее извинение)
Come ten minutes later. (вежливая просьба)
You are a bit in my way. (предупреждение)
How many English books do you have? (уточняющий спец. вопр.)
It is dark out side. (нейтр. утверждение)
Can you cook something tasty f
·or me? (тепло, дружески)
Sorry. (переспрос)
Can you help me with the translation? (тепло, дружески)
What must I buy? (нейтрально)
Fetch me my papers, dear. (тепло, дружески)
The test must be done in time. (весомо, серьёзно)
Would you like tea with sugar or honey? (тепло, заинтересованно)
Show me the menu. (вежливая просьба)
Is it a teapot or a coffeepot? (нейтральный алтерн. вопр)
There is a hot wine in the glass. (нейтральное утвержд.)
Maggie has a silver chain, an amber bracelet, and a nice ring.
They study History, English and Russian there.
There is a jug of milk, a piece of cake
· and an empty glass in front of Harry.
Betty likes knitting, gardening and handicraft.
I say, Peter, let’s meet a bit later (официальная просьба)
I say, Peter, let’s meet a
·bit later (дружеская просьба)
Are there ten or eleven books on the table (нейтр. альт. вопр)
Has the secretary typed all the letters? (нейтр. общ. вопр)
I think I’ll take some apples and pears besides. (нейтр. утв. фраза)
I am making the bed, and my sister is cooking breakfast. (противительный союз “and”)
He gives me ad
·vice every time I see him.
You like to
·watch German films, don’t you? (уверенность)
It isn’t his telephone number. It’s mine.
Do you
·like your ice-cream with nuts or jam. (заинт. альт. вопр)
He speaks several foreign languages.
– How many foreign languages can she speaks.
What are you laughing at? (нейтральный специальный вопрос)
This rose is yours, I think. (энергич, оживл)
She isn’t a good specialist. – Isn’t she?
Fetch me some chalk, please. (вежливая просьба)
I think this street is rather busy. (сомнение)
I’ve got some news for you. (энергич, оживл)
They can meet next Monday, I believe. (энергич, оживл)
Are you going with them? (нейтр. общ. вопр)
I know you can speak English. – I can’t.
Bob is making a soup. He is making a clear soup.
71. She’s a hard-working girl. – Yes, she’s very hardworking.

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