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The House of Commons in the early 19th century. The House of Commons in the 21th century. The House of Lords in the early 19th century. The House of Lords in the 21th century. Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990.Thatcher’s party won twice. The Queen is The head of the state The House of Parliament The House of Commons The House of Lords Life peers Hereditary peers The Queen is the head of the state.The Queen doesn’t choose the Prime Minister.After the Queen approves the bill, it becomes law.Before a bill becomes law the Queen has to say ”La Reine le veut” Theresa May has become the 13th prime minister of Elizabeth II and the second woman in the history of Great Britain, which occupied this The Prime Minister is the head of the government in the UK. The Prime Minister is in the House of Commons too. The British Parliament sits in one building. The House of Commons are called MPs and the House of Lords are called peers. Most members of the House of Lord get their places for personal achievement. Thank you

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