word formation table

Noun opposite Verb opposite Adjective opposite Adverb opposite
ability inability To enable To disable Able
enabled disabled accuracy inaccuracy accurate inaccurate accurately inaccurately
achievement To achieve achievable unachievable To afford affordable unaffordable anger To anger angry angrily appearance disappearance To appear To disappear appropriate inappropriate attraction To attract To distract Attractive
attracted Unattractive
distracted Argument To argue awareness aware unaware belief disbelief To believe believable unbelievable benefit To benefit beneficial beneficially boredom To bore Bored
boring care To care careful careless carefully carelessly
competitor To compete Competitive
consideration To consider Considerate
considerable Inconsiderate
Inconsiderable considerably inconsiderably
correction To correct correct incorrect correctly incorrectly
cure To cure curable incurable doubt To doubt doubted undoubted doubted undoubtedly
ease unease easy uneasy easily uneasily
Employmentemployeremployee Unemployment To employ employed unemployed end To end ending Endlessunending Environment
environmentalist environmental enthusiasm enthusiastic unenthusiastic enthusiastically essence essential essentially excitement To excite excited excitedly expectation To expect expected unexpected expectedly unexpectedly
expense expensive inexpensive fortune misfortune fortunate unfortunate fortunately unfortunately
forget unforgettable harm To harm harmful harmless hope To hope hopeful hopeless hopefully hopelessly
increase To increase To decrease increasing increasingly likelihood like unlike likely unlikely
length To lengthen long misery miserable possibility impossibility possible impossible possibly popularity popular unpopular power To empower powerful powerless reason To reason reasonable unreasonable reasonably regularity regular irregular regularly irregularly
relative To relate Relative
related unrelated relatively reliability unreliability To rely reliable unreliable relevance irrelevance relevant irrelevant relevantly reward To reward rewarding unrewarding sense To sense Sensitive
sensible Senseless
Sensitivelysensibly Science
scientist scientific significance insignificance To signify significant insignificant significantly similarity similar solution To solve strength To strengthen strong strongly suggestion To suggest suggestive Suspect
suspicion To suspect Suspicious unsuspicious suspiciously suitability To suit suitable unsuitable insurance To ensure/insure sure unsure surely variety To vary various variously will willing unwilling willingly unwillingly
wisdom wise unwise

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